Session 13 September 1997


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September 13, 1997
Frank, Violette, Alice, Laura.

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Mannah.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Well, you must be aware that I wrote a letter to the Polish Embassy this past week explaining to them Ark's situation and how detrimental this was, based on your advice last week, 'creating a sphere of influence' sort of thing. Could you indicate whether this is going to create a chain reaction of some sort, and if so, what sort it will be?

A: You are assuming...

Q: I am assuming what? I just asked if it was going to create a chain reaction, and if so, what sort? A; Maybe you should keep mining and trolling.

Q: So, I was making an assumption that this was along the line of your advice?

A: It was, but more sources needed.

Q: Ummm... could you give me a hint on that. I sent a letter to Fernando and haven't heard anything back from him...

A: Keep at it, but make sure it is right places, lest you spill the beans.

Q: Let me ask this: what I have written to the embassy is not going to cause Ark any trouble, is it?

A: We hope not!

Q: Is there a possibility that it could?

A: What would be your guess? Would you think it a good idea to call "911" to report that someone is trying to steal your cache of cocaine?

Q: Jeez! So, in other words, you are saying I screwed up?!

A: No, when one is learning important lessons, it is not a "screw up."

Q: It's a screw up if something seriously detrimental happens to Ark because of what I did. Now you have me worried. My neck is going to start tightening up and hurting again!

A: Well, my dear, it is better you learn with minor problems to look before you leap, than with explosively major ones down the road.

Q: Alright, help me out here, give me a clue as to how to get out of this mess!

A: It is more of a bugbite... Sometimes one scratches, and sometimes not. And if one scratches, fortunately, it is only rarely then that it gets infected...

Q: It is like a bugbite, don't scratch it?

A: No. To the Poles, it is like a bugbite. But we suggest you not bite the Poles again.

Q: Well, the whole thing about the rescheduling of the court date just screams of 'tampering.' He is scheduled to come here on the 12th, and the courts know this and rescheduled for the 20th. He's not staying for it! You see what I am saying here? This is why I wrote, to complain about this obvious maneuvering of the legal system and see if there was not something that could be done!

A: You have missed the obvious!

Q: What is the obvious? The obvious thing is that he has no career...

A: "Brain Drain" does not feather the cap of the one drained. Brain "gain" does feather the cap of the one who gains!!!

Q: I know! I think that sometimes you guys say things that are like dangling little baits, and I jump for this bait the same way I jumped for the ceiling to put this damn thing on my ceiling to do this psychomantium, caused a serious injury, and has now caused a problem because I wrote to this embassy - I can't just write to some strange person.... what are you talking about here?

A: Look before you leap.

Q: Yeah! I am gonna stop listening to you guys. All you do is get me in trouble!

A: That is ridiculous, and you know it! We did not tell you to write to the Polish Embassy!

Q: Well they were the only ones who could solve what seemed to me to be the apparent problem which is to help him to get his divorce. They are going to have to be approached and dealt with...

A: No, no, no. Use liaisons within benefitting party.

Q: Don't you think it would be a black mark against him in terms of him being considered for the job for them to know the situation about his divorce, that he is having problems?

A: The American Embassy is located in Warsaw.

Q: Should he go to the American Embassy, or should I write to the American Embassy?

A: Either/or. The State of Florida has many trade and economic development offices located in European cities.

Q: Should Ark go to the American Embassy in Warsaw?

A: Not a bad idea, and you could contact them.

Q: Alright. Let's get off the subject...

A: Build your sphere with those who will not want to pop it.

Q: Is there any damage control I can do right now?

A: With any luck you will not need it. Usually in a case like this, the offending parties will believe their most effective defence is to ignore the inquest.

Q: Is there anything further on this subject, I am so stressed out on it and my neck is completely seized up now. Okay, these people, this Reni and Seila Santana up in Canada - they claim to be channeling some bizarre critters... 'to document to you of the veracity of what I have just stated, I have attached to this letter an extract of the book 'Beware of the wolf in the bushes of delight...'

(F) I can't picture what a person who has these thoughts actually looks like... reminds me of Bob Racine.

(L) {Reading} 'Undoubtedly the majority contend(sic) themselves with enforcing less strict regime upon the backs of their scientists by strictly employing channels in the helping of them out... Neutral source, of course, for eclipted among the starseed are among those traitors to the cause who without adept permission from the high council have portrayed as to be of the gray mission from time to time. Then the information brought down under circumstances such as these, will leave the scientists more or less with an imbalance of thoughts rather than attaining to the full scope of memorandum of which is their right to come out front with their desire of learning intricate designing would label them indeed within the crucible of possibilities therewith leading them into a much needed and fuller encompassing of facts therein.'

(F) That sounds like somebody who thinks that if you string together a bunch of important sounding words, it will make sense...

