Session 16 September 1995


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September 16, 1995
Frank, Laura, Roxanne C

Q: (L) Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: (L) Who do we have with us?

A: Sorra.

Q: (L) And where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) We have a guest this evening. And we have a few questions that I want to ask before we get launched off into some other subjects. First thing is, I had a pretty sick feeling in response to this whole situation with Martie T__, and I did cancel the talk at the book store she is associated with. I know you are not going to tell me whether I did the right thing or the wrong thing, however, I would like to know if there are any implications regarding this situation that I do not, at present, see?

A: Implications?

Q: (L) Well, in other words, was there someone who would have been there that I should have made a connection with? Did I fail by not going through with it even though it was so distasteful to me?

A: If distasteful, how would you fail by not appearing?

Q: (L) Well, sometimes I wonder if we are not supposed to overcome our emotional reactions to things and just do things that are emotionally distasteful in spite of our own feelings. Isn't that correct?

A: You are aware of the nature of your instincts. The nature of...

Q: (L) What are you trying to tell me here? Am I being dense?

A: What are you always telling others?

Q: (L) Listen to your instincts. Yes. And my instincts told me that this was not a good place to go nor a good group to have any involvement with.

A: Have you not then answered your own question?

Q: (L) Okay. Last night Terry called me and said that on Wednesday night he began channeling the Cassiopaean's directly in his [Buddhist] meditation class. The way he described his experience almost sounded like a physical possession. Can you come through with physical sensations? Was Terry channeling YOU, the Cassiopaeans or a similar source?

A: We must have been watching a different "channel!"

Q: (L) Who was being channeled?

A: Ask Terry!

Q: (L) Well, he said he was channeling YOU!

A: Ask him after a few more sessions.

Q: (L) Is there some danger that can be experienced if one goes to a class and the meditation teacher instructs everyone to stare into a mirror and channel the first thing that comes along?

A: Maybe, but there is some danger in all things at 3rd density.

Q: (RC) You need to find out who he was tapping into. Was it his higher self?

A: Ask him later.

Q: (L) Roxanne has some questions... okay?

A: It is as always.

Q: (RC) I have some personal questions and some non-personal questions.

A: Don't screen, please, that is restriction!!

Q: (RC) Okay. If Aramaic was ancient Hebrew, was it the language spoken in Atlantis?

A: No.

Q: (RC) Did the Hawk, or the Hoovids bring this language to Earth?

A: No.

Q: (RC) By scanning the Zohar, does this mean that the fire letters will ignite ancient memory, thus bringing the truth to the surface?

A: These are "cult thought patterns."

Q: (RC) It has come to my attention that most of the places where the word for "God" is used in Zohar as well as in the Old Testament, it is used in its feminine form. Does this imply that the Queen of Heaven... who is Isis?

A: Isis is a vanguard.

Q: (RC) What is a vanguard?

A: A symbol of energy patterns that lead transformations of cultures during border periods.

Q: (RC) Is the word "Jesus" derivative of Isis or Zeus?

A: Neither, Jesus is moniker only.

Q: (RC) What is moniker? What do you mean? Don't you have to pray in the name of Jesus for protection?

A: Prayers are not necessary for protection once channel, or more appropriately, conduit is properly grooved!

Q: (RC) The recent movie: "The Prophecy," produced by Maxwell, is she of the light, and what purpose is behind sending this glimpse of this holographic image to earth now? Will the movie awaken people to the reality of the Holy War? And whose message is being served through this film?

A: Several questions, crisscrossing thought patterns.

Q: (RC) Whose message is being served by this film?

A: What do your instincts tell you?

Q: (RC) My instincts tell me both sides...

A: Okay.

Q: (RC) I just wanted to know if there was any specific force behind...

A: We are?

Q: (L) Oh, they may not be confirming...

A: What do your instincts tell you???

Q: (RC) It was about the fallen angels – Lucifer. (L) have you read who the C's say Lucifer is? (RC) One of the fallen angels? The angel of light? It is a LOT to go through...

A: Before we can answer some things, you must ask other things.

Q: (RC) Will there be another war in heaven between the angels?

A: Assumptions are fun to deal with.

Q: (L) You are assuming that there are angels and that they are fighting a war. (RC) Well, in a metaphorical sense.

A: And you are assuming there is a "heaven."

Q: (RC) Yes. Are you saying that there is no heaven? No paradise? I don't believe that. (L) There is 5th density. (RC) Well, we are getting into semantics here.

