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If you start reading these romance novels, Mark7, it is likely that you will find out afterwards why Jane Eyre (and Wuthering Heights for instance) are not appropriate reading for what we are doing here.
Now this is getting very intriguing. I confess I thought that the recommended novels would be in the spirit of Jane Eyre (which, by the way, I reread with joy in due time). I think that I will soon be able to actively discuss in the branch of romantic literature :lkj:


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If you start reading these romance novels, Mark7, it is likely that you will find out afterwards why Jane Eyre (and Wuthering Heights for instance) are not appropriate reading for what we are doing here. :-)

For a few years they were my go-to romance novels, because I had no clue as to what real love meant and because I was looking for answers. I didn't find any in these novels. They couldn't meet my need for more information about love between men and women. Jordan Peterson did a much better job.

I also watched some old series with Timothy Dalton playing Mr. Rochester, but again I didn't learn anything from the characters, and the ending was unsatisfactory. Also, Brontë must have been a virgin when she wrote JE and the women who write the novels that Laura picked understand love-making/sex and intimacy to a t.
Yes, as I remember, not much physical romance going on, and only a bare bones sort of happy ending.


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Thanks for the new session. It gives me some comfort in these times to know there is this whole group of people with a like mind and heart in many ways. The distance has grown between long time friends and even family over our COVID differences, it's very sad. This is a shining light for me.


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Many thanks to @Laura for her boundless dedication. If it wasn't for Laura, we would hardly have come together in such a community of like-minded people and souls.
I'm sorry you have to suffer all your life. When I feel bad mentally or physically, I remember how much anguish you have endured. And I realize that mine is nothing compared to it. You are an example for me to look up to.
Also thanks to you I know that suffering makes us stronger, better, more experienced, increases our FRV and changes our DNA. Now I treat all trials, lessons and tribulations with gratitude. Thanks to you and the Casseopians, I have hope. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! ♥️

The darkest hour is just before the dawn!

Do someone knows how to add hours to a day ? Because I'd really need it right now :lol: I'll do my best to die without regrets, after all these are unique times we came to witness/live in. It feels like accelerated learning... or cramming the day before an important exam
👍Oh, how I agree with you! I need more hours in the day too. I don't have time to do all the work I need to do. But I try and rush.⏩⏩⏩


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@irjo If you want to read in Spanish, here: Series: Mary Balogh you can find the list of Mary Balogh's books translated into Spanish. Also, the Mackenzie's' series by Jennifer Ashley is translated into Spanish as well.
In that vein, perhaps you would enjoy listening to audiobooks instead? It's sort of like watching the action, except with your eyes closed! :-D Not sure about your part of the world but there are apps where you can download them from the library directly onto your phone or tablet or whatever for free.

Of course, it's takes a LOT longer that way! Currently listening to "The Viscount Who Loved Me" by Julia Quinn and it's over 12 hours long!!!
I really appreciate your suggestions thanks! @jhonny @Chu @seek10 and @Mrs. Peel


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I have just attended a conference on Pain.
The literature on the mind body connection in regards to the immune response and pain is growing rapidly each year.The latest research from Australia has discovered a cellular connection between the mind and body with respect to immune function that is separate to the immune system per se.

The brains neurons interact with glial cells that then influence gene prescription in the peripheral nervous system. Evolutionary biology also informs us the innate immune is triggered by human interaction prior to pathogen exposure.
Which totally makes sense.

Knowing information of how our bodies are capable and strong builds knowledge of what in the pain field is called ‘safety in me’( SIMS). This is opposed to ‘danger in me’ (DIMS). So for some time pain science has understood the psychological and neurological complex interactions. All the while having subjective evidence of peripheral effects, now the cellular mechanisms (via identification of hundreds of mRNA sequences detected natural luminescence by photospectometry) have been objectively observed.
Just to loop back what happens when we build knowledge is that we gain personal power and self efficacy. I would say this is a positive feedback loop. More SIMS clearer thinking, more knowledge, increased personal power...


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"A: Indeed. The true history of your planet is little known. Refer to collections made by your Mr. Hancock.

Q: (L) I think that must mean Graham Hancock?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Yeah, he's a pretty good researcher as long as he doesn’t try to figure out esoteric things on his own.

(Pierre) In his last book, the second part is dedicated to giants in America.

(L) What's the title?

(Andromeda) 'Giants in America', I think."

Although Graham Hancock may have written about giants in America, the person who has probably done most research into this topic in recent times is Jim Vieria

He made a documentary series with his brother, 'Search for the Lost American Giants' Search for the Lost Giants (TV Series 2014– ) - IMDb starting in 2014. It was broadcast on the History Channel and may still be showing. It is well worth a watch.

