Session 17 August 1996


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August 17, 1996
Frank, Laura, Terry & Jan

We started this session with a short exchange about the fact that I only had one blank tape left so we needed to be careful not to run over time.

Q: (T) Good evening!

A: Hello.

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Wokuhia

Q: (L) And where are you from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (T) Is Ark's computer going to continue to work okay?

A: Attention: Please do not restrict session to limit of tape. Just be careful to write answers carefully. Tell Arkady to approach his career/move in more than one way: suggest he contact 'Enterprise Florida,' headquartered in Orlando, and propose that his potential hiring by any of four Florida universities would be a potential boon to State economic development efforts, due to his stature.

[This was actually NOT the case so I don’t know where all that came from.]

Q: (L) OK, any further on that? (T) They might even have a Web site! Check under Florida Chamber of Commerce. (L) All right, anything further on that?

A: Yes. What Terry just said is true. And one should know that while the University of Florida is somewhat "set in it's ways," the same can not be said for the University of Central Florida, which is in Orlando and has a massive, new, research park immediately to the east of its campus, where much research in advanced physics is slated to begin soon. You see, it is the "angle" or approach that one utilizes that determines the degree of success. Also, F.S.U. has recently constructed a super collider. Yes, access in your libraries, if you do not believe... Remind Arkady that in the United States, it is the money that matters, unlike the Poland he grew up in, and the key is to "Sell one's self, as if a commodity!!

[Again, that was not the case and things did not turn out that way. My guess was that Frank had been doing too much reading in his stock-market journals.]

Q: (J) I have a feeling they aren't going to let us ask any questions tonight. Ask them if they're going to let us even ask any questions tonight?

A: Yes, but wait a moment... impress upon Arkady to discreetly sell himself as a valuable asset, if he wishes to have things move more quickly and smoothly. We suspect that "Gainesville," may have not appreciated what they are up against.

Q: (T) Elaborate 'up against,' please!

A: Means that they do not recognize the value... He has been offered a position that is way below his station!

[This was certainly true.]

Q: (L) OK, anything further that you would like to convey to him tonight?

A: Not at this "time."

Q: (L) All right, let's get on to our questions here. Let me ask a quick one about the tetrahedron. Terry, you ask it, because you know more about it. (T) The Tetrahedron, triangle mathematics that Hoagland is working with in conjunction with the Mars/Cydonia region where he supposedly discovered this...

A: Energy consolidator. EM Wave capturer.

Q: (T) Ok, so it’s an EM wave capturer. Does it also expel EM waves?

A: Close.

Q: (T) From the same points? The 19 points, whatever it is... [He obviously meant the points on the planet that Hoagland talks about that are located at about 19 Degrees of latitude if you place a tetrahedron inside a sphere.]

A: Channels and enhances, when used properly, and in pristine conditions.

Q: (T) Hoagland is not talking about... whatever he's talking about, as far as the mathematics go, of the tetrahedral triangles within the sphere, which I'm assuming this planet is calling the sacred geometries, but are physics-type things of different densities, which may not actually be right. OK, this doesn't apply just to Mars, this is, every sphere has these same properties...?

A: Yes.

Q: (T)... a golfball, a base ball; I know they're not perfect spheres, they have dimples; all the way up to the sun, and so forth and so on, of any size, made out of any material, as long as it's a sphere, it will have the same properties.

A: No.

Q: (T) OK, it has to have certain kinds of materials?

A: No, must be magnetized.

Q: (T) OK, it's a magnetized sphere; something that has a magnetic field around it. (L) Is the tetrahedral configuration a property of the magnetism?

A: Yes. No.

Q: (T) Yes to my question, no to Laura's question?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) OK, my question is, the sphere has to be able to generate a magnetic field, like the earth has a magnetic field, like Mars generates a magnetic field...

A: Or be magnetized by installation of internal magnetic generator.

Q: (L) OK, what's the purpose of this? What's the purpose of these tetrahedrons? What are the...

A: Purpose is not proper term.

Q: (T) That's right. It's not a purpose, it just exists this way. These spheres that are magnetic, or are able to be magnetized, this happens just because they are what they are, and this is how the physics works?

A: Reflection of universal balance.

Q: (L) OK, they just simply... and is it that something occurs at the points of these triangles that is noticeable, I mean, is it like a power point?

A: No.

Q: (L) OK, well, this guy Jim [who is in communication with Ark] says that they are designated by different monuments on the planet's surface...

A: Nonsense!!!

Q: (T) Thank you! (L)... and that they are visual sighting...

A: Artificial constructed tetrahedrons are placed on strategic locations on the planet's surface in order to utilize magnetic fields properly.

Q: (L) Who places these artificially constructed tetrahedrons at these points?

A: The artificial constructors.

Q: (L) And who are they?

A: Whomever they may be.

Q: (T) In other words, they can be anybody. They're artificial constructor, they could be anybody... (L) If people know about them, they can do this...

A: No, no, no. Nineteen degrees north and south.

