Session 17 July 2021


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Thank you for sharing this session. There was and is much to think about and act on.

Below is a selection of excerpts that contain the term "revolution". To avoid quoting out of context, the surrounding discussions are included.

The word "revolution" appears in this session near the end:
(Joe) In the US, there are certain states - notably Florida and Texas - which have been exemplary in their pushback against this Covid nonsense. They didn't lock down, they opened and returned to normal more quickly, etc. That's kind of strange in a sense because you wouldn't expect that to come from the US - or at least we wouldn't. My point is that right now and over the past year, Florida and Texas were good places to live given what people in most places in the Western world were subjected to. So my question is: What's the prognosis for places like Florida and Texas?

A: Suppression will be attempted...

Q: (L) Alright, I think we've covered what we had to cover, right?

(Joe) "Suppression will be attempted..."

(Andromeda) But not necessarily successful.

(Joe) Revolution?

A: Exactly. Remember the Alamo!!

Q: (Joe) I hope so. I wanna see SOMEBODY do something. If it's gonna happen anywhere, it's gonna happen in America.

(Niall) Trump's coming back!

(Joe) 1776 will rise again!... [laughter]

(L) Is there anything we need to know or ask? Consider it asked to help us out through this turmoil...

A: Things will get worse before they get better. Stay alert and use knowledge!!! Goodbye.

If a motive for a revolution is to make things better, it does not always happen:
Q: (L) Any other questions? (Psyche) I wanted to ask about cultures and countries. Do countries have an "essence" as described by Gurdjieff?

A: Yes

Q: (Psyche) So the question is, is there something essentially wrong with French culture? [Laughter]

A: Now, yes. Since the revolution was coopted by dark forces.

Q: (Perceval) That could be since Sarko came in... (Ailen) Or farther back.

A: Longer ago than that.

Q: (Ottershrew) Since 1789? (Ailen) The French Revolution.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So it started out being a pretty good idea for a revolution, but then it got coopted. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is it as I think that the worst of this is manifested in the educational system?

A: Yes
Regarding "the revolution was coopted by dark forces" there was a few years later a question about the circumstances during the French revolution that gave a clarification.
(Pierre) About the French Revolution: Behind it, was the main ideological force Frankish Cabalism?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Oh, Jesus. Did Frankish Cabalists infiltrate Weishaupt Illuminati and some Freemason lodges?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright, we'll say goodnight. I'm tired. Kissy kissy!

(Artemis) Alright, if you have anything to say... and if not, then goodnight and thank you!

A: Be aware that a new world will dawn! Be not oppressed by the death throes of the old world. Goodbye.
While the above two excerpts provided perspectives on the French revolution in the late 18th century, the following excerpt, describes France in the summer of 2007 as a powder keg, since there were two different factions playing each other, while interestingly there was also the factor of the French mentality. In this case, nothing happened, but how the situation was described may have application for other countries too.
Q: (Joe) Was there any election fraud in the 2007 French elections?

A: Of course!

Q: (Joe) Is there a percentage we can have of fraudulent or stolen votes?

A: Believe that the percentage is over 20 percent.

Q: (Joe) So 20%?

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) That would suggest that only 30% of people voted for Sarkozy. (H) Did Segolene get more votes than Sarkozy?

A: Yes.

Q: (S) So that pretty much means that the feeling that Laura and I had that maybe Sarkozy wasn't quite so evil was probably fairly wrong?

A: Probably, but remember that Sarkozy is not in charge. He just doesn't fully realize it yet.

Q: (H) Will there be some sort of event that will sort of bring it home to him?

A: Most likely. There is a grave aura of danger spreading over France.

Q: (L) Danger from where?

A: Conflict is between those who want to put France in the bind and those who do not and know it will be like sparks in a powder keg.

Q: (L) Why would it be like sparks in a powder keg?

A: The French mentality: arrogance etc.

Q: (Joe) They're worried about another revolution. (L) And who is pressing to put France in the bind?

A: Your favorite Zionazis.

Q: (L) And who is against it?

A: Sarkozy among others. Though he is trying to appease in some ways.

Q: (H) Was Segolene more closely aligned with the Zionazis?

A: That is an interesting question: Let us just say she was picked to run to lose.