I was priveleged to meet both Jim and Graham at a conference in London where they were guest speakers. Graham and Jim seemed to be friends or at least knew each other well. Jim was easy to talk to and very enthusiastic about his subject. Although the TV series mainly focused on Native American giants (some of whom were up to 9 ft tall), I did ask him about the Navajo Indians' tales of fighting huge red haired giants in New Mexico or Arizona (I forget which particular state it was), where according to their legends they eventually cornered them in a cave and destroyed them after burning them out. He was aware of this account and agreed that they were probably a different and distinct group from the Native Indian giants found in places like Ohio, who were usually viewed as royalty and buried in large burial mounds.

Apparently, some giants may have survived on Easter Island as late as the 17th century. I remember watching an Ancient Aliens episode concerning Easter Island where they mentioned that Dutch explorers who had landed on the island spoke of meeting huge giants who were so big that you could walk between their legs. However, by the time Captain Cook visited the island in 1744, these giants had disappeared without a trace.


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(L) So if we have failed herd immunity to what's already out there and developing and mutating all the time, then something could come along and REALLY do a job...
So many people already had COVID and so many people will. How can we then have a "failed herd immunity"? Is it jus because some parts of the world are in lockdown and there are lack of interactions and socialization, therefore lack of microorganisms exchange?

So, we'll either have recombinant virus or a space virus and that will be a real pandemic.
Q: (L) Okay, so in other words... Now that makes me wonder... Is it possible that that's a planned effect? Weakening humanity by all of this virus pandemic nonsense is setting them up for a major decimation or wipeout event by a virus sent from outer space in some manner?

A: Yes
Do the transdimensional creatures count on the space virus originating from comets? Can they affect on it? Or will they send the virus towards us? If they send a virus towards us, wouldn't they go against our free will?


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Yes, I am on the bandwagon with "Romance Novels", downloaded the list, downloaded Libby app, since most romance books you can read as ebooks. Phew, didn't want to be seen leaving library with a bunch of 'soft porn' books under my arm. LOL. did anyone noticed C's last remark? "as the reality disintegrates". Very curious choice of words. And yes, I am noticing the 'disintegration'. Wonder how much bizarre is it going to take.


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Yes, as I remember, not much physical romance going on, and only a bare bones sort of happy ending.

Now this is getting very intriguing. I confess I thought that the recommended novels would be in the spirit of Jane Eyre (which, by the way, I reread with joy in due time). I think that I will soon be able to actively discuss in the branch of romantic literature :lkj:
I recently read Jane Eyre too. Look forward to understanding why this is not useful. The prequel (Sargasso Sea) tells the sad story of Rochester and his first wife in Jamaica. More than the Jamaican climate was hot and steamy in that novel.
I've started the recommended series.


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In the beginning I was reading and following the thread and continued to peek in as it expanded. Sooo many books being recommended! It was a bit overwhelming - I never ever read those kind of books as they didn't appeal to me and were generally considered cheesy/poor taste. That Fabio was the male model for so many covers didn't exactly up their cred either - pretty much considered a joke especially on late night talk shows:

Go to 1:11:

Mostly because I was extremely annoyed with my local library's Covid policies (regular operation completely shut down with ridiculous "safe" procedures implemented - returned books are "quarantined" 4 - 6 days before they can be borrowed again, still!) along with all the other fascist local/county/state health mandates being imposed, I just refrained from getting any book at all. Plus the whole crazy show that commenced last year that has clearly shown itself to be the actual "zombie apocalypse" drew all my attention away as I observed the unbelievable ongoing levels of madness over a nothing-burger virus! Add in all the other madness - George Floyd, BLM, antifa, rioting/burning/killing, Deep State shenanigans, Qanon, prez election campaigning/primaries, Operation Warp Speed, Fauci, stolen election, voting fraud, Jan. 6 Capitol "insurrection" - romance novels were just an idea so to speak. But now, I'm totally over the whole zombie show and more than ready to jump in and read!!! Going to hit the library tomorrow (inside browsing now allowed but with the usual masks/6 ft social distancing) and check out a Mary Balogh book. I'll also dig into the thread and read the reactions and insights. Happy to do so as I'm pretty fed up with newspaper and television - between ludicrous propaganda and despicable programming, not much of value at all.

