Session 14 January 1995


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January 14, 1995

Frank, Laura, Terry and Jan, Tom M and Andrea

Q: (L) Is anyone with us?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us tonight?

A: Hnorra.

Q: (L) Where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Why is the movement so slow this evening?

A: It will speed up dramatically, so be patient. Send the little one away, please.

Q: (L) Why do the children have to be kept at a distance?

A: As protection against possible psychic damage as soul is not yet fully blossomed!

Q: (L) Does this mean that when a person's soul comes into their body at birth that it is kind of like reduced to a seed form or like the bud of a flower, and that the growing up years are either the rooting or...

A: It is a reawakening period.

Q: (L) Does that mean that when the soul comes into the body that it cannot, at that point, remember any of it's past experiences...

A: Cycle.

Q: (L) So it cycles like ebbing and flowing and that is the ebb point where there is very little awareness?

A: Something like that.

Q: (L) We have some questions and the first one is: You have told us in the past that you are us in the future and that you are moving this way to merge with us.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) As we measure time, how far in the future are you us?

A: Indeterminate as you measure time.

Q: (L) Does this mean that at the point in time when the wave arrives on the earth in this upcoming event that you have given us the information to plot the ETA, is that the time at which you will merge with us and become us in the future?

A: No, that is not the correct concept.

Q: (L) You have said that when the wave arrives that you will merge with us. Is this the same thing that you are talking about when you say that you are us in the future?

A: No.

Q: (L) So, we are talking about two separate events or subjects, or two separate points in space/time, is that correct?

A: No. You are again slipping into trying to apply 3rd density logic to higher levels of density reality.

Q: (L) So, this is pick on Laura night!

A: No. We are trying to help everyone to advance.

Q: (L) So, we are not talking about the same event...

A: What is "future," anyway?

Q: (L) The future is simultaneous events, just different locales in space/time, just a different focus of consciousness, is that correct?

A: Yea, so if that is true, why try to apply linear thinking here, you see, we are merging with you right now!

Q: (L) I see. (T) So, what you are trying to say is that when the wave comes it is going to take us to 4th density, if we are ready, but we are not actually going to merge with you in 6th density at that point, but we may experience a "merge" at that point because all points of focus merge during transition from one density to another?

A: Partly correct, partly way off.

Q: (J) What part is right and what part is wrong? (T) The wave is going to take those of us who are, at that point ready, to move us into 4th density, is this part correct?

A: Open.

Q: (T) Which part of it is open?

A: You are a 4th density candidate.

Q: (T) So, we are 4th density candidates but that doesn't necessarily mean that we will make it into 4th density, true?

A: Partly.

Q: (T) As 4th density candidates, anyone that is, when the wave comes, if they have reached the correct frequency vibration, and have raised themselves up to the point that the wave will take them, they will, at that point, move into 4th density, true?

A: Close enough.

Q: (T) Now, when those who move into 4th density make the move, will they experience a completeness or merge with all other densities of their being, at that point, even if it is for a short time?

A: For one immeasurably small instant, this is what is meant by "illumination"!

Q: (T) But, for that small instant, because there really is no time, maybe an instant or an aeon, depending on how any individual might measure it, we might experience oneness with ourselves?

A: It may seem to last "forever."

Q: (L) Is this what is known as the "rapture?"

A: Some have attempted to explain instinctive thought patterns this way.

Q: (L) Is the moving into 4th density, and the understanding we have of it, which is the possible transcending or leaving a 3rd density earth, which is under great assault in terms of cataclysmic activity and so forth, and moving to a place where none of that is apparent, is this what is known as the "rapture?"

A: Laura, you are reaching.

Q: (L) Well, Jan and I were talking about it this week, it's her fault. Don't blame it on me. (J) It's my fault. (L) Jan made me do it. {laughter}

A: Jan is the "boogie" man!

Q: (L) That's right, Jan is the boogie man, she did it. (J) Wait a minute! (T) You took responsibility. (J) No, I kinda like that! Thank you. (L) We have a couple of questions that can be answered, I think, fairly quickly, so let's get them out of the way. Jan, as you know, her mother passed away yesterday morning, and she is very interested in knowing where her mother is at this point, and what condition she finds herself in. Can you give her this information?

A: She is at 5th level density now.

Q: (L) Is she finding her introduction to this level to be pleasant?

A: That is subjective.

Q: (L) I knew that was coming. Any more questions on that, Jan, I don't want to get fussed at. (J) No, that's alright. Has my mother been having OBE's in the last month?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Now, Terry had a very interesting experience when he was standing outside his house.

A: Terry has many of those.

Q: (T) Yes, thank you, I do. It's amazing how they come to me. I was standing outside. There's a lot of cats in the neighborhood and we, ourselves, have six cats. They look at one a lot and I recognize cats for cats and don't think it is possible that I made a mistake in this. A cat came around one of the trees across the street from me, and it wasn't a regular cat. It was much larger. It looked at me and hunched down into it's cat-like stance and locked on me. Was this a real cat, or a bob cat?