Q: (H) So is this Julien Dray character who is close to her one of the key players?

A: Indeed. Sarkozy thinks he can handle it, but he will find he has a tiger by the tail.

Q: (Joe) So essentially, both Sarko and Segolene were picked, and Segolene was picked because she would be a plausible loser, but the whole thing was rigged anyway so Sarko would win.

A: Good analysis. See? What do you need us for?

Q: (S) So they picked him because he's kind of the dupe. So he's kind of against the Zionists, but he's going to discover very soon that it doesn't matter because they put him in power and they're going to make him do whatever they want...

A: Not against, just thinks he is smarter.

Q: (H) So the supposed reconciliation with some of the socialists that Sarko is proposing is in fact a building of the Zionist front within the French government.

A: More or less.

Q: (Joe) Does putting the French "in the bind", was that code for a terror attack?

A: Not particularly, just recreating same conditions as in US and UK.

Q: (L) In other words, fascism. That's what the word fascism means: something bound together, like a bundle of sticks. (H) So, uh, are there any good guys?

A: Most of them are dead.

Q: (sighs) (L) So in short, we're screwed!

A: You be the "good guys."
Some revolutions, like the industrial revolution, are not about people protesting or demonstrating, but major changes are still a result.
(C**) There was a documentary that we were speculating a week ago where they were talking about some of the side effects of Tamiflu and possibly the vaccines. They were saying that they had run studies in Japan and other countries and the biggest problem was mental problems. Psychological problems.

(Ark) Now they say, "Oh, we found 70 cases of this, it's not enough to..."

A: Massive inflammation on top of already epidemic autoimmune conditions.

Q: (L) If you're inflamed, your brain is inflamed.

(C**) So, my question is more...

A: Most mental conditions today are a result of autoimmune disorders.

Q: (L) So what's your question?

(C**) Well, if their plan is not just to kill people but to contribute to disintegration, personality disintegration, and make them more either vulnerable or paranoid of others, or...?

A: It is just the straw and the camel. The degradation has been in process for almost a hundred years.

Q: (L) You mean the degradation of human health, and destroying people, and breaking them down and making them vulnerable and all that sort of thing?

A: Yes

Q: (Allen) By-product of the Industrial Revolution?

A: Yes

Q: (C**) And they say joy is coming?!

A: You work on the other side and don't anticipate what the universe can and will do if the ground is prepared!
The following excerpt mentions the possibility of a bloody revolution. At the same time, there are other issues including a changing cosmic environment and the influence of psychopaths. If compared to these topics we are a speck of dust, we can take encouragement in the saying that: "His eye is on the sparrow".
A: You have questions about the Gulf Stream. Recall the astrological reading you did for The Dot Connector Magazine?

Q: (L) Yes.

A: Well, it was closer than you realize and the Gulf Stream clue is the missing piece.

Q: (L) Okay, so what's going to happen? Is the Gulf Stream breaking up, and is that going to bring on an ice age?

A: It is, it will.

Q: (L) Is that like imminent?

A: The cause is more than the oil. But the people will only see the oil reason and turn against the elite for bringing on such a disaster. Also note that the nonlinear effects will take some time to develop fully.

Q: (L) Okay, so are you saying that there are going to be some people who are very aware sooner than others, and then it's going to spread?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Because in my astrological interpretation, I kind of said that whatever would happen around the middle of July, it would develop more fully around the middle or end of August if I remember correctly. I'd have to go back to read it to be sure, because I wrote it in kind of an altered state.

A: Yes. Also let us commend you for working out the method you use. It is brilliant. No pun intended.

Q: (L) Well, thank you very much. I just never wanted to do astrology. Okay, so we've got that. Is there any follow-up question on the Gulf Stream thing? Oh, wait a minute... Read that back to me... {previous exchange is read back} What do you mean: "The cause is more than the oil"?

A: Internal planetary changes including magnetic field modifications.

Q: (L) And what is causing the internal planetary changes including the magnetic field alterations?

A: Both the change in the cosmic environment and the presence of foreign bodies in and near the inner solar system. {pause} Realm convergence.

Q: (L) Well, clearly human beings are really miniscule specks on this planet, and the planet itself is a miniscule speck in the galaxy, which is a miniscule speck in the universe. So, in a very large sense, we don't really count. So whatever happens, happens.

