Session 16 December 1995


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December 16, 1995
Frank, Laura, SV

We had attended a Christmas party and, after a couple of drinks and snacks, decided we’d rather go home and chat with the Cs. Since I am a teetotaler all year and only take token drinks during holidays, that couple of drinks had an effect on me as you can see from the opening!

Q: (L) Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: (L) (L) I am slightly inebriated, in case you guys can't guess that already!

A: Okay.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us tonight?

A: Wimorio.

Q: (L) And where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Of course we realize that this is just the point of transmission and that you don't LIVE there... Now, first of all...

A: Pretty bracelet.

Q: (L) Well! Thank you! My little son made it out of Christmas ribbon.

A: Little?

Q: (L) Of course we know he is not LITTLE, but he is still my little baby. My first question is about the economic situation we have discussed before [this evening]. All the things we have discussed among ourselves about this, relating to what was given about the economy before, could you tell us whether our views are at all accurate?

A: Accuracy is relative to juncture with possible futures.

Q: (L) We know there are several possible futures, but we think that a particular one is becoming more likely...

A: Refer to two sessions ago for answer to this.

Q: (L) We are still dealing with this by eliminating the myths, whether or not there is going to be an economic collapse we think that creative financial management is the way to go...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Using these ideas, is Susan going to be able to manage her resources so that she has a higher return?

A: Yes. Susan is an innocent person when it comes to areas of investment and finance. Her current status was arrived at as the result of consults with others who did not necessarily have her best interests in mind!

Q: (S) I just want to be sure that if anything happens to my mom that I will be able to take care of her.

A: Move mother into living will. Does she wish to be kept alive by artificial means?

Q: (S) Definitely not. (L) Is that all for Susan?

A: Not yet. T Bills, commodities market, registered CD's, pennystocks relating to conservation companies, such as offshoots of TRW and Georgia Pacific, etc. Do it now!!! Get some silver too, and liquidate remainder. Suggest 20 per cent in the form of new 100 dollar bills for safekeeping, the new currency only!! February 1996 bills issue. Place into safe along with silver.

Q: (L) How much in silver?

A: Up to her, also suggest a novelty gold coin or two.

Q: (L) (F) What commodities?

A: Grain futures and pork bellies best. Pork and other swine futures.

Q: (L) You said that my life would be straightened out and that this would happen through the internet. In fact, you said that my life would change suddenly and drastically...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Yet, all I have experienced has been the most oppressive internal and external attack imaginable...

A: Benefits follow oppressiveness, what is it that you tell to others?? The darkness always precedes the dawn!

Q: (L) Well, I don't know which way to turn. I am not in a position to do anything about any of it just now.

A: Ask for help, silly!

Q: (L) I don't like to ask for help.

A: You have to.

Q: (L) That reminds me: Frank shouted at me tonight. (F) You shouted at me, too! (L) I didn't shout at you! And you shouted at me first! (F) I said I was sorry. And so did you. You forgot about it for a while. Why sulk now? (L) Because I want to sulk! Okay, we have taken care of Susan’s questions, and we have decided to just let Laura suffer in the soup...

A: No.

Q: (L) What about Frank's situation?

A: Soon to improve.

Q: (L) I ran into Pat Z recently, can you comment?

[Woman who came for hypnosis session on the night that giant black boomerang type UFOs were see in several places in our area, including over my house.]

A: Keep in touch with her, lest she "wane" in your regard.

Q: (L) I received an e-mail from a fellow who experienced something similar to what happened to me which you called an "eclipsing of realities."

A: It was an abduction by cyber-genetic probes whose origin, or more correctly, "station," is the 5th planet around Betelgeuse, known as A.Hur in Orion federation 4th density STS.

Q: (L) What was the purpose of this abduction?

A: Screen for compatibility for placement on shune, platter, within Mark Status 3.

Q: (L) What does that mean? Placement on "shune, platter”?

A: It is a demarcation status for compatibility of future "worker" status.

Q: (L) So, "shune" is a word used for that?

A: Close. Ask P if he has had headaches and or blackouts.

Q: (L) Was my experience the same thing?

A: No. It is the "same" from your view point only.

Q: (L) Is there any advice I can give P?

A: Tell him to keep in touch with you for more information.

Q: (L) Why haven't I heard from Val?

A: "Push buttons" more. Ask for more contact. Time to go. Good Night.

End of Session
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