Session 13 September 2009


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I would recommend you to try the free gluten diet, perhaps only for several days to see. Seem to be miraculous for me.

Yes - it is miraculous - when one stays on it! I have found that those "weekend treats" generally result in sleepless nights - which provide much motivation to stay on the diet.

In this particular case - I think the sleeplessness is related to the meditation - and cleansing old stuff - I seem to want to delay going to sleep - after some of those dreams - not a big surprise :/!


It's getting to the point that I no longer can tell what is more thought-provoking and inspiring: the q&a with the C's or the session participants' discussion. I think that means a lot in and of itself.

Thank you all so much for the gift if knowledge!

I totally agree that the making music suggestion is great. BTW, I always wondered who did background music for the Eiriu-Eolas. It sounds wonderful.


So basically if your going against your souls wishes, then you are killing or hurting your soul. Makes sense and thanks for the session.


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Hildegarda said:
It's getting to the point that I no longer can tell what is more thought-provoking and inspiring: the q&a with the C's or the session participants' discussion. I think that means a lot in and of itself.

Thank you all so much for the gift if knowledge!

I totally agree that the making music suggestion is great. BTW, I always wondered who did background music for the Eiriu-Eolas. It sounds wonderful.

I couldn't agree more with Hildegarda! The Q&A is great and it really helps clarify a lot of what comes through from the C's. It does seem like there has been more of a merging of thoughts and ideas with Laura + group and the C's as of late.

Again, thanks for the thought provoking session! I enjoyed reading the bit about the audio editing and Laura's words. I used to do a lot of computer-based music production in my youth, so I'm somewhat familiar with with these techniques. I remember when I first saw the words for the Prayer of the Soul, I could imagine them with a certain airy reverberated echo effect. When I recited the words silently to myself, I could hear them this way. FWIW.



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Great session, thanks for asking about the different responses to doing the breathing. I seem to be in the "gentle slope up the mountain" category, although their are moments when I can get a little overwhelmed with emotion. Very interesting discussion as well, thanks for taking the time to transcribe all the extra chatting. :)


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Hildegarda said:
It's getting to the point that I no longer can tell what is more thought-provoking and inspiring: the q&a with the C's or the session participants' discussion. I think that means a lot in and of itself.

What an apt remark Hildegarda! I couldn't agree more. My feeling too for this forum is that things are really "heating up" in a good sense. The Cs, breathing exercises, meditation, dancing, detox, lists of great books,
SOTT, and this network of great minds and souls... Is the field of the game leveling little by little? Our vigilance should never cease, but here i will allow myself a brief moment of optimism for the future. :rolleyes:

Thank you all for that!


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Thanks for this session and, obviously, your questions!

I thought before about the frequencies carried by an audio file, but haven't shared soon enough. Mp3 is definitely a lossy audio format. CD's run at 44.1KHz, DVD's at 48KHz and up so after all this about the importance of frequencies, it's definitely worth a try to carry any media up with the best audio format available, osit.



Audio on a DVD-Audio disc can be stored in many different bit depth/sampling rate/channel combinations:


[...]For instance, a DVD-Audio disc may contain a 96 kHz/24-bit 5.1-channel audio track as well as a 192 kHz/24-bit stereo audio track. Also, the channels of a track can be split into two groups stored at different resolutions. For example, the front speakers could be 96/24, while the surrounds are 48/20.

Talking about the Laurel Canyon series, it was a real eye opener to have the 'crux of the matter' solved in this session! Almost subconsciously it has been a year or two that I've quit listening at heavy metal bands and other 'alternative' songs, so catchy when I've almost grew side by side with it as a teenager and on during my twenties. Not to mention horror and splatter movies here... thanks Hollywood :cry:

The revelation about the soul-smashing was really a punch in the stomach and heart here, and my brain sort of stalled a few times while reading it. Think I'm not yet conscious of all the implications here, truly mind shattering.

Same with the 'cristallization' issue. There seems to be many different profiles here and if there's one thing that can solve it in a way or another is keeping up with the meditations, work on oneself and knowledge input, whatever the reaction might be to the breathing program.


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Awesome session! Answered many questions for me.

Session 13 Sept.09 said:
Q: (Joe) Maybe people who split, reintegration happens over a longer period of time, where they slowly, slowly, slowly put themselves back together, so the suffering is in little bits at a time. Whereas people who crystallize hold it off until all at once something has to break down... (L) Yeah, people who crystallize resist probably more. I think that was the case with me...

A: Yes
This does explain a lot for me. I've been trying to be patient with the program but still not having any visible reactions as of yet. I guess I'm just one of the slow ones. :huh: Hope I have enough time left!

C's said:
A: When energy is no longer needed to support illusion it is available for knowledge and awareness.
This also makes much sense. ;)

Session 13 Sept.09 said:
Q: (L) Oooh! I don't want to do that!! (Keit) Why not? (L) I look horrible on video! (Chorus) You do NOT!! (Keit) But we'll make you pretty! (PL) You already did it! (A***) You looked beautiful! (Allen) Got a special filter that will make you look like who you want to look like. (Ark) It's fixed. (L) What's fixed? (Ark) This future is fixed. [singing] You can do it! You will do it! (L) I don't want to talk to you guys any more. (Ark) You don't want kisses? (Joe) Laura? (Allen) You never saw the last video we shot!
You guys crack me up sometimes! :lol: I think you look Beautiful also Laura. Can't wait to see more from 'Laura Canyon Studios'!