(L) Well, it gets better! {Reads} 'We would offer a bigotry in the light of expiring your greatest potential escapading in the form of doctrinal theory. We will always advise whether or not we will be willing to work within their planetary action decidedly for the good of mankind. And there are some of which we are willing to take action in order to prove a helpmeet too.' (F) What the heck does any of that mean? It just means absolutely nothing! (L) 'Make of the surenes that ye, each one be of the showing of this document herewith written for them too. Thank you all for your attention on this midriff of informational data. Hatonn out on frequency table 9.3 faraplex record time.'

(V) That's my favorite! 'Faraplex!'

(F) I don't know why you are so confounded on this term 'faraplex.' It is a sister of 'godspark!'

(L) {Reads more}'We should let you know that we have reasons to believe that our webpage is being tampered with by others who have our file transfer program and password... obviosly the blinkingsop matter must be the elite's most desperately kept secret and dangerous to the upper echelon of the world...' Oh my god!

(F) That is too hopelessly bad to even qualify as disinformation and, at the same time, if any upper echelon in the world is wasting their time checking that out, then we have nothing to worry about!

(L) Well, tell me, what is going on with these people?

A: Static.

Q: Where does this static emanate from?

A: Mind of the communicator.

Q: Are you saying from the minds of the people who are writing this?

A: There is only one.

Q: There is only one, and this one person takes two roles and pretends to be two people?

A: Close enough.

Q: (V) Is this a psychotic person?

A: No, this is a harmless waif.

Q: (V) So there's no such thing as a 'faraplex?' I'm so disappointed!

A: Mirth! "Faraplex" is a shopping center built by Farakahn. Try hot lemon salve for your neck.

Q: (V) Well, I KNEW I'd heard the word before! (L) I never heard of lemon salve. Where do I get it or how do I make it?

A: Cloth wrapped sponge soaked in hot lemon juice.

Q: Yesterday Ark said he found an ad for an opening for research in quantum computers at some lab in North Carolina. He wants to know if there is any future for us in pursuing such a thing.

A: Up to you, yes, but remember, such enterprises can be most decidedly temporary!

Q: (V) I want to know what it is - the secret potion in the lemon and the sponge - and how it is going to help relieve this problem with the neck? (A) Ask if it will help my neck?

A: Ascorbic acid penetrates and cleanses and soothes.

Q: I want to get back to Reni and Seila. You said that it was one person. Male or female?

A: Male.

Q: And this guy has an alternate personality that is a female?

A: This male is a "computer nerd" with a need to be loved/admired.

Q: Let me ask quickly, does giving Reiki to a person who has a bacterial or viral infection increase the potential of the infection? What is the effect?

A: Broad inquiry, but Reiki is best suited to conditions not microbially induced.

Q: Is it the case that you are actually feeding the microbes with energy?

A: Can, or effects can cancel each other out.

Q: What about when you are dealing with cancer... not, cancers are not microbial necessarily... but some have been shown to be microbial...

A: Microbially triggered.

Q: So cancers are microbially triggered?

A: Some.

Q: (V) As we practice Reiki, how do we know if we are doing the person more harm than good? How do we decide if we are going to make them sicker or better?

A: Ask if they are suffering from infection.

Q: What if they don't know? There are a lot of times that a person doesn't know.

A: True, but odds are in your favor.

Q: (V) So the viruses cannot be treated by etherical healing? Is there any method that will work other than Reiki?

A: Prayer.

Q: I know this has been a rather non-productive session, but I would still like to ask if there is anything you can see that we need to know, that we haven't asked, that we ought to ask, in which case I would like to ask that you would tell us anyway!

A: Nolo contendre.

Q: Is that the answer, or are you just being funny with me?

A: Latter.

Q: No contest. Okay, if there is nothing else, then we will say goodnight... I am so miserable! What is going on with this pain?

A: Maybe some ongoing DNA evolvement.

Q: What does DNA have to do with pain in the shoulder and neck, especially when you get it as a result of being stupid leaping about on piles of pillows on the bed like a lunatic...

A: Good Night!

End of Session
The idea of these bugs have been consistent through the sessions, for example:

14 January 1995
Q: (J) Mother Theresa is a political deception? (laughter) (L) Let me ask this question... it is on a little bit different subject right now, but I am kind of stretching my brain right now and I need a little bit of a relief there and then we will come back...

A: You are off balance this session due to a "bug" in your body. You have a bacterial overgrowth in your intestines.

Also, what was the intention behind "no lo contendre", and why in spanish?
Prometeo said:
The idea of these bugs have been consistent through the sessions, for example:

14 January 1995
Q: (J) Mother Theresa is a political deception? (laughter) (L) Let me ask this question... it is on a little bit different subject right now, but I am kind of stretching my brain right now and I need a little bit of a relief there and then we will come back...

A: You are off balance this session due to a "bug" in your body. You have a bacterial overgrowth in your intestines.

Also, what was the intention behind "no lo contendre", and why in spanish?

I need to fix that since I divided the words wrong. It's actually nolo contendere. It's a legal term that comes from the Latin for "I do not wish to contend."
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