A: More or less, but remember that some consciousnesses "weigh" more than others. Also recall that "His eye is on the sparrow." While it may seem grim from your perspective, even you care about your smallest parts.

Q: (L) Well, it just seems like psychopaths have really screwed things up.

A: It is actually a bad time for them.

Q: (L) It's a bad time for them? What do you mean?

A: They will get all the blame!

Q: (Andromeda) That's an interesting... (L) Way to look at it. (Burma Jones) So then back to what Galaxia was wanting to know, is there going to be a revolution? Are people actually going to wake up and start... (Galaxia) And do something about it?

A: Oh indeed!

Q: (Galaxia) Now that's what I like to hear! (Andromeda) Is it going to be a very bloody revolution?

A: Yes.

Q: (Galaxia) On both sides?

A: Yes.

Q: (Galaxia) More for the evil side, or more for the good side?

A: Wait and see.

Q: (Perceval) Is it gonna be more concentrated in one particular area of the globe, for example in the US, as opposed to world-wide?

A: Yes. We have mentioned a 5D city on a hill.

Q: (Perceval) Is this in reference to the ice age in terms of the blame that people give to the government and that causes the revolution?

A: There are a few more steps before an ice age. Some of them not very pleasant.

Q: (Perceval) Earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse...(Burma Jones) Mass starvation. (Perceval) Plague. (L) Crop failure.

A: All of those and more.

Q: (Andromeda) Great! (Perceval) On that topic, is one of those steps that could happen to cause a revolution...

(L) Well, actually they're talking about steps to an ice age, not steps to a revolution.

(Ailén) They said before the revolution would start, people would only see the oil as a reason to start a revolution.

(Perceval) Yeah, I asked if the ace age was going to cause a revolution. (L) I don't think there's going to be a lot left to have a revolution once the ice age has begun! {laughter} Okay, so all that stuff like crop failure is going to lead up to the ice age.

(L) I would say that if there were crop failures, economic collapse, and so on, that those things would bring about a revolution and while you're in the middle of the revolution THEN everything goes kaflooey. That would be my guess.

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) So they said "all of those and more". Could one of those "more" things be any revelations about 9/11?

A: That may come too, but don't hang your hopes on "revelations". Rather it will be a change in perception by the public.

Q: (L) Okay. Well, all of that is very, very cheerful. So what are we supposed to do?

A: Continue to spread the truth and program that will unite all people of good will.

Q: (L) So uniting people of good will...

A: Remember we once told you that people would unite against the "invasion" at the time just before the earth changes?

Q: (L) Well, yeah. We were talking about the Nephalim and their stun guns and that sort of thing. But it looks like psychopaths are the new Nephalim, and they're already using stun guns - tasers. And then we asked if they were going to try to stage a fake alien invasion. All of this disclosure business is trying to point people in the direction of alien invasions, trying to get them prepared for some kind of fake alien invasion. Then you said yes, but a real invasion might take place first or earth changes would happen. Now, it's just been pressing on my mind, becoming more and more clear, that we don't NEED an alien invasion with psychopaths ruling this world as their transdimensional agents. And it has occurred to me that when you said that way back when, that basically the invasion has already occurred! It's here, now. It's psychopaths in power!

Everybody is looking and waiting for some kind of aliens; well, aliens are a supernatural phenomenon. Yeah, there is a certain physicality to it, but it strikes me that that physicality doesn't have... what do I want to say? Endurance? It doesn't "vibrate" right in our reality. It can come and go, but it doesn't stay here. So they need agents. They've always needed agents. They've always needed human-looking beings to control, to manipulate, or to even "download into" in a funny sort of way, like a possession or an activation. It's like they're sitting at some control console in some hyperdimensional place controlling their agents the way we control remote control toys.

So anyhow, this is what I've been thinking. Everybody's waiting for something to happen, like disclosure, or after disclosure. But it's already happened. It's here NOW! Any so-called “disclosure” will be a fraud unless they come out and say that it is a supernatural or hyper-dimensional phenomenon, which they are NOT going to say because that completely counters their entire world view that worships the physical universe. That’s where the whole Darwinism, material science, exclusion of scientific study of the paranormal, and so forth, comes from. That sort of thing can NEVER be studied honestly because it would destroy their reality construct.