A: "Heaven" is a concept more than semantics. Some think the 3rd density environment known popularly as Leavenworth is heaven, for one example. Could be called "Heavenworth!"

Q: [Laughter] (L) This person Barry... [planchette begins to move]

A: Ask we are just energizing. Ask... ask!

Q: (L) Alright, I'm asking! Is Barry possessed????

A: Vague question.

Q: (L) Is Barry attached by discarnates?

A: Transitory.

Q: (L) Does he have a serious case of 5th density or demonic possession?

A: [Spinning] No.

Q: (L) Well, what is the problem with Barry? Why is he saying such terrible things about Roxanne?

A: Not appropriate.

Q: (L) For me to ask or you to answer? Did I do the right thing in this matter?

A: All there is is lessons.

Q: (L) This was a lesson, obviously. I guess it is not appropriate for me to ask any personal questions about him. Maybe it would be okay for you since you were personally involved. (RC) Is Barry a spy?

A: Spy? Clarify, please.

Q: (RC) Is Barry a spy for the Gray aliens?

A: Well, are you aware of the modus operandi commonly employed, and the technical aspects of same???

Q: (RC) Yes. Has he been used by the dark...

A: Define your understanding.

Q: (RC) They spy through implants or CDROM? He absorbs information and then they download it from him?

A: In other words, unconscious manipulation.

Q: (L) Is that it?

A: Now, please reveal your reading on the situation.

Q: (RC) I think he is being used by them unconsciously as well as consciously. (L) My question would be what is the purpose of this activity?

A: One step at a time!

Q: (RC) Is he a spy for the CIA?

A: Assumptions prevail!

Q: (L) Maybe you have assumptions and they are having trouble transmitting through them? (RC) I don't think he is a spy for the CIA.

A: Not the point.

Q: (RC) What is the point?


Q: (L) Do you mean why worry about the CIA when there are other things to worry about? (RC) Why has everything he has done in my life turned to trouble?

A: These are the questions that prompt reflection, reflection prompts analysis, analysis prompts conclusions, which builds knowledge, which fosters protection!!!

Q: (RC) Will Barry be free of this or will he go for the rest of his life in this darkness?

A: Up to Barry.

Q: (RC) Will he do anything more to hurt me?

A: Are you learning? If you are learning, are you gaining knowledge?

Q: (RC) Well, I know about that but I want to know if he is going to cause me more trouble?

A: (L) What does it matter what he says, if you have the knowledge which protects?

Q: (RC) Well, that's kind of like beating a dead horse here...

A: Network.

Q: (RC) I was shown that I lived in Nazi Germany and I was one of the children used for experiments. I was also shown that I chose this for myself. I want to know why? (L) How were you shown this? In a dream? (RC) Lots of dreams, I have had psychics tell me about it...

A: Learning is best accomplished when the student is not restricted by others.

Q: (L) What do you mean? I guess I should keep my mouth shut.

A: What do you suppose? We do not ask that you "keep your mouth shut," just suggesting helpful guidelines for maximum learning.

Q: (RC) Okay, I KNOW this from a variety of sources. I don't have to explain them all... all I want to know is why. And, I know that my DNA was interfered with and I want to know if that has been carried into my present body and is this being fixed?

A: Physical manifestations normally only carry over in spirit body, and are a discovery process for advancement. They are chosen by the soul during contemplation on 5th density.

Q: (RC) So, that means that what I have been through in this life physically, has been to bring me to the realization of what happened before?

A: Essentially.

Q: (RC) I was also told that there was a woman who was very protective of me during my last life in Nazi Germany. Have I re-met this soul yet?

A: No.

Q: (RC) Was she a mother or sister?

A: Neither.

Q: (RC) Were we related?

A: No.

Q: (RC) Am I going to meet her?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (RC) What is my relationship to Frank and Laura from any past life connections?

A: Discover.

Q: (L) Did I know Roxanne in my past life in Germany?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Now, I was looking at the [astrological] charts, just to see what kind of matches there were and it was a lot. (RC) According to astrology, that shows a past life connection. I feel also that something went on in Egypt.

A: Who were you?

Q: (L) You mean me?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) I was just German woman... (RC) I was wondering about Egypt?

A: But we are still in Germany!

Q: (L) All I know was that I committed suicide, name was Helga, I think...

A: Who was your husband?

Q: (L) I don't know. He was Jewish. Is that what you are getting at?

