Session 14 March 1998


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March 14, 1998

Frank, Alice, VG, Ark, Laura.

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Yalun.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Now, VG is here this evening and has said that she will have to go home early, so let's deal with her questions first. (V) Well, after last night and our conversation, I am not so sure that...

A: VG would be better served if not so anxious to leave.

Q: (V) I am not anxious to leave. I guess one question I have: there were blood tests done on me; were they correct? Were the results correct results?

A: Some.

Q: (V) Can you tell me what was incorrect?

A: Cholesterol.

Q: (V) That was the one thing they identified on the blood test as being, you know, not normal. So, is my cholesterol more abnormal or less abnormal than they identified?

A: Higher.

Q: (V) Okay, I understand that I need to control this through diet. Is cholesterol as imminent and frightening as they say for our bodies, high levels?

A: HDL and LDL, two different categorizations.

Q: (V) Oh, okay. They were saying that the good cholesterol was high right along with the poor cholesterol. Is that what you are talking about, higher?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) Okay. Ummm... I have a prescription to get an ultrasound done on my gallbladder. Now, since I have zapped {Using Hulda Clark zapper} for two days it has not been bothering me as much, and I am thinking that there is probably no sense in trying to get something done that I don't have the money for anyway... ummm... I guess what I wanted to ask is it really important to have it done - is there something there that can be identified - if there's not, I don't want to do it. Is there something there to be identified? Stones...

A: Identification is in the hands of the identifiers.

Q: (V) Okay, let me put it into your hands. Can you identify a problem with my gallbladder inasmuch as what my symptoms are?

A: Sludge and stasis in biliary system, not just gallbladder.

Q: (V) I don't understand stasis... I understand sludge... (L) Well, sludge would be making it backed up and stasis would mean that it is static... not flowing properly - it's building up. (V) Has the zapper in the last few days helped this because I have certainly felt better?

A: "Zapper" tends to temporarily alleviate bacteria, virae and living organisms of a parasitic nature, which aggravates above mentioned problems. But, it is advisable to initiate further actions in order to get longer term relief and improvement.

Q: (L) Can I ask a question: If she doesn't initiate further actions, what would be the result?

A: It is possible that cholecystitis could develop at some point. It is also even possible that severe hepatic problems or even hematic problems could follow.

Q: (L) Hepatic is liver, hematic is blood. I don't know what cholecystitis is... (F) Inflammation of the gallbladder or infection of the gallbladder. (V) Well, but my blood tests came back with no elevated white blood cell count - no infection. (F) They said possible at some time in the future. You're asking what would happen in the future if nothing is done... (V) No, that's what she asked... (F) Well, then you ask what will happen (V) That's what she asked... (F) But that's always true of anybody who has a gallbladder problem... if they don't do anything it could eventually lead to that. (L) They are saying that hers is the sludge in the liver, the stasis in the liver more than the gallbladder. They are saying you could get gallbladder trouble more seriously. (F) They are also saying hepatitis which is a LOT more severe. (A) I guess what she wants to know is what to do about it. (V) Right. You say it is advisable to initiate further actions. Can you advise me what those further actions might be?

A: One's compatriots provide answers, do they not?

Q: (V) They're talking about you. (L) Is it advisable... earlier V asked if it was okay to be zapping while we are having the session, will that interrupt any of the energy flow, or is it alright?

A: Okay.

Q: (V) Now, out of curiosity, from what I understand from what we have looked at with the acupuncture and the meridians, that the liver - the meridian that runs through the liver and the gallbladder - also goes with the meridian that goes with the female hormone system. Now, I have noticed that when I am cycling and before I cycle, this pain is more severe at that time, and after the cycle the pain is not as severe. Is there a correlation? Doctors won't tell you there's a correlation.

A: Your "cycling" puts your physiological system under some stress, therefore lowering your physiobiological immune response.

Q: (L) Let me ask this: VG has decided, because this is what people are telling her, including the doctors, that she is going through menopause and that this is the cause of... (V) I know the symptoms I have... (L) wait a minute (V) I have never had a doctor tell me that... (L) She believes she is going through menopause. She is quite young to be going through menopause. Now, what I am wondering is if this other problem might not be creating the symptoms that she is interpreting as menopause since the systems are connected via the meridian?