(Perceval) That's a great screen.

(L) Yeah, they're trying to prepare people for physical, material aliens – “Disclosure” - because they're going to TRY to pull the alien invasion trick or the "alien god" trick and they'll say, "Worship the alien god! Join behind us! We're his high priests!" But it's not going to work.

(Perceval) It's almost like that's been held in reserve if it's necessary. They've prepped people with the idea of aliens.

(L) It's like this gigantic counterintelligence program. And the main thing that I've seen them working to counter is the idea, the concept, the understanding that this phenomenon is a supernatural one. To make that clear, what we have always called supernatural, which is not necessarily "supernatural", is really just hyperdimensional. We've been aware of these things – this other reality – for millennia. They come and go. It's like the finger in Flatland. We're Flatland! Am I on to something with this?

A: About as accurate as you can get without making direct predictions.

Q: (L) Who was it, this scientist guy... Was it Werner von Braun who said they were going to create this illusion about an alien invasion, and that it was all a big lie and a big fraud? And the real reason he said it was that he knew that it was a paranormal or a hyperdimensional phenomenon. Is that what he meant?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Because that fits. We've already been invaded. It's already a done deal. (Perceval) An invasion of psychopaths. (L) Yeah.

(Ailén) It's a perfect excuse for not taking responsibility as human beings. They can blame it on aliens, and say, "We're all equal, we're all victims! We didn't know!"
In the next excerpt, it is said: A "Global revolution is desired by them exactly as Reed described" Might a global revolution help to distract people, isolate the unwanted, and have a pretext to institute uniform global control?
Q: (Andromeda) There was an article on SOTT. (Perceval) Oh yeah, but they said that we might see Betelgeuse go maybe this year or the next million years. (laughter) (L) They said that? (Perceval) Something long term like that, yeah. But they framed it in terms of how there might be two suns this year, and then down at the bottom, "could be this year, could be in a thousand years..." or whatever. (L) What's next? (Andromeda) Were the protests in Egypt orchestrated by the US and Israel?

A: No, but once started they certainly put their team in position. Global revolution is desired by them exactly as Reed described.

Q: (L) Douglas Reed? As in “The Controversy of Zion”?

A: Yes.

Q: (Andromeda) So that leads to the next question: How close are the Zionists to fulfilling their biblical end time scenario?

A: They expect things to ripen within two years.

Q: (Perceval) Is it possible that it's a preparation for a war of some description in the Middle East with Israel vs. the Arabs?

A: Possible but not likely as you imagine it.

Q: (L) I think he's imagining that they're really adversarial. The people are being made to be adversarial, but I think the powers in control even in the Arab world are all in cahoots. (Perceval) I was thinking in terms of basically where there would be a major conflagration in the Middle East and the Jews and the Palestinians and everybody would be destroyed. They would set scene where there would be a sort of pan-Arab nationalism that would turn against Israel... (L) Yeah, I think that's really possible, but they think they're going to be able to do a controlled burn and I think it's going to get out of control in ways they don't suspect.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Israel is a country that's full of the most concentrated bunch of psychopaths probably on the entire planet, and they certainly don't want to destroy their own kind. But they do want to destroy the Arabs. (Perceval) And in their hubris, they may end up destroying themselves. (L) Well, that's usually what they do. Lobaczewski said that the germ doesn't understand that it's going to be killed and destroyed and burned along with the death of the body it's infecting. And I also think that they don't take into account real earth changes. It's not that they can't think about preparing for some of these things, because obviously some of them do and they are preparing. But they don't seem to have this ability to really understand... they're able to plan for something that's going to happen, like if scientists tell them there's going to be some kind of comet or whatever, they can build some seed bank. Okay, so they can do that. But they're not ABLE to understand the implications and outcome of an action they're taking right now as an immediate response to something that they think is going to turn a certain way. They think that what they're going to do is totally rational - it's like game theory. They've found that game theory doesn't work on everybody! I think it's like Lobaczewski said: they're trying to fish out all of these people who are going to respond the way they think they are, and then they are repeatedly disappointed that so few actually do when push comes to shove. In real human beings, something responds in them. (Perceval) So, they can't imagine how normal human beings could react when their backs are against the wall and they're in a real state of chaos. (Ailen) Or if there's a real food shortage. (Perceval) They've never been there really, what they're planning for.
(L) Okay, what's next?
In the following, there is: "The real war, as you know, is on normal people via proxies." and "What really matters to the people is the coming Earth events for which they are entirely unprepared."
Q: (L) Next question? (Andromeda) Is the whole show to cover up the oncoming comets?