I recently caught a Clark Gable film on TCM - Test Pilot. I started thinking about him and decided to wiki his bio. Turns out, he was considered the epitome of a "manly man"!
  • He received good reviews in Machinal (1928), with one critic describing him as "young, vigorous, and brutally masculine".
  • In a photo essay of Hollywood film stars, Life magazine called Gable, "All man ... and then some".
  • Doris Day summed up Gable's unique personality: "He was as masculine as any man I've ever known, and as much a little boy as a grown man could be – it was this combination that had such a devastating effect on women."
  • An eight-time co-star, long-time friend and on-again, off-again romance, Joan Crawford, concurred, stating on David Frost's TV show in January 1970 that, "He was a king wherever he went. He earned the title. He walked like one, he behaved like one, and he was the most masculine man that I have ever met in my life. Gable had balls."
And so, a very huge thanks to Team Chateau and especially Laura who has suffered sooo much for all of us! Such a tremendous sacrifice that is greatly and sincerely appreciated! 🥰
Clark Gable was a top box office star for three decades. Many of his films are timeless classics. Despite his fame, he had his measure of heartaches too. The love of his life was the actress Carole Lombard. She died tragically in an aircrash in 1942. He never really got over her death. He enlisted as an airforceman in the US Army Air Force not long after her death. He was a gunner on bombers at first but would eventually make it to being an officer. He saw a lot of action over Germany. One of his friends was the British film star David Niven who Gable had helped early on in his career. He would visit Niven's family home when on leave in England. I remember in one of Niven's biographical books how Niven described seeing Gable sitting alone in the garden with his massive shoulders heaving as he sobbed bitter tears remembering his lost love. This proves that even tough guys cry sometimes.

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Do the transdimensional creatures count on the space virus originating from comets? Can they affect on it? Or will they send the virus towards us? If they send a virus towards us, wouldn't they go against our free will?

Hello silos,
Yes, most of the viruses are coming from the comets, but we, conscious humans can avoid negative effects by each person’s own inner positive makeup, and even we can enhance connection to cosmic information field.
And like every living beings, we do have free-will over beings that lower than our density, so that’s means, higher than our density beings are also have their free-will over us.
Some of more questions, you should research by top right “search” section. Or start to read all the transcripts from this link, 📚 Cassiopaean Session Transcripts by date

Q: (Pierre) I have a question about viruses. Most of those mass extinctions happen because of cometary bombardments. The same cometary bombardments that end life, I think maybe they introduce new life through the viruses they carry. If you study mass extinctions, right after you have a boom of life…. dinosaurs disappeared, and then BOOM! Are viruses from comets the main driver of evolution?

A: Yes

(L) Willpower even. And they just mentioned that there are certain people with spiritual force who were able to modify the virus by their own inner powers in a positive way. I would imagine that having inner force or inner spiritual power would all be beneficial. Are we on the right track?

A: Yes yes yes!

Q: (L) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Why is that?

A: It depends on the inner makeup.

Q: (L) So it really depends on what's inside the person as to what transpires after they've experienced the virus. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, the virus may enhance connections to Cosmic Information, but it depends on who you are, how that works out. That reminds me of the answer, given a long time ago: "It's not where you are, but who you are and what you see." I guess this thing is going to enhance "seeing" for some people?

Q: (L) I would like to know for the benefit of somebody else who asked the question: What is the origin of AIDS?

A: Simian mutation.

Q: (L) A monkey virus, in other words.

A: Was, but mutated.

Q: (L) Who is the individual or group responsible for this mutation?

A: Not humans.

Q: (L) Well then, who?

A: Lizards acting in conjunction with destined frequency path.

Q: (L) You have said on occasion that free will is the most important law of consciousness in creation. Why can we not exercise our free will and refuse to be abducted and experimented upon?

A: Those who abduct are exercising their free will in doing so.

Q: (L) Why does their free will have precedence over our free will?

A: Why does your free will have precedence over density 2 and 1 beings?


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This proves that even tough guys cry sometimes.
A tough guy, but less than completely honorable (four years before he married the love of his life):

During the filming of The Call of the Wild in early 1935, the film's lead actress, Loretta Young, became pregnant with Gable's child. Their daughter Judy Lewis was born on November 6, 1935 in Venice, California. Young hid her pregnancy in an elaborate scheme and nineteen months after the birth she claimed to have adopted the baby. Most in Hollywood (and some in the general public) believed Gable was Lewis's father because of their strong resemblance and the timing of her birth.

Five years after Gable's death, when confronted by Lewis, Loretta Young confirmed that she was Lewis's biological mother and that Gable was her father by an affair. Young died on August 12, 2000; her autobiography, published posthumously, confirmed that Gable was indeed Lewis's father. Judy Lewis died of cancer at age 76 on November 25, 2011. In 2014, Young's son Christopher Lewis, and his wife Linda, disclosed in a BuzzFeed article that Young had told Linda in 1998 that Judy Lewis was conceived during date rape, stating they had chosen to remain silent about the information until both Young and Lewis were deceased.
The down side of "brutally masculine".
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