A: Yes, it was a bobcat from Northeastern Pinellas Piney woods preserve.

Q: (L) Is there a preserve in that direction from you? (T) Yes, it is up on the Pasco/Pinellas border, down from us here as a matter of fact.

A: Up from you, Terry. Learn direction better, please. Compass awareness is to be vital in the future.

Q: (T) I know it is up from me, but I am north of the place now and I'm talking as if I am in St. Petersburg, saying up from me, but it is south of me at the moment.

A: Incorrect, you were speaking from home in your mind.

Q: (T) True. (L) Busted! (T) You guys are cool! (L) What was it you said, "Love a 6th density dude with a sense of humor!"

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are there dudes and dudesses up there?

A: Yes, cool dudes and dudesses! [laughter]

Q: (L) Now, come on, stop it, I am trying to get a question in here!

A: Stop what?

Q: (L) Stop fooling around, I want to get these questions done.

A: But we are having fun, is there anything wrong with that?

Q: (L) No, but I want to get through my questions. (T) Lighten up, a fun session is something we need.

A: Uptight. {laughter}

Q: (T) We got a live one tonight.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) It's because of you, Terry. (T) Thank you. (L) You got all this practical joke business going...

A: No, Andrea.

Q: (T) Andrea! My goodness. {laughter} Why Andrea?

A: She is fun loving.

Q: (T) Okay, we're having fun tonight. Go on, ask the next question. (L) Can I ask my question now?

A: Oh, what the hell, go for it!

Q: (T) I didn't know W.C. Fields had made it to 6th level. {laughter} (L) Seriously now...

A: Seriously now, folks!

Q: (L) The other night as I was reading by the window, I saw something white pass by the window. In order for anything to pass that window, it would have to be very tall or floating. Also, my dogs would not have allowed anything to be passing by my window unless they were dead, drugged or paralyzed in some way. After a few minutes I explained it to myself as having just seen my cigarette smoke float by in my peripheral vision, but, after thinking a while, I realized that after all these years of smoking, I have an acute sense of what smoke is and where it is around me. Therefore, I think that some sort of awareness cued me that I was seeing something besides a waft of smoke. Can you tell me what it was, outside my window, or was it just my cigarette smoke?

A: You are gradually experiencing more and more "bleed-throughs" of 4th density.

Q: (L) What did I see go by my window?

A: Fourth density energy source.

Q: (L) Is an energy source like an entity or being?

A: Tell us what you imagine 4th density to be like, Laura?

Q: (L) Well, I have no idea. (T) Good answer.

A: Okay, then please try harder to discover.

Q: (L) Do you mean right now?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) Can we help?

A: Yes. You see without further progress in this area, we cannot adequately explain details of 4th density life.

Q: (L) Alright guys, how do we imagine 4th density life to be. (T) Let me ask a question first.

A: Free association.

Q: (T) Is this energy source that she saw not necessarily a being or an entity, but loose energy being transmitted from 4th density?

A: Answer to that depends upon greater understanding of 4th level reality.

Q: (L) Why do I have this gripping and pinching sensation on the back of my neck right at this moment?

A: We are blasting open your learning chakra.

Q: (T) Did it just start? (L) Oh, yes. It feels like I am being gripped by a pair of pincers right at the base of my neck. Okay, 4th density is like, am I correct, that it is similar to the dream state. The instant you think something or focus on it, it happens or becomes real?

A: Continue.

Q: (L) And that, for example, if you wished to be on a boat on the water, that you would find yourself on a boat on what is actually a more real ocean that the ocean we experience here, because, in every way it matches your expectations, down to the glints of sunlight on the water...

A: Slip 4th.

Q: (J) Like slipping gears? (L) Am I slipping?

A: Yes. Why do you need a boat?

Q: (L) Well, just because in that particular fantasy the idea is to be on a boat. (T) But it is not a fantasy. (L) It is reality. Okay. So, in other words, 4th density is a realm where your thoughts instantly manifest as reality. If, for example, you think of yourself being a princess in a tower, a castle would manifest and you would be in a tower, and if you wanted your hair to hang down to the ground, it would hang down too.

A: That is 5th level stuff.

Q: (L) Okay, so, we have something in between that and 3rd level.

A: Continue.

Q: (T) Does it closely resemble 3rd density, but different in some manner?

A: No.

Q: (T) You were saying that when the transition comes about that there would be a 3rd and 4th level earth, and some people would be 3rd density on the 3rd density earth, and some would be 4th density on the 4th level earth.

A: One possibility for you to ponder.

Q: (L) Okay, let's take a short break... [break] Now, guys, I guess you have been listening to our discussion and you listened to Jan read the paragraph from the article about 4th density experience being the highest level of wishful thinking, that wishful thinking becomes reality... (J) Or did I take it out of context?