A: Partly, though even the higher level players may not be totally aware.

Q: (Atriedes) Why is there this big show with the British House of Lords or Commons or whatever, and suddenly there are all these speeches in Congress about taking back the power to declare war, and suddenly Obama changed from just going to war to, "Oh, I'm gonna go talk to Congress!" Why is there this whole big show about that aspect?

A: Drama to keep the masses off their backs about what really matters.

Q: (Ark) What really matters I think is that once in awhile you have to get rid of the old missiles, because they're costly. It's much better to get new ones so you have to get rid of the old ones. For the French and for the US; you have to get rid of them.

A: What really matters to the people is the coming Earth events for which they are entirely unprepared.

Q: (L) I guess what matters to them in the short term is jobs and the economy, all of which is related to climate change?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So they're not doing anything about climate change - and I don't mean global warming, either. I mean what's going on here on the planet right now in a big way. They're not doing anything about that, they're not doing anything to straighten out the vast inequity between the rich and poor... (Perceval)Are we talking about this Syria business at some level having been decided upon...

A: Yes, of course! Who do you think sent in the people to stir up that mess??!?

Q: (Perceval)Well, there's all sorts of talk about strategic colonial agendas: pipelines and blah blah blah...

A: Have any of their plans worked thus far except to put billions in their pockets?

Q: (Perceval)So it is just a racket!

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval)For making money and distracting people. (L) And distracting the people from kicking them out of power by keeping the people afraid.

A: Yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Q: (Perceval)See, that's just unthinkable to me, that they'd have a war just to have a war for no other good reason than to make money.

A: That is psychopathy for you!

Q: (Atriedes) Right before Hillary Clinton went all evil with the Libya thing, I noticed that she suddenly swelled and became very inflamed looking. And then John Kerry right before this Syria thing, he got a lot more puffy and now he has this weird lazy eye, his eyes swelled, and his face, and he's starting to puff out, too. Is that kind of like the sign that they've turned evil when they become mega-inflamed?

A: Evil takes its toll on the body.

Q: (Atriedes) So, cutting out the evil is more important than cutting out the calories. (L) Pretty much! (Andromeda) So, there's no intent of pushing people to a revolution with some of this revolution hype and drama...?

A: Sure! It will make billions for some people and others plan to come in and set up shop on the ashes. But as we just asked: When have their plans for results actually worked as they present them?

Q: (Ark) I think there is another reason. You start the war, and then you let some kinds of these rebels to have access to nuclear weapons. Can you imagine how much more Homeland Security you will be able to have then if you let all these "Islamist rebels" get these weapons? Give your enemy advanced weapons, pretend you are helping them to get rid of Assad, and then later, "Oh, we didn't know they are terrorists, but now they have access to these weapons! We have to close our borders! We have to control everything!" (Andromeda) It's creepy, some of these reports of Homeland Security making these huge orders of hollow point bullets, and building these compounds with fences... It looks like they're kind of getting ready for some revolution or something. (Perceval)I wondered if those reports are just...

A: The real war, as you know, is on normal people via proxies.

Q: (Kniall) Are the Russians really trying to stop this?

A: At the moment.

Q: (Perceval)So...

A: Putin is also not so heartless.
Sometimes an event offers "an opportunity for people to wake up, see what is going on, and take action." But it does not always happen.
(Menrva) I wanted to ask about Ferguson, Missouri. We wanted to know if the events there were a marker?

A: Not a marker per se, it was an opportunity.

Q: (Perceval) It was an opportunity for people to wake up, see what's going on, and take action. But they didn't. It was a missed opportunity by the people.

(L) Yeah.

A: The killing will continue until even the "silent majority" find their voice. They were silent at the exposure of Ferguson and many previous incidents. But notice that the anger is still building and psychopaths always miscalculate.

