Session 16 May 1998


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The following was a rather frustrating session. The situation was that Ark was teaching at the Uni of FL in Gainesville and he would be there all week and I would go pick him up on Friday to come home for the weekend. The best route included a very long stretch of two-lane blacktop through a planted pine forest, a road that was traveled mostly by logging trucks. I mean, miles and miles and miles of solitary forest. So, I was going along and the heat gauge was showing above normal temp though not exactly dangerous. So, I decided to stop and check it out and add some coolant which I always carried in the back. While I was stopped waiting for the van to cool down a bit, a guy in a pick-up stopped to see if I needed help. For some reason, as soon as the hood was open, the radiator cap flew off. However, the van itself did not seem to be particularly hot. It didn't need more than a cup of coolant. The problem was to find the now disappeared radiator cap! Eventually it was found UNDER the van. Don't ask. So, I finally make it to Gainesville and it is VERY late. Like missing time late. I was totally freaked out. On our drive back, just before we turned off on that same road to go home, we had to stop and wait for a huge irrigator to be moved across the road from one field to another. And then, even though this was not a long stop, it took us longer to get home than the very long time it took me to get to Gainesville!

May 16, 1998
Frank, Ark, Laura

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Jovinne.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: We have been talking about this funny incident. Do I really have a problem with the time issue on the way to Gainesville, or was I just simply that late and not aware of it?

A: Awareness is the key to all learning.

Q: What caused my radiator cap to pop off the van?

A: Simply search through the "archives" for the answer.

Q: Well, what do the archives have to do with... uh... all the way up to that point, the temperature needle was fluctuating, though it never overheated exactly. Can you tell me anything at all or am I going to exhaust myself over it? If you are not going to tell me anything, just say so!

A: See the truth recorded.

Q: What do you mean? Recorded where?

A: Look.

Q: Look where? The psychomantium?

A: Archival record.

Q: What archives? And what am I looking for?

A: Clue in response.

Q: What about the guy who stopped to help?

A: How dressed?

Q: He was dressed in work clothes. He had on jeans and a long sleeved shirt - cuffs and buttons - and it seemed like he had on a vest. A hunting vest. Padded.

A: All important events reveal themselves in their construction.

Q: Well... okay. (A) Does it mean that the event was important?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Was there also something unusual on our way back?

A: Maybe other, look for clues from which to compare.

Q: Alright, when we were leaving, we had to pull over and stop for that machine to be moved. We had to sit on the side of the road...

A: Search and research until "light" goes off.

Q: Off? Remember, when we stopped, there was the strobe on top of the vehicle? Maybe they were NOT moving farm equipment... maybe it was a UFO!? (A) Which light?

A: That is part of the clue.

Q: Did having to stop for that farm equipment - was that part of the important event? Was it a cover for something? Was it not as we perceived it?

A: No.

Q: That was just ordinary?

A: No.

Q: Well, what was it?

A: What is "ordinary?"

Q: Well, that was as it seemed to be? They were moving an irrigator across and down the road?

A: Maybe.

Q: This is NOT the time to be cagey! (F) When is the time to be cagey? (L) Are you talking about stopping at a traffic light?

A: ?

Q: Well, you are gonna have to help me out here... there are a million tiny details and we could go through every one of them!

A: Not necessary to be that thorough.

Q: (A) The archival record. Is there something in the van that can be recorded? (L) The light on the tape recorder?

A: No.

Q: A light in the van?

A: Not necessarily.

Q: Not necessarily, but it could be. (A) Something in the van?

A: Or around.

Q: (A) What do we have around? A tape recorder? Around here or around the van? (L) The taillights?

A: In magnetic "sphere" of the van.

Q: (A) Are we talking about the way in or way back?

A: Both and others as well.

Q: So, what is the deal with the van here? I want you to know that I am so tired and it is utterly impossible with such a tired brain to figure this out! Help us out here!

A: We are. But you need not know answers today. If you search as usual, they will become apparent.

