Session 13 December 2014


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Session Date: December 13th 2014

Laura and Andromeda at the board

Pierre, Perceval, Arky, Data, PoB, Chu, Galatea, John Ainhirn-Williams, Finduilas495, Windmill Knight, Prodigal Son, parallel, Mr. Scott, Kniall, Alana, and Noko the Wonderdog

Q: (L) This is the 13th of December 2014. And if you write it the American way, it's 12/13/14. Let's see if we can get some action here...

A: Faraloniaea of Cassiopaea calling!

Q: (L) Well, I have several things on my mind tonight. We've got a couple of things. First of all I got an e-mail that came to my website, to my personal blog. Okay, so it says:

Dear Laura,
My name is Svetlana. I live in Russia. My adorable husband started to follow Cassiopaea site three years ago.
Please don't take it unkindly I truly respect the work you do and there are many interesting this there to learn but since that time my husband has been changed. He is not longer want to have a baby and our marriage is almost broken, he is taking all the time about the GREAT TRANSITION, says he is a NEW man who does not love me any longer.
I’m addressing to you as to wife and mother of three children. I pray you to help me to find the way out of this dead-lock. Could you give me some advice or something because I think that now you know my husband better then me.
Please play attention to this letter a matter of life and death.

(L) Well, I kind of think that part of her issue was addressed in last week's session, which discusses people who need to take care of their family responsibilities if they have them and grow where they are planted. However, I would like to know... Even though it seems to be a personal question, it seems to me that it's a universal issue. So, I think if there could be some general all-around advice for such people finding themselves in this situation when their partners come upon the Cassiopaean work... What is the proper response? Is there any general advice?

A: First of all, the writer does not take any responsibility for the breakdown in relations and dumps all the blame on her husband. If there is love and some understanding such an interest will not cause such a breakup. It sounds as if the person wants another baby in the way she writes, but this is a ruse. She already has three. The problem is that the husband has lost interest in his family due to her overbearing control. In general, a person who "finds" answers to questions is not trying to get out of responsibility, so the other partner ought to be able to demonstrate their love and colinearity by joining them on the quest, or at least offering support for what is important and of lasting value. This woman will not complain if her husband's work contributes to her survival and that of her family. In short, each situation can be different.

Q: (L) Alrighty then. Well, yeah, but I do feel for her. But I only know what she's written. People can write all kinds of things that are not true and have no basis in reality.

(Perceval) It sounds kind of like a fairly typical situation where one...

(L) … partner is interested in things...

(Perceval) ... and tries to talk about it, and the other one doesn't want to hear it. That creates animosity, and it's that which is the source of the problem.

(L) It's not the interest that's the problem, it's that the other person is a controlling kind of person who doesn't want to listen and doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

(Chu) We don't know what he said, but she says he keeps talking about the "time of transition". But we know of people who went completely non-strategic or caring about their partners, and they started trying to scare them. Like, "The Wave is coming!" and blah blah blah. But we don't even know for sure that he's doing that.

(Perceval) It's possible that he is...

(Chu) So if there is some of that, and he hasn't networked about it...

(L) Okay, now we had a post that was posted in response to the July 12, 2014 session which I’ve been thinking about. Anyway, here is the question and answer from that session that elicited the comment on the forum:

Session 12 July 2014

Q: (L) Anything else anybody wants to ask about that before we change topics? Everybody here is waiting for the change of topic... Okay, I've been going over all of the early sessions, and I noticed that I had a particular obsession with the topic of Jesus during the first year at the very least, 1994, because of my particular religious upbringing and background and so forth. And I had a lot of energy invested in... not just a lot of energy, but a lot of emotion. So, I'm reading back over these previous answers we received on the topic of Jesus, and I would like to ask if, in fact, Julius Caesar is Jesus, or was the model for Jesus, why were you giving me answers that sometimes could have been applied to Caesar, but other times could not?

A: You would not have been able to receive. When you ask a question with strong prejudice, we cannot violate your will to believe.