Q: (Pierre) That's a message of hope. There will be a reaction eventually.

(Perceval) They'll miscalculate in that they'll allow the killing to continue, and they don't realize that there's a breaking point where there's a string of murders, just killing people gratuitously in the street, and that will trigger large percentage of people...

(Andromeda) Something will break...

(Perceval) And that's what they can't budget for because they're psychopaths. All of these shootings by cops are the result of the ponerization of America and the influx of psychopaths into society and into positions of power; more ordinary psychopaths, the only place they can get power is the police force; so, they flood the police forces because they're not smart enough to be politicians. Then they get guns and start shooting people. That's not part of their plan. I mean, I don't think they're trying to incite revolution by killing people. It's just a function of psychopaths in the police force doing what they do. It's going to be a war between them and ordinary people.

(Andromeda) It'll be like in V for Vendetta.

A: Psychopaths see these events as reasons to impose more controls, but that only results in more pressure and more anger which will reach a global tipping point.

Q: (Pierre) Doesn't it mean national or international revolt?

A: "Tipping points" can be other than human initiated actions.

Q: (Pierre) Cosmic reactions.

(L) Yeah.

(Perceval) Earth changes.

(Pierre) It would have been better that humans react. {Note: if humans don’t take care of their problems, the cosmos will.}

(Chu) But that makes sense like with dictatorships where people were oppressed and killed in front of other people, and still the people submitted. If it's not a cosmic type of reaction, people won't react now. They just don't have it in them.

(L) Yeah, I think the big key to what's going on here is the global nature of the repression, the killing, the suppression, you know?

(Perceval) It's linked because they say, okay, the effect of psychopaths can cause people to rise up and have a revolution. But other than that, it would be nature. It reminds me of that 2004 tsunami when they said...

(L) “If you can't create within, you create without”. When people's creativity is suppressed...

(Perceval) …it manifests externally. It was a wave of creativity that was being suppressed, and it was a wave that came in and destroyed everything, you know what I mean?

(L) Yeah.

(Pierre) There's a circle, or negative feedback loop described with the dynastic cycle {in “Earth Changes and the Human-Cosmic Connection}...

(L) That's a positive feedback loop of negative events.

(Pierre) Yeah, you're right. More earth events, more desperation, more control, more anger, and it keeps feeding itself.

(L) Okay, next question?

(KJN) Will Israel get its comeuppance and the Gaza atrocities abate?

A: Israel will certainly "pay the piper", but perhaps not soon enough.
In 2015, there was a situation in which the USA was exhibiting symptoms of a "Color Revolution".
(Perceval) Is it likely that this kind of social chaos as a result of the economic collapse or whatever would be predominantly in the USA?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) The US is a powder keg. It just needs the right spark.

(Perceval) It's got all the right ingredients right now. You've got so many people in big cities dependent on supermarkets and stuff. And then you have the police state well-trained to deal with uprisings. In other countries, they don't have quite so well-organized police state to put down social unrest.

(Andromeda) And the people aren't quite as helpless either, at least in areas like this one.

(Perceval) In urban centers in the US, there are a lot of people who are just completely dependent on supermarkets and the system in general from one day to the next.

A: Notice that the USA is exhibiting all the symptoms of a "Color Revolution".

Q: (Perceval) So, someone in a position of power somewhere in the US is planning to sort of stage-manage the social unrest or revolution after an economic collapse?

A: More or less. However all may not go as planned.

Q: (Perceval) Well, the whole Ferguson, Missouri shooting last year...

A: Outside influences may intervene.

Q: (L) What do you mean "outside"?

A: Cosmic.

Q: (L) And this is what you're talking about in the next few months?

A: Takes time.

Q: (L) So, basically it's something that takes time after economic collapse. It will take time to develop.

(Perceval) For the situation to become increasingly worse. Last year we had the Ferguson thing, and then all the police shootings since then... It's conditioning the population to accept police brutality.

(L) But the population's not going to accept it.

(Perceval) That's where it might go wrong.

(L) Either that, or they're trying to push them into a revolution. I don't know if psychopaths really understand that. I think maybe they try to condition the people, but then...

(Perceval) Or condition some of them.

(L) I don't know what the hell's gonna happen. It's all just really scary.

