Session 17 January 1998


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This session is mostly personal because the situation we were in was truly horrendous. We had hired a contractor to do a bunch of work on our house and it rapidly turned into a disaster. He arrived on our doorstep on the day after Christmas and announced he was going to do the roof first. I objected that it looked like rain, he assured me that his crew would work fast and I'd never have a problem.

They proceeded to tear off the roof. It started to rain. Day after day went by with no roof appearing because, of course, they couldn't put it ON in the rain! The contractor then came inside and started building the new stairs. At that point, he showed me the contract saying that I was to give him the second payment as soon as the stairs were built. Never mind that the roof was still off and it was raining and the whole inside of the house was covered with black soot from old tar paper/roofing.

Well, asking for the second lump sum payment (that I had to sign off on) was kind of an affront since absolutely nothing had been done except build a skeleton stair and tear off our roof and we were freezing!!! I had already made up my mind I was going to fire him, but I had no idea what I was going to do with the mess I was in.

Meanwhile, my eldest daughter had a THIRD auto accident and her car - which we had just bought her the previous February - was totaled. She was lucky that she wasn't killed. The first accident happened when some crazy person tried to run her off the road and the second one was also VERY suspicious.

MEANWHILE, a whole lot of job issues were coming up and our finances were not very secure, to say the least.

So, for anybody who ever finds themselves in a maelstrom of difficulties, don't despair... we've been there!

January 17, 1998

Frank, Laura, Ark, Alice

Q: It's been a long time. Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Lopsiatza.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: As you know we have...

A: This is not a good board.

Q: I know. Should we work with the plain Ouija board? Would you prefer that? {I couldn't find the good board because the house was in such a mess with all furniture pushed to the center of rooms, covered with plastic to protect it from the rain and tarry mess leaking in everywhere.}

A: Up to you.

Q: First question: why are we in the middle of such a horrible mess? Things were supposed to get better?!

A: Do you not expect there to be turmoil in accompaniment with a level one quantum life change?

Q: A level one quantum life change? Do you mean the change we have already effected, or the change we HOPE to effect?

A: Both and transition between.

Q: So, this is a level one quantum life change of some sort. Let me ask you, we are having some sort of panic about the job situation as it seems that the one in Orlando has not panned out, UFL does not have any permanent positions, nor does there seem to be anything at USF. So far, nothing. In a couple of months, we will be looking at unemployment here!

A: All will be resolved. Key is to sell oneself re: ones assets in terms of what value they project upon the Florida University System, and by proxy; the State itself. Remember, your audience can only see the "actor on the stage" when the spotlight has been properly focused upon him. Also, the audience does not attend if the "play" is not properly advertised. We also suggest you rattle the bushes with your immigration attorneys in order to get the necessary processes speeded up there. If they will not perform, then find others!

Q: We have done all kinds of things!

A: Recontact "Enterprise Florida."

Q: Alright. I'll see what happens. Now, on {my daughter's} car. What happened to this guy who hit her car? It destroyed her car and thereby her life.

A: Did no such thing.

Q: Well, I know that! But she is crying and thinks her life is over. We are completely lucky, in my opinion, to have her still with us. Why three accidents in a year's time?

A: The dark forces always attack the weakest, or most vulnerable, links in the chain.

Q: Did the guy actually fall asleep?

A: Close. Hypnotic state.

Q: Alright. What can I do, any of us, my daughter, or whoever, to derive the proper lesson from my daughter's car being totaled?

A: Refer to standard response.

Q: Knowledge Protects.

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, anything in particular about the line of attack through this construction project?

A: No.

Q: Well, when I fire this guy, is he gonna give me a hard time?

A: Some.

He did; when I stopped payment on his check, he suddenly discovered that he had a telephone (I had been calling him every day but he was never available.)

Q: Ark discovered, when he got paid on Friday, that they had changed the deal on him. It's like everything over the past few months is turning around on us. They play the switch routine all over the place.

A: Fight for your rights. Go to the source of original promise and get clarification. Get K**** {Ark's colleague} in on this as ally.

Q: Okay. Any advice on how to go about getting the permits I need?

A: Look at easement.

Q: What?

A: Reexamine courthouse records for interesting anomalies which should work in your favor.

I did and it turned out that the contractor not only did NOT have a license, he also had a criminal record for domestic violence and cocaine abuse. This worked in my favor in terms of getting some slack from the county regarding permits and inspections, etc AND the bank agreed to allow me to take over the job of contractor, which I did.

Q: I don't understand. Any other clue on that? Well, back to the job situation: (A) When I was coming here I hoped that I will do some work and you guys will be helping us and that we will doing things that are important, and, until now, with all this teaching that I have, the fact is that its as if all the forces work in such a way that I can do just nothing, not even what I was doing before. Is there any hope?