(L) And then HumbertoLVX on our forum wrote:

HumbertoLVX said:
That's a bit of a red flag. Why couldn't have the C's just said, "You are not ready to receive the truth", or something similar like they have before, instead of espousing disinformation? :huh:

Regardless, I appreciate the honesty. It's a good reminder that the Cs have never been a source of necessarily accurate information, but instead rather a source of inspiration for research.

Thank you all for the great candid and inspiring work! :flowers:


(L) So, my question is: He asks why couldn't the C's have just said, "'You are not ready to receive the truth', or something similar like they have before, instead of espousing disinformation?" So, can you comment?

A: First of all, there was no "disinformation." The character known by the moniker "Jesus" is a composite of numerous myths as well as based on the life of a real historical person and still another.

Q: (L) What do you mean, "and still another"?

A: Another person who made less historical impact. One must also consider the story segments taken from other literature of the time. Secondly, what would you have done if we had told you either all of such details or that "Jesus" did not exist?

Q: (L) You're asking me?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I would have terminated the project because at the time, I was quite convinced that any spirit that couldn't or wouldn’t acknowledge Jesus was demonic. That was a pretty common “test” in New Age land at the time. I would have stopped communicating with the C's altogether.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) That was...

(Pierre) So there was no choice.

(L) That was how convinced I was at the time.

(Pierre) So they couldn't be straightforward.

A: Suppose you are communicating from a realm of light, knowledge and truth into a realm of darkness, ignorance and lies? Next assume that you really want the recipient to come to the truth.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah, so, what would you do?

A: How can darkness receive light? You must utilize conceptual themes and the material you have to work with. The veils that must be penetrated consist of assumptions, beliefs, and programs of strong emotions.

Q: (Perceval) No easy task!

A: The veil can only be penetrated by sowing conceptual seeds which include notable conflicts of information. Such seeds falling on the fertile ground of a pure desire for truth will sprout and drive the actions that lead to penetrating the veil. Most people "can't stand the truth."

Q: (L) But why didn't you just say, "You're not ready to receive the truth"?

A: Would that have piqued your curiosity?

Q: (L) No, it wouldn't have piqued my curiosity. It would have just suggested to me that you guys didn't know anything.

A: Exactly!

Q: (Perceval) Yeah, it's very difficult. Even just theoretically you can imagine trying to navigate anybody's assumptions and emotional programs and trying to convey truth through all of that. How would you go about it without treading on any sore spots...

(Mr. Scott) But we do know it.

(Perceval) To some extent, but I mean...

(Mr. Scott) I mean, to just write something on SOTT that reveals the truth, and people react to it. And that's just at a very basic level.

(Ark) It's like when you talk to a child. If you say, "You are not ready to receive the truth". I mean... [laughter]

(L) The only time they ever refused me was when it was something that would be dangerous to me.

(Perceval) Right, and they told you.

(L) And they told me they couldn't tell me.

(Perceval) But if they would have told you that you were not ready, that would have just provoked you, and you wouldn't have let it go. Especially around Jesus, if you're not ready to know the truth about it. Ya know, like, "About Jesus?! I wanna know the truth right now! You better fess up!"

(L) Well, I tell you, some of their answers about some of the alien questions where they couldn't tell me something right then, that actually made me turn away from it right then. It was like, "Nyah nyah-nyah nyah-nyah!" like little kids. So, I just decided that path wasn't the right one. I just continued research along certain other lines. And that's when, as I said, I came to the idea that the whole "alien reality" is a paranormal reality. Yes, it does have a very physical manifestation, but that manifestation is through people. It's through human beings. Yes, they can manifest visually in our world and a few other things. And if they break down in our world, artifacts remain – or so we are told... From the paranormal side, there are ectoplasmic things or something similar that can be left in our world. There are things that can be transported from one dimension to another, from past to future, or so we are told and I’ve seen some evidence. There ARE all those kinds of things. But primarily, the alleged alien reality interacts with our world as a paranormal phenomenon. That means that we need to look more carefully at what happens to people and with people.