A: "Menopause" is often affected by other factors. It is possible for 3rd density humans to delay this to greatly advanced age, if they know how.

Q: (V) Well, I don't know why somebody would want to do that. (L) There are a LOT of reasons, because once you stop, there are certain powers of creativity in realms besides the physical, that you no longer have, and no further advancement in any of the realms is then possible in that body. When you menopause, you END certain advancement potentials... (V) I understand you, Laura. What I was told this week is that they are finding that women who have had tubal ligations are in fact experiencing menopause early. Now, when I had my tubal ligation done, I was told that there was absolutely no side effects from this. Is it true that tubal ligation will bring on menopause at a quicker rate?

A: It IS true that one is wise not to trust bold proclamations from your "mainstream" medical system, as these are motivated by intense STS energy. Also, they have proven to be wrong far more often than right. It is perhaps wise for one to reserve visits and consortations with the above mentioned "establishment" to the instances of physical trauma, and life threatening emergencies, as this is the "place" for said entities. Chronic conditions and wellness, prevention, etc., these are the realms of the homeopaths and Naturopaths, all paths inspired by 4th density STO.

Q: (V) But, I asked ya'll if menopause is brought on early by tubal ligation. (L) You also made the remark that they promised you that it didn't have any side effects, and what they are basically saying to you is that they lied to you. (V) I figured that out. After I had my tubal ligation I had horrendous PMS. (L) They also said that thalidomide had no side effects. (F) They said everything has no side effects. (V) Then, can we address the question? Does tubal ligation cause the onset of early menopause. (L) You just quoted them as saying that this was so. (V) Quoted who? (L) You just said that they are now finding that this is... (V) That's what I am trying to ask them if what they are telling me is true or not?

A: What does lesson in previous answer tell you?

Q: (V) That they were wrong the first time so they're probably wrong the second time... I don't know. It was a fairly simple question! (L) But if the answer is just handed to you, you won't learn anything about how to protect yourself the next time... they want you to think. (V) Well what they're saying in this... allow me to think on my own. (L) Okay. (V) In saying this... is it all lies? (L) They were the ones, the doctors, who were saying there were no side effects. Now they are saying that there are side effects. Who is saying now that there are side effects? (V) Women are yelling and screaming about it. (L) So, that is the difference. (V) She identified when she was doing her examination, that the cervix was exhibiting exact signs of... why am I even asking this? ...exhibiting exact signs of estrogen deficiency. Can you tell me am I suffering from estrogen deficiency, because something is causing huge night sweats, insomnia...

A: My dear, all of these maladies are correctable and you are close to the heart of an enormous and expanding knowledge base that will prolong your current 3rd density existence if only you will allow the lessons to "click" into place. Networking with those in your presence now has already proven to be an explosively positive and expansive experience for you. It is potentially beneficial to millions who will be contacted through networks that are yet to be realized. So, trust... watch... look... listen... and learn... Grow and expand, evolve and transform and rejoice with the quadrillion times quadrillions to benefit from this sharing!!!

Q: (V) My god, that was spastic on there! (L) Yeah, it was trying to fly off the board! (F) Quadrillions times quadrillions? That's a lot! (L) Maybe they are just talking about individual cells! (F) Maybe they are talking about civilizations! (L) Stars, maybe! Why stop with Earth! (V) Well, you know, there is something going on with me lately, and that might be what that 'click' is about. I feel like I am standing aside a future. (L) You need to make a choice of some sort? (V) No, I don't know that it's a choice, it's like I feel I need to change my vibration, or change something to be able to move into that that I've seen. I don't know. I'd really like to ask about this “despairicin” thing. That hilarious little visual I got this morning about the bottle of “despairicin”, what in heavens name... where did that come from? Did that come from my mind; did it come from energy leaving? The despair leaving? That was just too funny. It was funny. It was hilarious. What is the base of that?

A: Think!

Q: (V) Well, I would like to think that I was getting rid of something - despair and pills? Oh! In taking herbals I'm...

A: Maybe Despairicin is like a 4th density "antibiotic" for the treatment of despair. If so, perhaps one would be wise to embrace it, rather than to flush it. Better luck next "time."