Q: (T) Correct, those are the numbers that Hoagland came up with, with his stuff. On most of the planets, and our sun, we seem to have major events happening, or have happened...

A: Hawaii.

Q: (T) Yes, Hawaii, Puerto Rico... let's see, 19 degrees north and south, Philippines, I think, is somewhere close, on the south side. Major volcanos... (F) Philippines is on the north side, that's not in the Southern Hemisphere... (T) I'd have to pull out a global map to see what the 19 degrees are. On Mars, Cydonia resides at approximately 19 degrees, the Giant volcano, the dead volcano on Mars is approximately 19 degrees, the stuff that they found on Venus, the major things, are at approximately 19 degrees. The sunspots are approximately 19 degrees, the red spot on Jupiter... (L) Is there anything else we want to get on this tetrahedron... Is there anything else we could ask about this subject, that we haven't thought of ourselves... (T) I'm sure there's a lot... (L) Oh, I know... that you could give us?

A: Unlimited.

Q: (L) Do the tetrahedrons spin within the sphere? Do these power points of the tetrahedron spin?

A: Energy fields flow in balance.

Q: (T) So they're spinning to keep balance? (J) Like a gyro. [Notice that the Cs did NOT say that anything was spinning, only that energy was flowing.] (T) Is there... now, am I correct in the fact that there's a direct relationship here to the real Hebrew Star of David, to these tetrahedrals?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) And that everything that has been done to it for the last 500 years or so, has been done to screw things up?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Yes. So that that symbol is not a religious symbol, as such, but a very important... (L)...power symbol?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) It describes a physics that transcends the densities.

A: So is pentagon.

Q: (T) So is the Pentagon? (J) A pentagon. (T) The pentagon shape. These are part of what humans describe as the sacred geometries.

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, in that 'Bear' book that I have...

A: You as Atlanteans knew this, and lived by it in many ways. For example, the pyramid recharges by capturing exactly half the energy points, thus allowing a positive imbalance buildup to be captured, then expended.

Q: (L) OK, are we finished, or... Ok, we know we are not finished, but we know we want to cover a couple of things... is there something more about the tetrahedrons that is important for us to know now? (T) That we can pass on to Ark? (L) Yes, essential to know now? A real 'goodie?'

A: Open.

Q: (T) Send him what we've got now, and we can come up with some more questions... (L) Yes. Until he's here, and can ask questions... (T) Maybe it's something we can tap into... (L) OK, Jan has written down a question that I've been curious about myself lately, so I think we'll just kind of throw it in on the top... that has to do with the unusually high historically recorded lightning strikes in this area. Does this have any correlation to psychic abilities?

A: Vaguely constructed inquiry.

Q: (L) OK, is there any correlation between the extremely high lightning strikes in this area and our work? In this area?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T) Is there a correlation to the lightning strikes in this area, in this immediate area; not right here, around this house, but in the Bay area, because it’s so built up, because there's so much metal around?

A: Maybe.

A: (L) Is there any correlation between the lightning strikes and so forth that have been going on, seemingly coincidental moments in the communications I've been having with Ark?

A: Lightning has been striking elsewhere a lot more too.

Q: (L) So, just in general. There's been more lightning strikes all over the place in general. (T) OK, on the correlations things, to skip from lightning to another question I just thought of. Is there a correlation to the massive power blackouts on the West Coast that have been happening recently, to the government messing around with the HAARP Project, and other related weapons testing systems?


Q: (T) OK, not HAARP. Something else that they're messing with? (L) Well, why don't we just ask, what's the cause of the blackouts? (T) OK, what's the cause of the blackouts? Good question!

A: 4th density bleed through has many "fun" possibilities.

Q: (L) Oh, fun! (T) 4th density Bleedthrough? This is part of the bleedthrough from the different bases on the West Coast?

A: More or less.

Q: (T) Are you aware of the Greenbaum effect? Dr. Greenbaum and his mind control experiments, that we’ve been looking at lately?

A: Yes.

Q: Is what's said there factual? I won't say true, but is it factual? Most of it?

A: Close.

Q: (T) OK, the question is, is the fellow that just shot three professors in San Diego, I think it was, the University, before they read his thesis, because he was afraid they would throw his thesis away, and make it look bad, and flunk him. Was he a Greenbaum subject?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Why did they turn him 'on' at that point?

A: Not correct concept. What if: those programmed in the so called "Greenbaum" projects are preprogrammed to "go off" all at once, and some "malfunction," and go off early?

Q: (L) Oh!!! Can you tell us at approximately what time they're programmed to go off? Because it is a program...

A: Nope.

Q: (T) No, they can't. Free will!!! (L) OK, can you tell us how many of them there are?

A: No.

Q: (T) Do you know how many there are?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are you 'tuned in' for...

A: Tuned in!?!