(Pierre) Just about the way the C's addressed how to deliver to truth and how far to go... It reminded me. You know when we had those EE classes, we often encountered people who had a genuine interest. They wanted to know, at least to some extent. During those conversations, all the time, you're testing to see how far you could go, how much you can say, like about psychopathology, and so on. You could deliver a lot about many topics. But, by going slowly and testing, you can see, "Well, here, I can say some more, but there, I cannot go!" You don't dump it all on a person because there is a genuine interest, and this person might be open to something, but only gradually... There are many things about our reality that are totally shocking to the average person.

(L) And you know if you go too far, you'll turn them off completely! You'll actually give energy to their rejection of what you're saying.

(Pierre) Yeah!

(Chu) But it also speaks to how the Cs would be you in the future, too. Another person when they're told, "No, you're not ready to know," they would focus ONLY on that. "Well, what do you mean I'm not ready! Tell me all about it!" That would be a source of disinformation, because it would be asking for a lie just because that person thinks they have the whole banana. But you didn't, because they knew...

(L) It was like dropping breadcrumbs through the forest.

(Perceval) I think it was even more crucial in your case, because like on SOTT, I can say, "Here's the full truth, and if you don't like it, go take a walk!" That kind of thing... But the C's weren't in a position where they could do that with you. They had to be extremely careful not to provoke that reaction in you since you were on a pre-destined mission between yourself in the future and yourself now.

(L) Yeah, and I have a pretty stubborn streak...

(Perceval) You might have dissed the whole thing! There's much more risk here. It's a much more weighty issue as they just indicated: transmitting truth and light into a realm of lies and darkness.

(L) And it seems that the truth is that there are a number of people who fit into the Jesus puzzle... The information they gave was true about a couple of aspects of the Jesus character.

(Perceval) And they kept in mind what you could receive and not receive...

(L) And then they dropped those hints... "Children with Roman women." That just drove me crazy! That was such a hint!

(Andromeda) It was one of those seeds.

(L) Yeah, and it just grew and grew and grew in me. That was one of the reasons why I went into the whole Roman history thing and now have found pretty much all of the clues that demonstrate that everything the Cs said about Jesus then, and now, is true.

(Perceval) That's why people like this HumbertoLVX guy, they're into from the point of view of "Just give me the answers." They don't even know what they can or cannot perceive themselves.

(L) It's a complete misunderstanding of, or an inability, to comprehend the true nature of STS and STO.

(Pierre) And it's also very black and white thinking. There's a saying going like that, that if you were delivered the whole truth about the universe right now, you would just blow like a fuse.

(L) This is true. You have to build the vessel.

(Pierre) Yeah, and grow it.

(L) You have to so completely widen your field of knowledge and understanding that it’s amazing to me now. Back then I was pretty well up on things in many fields, but only now do I realize how much I didn’t know. Your range and depth of knowledge has to get bigger and bigger and bigger, because then when you finally come to something, a crucial clue, and you come to it in the natural way, it's like a zillion pieces of the puzzle that you've been loading into your brain for years all of a sudden clicks into place. You just feel completely different about it. But anyhow, that kind of leads us into our next topic, which is Eve Lorgen and her Love Bite Scenario, which has apparently been taken up by Bernhard and Humberto. They are... well, maybe you can give a little background on this, Perceval.

(Perceval) Well, I think Bernhard's been into it for quite a while. He's been into the alien abduction influence in people's lives for a long time… {Cs interrupt…}

A: Notice that Bernhard does no original work of his own, but rather attempts to ride on the coat tails of others!!!

Q: (L) Okay, hang on. I need to put my glasses on. Okay...

A: [answer comes super fast, pointer nearly flying off the board] The love bite scenario is more a government disinformation program for the weak minded and susceptible than anything else. Notice that all the effects can be easily produced with microwave manipulation of consciousness and emotions along with the normal interactions of social programming and psychopathology.

Q: (L) Uuh... WHAT was that? I think they were REALLY wanting to get that said! [laughter + review of answer]

(Perceval) Facebook.