A: Close. STS.

Q: (L) So, STO wishful thinking...

A: STO does not wishfully think.

Q: (L) Well, how does STO think? (T) Responsibly... (L)[experiencing acute pinching feeling at nape of neck] God! You guys are doing strange things to my body...

A: Helpful and balanced. Wishes are strictly STS.

Q: (L) So, acceptance of experience in the sense of just allowing things to happen and responding in a balanced and helpful way is an STO response or experience in 4th density, is that correct?

A: Close.

Q: (L) And therefore, seeing things moving past such as what I saw by my window, and responding to them basically in an open, curious, and allowing way would have been an STO response, is that correct?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T) It depends on how you respond curiously. (T) The Lizzies are hanging out in 4th density too, and they are not STO, are they?

A: Correct.

Q: (T) So, they are not having STO helpful, responsible..

A: True.

Q: (T) So, in 4th density, both types can still happen?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) The desired type is the STO type thinking...?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) But STS thinking is also available if that is the way you decide to go when you get there?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) This of course limits you in your ability to move up to 6th density?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Once you are in 4th density, if you choose STS, can you change it to STO?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So you can move back and forth as you so desire and it is all still free will?

A: If you move from STS to STO in 4th level, you don't move back.

Q: (T) Once you are STS in 4th density you have to stay there? (L) No. (J) If you move from STS to STO in 4th density you don't go back to STS, you stay at STO, is that correct? (T) That's what I mean, once you have decided to do STO, that's where you stay because you don't have any desire to go back to STS?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, it is not so much that you don't have a choice, it is just that you don't want to go back to STS?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So if you move up and do what the Lizards are doing, then you continue to do that until you get tired of it or see different, or become enlightened and then move to STO and then that's where you will want to stay?

A: Open.

Q: (T) Can you move from STO back to STS? I know you said you can't, but that's because you choose not to?

A: Natural factors prohibit this.

Q: (L) So, I guess that once you get to STO natural factors, the nature of that position is that you just simply don't... it just doesn't happen.

A: Now, blockbuster for you: 3rd level beings who reach total STO profile automatically and instantaneously go to 4th level at moment achieved!

Q: (T) They just vanish? Have people done that before here?

A: Yes.

Q: (F) Yeah, I've heard of that. (T) Sure, people disappear that all the time. (L) Well, I don't think it happens that often, but I think it happens... (F) It has happened. (J) People disappear and you never hear what happened to them. (F) There have been cases where people have suddenly vanished, where a flash of light has just hit them and Poof! (T) Like spontaneous combustion... (F) No... (J) Not spontaneous combustion because the body is left behind. (F) There have been cases where people were actually sitting with other people and suddenly everybody present suddenly sees a blinding flash of light and that person is Spffft! Gonzerooni! (L) Gonzerooni? (F) Once and for all! (T) I want to ask this question, if it has already been asked, somebody stop me, what is the total STO profile? (L) Total lack of concern for self.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in other words, you don't do anything or think anything in terms of fulfilling or doing for self. You always think in terms of doing or fulfilling for others. (T) Damn, I've got a long way to go then... (Chorus) Don't we all! (J) Was Gandhi?

A: No.

Q: (T) Mother Theresa?

A: No. Political deceptions.

Q: (J) Mother Theresa is a political deception? (laughter) (L) Let me ask this question... it is on a little bit different subject right now, but I am kind of stretching my brain right now and I need a little bit of a relief there and then we will come back...

A: You are off balance this session due to a "bug" in your body. You have a bacterial overgrowth in your intestines.

Q: (L) Okay, I was talking to Jan earlier about real estate in Pasco and Pinellas counties and the differences and so forth, and I made the suggestion or statement that they might want to sell their house in St. Pete and move to Pasco County. What do you think of that?

A: Okay.

Q: (L) Is that all you think of it?

A: What else?

Q: (L) I just wanted to know if you thought it would be advisable?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Now, I want to ask about these KRLL documents that Sally has told me about and is sending. Tell us what is the background and validity of the KRLL papers. Terry knows more about them than I do. Supposedly it is some kind of exposition written by an alien being revealing the government conspiracy. Were the KRLL papers valid? (T) KRLL was supposedly a prisoner of the United States. (L) Was there really such a being as KRLL?

A: Semi.

Q: (T) Is there any validity to the KRLL papers?

A: Semi.

Q: (T) Was it dictated by this alien being?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T) Was it put together by a human?

A: Semi.

Q: (T) Is this in the same area of UFO lore as the Cooper and Lear and Lazar and Bennewitz stuff?

A: We have told you many times... Laura, pay attention... Listen!

Q: (L) Well, you say semi. Semi means half-way. Is it half true or half-way true?

A: Whoa! Calm down! Patience, my love!

Q: (T) Should we put about the same amount of validity we have in the other UFO documents?

A: Stop now!!!!

Q: (L) Is this an area we can't talk about now because it is too delicate?

