Session 16 July 2016


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Laura said:
Majisyen said:
As a Turkish reader I especially appreciated this session. Thanks to all of you. In 27 June I came to Atatürk Airport from Manchester Airport. And after one day, in 28th of June STS attacked to Atatürk Airport. We had started to normalise our relationship with Putin and Russia. They did not want us to have good relationship with Russia and finally they tried a military coup. I was speaking with some Turkish friends who are interested in sessions. We thought that Erdoğan was an OP. But now we are surprised by this session. There is still hope for him. I had never felt like that before, we repelled a vicious coup attempt. In my life, as a Turkish first time I felt that we were able to resist dark powers. I and many of us renewed our self-confidence. I hope we will have a better relationship with Russia after this time. Laura, C's and others I love all of you. Thanks again. :)

Thanks for checking in on this.

Just because Erdogan isn't a psychopath doesn't mean he's not seriously unstable or unreliable. Paranoia really can destroya! Also doesn't mean he's not an OP. But whatever he is or isn't, it's still true that he can certainly align himself with more positive forces and, with such alignment, maybe do a few positive things. A lot remains to be seen. In fact, a lot of research indicates that a normal human being with serious negative programs from childhood, who gets into a situation of stress or is betrayed or toyed with by real psychopaths, can sometimes be worse than they are. Psychopaths are brutal mainly when they need to be, instrumentally, but a damaged normie can be vengefully brutal, gratuitously evil, so to say.

Nothing is black and white - there is a lot in between and a nuanced portrait is most likely to be more accurate.

Yes and the only real hope Erdogan seems to have right now, is to get back to a more positive route, via a deeper communication with positive people, who actually know how the game is played and have the power to effect something. His recent words towards russia (and hopefully soon backed up by actions) is such a route.

If he doesn't get a grip soon and gets his paranoia under control by interacting and listening to Putin and Co., he will probably become much worse rather soon. He needs sanity medicine and that quickly. And Putin is by far the best partner for it, in this world today and for the situation he is facing there.


Thank you Laura and Team for this very exciting session.. All we can say is the crystal project is timely especially if we go back to when the C's mentioned about the healing powers of the great pyramids and stonehenge singing to humans., and that was. years ago. We certainly wouldn't have appreciated the powers of crystals better than we do now in these crazy times :D
Thanks too to our forumers who came up with the great ideas and input :)


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Thank you all for the session
I did get my email for crystals on their way ,they should be here soon
I am looking so much forward to world wide ''in unison'' singing and maybe even dancing and EE
and I don't care about the time slot ...anytime the chateau finds doable is good for me I will make the time...even if it is in the middle of the night
hopefully we don't ''break''skype :rolleyes:
in my minds eye I can see this world map with little lights popping up as members log into skype :D :D :D
DCM bless you all


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Thank you for this amazing session :)

Well , i guess that PTB are starting to lose battles. First Brexit, then Failed coup in Turkey. But now they are even more dangerous and unpredictable, like an wounded animal.

We must stay aware and alerted as much as we can.

I`m really happy that our crystal network is having a good progress and to hear how powerful it can be.

Excellent session.


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Thanks for sharing the session, guys! :rockon:

The devil on my shoulder says, "It's pretty sick that something the group are doing could be indirectly causing the negative energy to ramp up in reality, and people could get hurt from it."

And then the angel on the other shoulder says, "The group wouldn't be doing this if this reality wasn't a truly hellish place."

So the Universe always goes for balance.

Stay awake, everyone. :cuckoo:
Thank you very much for this insightful session!

As it happened, these last weeks I found myself in la-la-land.
I observed what was going on in my mind and body.
Although my brain (and knowledge) told me that this was not ok, I still continued, deliberatly, the wishfull thinking because "it felt so good!" I kept observing and noticed that at one point this wishfull thinking became obsessive and then turned into anger, into an irrational rage. (The feel-good had already gone for a while).
The rage suprised and scared me a lot. I wondered "WHO is doing the thinking?" It was like two identities fighting each other and I could watch them.
Then I remembered the Cs telling Terry :" The struggle/fight is through you". So I looked at the two struggeling parties for a while and then out of the blue there was this calm/friendly but very firm voice telling me "pull yourself together". In my language the words mean 'take back your Self '
I did and right that moment the draining and exhausting fight was over and it was as if a great load fell of my shoulders.

