Session 17 January 1997


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January 17, 1997

Present: Laura, Frank, Terry and Jan

Q: Good evening,

A: Hello.

Q: And what name shall we use this evening?

A: Yloloh.

Q: And where are you transmitting from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (Laura) Ok, we had an interesting session last Saturday with M attending, at which time the statement was made, 'in grave, grave danger.' However, it was separated from what was addressed to her. I would like to know who, precisely, was in grave, grave danger?

A: All.

Q: (Laura) Now, you say all were in danger. From what source were we all in danger, at that particular time?

A: Her.

Q: (Laura) We were in danger from her. In what way...

A: The vibrations surrounding same.

Q: (Laura) That was my feeling, that it wasn't her that was in danger, so much as it was us...

A: No, her, too.

Q: (Laura) Ok, she was, too... (Jan) ...from her own actions...

A: And is.

Q: (Laura) ...and is; she is still. (Terry) Are we still?

A: Not as much, if you are vigilant and aware.

Q: (Laura) Ok, vigilant and aware as in looking for what in particular? If anything?

A: Attack programs.

Q: (Laura) Attack programs, so these would be attack programs in other persons as well as possibly in ourselves?

A: And other things.

Q: Is there anything more in the way of vigilance and awareness that we can or ought to know at this time?

A: You should already know.

Q: (Laura) I think we do, we're working on being pretty aware. Frank had that whole channeled experience about danger and warnings, and then she came. She called me the next day, and essentially did not want to hear any of it. She simply is so resistant to realizing the danger she is in, and I just don't have the time to deal with it if she can't open her mind. I told her that she was walking the wrong way, doing the wrong things, that she was in grave danger, and she hung up on me.

A: See what transpires...

Q: Next thing is, I have been looking at astrological charts, and I know you said that, 'all will be well, and soon,' is how you put it, in terms of Ark's situation and where his finances are concerned. However, it looks like it's going to drag on even longer, except that when I look at the chart, it looks like something significant is going to happen, in her quarter, but I would like to know if what I am seeing there, is... and I'm not going to go into specifics here, but, is what I'm seeing when I look at the charts correct?

A: Adventure is born of uncertainty and discovery!

Q: (Laura) Oh, you are just so cute!

A: Oh, Yeah!?

Q: (Terry) ... and they are running out of people in the local metaphysical community to send here.

A: See last response.

Q: (Terry) Ok, thank you. (Laura) Anybody, but anybody, can be manipulated. You've just got to keep your eyes open here. Ok, let me ask a real quick one here for (Name redacted). She would like to know: is (Name redacted) the way he is deliberately, or is it because he can't help himself?

A: What has her/your learning taught?

Q: Yes, well, I know that. (Terry) Is there an SVGA monitor in Laura's future.

A: Sure, why not?

Q: (Terry) Let's see, last week we concentrated on MM, and you were all busy trying to keep us out of trouble.

A: We would very much like to "concentrate" on things of worldly/universal import. What do you suppose happens when the mantle stops, or slows, and the crust does not?

Q: (Laura) Frank had a dream about this the other night, too. (Terry) About the mantle slowing? Okay, if the mantle slows and the crust doesn't... (Laura) It's like walking around the room, carrying a bowl of soup, and then stopping... (Terry) It sloshes over because the crust keeps moving... water in all of the oceans is going to slosh...

A: No sloshing.

Q: (Laura) Okay, what happens when the... is it that there will be lots of earthquakes?

A: Maybe, but what is the bigger picture?

Q: (Laura) The bigger picture is that the earth changes its orbital position, velocity... (Terry) No. The bigger picture is that life on earth gets pretty well wiped out.

A: No.

Q: (Laura) It exchanges energy potentials with other bodies?

A: No.

Q: (Jan) Gravity changes...

A: Warmer...

Q: (Laura) Gravity changes, ok... gravity lessens...

A: What have we hinted about gravity.

Q: (Laura) Oh, gravity is the binder... (Terry) and is the one truth of the universe.

A: Element.

Q: (Terry) The element. Gravity is the one true element. This is what you're saying?

A: Close.

Q: (Laura) So, if gravity is lessened, and it is the binder, then, everything... ohhh, I see what you're getting at! (Jan) Yes, gravity is the binder. Without gravity, it just all fall s apart...

A: Not "Falls apart," my dear, it all "opens up!"

Q: (Laura) And when it opens up what happens?

A: Change.

Q: (Laura) So, in other words, this cosmic event is the catalyst for the change in those human beings who are ready and prepared to experience it in a positive way...

A: Well, sort of, but... Remember... There is no "supernatural" or "paranormal," only natural and normal. Your 'Noah Syndrome' implied, originally, a discrimination between "wicked" and good. Being ready does not recognize such distinctions!

Q: (Laura) What does being ready imply?

A: Being on the verge of transformation to next density level, be it STO or STS. So, you see, the transformation maintains the balance!

Q: (Terry) And the balance is always maintained. (Laura) What time is it? (Jan) Five after twelve. (Laura) OK, we've got about 15 minutes...

A: Why only 15 minutes?

Q: (Laura) Because Terry's shivering.

A: Terry won't shiver if he pictures golden light enveloping him.

Q: (Terry) It won't help; I'm still 3rd density in the golden light! (Laura) Also, I am very tired. This has been a very long day.

A: Time to consider construction of psychomantium.