(Pierre) So, there's not much "alien" in the Alien Love Bite.

(Perceval) Well, there's not. Whenever you talk about Carlos Castaneda and his expression: "They give us their mind," well there ya go! Until you decide to be something else, you ARE them! All the things that you project onto aliens, and all their evil intentions, it's all in you unless you choose to do something about it. But, like we were saying the other day, people who jump on the alien thing, and alien love bites, and alien ear tickles or whatever... [laughter] Whatever else they do, they jump on all of that to blame it for something that is part of themselves. And they project it out onto aliens, and they're done!

(Pierre) Which is an easy way out. It's easier to see the evil outside than in yourself.

(Perceval) Yeah. So, instead of projecting it onto another person, it's projected onto aliens. With Eve Lorgen and all these other people, it's, "Aliens are doing this stuff to me!" It absolves them completely of any responsibility. And that's what Bernhard did recently: he absolved himself of responsibility, apart from the odd, "Oh yes, I was to blame, and I have issues... BUT, it was aliens and hot chicks on Facebook who came after me because I'm a spiritual guru and they want to take me down. I have NO carnal thoughts whatsoever!" Ya know? "Somehow aliens manipulated me into contacting that girl on Facebook and getting her to come to my house, where I had sex with her on the first night. And I was struggling all the way..."

(Chu) For a week!

(Perceval) "For a week, and then weird things happened, and it's those damn aliens!" [laughter] That's what he said.

(Pierre) How convenient.

(Perceval) And then he delivered it in a sneaky and manipulative way to get other people to agree with him and follow along and ignore completely their own responsibility.

A: Notice also how many times Bernhard has "gotten himself" into similar situations.

Q: (L) Well, his thing is that since he is a spiritual worker, and he is doing work to expose the truth, that he is being targeted, and...

A: What did we first say?

Q: (Chu) "Notice that Bernhard does no original work of his own, but rather attempts to ride on the coat tails of others!!!" That's what they said first.

(Alana) So, he's not the one doing the research, or...

(Pierre) He's not the spiritual one.

(L) Well, okay, he gives this list of characteristics for people who are susceptible to love bites. Do you remember what the list was that Eve Lorgen put in her book? They are...

(Andromeda) Um, that they're generally involved in alternative news, or spiritual circles, or...

(L) But wasn't there something about "caring professions"?

(Andromeda) Yeah, caring professions like nursing, or...

A: Notice also how many predators are also involved in "alternative" topics and especially "caring professions"?!?

Q: (Chu) That's the fertile ground for them. It's actually interesting because part of his story... There is no way there could have been any alien thing, because the girl told him way before they met what she did, what her life was, blah blah blah. He admits that much. And then he's like, "Oh, but I invited her to my house even though I knew anyway!" Skipping that part, there was a part where he talks about the sleep paralysis. She had it, but he didn't. That struck me as a bit of a clue, like, who's the predator here??

A: Exactly! A big clue!

Q: (Chu) She had sleep paralysis, and he woke up, and suddenly he felt a strong sexual desire for her, and had sex again with her right after.

(L) Right after she's suffered this traumatic event?

(Chu) But he says it was something that came through her, and she saw a creature on her, and on him, or whatever. But he was awake.

(L) The creature was coming through HIM and attacking HER if you ask me!

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) It's like the joke about the hunter and bear. [laughter] I'll not tell it, but...

A: Better to say that he was the transmitter of the frequency.

Q: (L) So, he was transmitting a frequency that didn't affect him, but it affected her, because she was not locally from that area. She was in a new area, he was from the area, and he was used to the transmission of these frequencies.

A: More or less.

Q: (Chu) And then he uses it to accuse her.

(Pierre) Blame the victim. I didn't read the blurb about Bernhard, but from what you describe, this girl is in a very vulnerable position. She's kind of paralyzed in the bed, and that's when he feels this sexual urge... That's the definition of a predator!

A: That was the object of the event. Note that there were a number of similar events between equally susceptible individuals at the same time, which is always the case when such signals are emitted.