A: Okay. Who were your children?

Q: (L) Was my husband then the person who was my boyfriend years ago - GM?

A: Not issue.

Q: (RC) They asked who were the children. Was I one of your children?

A: Discover.

Q: (L) What was Roxanne's name in that lifetime?

A: When we say discover, we mean for you to use your given talents to learn, not to have us lead you by the hand every step of the way. If we were to do that, we would cheat you out of an opportunity to gain knowledge, and more importantly, understanding. Thus, we would be abridging free will!

Q: (RC) Was my name Rachel?

A: How do you examine past lives?

Q: (L) Hypnosis.

A: Bingo!

Q: (RC) So, I need hypnosis? Can I be put under hypnosis? (L) I'm sure you can. You told Frank and me about several past lives before...?

A: Because the individual circumstances were not the same.

Q: (L) Who are the "Bird Tribes" talked about in legend and more recently in several popular books?

A: Varies.

Q: (RC) Who are the Hoovids?

A: Transplanetary.

Q: (RC) Did the Hoovids become the Hebrews?

A: No. Hebrews do not stem from single grouping.

Q: (L) Are or were the Hebrews a separate racial group?

A: Not necessarily.

Q: (L) What was the origin of the Hebrew People?

A: Genetic construct.

Q: (L) Who did this genetic construct?

A: Guess.

Q: The Atlanteans?

A: Not that simple.

Q: (L) The lizzies?

A: How about joint effort?

Q: (RC) The Sirians and the Pleiadians?

A: Getting colder.

Q: (L) The Orion Union?

A: Okay, but include C.O.C. How does one restrain density 2 companion?

Q: (L) Chain? Chain of Command? Are there any actual inhabited planets in the Pleaides?

A: Yes.

Q: (RC) What about the Sirians?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Alright, the Orions created the Hebrews. What was the purpose for which this genetic variation was created?

A: Manipulation.

Q: (L) Who was Yahweh?

A: False teacher.

Q: (RC) Who was Jehovah?

A: Moniker variance of previous answer.

Q: (L) And what was the desired result of the Hebrew genetic manipulation?

A: Further control through the fostering of mistrust and hostility, leading to enslavement and warring. … Also accomplished renewed and invigorated 3rd to 4th density "feeding."

Q: (RC) The Tetragrammaton, which is a code for the name of God in the Old Testament, who or what does this code represent?

A: Be careful not to get caught up in ancient deceptions, but ostensibly it "means" I Am The One.

Q: (RC) The "I Am The One," according to my research, is another word for "Isis." Let's ask about the "birth goddesses" talked about by Zecharia Sitchin. (L) Is there such a thing as these "birth goddesses?"

A: Whoa, wait a minute, what did we just advise???

Q: (RC) Don't get caught up in ancient deceptions? (L) We asked about this once before and were told that it was just the ancient way of describing genetic experiments. (RC) Okay, why is it that Hebrew, being so specific in participles in terms of gender qualities, how come, in the Old Testament, there are feminine connotations for the names of God, and also feminine connotations for God being in HER palaces? As well as masculine?

A: Why not? If it works, do it.

Q: (RC) Is the "I Am The One" a feminine force?

A: My Dear, you seem to be stuck upon gender classifications. Now this is understandable, but prepare yourself for a long winded explanation here, since there appears to be no other way. On density levels 5 through 7 there is no duality. The "God Force" emanates "down" from 7th density and permeates all densities. It recognizes no classifications related to duality, since it is perfectly blended, thus in permanent balance.

Q: (RC) But the gender names are in the original texts?

A: This is true, but the original texts were also deceptive in nature.

Q: (RC) How many children have I been used for that are alien hybrids?

A: To answer this question would alter your chosen path of learning, so therefore must be deferred.

Q: (RC) I have already gotten this in my meditations, so maybe they can help me on it. I have been given names in Hebrew in my recent meditations that have stuck in my head; one the word for "government" and the other for "state" or "politics." Does this mean that I am meant to be working in politics or for the government? Which government? Is this my destiny?

A: Well, again, we know the answer to that, but must let you discover in order to learn.

Q: (RC) Am I being called to serve? Is it a government on Earth or...

A: One interpretation, but not the only one. Remember, "government" is nebulous, and dreams can be pathfinders and dreams can be warnings!!!

Q: (RC) How many lifetimes have I spent on Earth - I already know the answer, someone told me, I just want to know...

A: 87.