The day after there was this session, it could not have come at a better time.

Again, thank you for the crystals and the song . Every evening while singing I feel connected to you all, a bit stronger every time.
What a feeling! Better than the wishfull toughts


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T.C. said:
The devil on my shoulder says, "It's pretty sick that something the group are doing could be indirectly causing the negative energy to ramp up in reality, and people could get hurt from it."
From the 4th of July session:
(L) You say this energy was released and there was violence that resulted from it. Is that like... Is that our fault because we went there to do that?

A: No no no!!! Everything that resulted was due to 4D STS rage at losing their target.

Q: (Galatea) They threw a tantrum.

(Pierre) A nasty one.

(Chu) Laura was their target, and the energy that was beamed at her bounced. And then 4D STS were like, "Dammit!"
I wouldn't say it's our "fault", I understood that the intention is to move into a place where people are better protected from harm if that's what they choose.


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Laura said:
A: Such energies stalk like hungry wolves looking for a way in.

Q: (Pierre) And they found a way in.

(L) Okay, what is our particular weakness?

A: Those who live in dreams give off the STS signature and allow anchoring of 4D negative energies.

Q: (L) Well, I suppose we know that "living in dreams" is dissociating... Is that correct?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) It's not just dissociating. "Living in dreams" would also be believing in lies, not taking stock of the facts, and preferring instead an imaginary world.

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Not seeing yourself clearly. And others.

(L) Not seeing yourself and others clearly...
First of all, thank you for new session, even there's so many material that is already ahead of me, my linear thinking always makes me feel like something new is fresh and in the right time.

All about my last work from last season I had written here. This year something change and it is very different from last employments. Much better working conditions, very open and friendly approach from the owner and in the beginning I had my own working station. Even this is still not my desirable food that I want to work with, making pizza and sandwiches is better in this conditions then working with desirable food in some conditions before. I could finally said that I like and enjoy working in this restaurant.

Good thing is that I do poses knowledge that helps me very much to go trough every day work with people that are very OPS orientation and Earwen (she works there too) is excellent help in moments when I slip in negative thoughts and sarcasm, cynicism (what is in my blood) because she is like momentary and expressive reminder that I'm going in the wrong way.

Even the owner and his wife are good people, those who work for them are (usually) not. There is more than 15 workers, and each of them is story for himself. I don't know is it good and appropriate thing to analyze them all and put them in the box, but is so easily when they all act every day like they have couple of program's and it looks like someone (and that could easily be and me) push the buttons. Even it is hard work, in which I usually enjoy, especially because we have all we need, infrastructure, good working conditions (we even have a 'backstage to relax and easy chair) and you can order for your work everything you think is needed to help working process owner is very open to get you to it, there is a lot of people that are very lazy, negative, always tired and they a drinking a lot. At work and after work. In the beginning I fought that owner doesn't know about it so I told him in good attention. I was disappointed when I realize that he think that he cannot change anything and he act like doesn't have a power to change anything, even those information really stressed him. So, I stop, this was good lesson for me to not interfere in situation that is not my part of job. They also steal from him a lot. That still touches me, but I try everyday to stay aside and just observe.

My negative thoughts about them arise when came pizza expert who worked there for 7 years. I lost my control over my station because he looks like he suffer from OCD. He want that everything is the way he wants, I tried to be very flexible because I like to learn and logically I thought that he knows the work and organization better than me. Sadly, he is very, very lazy. I gave him power in the beginning and act like he is my boss or at least my superior because I usually do that just to see what he will do with that power, so I can on the beginning see with who I'm dealing with. He took the power very gladly, but because he doesn't like the work, and he works only when he is in the mood which is not so often most of the work I do by myself even he has bigger salary and he is paid for hole day, like there is two person. I tried to talk about my problems with this guy with owner, he was mad because this is not something new, he knows how he work or doesn't work but really nothing changed. I still go on the work with a cramp in my stomach because I don't what is waiting for me. Will he make preparations, will he work with me or will everything will be on my shoulders. There is negative thoughts all over me. Because there is couple of big vampires there, atmosphere is always like we are in some kind of war. Even I like to work and working unrelated my colleague works or not, this kind of conditions and environments affect on me a lot. So, this session helped me to stop and try to found some ways to deal with this problems, but I'm not sure how can stop all this negative energies, thoughts when so much is wrong and bad. There is always one thought that go trough my mind:"If someone gave you everything to help you do your job why don't you just do your job?" They OPS acting makes me so sad, and as I seen situation so far, I don't know how to just accept that this is like it is?