Q: (L) So, it was like something we have noticed on many occasions: When one person has a bad dream, and several people have bad dreams, we kinda figure that something is being emitted and everyone is picking it up and unpacking it in their head according to their own makeup or their own psychology. Anything else on that?

(Perceval) No, I would just say that if he keeps having these alien love bite situations, I think eventually we'll have to conclude that he doesn't come here for the hunting, ya know? Like the bear said to the hunter. If someone keeps having these experiences of alien love bites, then he must to some extent be enjoying it some way, or getting something from it. You can't continue to complain about it when you do it over and over again...

(Pierre) ...if he doesn't stop the situation. Stop seeing girls at all like that.

(Perceval) If he continues in that, then...

(Pierre) Then he's the love biter.

_ for details}

(L) Alright, I had one other thing on my mind. I want to ask if there's anything we can do... I want you to come here, parallel. I want you to sit right here. [parallel sits next to Laura] Now, are you interested in anything that will help you personally?

(parallel) Yes.

(L) How would you phrase the question?

(parallel) Oh... If I have a question?

(L) Yes

(parallel) Can I sit on it, or it's now or never?

(Perceval) It might be.

(L) Well, if you don't ask it, I'll think of one.

(parallel) How can I process or work with the emotions that I feel are underneath, but which sort of get stored under a certain layer in daily life, and so never get processed?

(L) Never get expressed or processed? Because they're not being expressed, or they have never been expressed in any way? How can you deal with the emotions that block you, or something like that?

A: Keep in mind that you have dealt with things the same way for so long that there are very deep tracks in the brain. At the same time, there are circuits that have been little or never used. This must change!!! Super efforts are needed or you will deteriorate rapidly!

Q: (parallel) Can I ask about these tracks, and how to work with them? Jump out of them? What ways I can...

(Perceval) When they say, "very deep tracks", does that mean anything to you?

(parallel) I just think of habits.

(Perceval) Like what?

(parallel) Maybe disregarding when I get like a signal when I sit alone. I think, "Okay, you should really sit down and have a think about this," and it disappears. It's just dissociation.

(Perceval) Losing a thought or idea...

(L) That's one thing that Martha Stout talks about. When you dissociate, it becomes habitual. That may be what they're talking about...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What they're talking about is the habitual dissociation. Paying close and careful attention to what's outside, and responding to it, is what you've almost never used.

A: You live your life from inside a bubble.

Q: (Pierre) A bubble that is between you and interacting with reality.

A: Entropy awaits if you do not take advantage of the present opportunities.

(L) You have all this emotion going on...

(Ark) Do you talk to yourself in your mind?

(parallel) It takes over, yes.

(Ark) Does it happen often? When you start talking, I mean...

(parallel) No, it's not conversations. I bring up a point, and then that I guess I need to think about it. It's not very deep especially not these days when I'm working physically a lot.

(L) Is there anything else that you can give parallel right now, or should we come back to this topic at another time?

A: Let him think, work, network, and see later. For now, goodbye.

(Galatea) Did they have somewhere to go tonight?

(L) I'm sure they do. They have other appointments.

(Pierre) It's Saturday night. They have to go to the disco.



Thanks for sharing, Laura and Team. Interesting thought on the 'being ready for the truth' bit..gels with the expression of 'many being called but few answer' because we're so often not prepared to receive 'inconvenient ideas'.

Steve M.

Jedi Master
Wow, truly fascinating.

On so many fronts I'm in parallel to this session. From an unannounced guest, marriage issue(s). Knowing things need to get more in focus..

Glad to have heard some of the lines of thought you all expressed. Good line of force. In thanks and gratitude. :)


Padawan Learner
Thanks for the session. Some points kinda hit home and had me rethinking on my attachment and identification with my younger years. It might have been just the thing i needed to read to reevaluate so I can work on moving on and into the person I am aiming to become. Thanks for that.