Q: (RC) Not 445? That's it? So, I'm not really from here?

A: Would you rather we add a few?

Q: (RC) So, I am not really from this planet?

A: No one is, ultimately. Remember, you are eternal, one through three are not.

Q: (L) Did Roxanne have other lifetimes on other planets in 3rd density?

A: Discover.

Q: (RC) I was told, based on the lines in my palm, that I had lived 445 times. So there is a huge discrepancy. (L) Well, you are talking palmistry now, and that is Frank's bailiwick, you know. He is the most gifted palmist you may ever encounter. (F) Let me tell you right now, you can't read anything about past lives in the palm. (RC) That's not what this woman says. The left hand is the past, the right is the present. And the lines on the side are like the age rings in a tree trunk. (F) No. Let me explain...

[break for palmistry discussion.]

Q: (L) Roxanne is planning to move to Arizona and has made some arrangements to set about doing this. Is she going to be able to write her book when she is out there and get that accomplished?

A: Open.

Q: (RC) It depends on me. (L) Is she going to be able to find the right house?

A: Open.

Q: (L) In a general overview, what was the purpose of this interaction with the Martie T__ bunch, Barry, J.D., David Hudson, Roxanne, Barbara, etc???

A: You have already gained some insight.

Q: (L) Does Roxanne have any attachments?

A: Discover.

Q: (L) Roxanne went to a psychic, CU, who did a spirit release for her. Was this successful?

A: Why do you wish us to answer that?

Q: (L) It seemed like a good subject to cover, that it might be helpful.

A: Discover.

Q: (RC) What about the dream that I had about the three slugs coming off of me? Were these three slugs Barry, B__ and M__?

A: Energy pattern essence, rather than individuals per se.

Q: (RC) Do I still need spirit release?

A: Yes. Okay.

Q: (RC) How many times have I been abducted?

A: 20.

Q: (RC) Were most of those in childhood or more recent?

A: Both.

Q: (L) When was the most recent? (RC) Within the past 8 years?

A: Yes.

Q: (RC) So most of them were within the past 8 years?

A: No. Just most recent.

Q: (L) Why have they abducted her less than some we have heard about?

A: Less?

Q: (L) Well, some people seem to have a lot more, and 20 does not seem like a lot.

A: Abductions take many forms.

Q: (L) I dreamed the other night that I got married, and there was a big party, dancing, the limousine and so on... flowers, happiness. In my dream, I heard a voice saying that the wedding would be on a Saturday the 14th, following Friday the 13th, could you tell me anything about this dream?

A: No.

Q: (L) Any other questions? (RC) I'm not going to ask because they didn't really answer what I wanted to hear. I do have 3 questions about the past. What was my role during the French Revolution? I know that I was there then because I have glimpses.

A: Who is David Hufnagel?

Q: (RC) David was my first love. Why the name Hufnagel? Was that my name in France?

A: David's original name was Hufnagel.

Q: (RC) That was my first boyfriend in South Africa. His name now is Harris.

A: No, changed his name.

Q: (L) What does that have to do with the French Revolution? (RC) He was there, right?

A: We are receiving strong wave pattern surrounding subject we chose to cover, thus we interrupted inquiries!

Q: (L) Okay, anything further on that?

A: Moshe in Israel.

Q: (RC) Who is Moshe in Israel?

A: Moshe is IN Israel.

Q: (RC) There are a lot of Moshes in Israel! Is this someone I know or knew?

A: Yes.

Q: (RC) Is it connected to my ex-husband?

A: Maybe. We are not sure. Israel: saw you with grays in physical, access memory, Moshe too.

Q: (L) Do you mean that David Hufnagel saw Roxanne during an abduction?

A: No. Country of Israel. Another connector to abduction experience.

Q: (L) Well, maybe you were abducted in Israel and saw these people there... in the physical... and these people saw it...

A: No. David is elsewhere.

Q: (RC) Is this David my old boyfriend?

A: Yes.

Q: (RC) And that is who I was with in the French Revolution, which is what started all these questions.

A: Maybe.

Q: (RC) Am I going to see him again?

A: Open.

Q: (RC) I was abducted while I was with him?

A: Well yes, but Israel biggest abduction.

Q: (L) R was abducted while with David, but in Israel she experienced the biggest abduction? (RC) I was with him in Israel... and we were together in South Africa.

A: Abduction with David was in South Africa.

Q: (L) What is meant by the biggest abduction was in Israel?

A: Physical retrieval.