Q: (V) So, when I flushed my bottle of despairicin, it actually got flushed and left my presence? That's what they are saying. I just didn't think it was real. How in the heck was I supposed to know? In the 3rd density, despair is not a good thing. Nobody wants it... (L) Sounds like there is an issue there. Ask about the despair, what it is related to. (V) Can you share with me about this despair?

A: Perhaps it would be better if you were to share with us!

Q: (V) Well, what is the despair? (L) Are you feeling despair and not wanting to bring it up, maybe? (V) I think it is more of a feeling like its... you know... I've been in despair for quite awhile now - just raising my son... its like I don't know any other way to be. It's like not knowing any security. It's like me saying I have never known a day of security in my life I'm almost forty years old, and that does not feel good. (L) And you don't feel it now with D****? {Current boyfriend.) (V) It's not up to him to validate the person I am. (L) Nobody said that was the issue. (V) What's your point then? (L) I just asked you if you don't feel more secure with D***? You didn't answer.

A: Security is found within, but it dwells within and without.

Q: (V) It's hard to put it into words how I feel. I'm sure that's why it's just fluttering underneath there instead of coming out... god help me if it ever comes out, how will I react? I don't know what to say. (L) Well, perhaps there is a past life karmic dynamic that, if you knew it, it would open up your thinking on it. I don't know. (V) Are you saying is the despair from a past life? (L) No, I am suggesting that as a point of beginning for questions so you can start to narrow it down and get to the main issue. You just have to start somewhere. (V) Well, I think that if that was being shown to me, then its an issue... (L) Then start asking questions... (V) I don't know how! (L) Well, start simply... is the despair related to a past life or the current life... just start narrowing it down somehow. (V) Do I feel this despair due to past life issues or due to this life?

A: Both.

Q: (V) Does this stem from my relationship with my mother?

A: Like another "slide" in the slide projector carrousel.

Q: (V) What? I don't know what that means. (L) Maybe it means that this is just one of many issues in this carrousel.. (V) of despair... my carrousel of despair... (L) in the carrousel of many lifetime issues?

A: Close.

Q: (V) One of my biggest despairing things right now is my disgust with humanity and what they are doing, and how nasty it is... but that's probably just another slide in the carrousel. So, it's both. It's past life and present life. It's pretty ingrained. {Laughs} (L) Stop a second now. You just talked about humanity and your disgust with them, ummm... (V) We talked about this... (L) Let me finish. Do you look upon a small child who soils his pants as disgusting? (V) We've had this conversation... time and time again... (L) Did your mother look on you as a disgusting object? (V) I don't know, and you know what, I wonder... (L) Where do you get this despair and disgust with humanity when you KNOW that they can't help being the way they are, like a small child who soils his pants, and there is nothing you can do about it? (F) Besides, its like saying 'oh my god! That kindergarten class over there... they are so horrible and disgusting... I can't live with myself because of that... the only people who have any right to live are the PhD's of the planet.' That's just where humanity happens to be... Sure, it's discouraging if you want to look at it that way, but, on the other hand, it's just where it happens to be. (L) And, just like the carrousel, you can't be in the position you are unless the other slides are in their position. Like a circle. You are where you are. You can't be where you are unless there is somebody behind or ahead of you. If they don't exist, you can't either. Even if they are disgusting... (V) It's the lack of caring I don't understand... I just don't understand. (L) This is the way they are. (V) I am not happy with them and I am not happy with myself, either. (L) Well, there you have a problem! (V) If I chose to be on this planet for a reason, what in the hell is the reason? (L) Better figure it out! (V) And I haven't been trying? (L) I think you have. (V) What is your point in saying that? (L) Why are you so sensitive with everything that everyone says as though it were a personal attack? {V was particularly prickly throughout this whole session.} (V) Because that is what it feels like. (L) Why don't you just relax and let other people be and talk just like they let you? It was said as a joke! (V) I am not doing well with jokes lately. It's not just you, it's everybody. (L) I know, and you dump on me and everybody around you; your professors at school, D****, Frank, we are all getting dumped on... (V) Frank, when is the last time I dumped on you? (F) The last time I was in your presence... sorry, but its true. (A) Well I have a question: are we supposed to be happy in this life? (L) Well, if you are not, you aren't doing it right. (A) Is that true?

A: No, it is not.