A: No!!!!!

Q: (F) What the H is going on?

A: We are trying to tell you something important, and you keep asking questions. Now, please, silence for a moment!!!! We have told you many times to communicate with each other and network and share ideas, because that is how you LEARN and PROGRESS! But, you are beginning to rely on us for all your answers, and you do not LEARN that way!!!!!!! Now, try this, you will be thunderstruck with the results: Each of you has stored within you unlimited amounts of factual and "Earthshaking" information. This information was put into your consciousness in order for you to retrieve it in order for you to learn. Now just start by holding a discussion about the last series of questions you were trying to ask us, and "let it flow."

Q: (T) I have a question for you Laura, does that feel weaker? {Tom is giving Reiki to Laura's neck} (L) Well, it's not hot like it used to be, and I am just wondering, since you took the second attunements from Jim G... let's just ask... Is Tom's Reiki cancelled by Jim G's. initiation?

A: Faltering.

Q: (L) But he had good Reiki to begin with and it will be okay for me right now?

A: Open.

{At this point the group reviewed the comments that had been made regarding several persons prominently involved in UFO research who had also been involved or quoted in the Krill document. This gave us a starting point in evaluating the material. The reader may wish to recall said comments from earlier sections. Don Ware was brought up because he was also mentioned, though he had not been involved in the KRLL papers.}

Q: (L) Who is Don Ware. I asked about him because JW gave me a list of names.

(T) Okay Don Ware used to be the Regional MUFON director over on the East Coast, and he got run out because he was moving into the metaphysical side of the phenomenon and MUFON is a nuts and bolts operation. They don't want to hear this kind of stuff at all. (F) I know they don't because they are looking strictly at it as... (T) They are trying to get scientific credibility...

(F) Well, yes, and they want a UFO to land that you can go up to and take a hammer and go Plink, plink, plink! It's Here!

(T) They want to know where the aliens are from, what they are up to, what kind of propulsion systems they use, how they build them, which... I have reached the opinion that MUFON is the continuation of Project Bluebook. When they closed Project Bluebook, they went out and subverted the UFO groups starting with NICAP and APRO and MUFON is one of the latest of the groups that changes from one type of group to another and all the information that is gathered in the field, goes to Texas and there it disappears and no one ever hears about it again. The Black Hole of Texas.

(L) So, in other words, if John Lear and William Cooper are getting the Cassiopaean Seal of Approval, and they are saying basically the same thing the KRLL document is saying, where did they get their information?

(T) One of the thoughts on that was Moore or Lear or Bennewitz, one of these, was the one that had written the KRLL papers. There was some talk that KRLL may have been an acronymn used by the government to identify this being who gave the information which is the basis of this document.

(L) To your knowledge, would Lear or Cooper ever have been in a position, or did they ever at any time claim to have been in a position, to observe any of this activity written up in this document themselves?

(T) I don't believe that either of them have ever claimed to have been in a position to have physically observed any of this or to have been in the underground bases. They were working with information they claimed to have gotten from other sources.

(L) And what do they claim their other sources are, unnamed?

(T) A lot of them are unnamed. Moore and Cooper claim they have inside government sources. I believe Cooper is the one who claims that he at one time worked for the military. In fact he was Air Force, I believe.

(L) Is he the one who claims that he was the intelligence analyst for the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet?

(T) Yes. There are several versions of the Cooper papers as he modifies and updates them. He didn't change anything really, he just cleaned them up, re-edited them and added to them.

(L) Okay, if this is the case, it would seem to me that a person would have a much better chance of having something believed if they presented it as coming from a human source who either observed or saw it. Why would they say that this is an alien dictating this when that is so far and away more unbelievable? It seems to me that if they were making it up they would have far better chance if they said a human extracted this information rather than that it is what the alien said. That would almost tend, in a backward sort of way, to make you think that maybe this KRLL dude, maybe it was true. But, the only thing about that is, if it was an alien, especially if it was an STS alien, how much of it was true? That's the question.

(T) Well, KRLL was supposed to be one of the standard Grays.

(L) Well, then, we can't rely on anything he says. We can rely on the fact that it is possible that it was an alien who gave this information, but if it was one of the standard Grays, then we know who and what they are and we have to look at the information itself as being unreliable, not necessarily the human who revealed the scenario.

(F) Well, it is not necessarily unreliable even if it is an STS source.

(L) Yes, but as STS they would undoubtedly only give information that would tend to service their position.

(F) That would seem to be the case if you look at it from the obvious angle. But, that is not necessarily true. Just because it is an STS alien, and, in fact, a cybergenetic being, that does not mean that the information is necessarily inaccurate for several reasons. For those of us who have reached a certain level of understanding, our first assumption would be that it is inaccurate, so it could be a reverse psychology ploy. Give accurate information, get those who are at a higher level of understanding to think it's inaccurate, when in actuality it is accurate.

(L) Well, do you know what it said? It says, basically, what we have been getting here.