Q: (L) Was it biggest in the sense that it was the biggest abduction experience of her life?

A: Yes.

Q: (RC) Was it on Mount Sinai?

A: No.

Q: (RC) I had an out of body experience when I was there. Was it out in the desert, the Negev?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What was done to her during this abduction?

A: Open.

Q: (L) Who was doing the abduction?

A: Grays.

Q: (RC) Is that when I was pregnant?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) How many times have you been pregnant? (RC) Five, I think. How many times?

A: Open.

Q: (RC) This makes sense because my migraines started in South Africa... I lost my virginity in the Negev... so that is probably when they started abducting me - it's the whole sexual thing, right?

A: Yes.

Q: (RC) And the guy died... (L) That's interesting... Okay, change of subject. Back when we were talking about the pit on Oak Island, and you asked me to do some research on it, the answers I came up with were that the responsible group were alchemists. Is this correct.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was one of the alchemists involved Nicholas Flamel?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is it true that there is an enclave of alchemists that live somewhere in the Pyrenees...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is this the group that you referred to as "The Quorum" in a previous session?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Do these alchemists use this power as talked about by David Hudson to enhance their longevity and their physical health?

A: And to control.

Q: (L) Are there people in this enclave who live for literally hundreds, if not thousands, of years?

A: Open.

Q: (L) How does this monoatomic gold control others?

A: Too complex to answer tonight, as energy is waning.

Q: (L) Should we just say good night?

A: Good bye.

End of Session
I remember a passage from the Cs where more clues can be found by putting together in sequence their words in quotes. Here are the sequence of quotes for this session:

"cult thought patterns"
"keep your mouth shut"
"God Force"

The part "feeding means God Force down" is interesting to note. Also, no doubt the quorum has a connection to the government.
I remember a passage from the Cs where more clues can be found by putting together in sequence their words in quotes. Here are the sequence of quotes for this session:
Hello, pecha,
Maybe I misunderstood what Cs meant about arranging all the quoted statements means, I thought that have to be, only come from C‘s statements. Do you think we should including all the participants quoted statements too. Now I am confused about which one is right.
I think we should solve this interesting riddles, so I just want make sure.

Q: (V) I am wondering about the significance of the quoted words. Is it some kind of code?

A: Maybe you should go back to the beginning, and arrange all our quoted statements in sequential order?

Q: (L) Do you mean ALL the transcripts?

A: Yup!
Is there a link to all the the C's quoted statements available now? If so, please send my way or help me to find the document/link - please and thank you!

If it's not available now, I'm willing to help with producing the document.

Please reach out to me and let me know what is available. Thank you!
Hello, pecha,
Maybe I misunderstood what Cs meant about arranging all the quoted statements means, I thought that have to be, only come from C‘s statements. Do you think we should including all the participants quoted statements too. Now I am confused about which one is right.
I think we should solve this interesting riddles, so I just want make sure.
@Kay Kim,

The session quote you found contains the best answer to your question I think.

Session 22 June 1996:
A: Maybe you should go back to the beginning, and arrange all our quoted statements in sequential order?

I think that "our" part is very clear that they mean "their" statements/answers not quotes in the questions.

If you don't pay attention to the details you can go off on "pattern recognition" tangents I think. I think the confusion happens when you get in a hurry to discover a quick revelation of concepts that are very complex. I am working on the "quotes" and the context around them to provide a more holistic approach to them "in sequence".
Hello, pecha,
Maybe I misunderstood what Cs meant about arranging all the quoted statements means, I thought that have to be, only come from C‘s statements. Do you think we should including all the participants quoted statements too. Now I am confused about which one is right.
I think we should solve this interesting riddles, so I just want make sure.
As @goyacobol pointed out, I think your first thought is correct.

Is there a link to all the the C's quoted statements available now? If so, please send my way or help me to find the document/link - please and thank you!

If it's not available now, I'm willing to help with producing the document.

Please reach out to me and let me know what is available. Thank you!

Hi focus.evans, I have a spreadsheet that I'm working on that is arranging the C's quotes in order by session date. If you'd like to contribute, I can send you an invite to edit it. So far I'm partway through the 1995 sessions. I'll share the details in this thread:


There is a thread that discusses the "Cs Quotes". I have not yet commented there but will once I have a more complete view of how to present my findings, I hope to contribute something of value.

I think the following thread is what you may need:

Compilation of the Cassiopaea Contact's quoted statements.

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