Q: (L) Well, I think that no matter what happens a person ought to have a good nature about it.

A: Each has individual karmic lesson profile.

Q: (L) Okay, I see the point. (A) Now wait a minute... let me ask... (L) Well, don't divert from V as she is still working on her issues... (V) No, I think we're done. (A) She says that she’s unhappy, and I'm unhappy... (L) And both of you dump on everybody around you... (Ark) And neither of you will take responsibility for it... (A) VG is in the same boat. Am I supposed to be unhappy in this lifetime?

A: Ask yourself, Alice.

Q: (L) Remember you asked them before. They told you about your quest, and they told you what was between you and your quest. You were already told that, if you achieve your quest. They already told you that it is your own stubbornness and inflexibility that prevents you from achieving it. (A) Is what Laura says right?

A: Close, but we said it first!

Q: (L) Yeah, I was just quoting them... they need attribution! (A) Well, let me think a minute. (L) I want to get V's despair taken care of. (V) I don't think I can hear anymore...

A: Yes you can, and it would be wise if you did. You see, VG, there is nothing preventing you, or anyone else for that matter, from falling into the correct slot of their balanced contentment learning profile, but simply advancing that carrousel until the correct slot aligns, then just falling, or "sliding" into place!

Q: (L) You use this allegory; what would consist of advancing the carrousel?

A: Discover... because learning is fun!

Q: (L) Is there a physiological relationship to this carrousel, or is it just strictly psychic, psychological, or learning related?

A: Hide and seek, locate and retrieve.

Q: (L) In other words, when we have feelings and issues, walking away from them and avoiding them is the thing that allows them to persist. Finding them and pinning them down like a bug specimen is what gives you control over them?

A: When was the last time you pinned a bug?

Q: (L) Okay, it was a lousy analogy. The only bug I usually pin is myself. I am pretty brutal with myself.

A: And sometimes, others too.

Q: (L) Yes. I'm guilty. (A) Did you ever see a slide carrousel? (V) Every Saturday night. It was a sixties thing. The sixties was a sixties thing. (L) Melmac dinnerware and terrazo floors. (V) Avocado green and harvest gold. What's a terrazo floor? (L) Concrete with rocks imbedded in it. Let's get back to this despair. You are so unhappy you just gotta do something about it. You have every reason in the world to be ecstatically happy. (V) Well, I'll tell you, I was standing at the kitchen sink earlier making my lunch, and I started laughing for no reason. I was standing there laughing hysterically for no reason with tears running down my face; I could not stop. D***'s in the other room making noises. I don't know what to say. I don't know what you want me to say. I'm frustrated and feel like I'm being pinned against the wall. And that's exactly how I feel. I don't know what else to tell you...

A: Why.

Q: (V) Because I feel like I'm being attacked! You're yelling at me! You're raising your voice! {No evidence of any 'yelling' or raising of voice on tape. The entire discussion was quite calm.} You are trying to make me say something that I don't know how to say!

A: Why do you not know how to say it?

Q: (V) I don't know. If I knew, then I wouldn't be having this problem, would I? (L) Why do you feel attacked, when most other people usually feel attacked by you? (V) You know, I didn't realize that you felt attacked by me, Laura, or Frank. (L) Yes. (V) In what way? (L) Well, I often feel like how D*** described it the other day: 'I got up this morning and told myself that I have to manage to figure out how to not make VG mad today.' (V) I don't know what to tell you.

A: Well then, look at your situation and verbally reveal what it is that you have to be despairing about.

Q: (V) Lack of security. That's the only thing I can say.

A: And where is the weakest link in the security "chain?"

Q: (V) I guess not having a great financial base. Not having my own home leads to insecurity. Not knowing whether my car is going to break down every day leads to insecurity.

A: All of these are easily resolvable.

Q: (V) Get a job. Right? What else is gonna solve that?

A: Who is working and who is in process of being educated. And if one is complaining about ones future, then you can always trade places once tasks are completed.

Q: (V) Who is working as in D*** is working and I am pursuing an education, is that what you mean?

A: We asked you.