(F) Well, then it is accurate.

(T) If this is a standard cybergenetic Gray, the question is how much biological is he? Is he biological enough to pass a dissection?

(L) Sure, absolutely. There are reports of autopsies of these guys, they just can't figure out how they feed.

(F) They are cybergenetic, but they look and function exactly like a biological being. If you go inside of them you will find blood and fibers and tissue and microscopic evidence...

(L) The microscopic exams, from what I have heard, reveal that they're more in the line of a plant...

(T) Yes.

(F) Which, of course, would indicate that they have been grown!

(L) Yes. Imagine chromosomal linking of human genetic information with that of the plant kingdom.

(T) You could literally grow hundreds of them easily.

(L) And plant them like seeds... and, apparently that is what they have done. People have come back who have been taken to these ships and have seen walls of containers growing these things. Like a room in a hot house.

(F) Well, there you go. We have gotten information which indicates that the Grays have access to both dimensions because they are probes of the Lizzies. And this gives us a further clue as to what a strange place 4th level is if such "probes" can be grown like plants! And, what level must fully souled 4d beings be when we are fooled into believing their cybergenetic constructions are the "real thing!"

(T) Does this mean that the abilities of the Lizzies, since they have to create "probes" to enter our density, would not be any more advanced than, say, your everyday spirit? Without the Grays, would they be able to interact with us at all?

(F) Yes.

(L) Yes, they are, they have, they will and they do. (F) But, there are several problems. One is their appearance is very, very alarming...

(J) They would garner a lot of attention if they walked down the street.

(T) It depends on how they dress themselves.

(L) They can shape-shift.

(F) They can shape-shift, but only for a limited period of time.

(L) Because it takes 3rd density energy to do that.

(F) That brings up something, when we were talking to Susy on the phone the other night, Susy and Barry mentioned the Men In Black. The response said that the Men In Black were "Lizard beings." In many reports of Men In Black, they have been described as very strange in numerous ways. Their voices have been described as sounding like they come from an echo chamber, and...

(T) Well, when we asked about the Men in Black in one of the sessions, what did the Cassiopaeans say? That they are "Projections."

(J) Exactly, maybe that is a clue, maybe that is how they come into our reality: as projections from 4th into 3rd.

(F) But, there is one case that always sticks in my mind, and it took place relatively recently, on April 28, 1978, a guy in Maine who had been doing UFO research, was accosted by a single Man in Black. He said the guy was very strange in many ways. He had pink... his face looked like it was covered with make-up, and, in fact, when he touched himself at one point and his face started to smear as if it was completely covered. And then, he suddenly got up and said: "Have to go now... run-n-n-ing out of e- ner-gy." Then he walked out of the house and staggered down the drive. They guy said that at that point he became somewhat disoriented as he watched the Man in Black start to stagger....

(L) He was not the Energizer Bunny! {laughter}

(F) And then the man saw a light that he at first thought was the headlight of a car, but the Man in Black walked into the light and was gone.

(J) Projections! That's how they move from 4th to 3rd.

(L) They said they project as a "triage." Remember. It was something like travel in space/time.

(T) Well, we have gotten off the discussion of KRLL, but we have certainly been led into some pretty amazing conclusions about 4th level.

(F) Maybe KRLL is just Kaput, at this point.

(L) Who cares about KRLL? We just use them and throw them away! {laughter}

(T) That's what I was getting at... should we treat our standard UFO stuff... I mean, we are beyond that now...

(J) Yes, we are...

(T) with what we are working with here...

(F) All of what we have worked with over the years, the ideas of it being nuts and bolts, which I originally thought too, and it's clear if one has been following the whole phenomenon closely, it has evolved, actually, from a nuts-and-bolts perspective, and I am not knocking nuts-and-bolts, but those who are really looking with an open mind are seeing that this is far more.

(L) Alright, here it is guys... {had been looking for references to Men In Black} ... Who or what are the Men in Black? Lizard Projections.

(T) We got on to that because we were asking about the projection of the guy in the Camaro that showed up in my driveway.

(L) Okay. Does this mean that the Lizards are just projecting an image of a being? And, the answer was "yes." At that point Terry asked: "The MIBs are not real in our physical terms?" And the answer: "Partly correct. You do not understand technology but we will describe it if you like. First we must explain further "time travel" because the two concepts are closely related. The first step is to artificially induce an electro-magnetic field. This opens the door between dimensions of reality. Next, thoughts must be channeled by participant in order to access reality bonding channel. They must then focus the energy to the proper dimensional bridge, the electrons must be arranged in correct frequency wave, and then the triage must be sent through realm curtain in order to balance perceptions at all density levels. Triage is as follows: 1. Matter; 2. Energy; 3. Perception of reality." In other words they send through...

(J) Holographic images.

(T) They transmit energy that takes matter here and creates what we perceive, and what we perceive depends on...