Q: (Laura) What is a 'psychomantium?'

A: Use Latin knowledge. {Group discusses possible definitions}

Q: (Laura) Is that it? Something that's in your mind?

A: No.

Q: (Laura) Is it something that you use your mind to direct or control or power?

A: Chamber for viewing other realms, possible futures and entities residing in other densities. Need clear depth... such as large polished mirror on stand, which can be adjusted as to angle... walls must be completely covered in black, so as to eliminate reflection... soft, low, indirect lighting.

Q: (Laura) Wasn't it Dr. Moody that did the life-after-death thing? (Terry) He's got a room with the mirror with the balck velour walls and the comfortable chair that you can look in the mirror without seeing yourself...

A: Yes, and it is real and it works. In the clear depths, you can even see us, on occasion!

Q: (Laura) Didn't we ask once about what this guy was doing, having people staring into a mirror, that it was opening them up to attachment, and was that not confirmed?

A: Attachment is merely a function born from a lack of knowledge... something you have enough of now so as not to worry.

Q: (Terry) This psychomantium, isn't it in essence a way of opening up a doorway to other realities and other levels and densities?

A: Yes.

Q: (Terry) Is that something you really want to do?

A: Yes.

Q: (Terry) Why?

A: Because you are ready now... and besides, what do you think you are doing here?!?

Q: (Laura) Is it a doorway that can be as Castaneda described it, where something can walk in, or walk out?

A: Possible... but... if you recall, what was the missing factor with Castaneda's story?

Q: (Laura) He didn't have knowledge. Is that it?

A: Not enough.

Q: (Laura) Is this something that can or ought to be done as a group, or singly... what's the deal?

A: Both.

Q: (Terry) So we're going to really construct one of those here? (Laura) Do we really want to do this at this house? Don't we want to buy something out in the country, where people won't be watching our bizarre behavior? (Terry) It doesn't really matter, we're watching everybody else's bizarre behavior, how bizarre can it be?

A: They won't watch, unless you invite them in.

Q: (Laura) Ok, we've got all of these little things that need to be done; we've got a hole in the cellar that needs to be dug, that's still sitting there, we've got a pool that's supposed to be built, now we're supposed to build a psychomantium.

A: This is not a daunting or costly project... materials: felt of the type you used for your charts, mirror and soft light, or candles. {Terry describes a portable version that can be set up when using, and taken down when not needed.}

Q: (Laura) Is this basically the way that it is done, as Terry has described it?

A: Yes.

Q: (Laura) How long is it necessary to sit and stare into the mirror before one experiences...

A: Varies, but not long.

Q: (Terry) It's going to vary from person to person... (Laura) OK, what advantage is there to using a psychomantium to using the board, I mean, is it going to replace the board?

A: No. Visualizations clarify and unite images.

Q: (Laura) Ok, what images would we wish, or would be suggested to unite and clarify, and particularly in the term unite? You've used the term 'unite' on a number of occasions, and in unusual ways.

A: Anything and everything in transcripts, for example... and all else.

Q: (Laura) Okay, so we would be able to see all of the things told about in the transcripts. Would we also be able to, by seeing a 4th density reality, be able to generate some sort of unification between ourselves, in some sense, and this new reality ?

A: Yes.

Q: (Laura) Is this part of the way and means of bonding oneself to 4th density reality.

A: Helps.

Q: (Laura) Can one also use this to visit other parts of the globe in real time?

A: Yes.

Q: (Terry) Visit the past and the future?

A: Yes.

Q: (Terry) There's other things on the other side. Can they come through?

A: Only if used ignorantly.

Q: (Laura) Is it the mental blocking technique that we are familiar with what prevents entry of something else?

A: Close.

Q: (Jan) 'Knowledge protects!' (Terry) Well, this is easier than digging out under the pool, and building a reflecting pool, and finding 75 square feet to build a labyrinth. (Laura) It sounds like a damned amusement park! (Jan) Yeah, 'LauraWorld'!!! (Terry) It would give a whole new meaning to an 'E' ticket ride!

A: "Amusement" denotes fun!

Q: (Laura) Ok, guys, it's late and Ark is waiting.

A: Goodbye.

End of Session
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Interesting I have heard of this before didn't know it could have such results..def would want to do it in a group setting though
davey72 said:
How does one know if they have enough knowledge to use a psychomantium?

Read "Amazing Grace". I'm still working on getting all the chapters up, but it's half done...
the c's said it might even be possible to see them...what would they appear as pure light through a mirror?
jmihalco said:
the c's said it might even be possible to see them...what would they appear as pure light through a mirror?
I am not sure what session date was, but the mirror session with Vince Barnes may have answered that question. If i remember correctly.
obyvatel said:
FrankM4326754 said:
Amazing Grace will be my next book to purchase! Thanks for sharing.

The book is out of print. The e-book is available at the cassiopaea website here .

It's not all up yet. I'm working on it!
This is long overdue but I've been making it a point to continue in reading and putting other things aside outside of work. I finished reading Amazing Grace and you're truly a blessing to all for sharing your life experiences, trials and tribulations up until the point of contact with the C's Laura. I cannot possibly imagine going through some of the challenges you have. Kudos to you for always doing your best and coming out on top no matter how grim a situation presented itself to be.

I feel like the myths of fighting dragons and demons can be a metaphorical reference to the battles you have faced thus far in your life. Thank you for sharing!
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