Q: (L) There you are. You go to school now and work when you finish so D*** can go to school. (V) You know what, he says he doesn't care! He sat and told my mother that “there is no need for her to work, she needs to finish school”. (L) And I have been saying the same thing. You have worked too hard and come too far to get caught on a snag now! Why do you feel different? Do you? (V) Yes, I do! I feel like I am not doing my share, I suppose. Before he came my share was very little because I had things put in place where I don't have to pay 400 a month rent, I paid 9 dollars a month rent. (F) What's different about that now? (V) What's different is when we move, I no longer have that. When we move, we're moving to a place that's gonna cost more. Am I not going to be responsible for half of the bills, half of the utilities? That's how I feel. (L) Why do you have to move? You can't stay where you are and save money until you finish school? (V) Stay in that one bedroom apartment? No! It's too small! It's way too small! It's just too small for two adults and two cats. It's just too small a place. (L) Can't you find something cheaper than 400 a month?

A: Answer provided in previous response.

Q: (V) So, I should just stuff my feelings and stop complaining and then everybody will be happy? I don't understand.

A: Not point. Now all we are trying to do here is help you get your carrousel unstuck, VG. But we do not lead by the hand. You have no reason to feel guilty, so cut it out. Just resume your path and rejoice in each lesson learned.

Q: (V) Who said anything about feeling guilty? Did I say I felt guilty? (L) Yes, you said you felt guilty; that you were not doing your share... that's the whole thing behind it here. You feel like you have to do half the whole thing. (V) Why is guilt such a huge issue with me? Where does that come from?

A: Source is not important, solution is.

Q: (L) What solutions could you find to make it easier to stay in the little apartment until you finish your education, or find something that is cheaper?

A: Not issue here Laura. VG is dealing with issues centering around fulfillment of quests. Guilt is a vicious cycle, until one learns to let it go. Such sacrifices are not the issue in this case at all!!! There is no need for that. VG is afraid others have sacrificed too much already, therefore should not be asked for further energy output at this time. However, what she does not realize is that an increased energy output in an economic sense will be the pathway for one to grow and prosper.

Q: (L) So, it's D***y's energy expenditure in the economic area that will be the pathway for growth and prosperity? (V) Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, you are supposed to let him work while you finish school and you are not supposed to feel guilty about it. Then, if you want, you can go to work and he can go to school. (V) I don't understand... I'm getting a headache. I don't understand where any of this comes from. Okay, it doesn't matter where it comes from...

A: You mistakenly feel that you have made D*** sacrifice to be with you here. Not so!

Q: (V) Well, I know that's true. I tried to apologize before he even got here. I did!

A: Did it occur to you that D*** would never have made this move if he did not want to?!?!

Q: (V) Of course! But that doesn't change anything in my head!

A: Why does it not?

Q: (V) I just don't have a whole lot of trust. (L) You mean in D***?! (V) In anybody! Because when you trust somebody, you get your butt burned!

A: Only when you trust those not to be trusted!

Q: (V) Is that supposed to resemble mirth?

A: It is supposed to resemble truth!

Q: (L) Is there any one thing that VG could think, do, say, fantasize, imagine, practice, take as a pill, something to get her over this hump? Some therapy?

A: Listen to learn, learn to listen!

Q: (L) Maybe that is the crux of the matter? (V) Ummhmm! Are you saying that I am being just a little stubborn?!

A: Stubbornness is a sign of being blocked. So get that slide out of the projector and get on with the show!

Q: (L) How does one get the slide out of the projector? (V) Well, if I visualize in meditation the carrousel, and all the things, and pull them out and toss them away, is that a way to deal with it?

A: We have already identified the slide for you.

Q: (V) I'm still not getting it. (L) Well, there's the guilt slide... (V) Oh, we've talked about so many unattractive things this evening... there's the stubborn slide... that's the one keeping the show from going on. So you are saying that when I go into visualization, it's gonna be right there and it will pop out... and I can blow it away? (L) How about just stop what you are doing? (V) Okay, I'll start on that tomorrow morning! Not being stubborn means letting go of everything! (Ark) No, it means being flexible. (V) {Yelling} How am I not flexible? (Ark) Well, one should always try to be a little bit more flexible, even me. (V) Well, that makes it alright, I guess! Right here! {indicates backside} I'm almost forty years old, this is the way I am. That's not an excuse! (F) Yes, 'I've always had my foot stuck in a cement block - it's just the way I am.' (L) Sure, no reason to break it loose now! {laughter} I mean, you have suffered all these years... no reason to stop suffering now! (V) But the thing is, when I let go... I get burned. It's the same thing with TA... {VG was persuaded to undress for a therapy treatment and the therapist made improper advances.}

A: Burning does not come from letting go, burning comes from stubbornly hanging on.