(Perceval) If you have social unrest and violence with the country going down the tubes, and like they said before about it being magnified by cosmic energies... I'm just having a vision of widespread upheavals, armed gangs going around and fighting with police, and so on. But at the same time, you might have tornadoes, earthquakes, cometary impacts, or flybys that set off volcanic eruptions... A perfect storm of craziness.

(Andromeda) And all starting within the next couple of months.

A: Close enough!
A year and a half later, after Donald Trump had won the election in November 2016, the possibility of a revolution in the US was back on the table.
Q: (L) Two bible passages have been brought to my attention today. One is the passage from Revelations about the w-h-o-r-e of Babylon being dressed in scarlet and purple, and of course Hillary Clinton wore purple in her concession speech to Donald Trump. And now we have the lovely verse that Joe presented to me from the Apostle Paul. What does it say?

(Joe) It says, "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed." (1 Corinthians 15:52)

(L) So anyhow, basically it includes the words "last trump" which is fascinating in terms of the transcripts I’ve been reviewing recently. As Joe pointed out, the text has Trump, zombies and sudden changes... Everything that is happening at this point in time. It's all cheerful good news! Okay, what are our questions? We want to ask about this election. First of all, did Hillary actually win the popular vote as is being said at the present time?

A: Not by a long shot!

Q: (L) Why are they saying so?

A: Vote manipulation ex eventu.

Q: (Joe) What was the real percentage of the popular vote that Trump got?

A: 63 percent.

Q: (Niall) What percentage of eligible voters actually voted?

A: 58

Q: (Joe) Did they give her the popular vote in an attempt to secure a win for her?

A: They are trying to foment revolution.

Q: (Joe) So they give her the popular vote so that all these people can say, "She won the popular vote. He's not my president!" And that's what all these people in the streets are using right now.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright. This is something that's bugging me. Two people told me Trump was a pedophile because he was hooked up with this Jeffrey Epstein. Obviously, nobody is claiming that Trump is an angel or pure as the driven snow. Trump himself doesn't say so. But that kind of bothers me. Did he ever knowingly... How to ask that?

(Pierre) Did he knowingly have sexual interactions with an underage individual?

A: No

Q: (L) So, whoever is making these claims or charges or whatever... It's either a setup, or...

(Joe) You know who's actually leading the most recent one? He's been accused of having sexual whatever with a minor and the girl is being kind of "taken care of" or groomed by a former producer of The Jerry Springer Show.

(L) Oh, you're kidding?

(Joe) He's a diehard anti-Trump kind of guy. I mean, The Jerry Springer Show?!

A: Consider the source.

Q: (Joe) Is it possible that when the Electoral College people meet on December 19th to effectively ratify Trump as president that some Republicans would end up not voting for Trump and give it to Hillary?

A: Not likely as that would draw unwanted scrutiny to the claims by Trump et al.

Q: (Joe) About the election being rigged... They can't undermine their own "democracy", basically.

(L) What else about this crazy election?

(Chu) Was this a real miscalculation?

A: Indeed!

Q: (Chu) They really did want Hillary?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Something that was bugging me during this election was the flip-flopping of this FBI guy Comey. He reopened the already closed case eleven days before the election, then two days before the election he said there was nothing to indict and it was closed again. What is the main cause of this flip-flopping in the FBI?

A: Pressure within the agency.

Q: (L) So in other words, it was actually what we thought at a certain shallow level of analysis: he was under pressure to reopen, so he did. Then he came under even greater pressure to close?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So sometimes, things are a little simple.

(Pierre) It's not monolithic. There are factions.

(L) Yes.

(Niall) What could have happened was similar to the leaks about Hillary's nomination for the Democratic party. An insider could have revealed these FBI docs and left the higher ups to...

A: Yes

Q: (L) What else about the election? The responses so far kind of wiped out all of my other questions.

(Joe) What are the chances of success of fomenting a revolution on this Hillary business?

A: Fair, but will likely fizzle.

Q: (Joe) Based on these figures, they've only got 27% of the population to pick for their revolution. And most of those people who voted for Hillary are a bunch of wussy millennial progressives.