Q: (T) Mirth! Mirth! (L) OK, because we're going to run out of tape, let's get Jan's last question here. She wants to know if there's any significance to these three Scorpio/Aquarius couples in our circle? As in Terry and Jan, Laura and Arkadiusz, and Margaret and Michael? Well, Margaret and Michael are not really in the circle... (J) Well, all three are known to me... (T) She means finding that there's this Scorpio/Aquarius matchup.

A: No. Coincidences are the spice of life for those with higher knowledge.

Q: (T) Do you have a question? (L) Well, since things have progressed as far as they have, what do you think of Ark now? Is he the Orion?

A: No commentski.

Q: (L) I guess you could read that in the way of a yes! (T) Well, we may not be able to read it in the way of a yes. Maybe he knows the Orion. He's bringing him with him.

A: Wait and see.

Q: (L) OK... (T) I'm excited about him coming now, too! I want him to get here, and talk to him in person. Yes! (L) Wait your turn!!!! (T) When you get back from your world tour! (L) Right, yeah!

A: You are all Orion manufacture.

Q: (L) OK, that's cool! (T) I hope they build their cars better than Ford!

A: Still in testing phase.

Q: (T) Yeah, we're beta models! And somebody's reprogramming us, on top of it all! (L) OK, let me say this. In reading through all these transcripts [that were being transcribed apace], you guys were right. My mind was blown. I was completely blown at all the things that I missed...

A: You ain't seen nothin yet!

Q: (T) 'Dark star, see you in the morning....' Still can't think of the name of that group! (T) Do you all have anything more to say this evening?

A: Do you have any more questions?

Q: (L) Well, we've got loads of questions, but we need to get ourselves formulated, we need to get tapes, we need to get organized, we need...

A: Oh, by the way, Laura: You may help Ark on the things we mentioned earlier, if he requests, what with your communication skills... and on that note, goodbye.

End of Session
Laura said:
A: You as Atlanteans knew this, and lived by it in many ways. For example, the pyramid recharges by capturing exactly half the energy points, thus allowing a positive imbalance buildup to be captured, then expended.

A Preliminary Study of the Pyramid
as an Electrical Structure
[quote author=Miles Mathis ]
Abstract: In this paper I will apply my new foundational E/M field to the problem of the pyramid. I will show that the electrical field is more simply and transparently expressed as a field of higher and lower pressure, rather than of charge. Once we apply this pressure field to the problem of the pyramid, we find that the shape and density of the pyramid alone are able to focus the field in powerful ways. This will explain the use and power of the pyramid, without recourse to mysticism or esoterica.
That Hawaii 19.5 (19.47 to be exact from the site I saw it on) is rather interesting given the ongoing endless activity at that locale.
I live 19 degrees south. Hmm I wonder what this means? Maybe I’ll have a front row seat??
Q: (T) Mirth! Mirth! (L) OK, because we're going to run out of tape, let's get Jan's last question here. She wants to know if there's any significance to these three Scorpio/Aquarius couples in our circle? As in Terry and Jan, Laura and Arkadiusz, and Margaret and Michael? Well, Margaret and Michael are not really in the circle... (J) Well, all three are known to me... (T) She means finding that there's this Scorpio/Aquarius matchup.

A: No. Coincidences are the spice of life for those with higher knowledge.
On the subject of coincidence, there is a short, entertaining book:
The book begins:

'Any coincidence', said Miss Marple to herself, 'is always worth noting. You can always throw it away later if it is only a coincidence.' Agatha Christie

In the first part, there is a quote by Dean Radin, borrowed from his book, The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena:

'When modern science began about three hundred years ago, one of the consequences of separating mind and matter was that science slowly lost its mind.'

The authors cover about 200 cases of more or less amazing instances of coincidence. Most of the stories are in the second part of the book, Coincidences on the Rampage, whereas the first part, Coincidence Under the Microscope, has just a few stories to illustrate the point brought out by the text.

The book ends:
The list goes on. And on. And as it goes on - as each particular arrayed and significantly defined property, against all the odds, and in spite of billions of alternative possibilities, combines exquisitely, in the right time sequence, at the right speed, weight, mass and ration, and with every mathematical quality precisely equivalent to a stable universe in which - it adds incrementally in the human mind to a growing sense, depending on which of two antithetical philosophies it chooses to follow, of either supreme and buoyant confidence, or humble terror

The first philosophy says this perfect pattern shows that the Universe is not random; that it is designed and tuned, from the atom up, by some supreme intelligence, especially for the purpose of supporting life.

The other says it's a one in a trillion coincidence.
The one in a trillion coincidence can be a useful explanation for some events, but if one considers the synthesis of amino acids into functional proteins, the rapid transitions in the history of life on this planet, then one in a trillion has no merit at all. A compromise between design and probabilistic coincidences, would be to say that there can be both. The book was published in 2004, and would probably have a different content, if it had been written today, for which reason I skipped some of the talking and just enjoyed the stories, which because of their shortness would also be useful for teaching English, and indeed to inspire wonder in young people, if they have a sense of wonder.

The book appeared on the shelves of a local recycling station, where people rather than throwing the books in a container, as is a common practice in many municipalities, can share them with others.
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