(L) No, no, no... I know what it is... the triage must be sent through... the triage is that the matter becomes energy which then becomes perception and when it hits the other side of the curtain, the perception reconverts to energy which then coagulates as matter... it is like doing a back-flip through the realm curtain.

(T) And what the individual sees depends upon what they expect to see, which the Lizzies have to tap into first before they do the triage... that is the "reality bonding channel." If you are open to see Men in Black, even if you don't know what they are, then at some level of consciousness...

(F) But I think this is not just limited to Men In Black.

(L) Listen to this! "Several times I have heard references to big rectangular boxes, I would like to know who these belong to?" And the answer was: "Lizard projections..." What are they doing, projecting their whole damn reality into our world?

(F) Well, apparently part of the whole process of going from 4th to 3rd is the "projection" process itself.

(T) Yes, you have to move backward somehow.

(F) This also, of course, explains much of what we have read and heard about in terms of higher phenomena. You cannot ground it at all. So many people have fallen off the track by expecting to capture metallic craft and dissect them, and, while that does happen...

(J) And the whole concept of what's wrong with science now is that they can't hold it or measure it, or see it physically because it doesn't exist!

(F) That is where material science falls apart. It is stuck in a vicious cycle.

(J) Yes, and it is using it's own rules to make itself obsolete!

(F) Right!

(T) So, the bottom line is, we have simply gone beyond the KRLL stuff, the Cooper and Lear stuff, and so on.

(F) Which is one of the reasons why the Cassiopaeans keep telling us to stop asking these stupid questions.

(T) We don't need to go into all that. (F) Yes, that's UFO's 101.

(J) Yeah, right, we've moved beyond all that.

(T) There's another thing that is even more interesting and that is that we are not alone in this density, there are other beings on other planets also. And, it just may be that some of them are coming here just to throw some more stuff in the soup to keep us confused as to which or who is what.

(F) I have a feeling, though, that probably, everything that we have experienced in the UFO area over the many years is a passage from higher levels of density to this one. I don't think that we have ever experienced a 3rd to 3rd transfer. That is just my feeling. And, it is only just now that people are beginning to realize that. In other words...

(T) Well, that is what Vallee thinks, along those lines, so he is just looking at interdimensional, because...

(F) But Vallee is also a material scientist so he is examining it in a scientific way. He is a little more open-minded than some who would just say it is impossible because we haven't discovered it yet...

(J) Yeah, our name isn't on it so it doesn't exist...

(F) But, he is doing it in a very careful way.

(L) Well, have we done enough with KRLL? (T) Yeah, I think we have done more than enough with KRLL. (L) KRLL is irrelevant. I think we need to be more careful about our questions. (J) I would like to ask if this is a mode of learning the Cassiopaeans would like to see us pursue on a regular basis? (L) Okay. Consider it asked..

A: Would be a good idea.

Q: (L) I do have a question that I don't know if we could discuss it and work it out because it is a real outside one. I would like to know if the soul's electromagnetic pattern can be forcibly altered, from the outside, by another being, force, or source of energy?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is a person's soul pattern determined by the cumulative experiences of that individual?

A: Part of the equation.

Q: (L) Does a person carry within their soul pattern memories of every single incident, event or happening that has ever occurred to them throughout all realms of their experience?

A: Memories are imprint of "Past, Present and Future."

Q: (L) So, if the imprint is there... (J) "We are you in the future!" (L) Right, so if the imprint is there, and no outside force including Lizzies or Orions can...

A: You can remember us.

Q: (L) The point I am trying to get at here is that, at some level, anything that happens to us can be accessed, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And it is incorrect to say that any other being can come and erase some part of our experience and replace it with their own creation in any way, shape, form or fashion?

A: Nonsense!

Q: (J) Ask if I should give "Childhood's End" to Laura to read. I think there is some very important information in there.

A: Up to you.

Q: (J) Never mind! (L) Of course you should lend it to me. You know I read everything in sight!

A: Jan, are you going to ask us what socks to wear tomorrow?

Q: (L) Do you wear socks, Jan? (J) No. (T) What socks should she wear tomorrow? (L) Terry!

A: Red with white stripes.

Q: (J) I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten off line. (L) Now, here's a couple of things I would like to ask about and I am not asking about because I want... because we have already discussed this at some length. Some time ago I asked about the "Wise Baby" dream, that is about the baby that was ten days old and quoting Shakespeare, and I thought this was unusual and asked about it. You said I should discover. Well, Mother had a similar dream the other day. She did not know about my dream, but we both dreamed about talking babies. This is mentioned in the Budd Hopkins book. The significant things about these dreams is the talking baby. The passage in the Budd Hopkin's book describes the woman who underwent hypnotic regression to investigate her "Wise Baby" dream and discovered that the dream was not the reality. In my and my mother's dream there were individuals present who pronounced the baby to be evil and who advised us not to interact with it. The day following the dream we both felt very uncomfortable, ill-at-ease, and slightly depressed. In the book, the woman who had the dream said it was a "feel good" dream and she liked it. But then she found out it was not such a good dream. My question about this is, at a very deep level, what does this baby represent?