The Force is Strong With This One
Thanks for this informative session.
A: Keep in mind that you have dealt with things the same way for so long that there are very deep tracks in the brain. At the same time, there are circuits that have been little or never used. This must change!!! Super efforts are needed or you will deteriorate rapidly!


A: Entropy awaits if you do not take advantage of the present opportunities.

I wonder what these things actually mean. In what way exactly could a person who got considerably far in knowing himself deteriorate rapidly.
I am basing my comment on the following thread started by Parallel:,26801.0.html
If he is the same person of course. His comments display good insight into his own programs.


The Force is Strong With This One
I am deeply grateful for your work and for having posted this session.
It was exactly what I needed to hear (read) today.

Many thanks


Padawan Learner
It is a great experience again, many thanks to you and cs. This is really difficult to understand unknown and more difficult to teach that stuff. But experience is great and i am really happy for you work.


FOTCM Member
Another great session with LOTS of information to take in. Thank you all.


The Living Force
Svetlana can not blame others for the dissolution of his marriage, sit and listen to her husband, his desires and thoughts, his ideas and views on the world around you, maybe your change and understand how you would be easiest to overcome the current crisis in marriage.
Dear Laura say that truth is given in small segments because we could not conceive in general. The man has a pain threshold that is different from another, someone can handle more, someone less, but I think that the truth must always say, because only then we will know the right thing and gain knowledge which so many aspire to, is not it ?.


Jedi Master
Thanks Laura and crew for this new session. More things to think and reflect. There is a long road ahead (at least in my case), but as I do not feel the same person as before hopefully I keep going the way without losing. Sometimes the feeling is overwhelming, but deep down, I also feel hopeful, with your help and other members of the forum, as it is now.

Third Roche

A Disturbance in the Force
Thanks, thank you all for the session.

Even being raised as a Catholic I have little or none problem to accept that Jesus never existed. Actually I kind of wondered this before all the current discussions, here or over there, not only by my literary research but even earlier as a feeling in my heart. Also I do understand the difficult for spreading the light in this realm of darkness; nevertheless (sorry) I still didn't understand how there was not disinformation? If I recall correctly the C's talked a lot about a Jesus resurrected and who afterwards took a mother-ship. That does mean that in fact a man (later firmly took as Jesus) was reanimated from a comma and was taken into a mother-ship? If so, who? And that did happen around the same spoken period of time?


The Living Force
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Wow, great session here. Very interesting idea that we can be directly responsible for the experiences of another because of what is transmitting through us. Psychic hygiene is paramount not only for our own safety but for the safety of those around us as well. Very important not to project our own personal biases on others and skew their perceptions.
Also brings to mind travelling to other places and not being used to the frequency there. I am about to travel to South East Asia and I am sure some valuable lessons await. I shall be super vigilant.


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Third Roche said:
Thanks, thank you all for the session.

Even being raised as a Catholic I have little or none problem to accept that Jesus never existed. Actually I kind of wondered this before all the current discussions, here or over there, not only by my literary research but even earlier as a feeling in my heart. Also I do understand the difficult for spreading the light in this realm of darkness; nevertheless (sorry) I still didn't understand how there was not disinformation? If I recall correctly the C's talked a lot about a Jesus resurrected and who afterwards took a mother-ship. That does mean that in fact a man (later firmly took as Jesus) was reanimated from a comma and was taken into a mother-ship? If so, who? And that did happen around the same spoken period of time?

Actually, what was said was not that he was "resurrected" but:

Q: (L) Details about Jesus' extended "sleep" state.

A: He spent 96 hours in a comatose state in a cave near Jerusalem. When he awoke, he prophesied to his disciples and then exited the cave. 27,000 people had assembled because of mother ship appearance and he was taken up in a beam of light.

At this point, we don't know that something like this did NOT happen to SOMEONE, especially considering the weird things that were reported by many people before, during, and after the siege and destruction of Jerusalem, and made it into the texts of several historians, parts of which are still in Tacitus and Josephus. During such times, all kinds of anomalous things can happen and later be assimilated into stories and legends.
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