Much thanks as always for the session and all you do for us Laura and Team!


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Thank You Laura and Team for posting this session. The whole Soul Smashing bit is a bit clearer for me and boy it's frightening to even think of the possibility.

Laura I just want to say I look forward to this new audio that's to be released. And it's fascinating to see this idea in this session because as I was driving to pick up my brothers from school today I thought how wonderful it would be to have the prayer of the soul sung and to have it as music. Then I jump on SOTT and find the same idea in this session. So it was an interesting little synchronicity. :)

Thank you again


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nickleblue said:
To live in a condition where one denies the right of the so-called "base character traits" to exist, to consider them an "error" or a "rebellion," a "Satanic delusion," is to deny fully half of existence, fully half of God - to reject Him, to NOT love him; to love only those parts that the limited human mind consider to be "acceptable" and to "hate" those parts that are not "pleasant" and desirable to fleshly comfort - and it is to love subjectively only the part of the self that is "acceptable." And this is a crucial point. To ACCEPT one's own self, in all its many parts. That does NOT mean that one "manifests" every negative character trait, it means that one accepts, loves, and tries always to choose to manifest the noble traits and to channel the base traits productively. To love objectively, all that IS, unconditionally, both the light and the darkness, and to NEVER interfere with the Free Will of another to choose to do or be as they see fit is one of the keys; one of the "simple understandings."

DanielS, where is this quote from? I know that I have seen it before but can't remember where - it's a beautiful quote ...

Hi Nickelblue, its from Chapter 8 of the Wave Series roughly about 2/3 of the way down the page.

stargazer said:
What you wrote above struck me as the antithesis of what Laura wrote below in "The Wave" (Chapter 12e):

Laura said:
When we dig as deeply into all of these matters as possible, over and over again we come upon the idea that Self knowledge is the key. It is NOT the end, but it is the means; the first stage in self-development and the beginning of awakening from sleep is to be able to know the self in an objective way so that the "predator's mind" can be controlled. Note very clearly that I say "controlled" and NOT merged.

If you consider the "Wolverine" character as a symbol of your predator's mind, you might want to consider the above.

That's an interesting quote, and most definitely the anti-thesis of my post! It seems I need to re-evaluate and re-read Chapter 12, thanks!

Zadius Sky

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Buddy said:
I really like this and wanted to share it (no lyrics-just piano):
Amazing Grace - Piano - Carlton Forrester

That is very nice. :)

I've just found the book with a CD that has a song of "Amazing Grace" that I was referring to. This book is entitled Spirituality For Dummies by Sharon Janis, and the author was the one who sang the song.

Here's the video of the live song by the mentioned author:


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Thank you all for the session and the information to give us hope! :D
I have been thinking about having the prayer of the soul put to music since I first read it. A few years ago my hypnotherapist recommended that I record a prayer and put it quietly behind music that I could listen to whenever I needed to absorb the energy. I would listen to it all the time and it became like a source of food that I would listen to all the time and it would strengthen me. It was sort of a new agey type prayer though so I eventually stopped using the music but when I learned the prayer of the soul I thought that this would be perfect to use. I have recorded my own voice saying the prayer and put it to music and it has helped me some but I thought that it would be much better if Laura's voice was used instead. Then we could listen to this music at anytime and become energized or absorb the frequency perhaps. So I think this is a great idea.
And with the video I think it would be a similar situation where the frequency could be transmitted just by seeing Laura in the video, even if the words were not understood. This may just be the energy boost that we all need to go to the next level.
Again thanks to all for your work! ;D


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Laura said:
A: Oh definitely!!! In fact, that is a superb way for truly cosmic frequencies to be transmitted via your/our voice!!

A: There are frequencies in your/our voice that are inaudible to the physical ear but affect the spirit.

An audio engineer's take on the above is that the C's are not necessarily using 'frequency' to refer to any specific part of the audible sound spectrum. In other parts of the session, comments were made about the manipulative effects of certain music originating in the Laurel Canyon area, also utilizing 'frequencies' for nefarious effects. In those days the means of distributing & listening were completely different than the digital ones we use today. I could be wrong, but I suspect the advantageous 'frequencies' from Laura (and in turn the C's) come from the simple fact that it is actually Laura speaking/singing. One subjective experience I could offer to support this, which others have commented on, is that is does have a powerful effect for me to have Laura's actual voice in my headphones while I do the EE breathing and meditation. I am certain there would be missing elements (frequencies) if I was listening to the exact same words spoken by someone with no connection to any of this. So I am making a distinction here between literal audio frequencies and other types of 'frequencies' or 'vibrations' which have to do with the nature of the singer herself.
If this idea has merit, then any recording of Laura's voice ought to be made as 'transparently' as possible in the first place, using a decent microphone, good levels and clean processing gear in order to make the recording of her voice as close to its natural sound as possible.
Thanks to this session and thread, I have a whole new understanding of the lines of the "Prayer of the Soul," "savior of the soul!"
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