Q: (L) What did you let go of with T and being flexible about that got you burned? I don't get that at all. Being psychologically flexible is what brought that on? (V) I think I was being physically flexible because of the lack of the clothing. (L) That is a completely different thing from letting go of guilt and being flexible toward other people. (V) I trusted him. I trusted him for a good reason. Because, for what I thought was a good reason. (L) But, the thing is, where you were being stubborn at that time, and still are to some extent, is accepting the fact that anybody and everybody, me, Frank, your friend I**, you, ANYBODY at any given time can be used as a means of attack. Anybody can fail at any time, but you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have this stubborn idea that this or that person must be perfect or nothing. All or nothing, perfect or unacceptable - even yourself - and that is one of the things you are being stubborn about. (V) I don't understand. (L) Frank, tell her what I am saying. (V) When I was interacting with T, I was not stubborn. I was flexible... (L) You are missing the point... (F) Let me try... how do you know you were not being stubborn? Have you covered all the areas... (V) Because I was more flexible than I have ever been... (F) No, no, no... have you... (V) Well, for god's sake, Frank... I... (F) Have you covered all the areas in that situation in which you could have been inflexible or stubbornly hanging on and not letting go. Obviously, that situation, like all other situations, was not totally cut and dried that you a) boom, trusted T and b) boom, there was a problem. It could not have been that simple. There was more going on there just like there always is in every situation. (V) Okay, I see what you are saying... Laura brought that up too, that maybe there was past life issues there. (F) Whether it was past life or not, there were many things going on, and both of you had many issues, and it wasn't just a betrayal of trust as you have described it. {End of tape. VG leaves, session continues.} Tape three:

Q: (A) Well, you have to realize that you have done all you could to help VG, so there is no point in doing anymore. (L) Alright, VG has gone home, rather unhappy with having to look at these issues, and Ark thinks that she has recorded things and will come to an understanding in her own time. I just don't know. I wish there was some magic pill she could take that would open her eyes so that she could see that, just like all of us at one time or another, she is being her own worst enemy. Any comment?

A: But, there is not. Not for VG or any others.

Q: We are working on the web pages, so we would like a weekly checkup.

A: You are doing fine so far.

Q: And we have purchased the psychomantium mirror. I practiced last night. How long is it gonna be before I see something?

A: As soon as you are content to see or not to see.

Q: Yes, I know that I have to get there - non-anticipation. I was getting close. I was seeing little flashes of light and movement, almost like looking at something going on in a fog. (Ark) How does one get information using this medium? (L) I don't know! Should you do it with a question in your mind, or just wait to see what comes without direction?

A: Best to experiment for stronger learning.

Q: I don't like the sound of that! My strongest learning comes when I really do something stupid!

A: Not always, and on that note, Good Night.

End of Session
Really liked this:
A: It IS true that one is wise not to trust bold proclamations from your "mainstream" medical system, as these are motivated by intense STS energy. Also, they have proven to be wrong far more often than right. It is perhaps wise for one to reserve visits and consortations with the above mentioned "establishment" to the instances of physical trauma, and life threatening emergencies, as this is the "place" for said entities. Chronic conditions and wellness, prevention, etc., these are the realms of the homeopaths and Naturopaths, all paths inspired by 4th density STO.
Everything is just getting clearer and clearer. It reminds me of this article:
there is nothing preventing you, or anyone else for that matter, from falling into the correct slot of their balanced contentment learning profile, but simply advancing that carrousel until the correct slot aligns, then just falling, or "sliding" into place!
This "I" KNOW to be true. WOW its incredible how these sessions shed light on what we are going through, from the dynamics at home to the dynamics in the Universe.

Creation truly is amazing.

Great session Laura, thanks for posting. Hope VG was able to realize that "You have no reason to feel guilty, so cut it out. Just resume your path and rejoice in each lesson learned" & "get that slide out of the projector and get on with the show!"

Thanks again Laura for posting.
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