A: Nothing.

Q: (L) Is the baby a cover memory or a screen memory of another event?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) We hashed it around and Jan pointed out that in both dreams there was somebody in the dream who told us not to listen to the baby. Who does this person telling us not to listen to this baby represent? Is this information from you guys in our dreams telling us not to listen to this baby? Is this baby, in fact, a screen memory of an interaction with an alien of some sort? i.e. Grays or Lizzies?

A: Differs.

Q: (L) What differs? (T) It wasn't an interaction with the Grays or the Lizzies. (L) Okay, can you tell me...

A: Each is individual.

Q: (L) So this means that my dream is different from my mother's dream and both are different from the dream of the woman in the book?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, I guess that if I want to know more about the dream I can do a meditation or hypnosis.

A: Bingo!

Q: (L) Terry and I were discussing the migration of objects underground. As you know, we dug where you told us to dig and we did find a space underground where something obviously had been. We then found that the ground was soft.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And it was as though somebody had dug very deep but moving in a strange direction. Well, Terry, interestingly, had read a work on the tendency of objects to move underground stimulated by the drainage of water through the earth. It almost seems that the pattern of this soft sand is toward an area where there is water. Could it be possible that something could migrate through the sand this way?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And would it migrate toward an area where water flows through the ground?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And could it migrate that distance in, say, 50 or 60 years?

A: Sure!

Q: (L) And, in order to migrate that distance in that period of time, what would the approximate weight of an object have to be?

A: Open.

Q: (T) It doesn't matter. The weight of the object is irrelevant to the movement. The thought crosses my mind, what if it was dug deliberately as a tunnel?

A: Yes. Are you onto something? Hmmm?

Q: (L) So, my husband's idea to expand the cellar, to brace the corners with blocks as he digs, in order to prevent cave-in... (F) Did you find a place when you dug that looked like a place where somebody had put something? (L) There was a hollow space under the cement floor. Under this was the soft sand area which continues to extend downward and outward surrounded by hard packed sand. (F) Well, obviously something was there. (L) Was this something that has been moved already?

A: Discover, it is fun.

Q: (L) Well my thoughts are, also, interestingly, because out of this whole project has come the idea of expanding the cellar which will then make a space that you can go into and stand instead of just a root cellar. Do you guys have plans for this room we are building?

A: Who knows?

Q: (L) It occurred to me as I was thinking about it: remember when we were talking about Noah and the ark and how we were told that the symbolism was that Noah just built an ark because it seemed like a good idea at the time and later it came in handy. (T) And you are digging this out because it seems like a good idea but you don't know why yet. Maybe there is some other reason and maybe you will find something in the digging, too. But, you are also going to end up with an expanded basement and there may be another reason for it. But, you don't know that yet and they are not going to tell you! (J) You'll find out when the time is right. (T) You are already started in that direction. (L) Yeah. He said since he has already done all this digging he might as well finish the job. (T) It may not be for a flood or an earthquake or whatever, it just may be useful for something else. Maybe you're just supposed to get that finished so we can move our sessions downstairs!

A: You are learning, Bravo!

Q: (T) Well, we are back on the right track. So, you have to continue digging! (L) Gee, thanks! (T) Well, that is where the fun is! It's a treasure hunt!

A: And you might just find something verrrry interesting!!!

Q: (L) Jan and I are very curious about artistic expression at 4th density. We experience art and music in a very positive and moving way, most of us, in this realm, and sometimes music can be very sublime and very transforming. It can move one in a lot of very unusual ways. What is it like in 4th density?

A: In 4th, you can "see" sounds and "hear" colors, for example.

Q: (L) Is this, now you guys just calm down when I ask this question... (F) I know what you are going to ask... (L) No remarks, okay? Many years ago when I was a child of the 60's and 70's, I tried some LSD. (T) I know exactly what you are going to ask, yeah, because I've seen it too! (J) Yes. (L) In a major way! Geometric patterns and colors manifested with music. (T) Yes! (L) Is this what we are talking about here?

A: Bingo!

Q: (L) So, in other words...

A: The answer to your next question is yes, you experienced a bleed through of 4th density.

Q: (F) In other words an acid trip is like a glimpse into 4th density. (L) Do you recommend this method for accessing this type of reality.

A: Open.

Q: (T) Well, the problem is that some people would want to do that all the time and not work on doing it in a natural way.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) And other people would use it and abuse it and use it as an excuse. (J) And damage themselves. (L) Yes, it is obviously something that has to be very carefully handled. We can't encourage this.{My experience with it was not extremely pleasant, to put it mildly and I never let anybody talk me into something like that again!} (J) Is that like the concept of adding additional dimensions to the 3 we normally experience?

A: Yes. 4th level density implies and additional dimension of experience, doesn't it?