A: Yes, of course. But you must accept that it will unfold step by step, and you will not have the luxury of knowing well ahead of time what will happen. All is lessons. You may choose to look upon it as adventure or as torture... Have faith and get more sleep!! The lack of this is breeding a chemical imbalance within, thus leading to depression.

Q: (A) Well, I always like to be sure, and maybe I should take some steps before the end of life happens?

A: Sarcasm becomes you not! All will work out well for you, and we would not say this if we did not know it to be so.

Q: There is a meaning and definition in this attempt to integrate this into physics, and because the concept of density seems to have something to do with psychic and consciousness, I cannot find, until now, how to put it, how to relate it...

A: It has to do with perception, and the ability to perceive, which is in larger measure determined by genetic makeup. Your realm is created by your ability to understand it. The wave comes as so many seek "graduation."

Q: Are you saying that we are actually, in a sense, creating the wave?

A: And vice versa.

Q: Are these densities something that can be defined in terms of physics, as in divisions of reality that some significant change occurs at, say, the boundary of one density that signifies the beginning of the other?

A: This, as with so much else is so difficult for you to understand because of your limited view point. Remember, you see the densities below yours perfectly well. But they do not perceive yours as what you are.

Q: (A) They said that, in physics, we have one seventh of the equation... (L) When they said that, they were talking about matter and the direction in time of an anti-particle, which was referred to as the one-seventh. (A) But, what I mean is, animals, minerals, they are described by just one physics that we learn in school. We do not see that this is a different density.

A: Only because you know it is there. You cannot measure that which is above your level! Of perception, when you are using measuring tools which only can measure that which you perceive.

Q: (A) We are the form makers. I mean it's not Nature that is creating, it is us seeing order in potential disorder. And we see more order than animals, so it seems. Is this what is meant by higher density, being able to see more order?

A: Well, close, maybe, but you are attempting to employ a mirror to see outside.

Q: What we are trying to understand is: you have described seven densities. Three physical densities, three ethereal densities, and the one in the middle, the variable density. What we are trying to find out here is some way to express this mathematically. Some way to understand this in the universal language of mathematics. Because, if we could do that, mathematically speaking, that would help our understanding and perceptual abilities.

A: Yes, but first you must unravel the part of the puzzle which has nothing to do with mathematics. You would have your best luck finding the mathematical formula while in a "dreamstate," or under hypnosis, or in meditation before a psychomantium.

Q: (A to L) What about this Dianne business. You are talking to her. I have doubts about this - if you are not revealing too much. Who is she really? If this is not somebody who hides behind this and tries to get something out of you? Question is: is my uneasiness justified?

A: It is always wise to be cautious. When contacted by someone new, it is best to find out about their personal lives and background in order to gauge trustworthiness.

Q: But, what about this Dianne L****?

A: Ask her! {at this point a low flying helicopter apparently begins to circle overhead and this sound continues until the end of the session.}

Q: (A) Now, I want to come back to physics. We have this paper from the French guy Chardin, who speaks about anti-gravity and relates it to a double structure of the universe; that anti-matter is just located, not in our universe, but in another universe...

{Sound of helicopter on tape for the next few seconds}

A: The two are exchangeable, much like an ion exchanger.

Q: (A) The two are exchangeable, but it's about us. We are apparently are made of matter rather than anti-matter, or there is another us that is made of anti-matter? I don't think that we are exchangeable. We are apparently living in a universe of matter rather than anti-matter.

A: Exchangeable.

Q: (A) The loop dimension of Kaluza-Klein... when I was asking about extra-dimensions, the answer was that there were no 'extra' dimensions, but forget terminology, there is this theory of Kaluza-Klein that there is this loop dimension, this 5th dimension and the question is: this is a way toward UFT, and I would like to have a hint if adding this loop, or cylinder dimension, is the right step? {Helicopter sound continues.}

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Okay, that is enough.

A: Okay, we sense probing of you now, or interference, so must go, Good Night.

End of Session
You are fighters, that's for sure. It always impresses me how well you came out of such difficult, dark periods, not that they didn't take their toll.

I have to say, as a spectator who cares for you and, therefore, empathizes with you, it's quite painful to read about all of the hardships you have had to endure (not that my pain is comparable in the least to what you went through).

When the Cs said that turmoil accompanies a level 1 quantum change, I had the thought that surely, the blood, sweat and tears should be payment enough. Why must more be piled on? But the laws of this universe know no compassion.

In the end, I hope you were able to see things as puzzles, treasure hunts and adventures and find some pleasure within the turmoil.

Thanks for sharing,
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