Q: I know! The van is a time machine!!!! It is a traveling psychomantium, complete with mirrors!!!

A: All is a "time machine."

Q: So, when we get in the van... and that is funny, when I drive the van, it never has that bumpy business. So, when Ark drives the van it must become a time machine! Does this have something to do with the van?

A: Its occupants.

Q: Well, when the light goes out... search and research until light goes off... part of the clue... something about the occupants... search and research...

A: Take "time" to study.

Q: Do you have another clue? (A) There is no point of departure. (L) What is the point of departure for the clue?

A: Look for it.

Q: Is it in what you have given?

A: Yes.

Q: Very bizarre. Moving along. We would like to ask about this fellow, W__ B___. He has been sorting and formatting the material. He lives in Dothan, Alabama. The thing is, he asked me to ask about his involvement to put my mind at rest, so to speak. He he knows that we are a little paranoid... and apparently this asking is more for our peace of mind... anything about W___ B___?

A: No one is a problem if you are adequately prepared.

Q: Can you say anything in general about or to W___ B___?

A: Mr. B___ has not asked us any questions yet.

Q: He actually has a list of things he would like to ask about the wave and 6th density and so forth. He is of the opinion that once these issues begin to be addressed that progress will be exponential by leaps and bounds. He seems to really understand the material.

A: Good.

Q: Well, you guys are being SO uncommunicative tonight!

A: Maybe next session we will delve into specific questions from Mr. B___ that are of universal import. But, tonight you are not in the proper vibrator frequencies, as you are fatigued... Woof you... besides, if you have Mr. B___ over for a session, then he can ask hello for himself.

Q: Last time you said that, in one respect, A___ and I would have a parallel lesson. Could you give me a clue about this?

A: Child/parent learning progression.

Q: So, what I am learning in relation to my mother could be related to what she is learning in relation to her mother?

A: Yes, and other factors.

Q: Clue please?

A: No.

Q: Anything else about this incident of traveling?

A: Look for learning.

Q: The whole thing was so bizarre... it took us longer to get back than it took me to get there... look at the odometer... mileage... lights... (A) Our bodies?

A: Maybe.

Q: (F) I think that they mean you can find the answers by researching. (L) You said something about recorded in archives.

A: Yours.

Q: In my head, on paper, or on disk?

A: Both.

Q: From some of the old sessions?

A: Yes and other material.

Q: Did the guy who stopped to help have something to do with the situation?

A: Look for answer.

Q: When you say look, are you emphasizing something that is visual, available to the eyes? Something that can be seen clearly?

A: Okay, but you must search to learn for protection.

Q: Is whatever was happening something that we must be protected from in the future?

A: You will see. Must go now. Good night.

End of Session.
After reading that session, it would seem the C's were rather reluctant to elaborate on the "time" issue, possibly due to your drained state at that moment (and Frank's presence could have been an indicator as well due to subject matter, given what we know about him now). If memory serves me correctly, I seem to remember another session that had a discussion about time where Frank was present that yielded a similar set of unyielding responses- I will search to find it.

Thanks for posting these sessions the last few days.
This one kinda drove me crazy too. Interesting for me to see that the C's are aware of the person mentioned in saying that they had not asked questions yet. And that he could say hello on his on. I often wonder if the C's are aware of me as a member of the forum.(and all the members) My instinct tells me yes.
A: Maybe next session we will delve into specific questions from Mr. B___ that are of universal import. But, tonight you are not in the proper vibrator frequencies, as you are fatigued... Woof you... besides, if you have Mr. B___ over for a session, then he can ask hello for himself.

Wondered what to make of this?
This remember me a episode of the wave series when Frank was in a town parallel to this reality i dont remember the chapter im gonna looking for more information :)
Galius said:
This remember me a episode of the wave series when Frank was in a town parallel to this reality i dont remember the chapter im gonna looking for more information :)
Esteemed was terry and not frank and the subject had to do with the perpendicular realities.
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