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Merci infiniment Laura et à l’équipe pour avoir pris le temps de faire une session. :hug2: :flowers:
Je rejoins PERLOU pour ce qui est de la traduction.
Merci aux membres du forum qui mettent des commentaires, ce qui me permet d’avoir une meilleure compréhension.

Thank you infinitely Laura and to the team to have taken time to make a session. :hug2: :flowers:
I join PERLOU in terms of translation.
Thanks to the members of the forum who put comments, what allows me to have a better understanding. :cool:

:hug: to all


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It seems that a few of you might not have caught up with the last discussions on the 7 May session, so for those who are wondering if it's too late to order crystals, the answer is no, it's not too late. And here is what we need from you plus details about the crystal package:

For those of you who haven't read the Cassiopaean Session from May 7th, 2016, we invite you to do so. In there you will find out about what the purpose of these crystals is, and you can learn about the process.

After having done that, if you wish to make a request, you can write to, with:

a) Your full name
b) Your date of birth
c) Your shipping address
d) Your current location (city and country) IF different from your shipping address.
e) Any special remarks or requests you may wish to be charged into your crystals (e.g. a specific health issue)
f) Your forum name

We would also appreciate it if you could send a donation together with your request, for the amount that is comfortable to you and at least enough to cover shipping costs and the purchasing of the crystals (20.00 USD). We hope that those who are comfortable with it, can donate a little extra in order to cover for those who aren't in a financial position to help us with funds. We don't want anyone who is interested to go without crystals! So, if you are in that category, don't hesitate to request your crystals too.

For donations, you can go here and select either the French Facility or the US one (for tax-exemption if you are in the US).

We want to see that everyone gets:

- A water charging crystal which can also act for health issues.
- Personal protection crystal for carrying in pocket or pouch
- One to set on a table in a room for space protection.
- A dream stone for under the pillow.

So, the basic "package" includes four pieces. The main difference for the healing requests are that the water charging and personal protection crystals will be taken aside and additional, personal charging done with them. But please read the session thread for more details.

In the hopes that this project will strengthen our connection with each of you, and protect you and help you in your path, we would appreciate it if those of you who are interested could place their request sooner rather than later, so that we can know how many crystals are needed. The entire process takes about a month to complete.


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Thank you all for the session! I really appreciate your efforts.

Kinyash said:
I've also sensed a lot of danger especially when driving, and really stepped up my vigilance taking time to drive carefully and be more cautious on the roads ( people here drive like maniacs for no good reason!). I've noticed that even in the past minor accidents and near incidents coincide with a lack of concentration and especially angry thoughts.

Last Friday, my wife was driving home and her car was hit from behind by an old lady. The hit was quite hard, as if the lady was leaving the lane to the right and her left headlight collided with the rear right taillight of my wife's car. It was totally unexpected, since all cars were travelling at the same speed and there was no factors out of the ordinary. A lady apologized and said that "she did not know what happened". When my wife called me to tell about the accident and that I need to pick her up, I was already driving home. I was driving through familiar area, yet I lost the concentration myself and was not sure which way to go, to get to her faster... The next day I left my phone at a grocery store :huh:

Could it be attributed to the coronal hole on the Sun and its effects?



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SlavaOn said:
Could it be attributed to the coronal hole on the Sun and its effects?


Yes, I think there is a good possibility that there is a connection too. It is all interconnected.


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Awesome session! Full of inspiration, thanks to All. I look forward to receiving my crystals and participating in this exciting group journey.

:cheer: :love: :cheer:
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