Q: (T) The first dimension is a single point, the second is the movement of the point into a line, the third is the movement of the line into a plane and the addition of time gives solidity. What is the fourth?

A: Discover!

Q: (T) Is time frequency also as we perceive time?

A: Not as you perceive it.

Q: (T) We perceive it linearly, but is it a frequency that our sense organs do not interpret correctly?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) They have told us before that time is an illusion or a deception imposed at the time of the "fall." (J) I've seen, we have all seen, the light spectrum. What we are able to perceive with our eyes is only a limited section. Is reality like that? What we are able to perceive is only a small section of the spectrum of vibrations?

A: Close.

Q: (T) When we move into 4th density will we be able to perceive more of this electromagnetic band?

A: Much.

Q: (J) So, it expands our awareness?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) A few years ago I was meditating and I did what I call "zoning." It is an indescribable state. I kind of bobbed back to the surface for a moment because I experienced a buzzing in my head that sounded like an electrical transformer. Words came into my head that were like: "The presence is approaching," and I thought immediately of Shekina, or the "forerunner" of the "presence of God." I was a little agitated because I was not positioned in the way I would have liked to be to receive any experience or visitation. I adjusted myself in a more "prim and proper" position and remember nothing more until I just sort of came to with the intense urge to relieve my bladder. I don't know how much time passed, but it must have been a considerable period to have the physical urge that strong. The bed was adjacent to a wall between the bedroom and the bathroom with just a walk space. I had to be careful not to bump my head on the wall when I was getting up. I got out of the bed and was quite startled to discover that my head and shoulders passed right through the wall. As soon as I noticed that, I started to pay attention to what else I was experiencing. I noticed that all physical objects appeared as transparent slides of color and light. The walls of the house did not exist, I could see the children in their beds in other rooms in the house, their bodies were light. I could see through the house to the outside and it was not darkness as we perceive it. I was aware that it was night, but trees, plants and other objects were apparent by their appearance as color and light. I had a brief thought of something distant and it was as though my vision was telescopic and zoomed onto it instantaneously. I was also aware that my vision was 360, that is, I could see in all directions at once. All of this happened very quickly, or so it seemed, and I realized that I was not in the body. That thought startled me and the instant I was startled, that is, felt an inkling of fear, I snapped back in like a rubber band. I discovered myself exactly as I had been prior to hearing the buzzing, not having made the adjustments in my position. I think what we are talking about when we talk about 4th density, is this kind of perception.

(F) Well, you remember in Whitley Strieber's book, he talks about floating out of his body and he became aware of all kinds of things including the fields around power lines and it is quite a description.

(L) Well, it was a very strange experience, to say the least.

(T) When you started to explain about the trance state, you said: "What I call zoned out, I can't explain it." That's the same thing the Cassiopaeans say when we ask them to explain what 4th density is like!

(J) Yes, we have no physical frame of reference.

(L) Yes, I can't say I wasn't unaware, because I was intensely aware of everything. And yet, I can't say I was focused on any one thing, because I was not.

(F) The last session we had we received some clues as to why it is they can't explain all these things. They said something when we were talking about plants and rocks at 1st density. Try to think of something in animal language to express what it is like to perceive the universe as a human. The thing that occurs to me is that, even though we share the same space with dogs, cats, etc., their perception of the universe is so radically different that for all intents and purposes, they might as well be on another planet.

(T) Science tells us that a dog's eyes only see in black and white.

(F) It isn't just what they physically can see and how they see it, but how they perceive and understand it and how they think. It is so radically different from a human being... and some people get all attached and all emotional and think that animals are almost human and the dog isn't even thinking "Oh, I'm a dog, I think I'll just take a nap." There is no anything that we can understand. So, if you think about the steps up density-wise, if they are merely equal, imagine the jump from 3rd to 4th! In 4th, they may understand us entirely, but their view is radically different.

(L) Let's say goodnight.

End of session.


The Living Force
A: For one immeasurably small instant, this is what is meant by "illumination"!

Q: (T) But, for that small instant, because there really is no time, maybe an instant or an aeon, depending on how any individual might measure it, we might experience oneness with ourselves?

A: It may seem to last "forever."
Reminded me of another quote by the C's:
The Universe is merely a school, and a school is there for all to learn. That is why everything exists, there is no other reason. Now if only you understood the true depth of that statement. You would begin to SEE, and experience for yourself, all the levels of density that there are to experience, all the dimensions that there are to experience, all awareness. When an individual understands that statement to its greatest possible depth, that individual becomes illumined, and surely you have heard of that. And for one moment, which lasts for all eternity, that individual knows absolutely everything that there is to know
Loved the humor at the beginning. Thanks for posting Laura.


The Force is Strong With This One
Very interesting session. I think Frank sometimes has very constructive approaches. Thanks to Frank, Laura, Terry and Jan, Tom M and Andrea and of course to Hnorra.
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