{NOTE: If only 58% of the population voted, and 63% of those voted Trump, then if we assume that all other people who voted picked Hillary, that works out to 37% of the 58% who voted - which is max 21% of the total population who voted for Hillary.}

(L) They're mostly precious snowflakes. {laughter}

(Niall) They found themselves on the wrong side of history. They should have the militias all up in arms.

(L) Yeah, but the militias aren't up in arms because they're behind Trump!

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's the only way they could have a proper revolution is if they could turn this around, dump Trump out, and get Hillary in. Then they might have a revolution.

(L) Yeah, but then they might lose their heads.

(Joe) Right.

A: Exactly! Between a rock and a hard place!
Nothing too much happened in the US in 2015, or in 2016. In August 2017, there was mention of being close to being on the verge of a revolution, "which is like a step away."
(Niall) Is the USA on the verge of revolution?

A: Close.

Q: (Niall) Close to a revolution, or...

(L) Close to the verge of a revolution, which is like a step away. I'm noticing more and more on Twitter that people are talking about revolution. It started probably a week ago, and I'm not sure what exactly triggered it, but something did.

(Pierre) I think what triggered it is that it seemed lately that there's been such an accumulation of lies and injustice. You really have to be blind to be in the US and not to see what's going on. And that's one of the great virtues of Trump I think. Even if he failed to reach the goals he had defined, he has tremendously exposed how corrupt the media and politics and Deep State are.

(Joe) Potentially, he's exposed the reality of the Deep State to a lot of people and shown that there's a power behind the throne, and always has been.

(L) If there's anybody in the US who doesn't know how corrupt and how evil the media and politics is by now, they must be living in the backwoods with no radio, TV, or contact with the outside world.

(Joe) The most frustrating thing about it is that all these people who are anti-Trump and who are dismissing everything he says or everything he might have exposed like in terms of a power behind the throne, they dismiss all that because they don't like HIM.

(L) It's personal.

(Joe) Yeah, it's personal. So there are so many people who just don't believe anything he says about the media, and about Congress, and all the hints he's making that basically he's being screwed over by some other power... They're just laughing at him because they started out at the beginning just hating him: Not My President! Ya know? I dunno how many people are like that, but there are a lot of people just missing the whole lesson and the whole opportunity to see all that.

(L) That's exactly what they did in the Ukraine. Drove the elected president out, and then the CIA came in and took over.

(Joe) And you see what happened afterwards. If that's what happens in America...

(L) So they're trying to drive him out, so... It's just a real ugly situation right now, and I dunno how smart Trump is. I dunno what kind of advisors he's got. I know he ought to get rid of that son-in-law. Well, he can't do anything! The only thing he COULD do would be to call on the people to start a revolution.

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) His only allies are among the people. Among the elite, he's...

(L) They're ALL corrupt.

(Pierre) And they're all against him.

(Joe) Everything that has been done has been designed to discredit him and make him look incompetent in the eyes of as many people as possible. And it's worked.
Final thoughts
A "Global revolution is desired by them exactly as Reed described." and "The killing will continue until even the "silent majority" find their voice. They were silent at the exposure of Ferguson and many previous incidents. But notice that the anger is still building and psychopaths always miscalculate." Still, "The real war, as you know, is on normal people via proxies."and "What really matters to the people is the coming Earth events for which they are entirely unprepared."


The Force is Strong With This One
Just a gentle reminder:
The matrix has many holes.

Creativity leads to freedom.

Here in Croatia, when things get tough, we like to quote our beloved writer Miroslav Krleza and his Ballads of Petrica Kerempuh, which remind us of some universal truths (usually we hug each other drunkenly while singing in heavy dialect).

There never was a now

but it was somehow,

nor shall it happen now

without we’ll have somehow.

For because: if it were that it weren’t somehow

it were nohow, nor yet how it were.

For it was alway that it were somehow,

thus as it was, yet not that it were nohow.

So it will alway be that it will be somehow,

be that which will have been as it may have been.

For it never hath been that there hath been no thing,

thus it never may be that there were no thing.

‘Tis how ’tis, thus it ever was,

’twill be how ’twill be, yet somehow how ’twill be.


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On the home page you'll find a list of categories and subjects therein. Clicking any of those will give you a complete overview of all available topics on any subject in any category.

Hope this helps you out. :-)
Yes Thank you


The Living Force
Q: (Joe) What are the chances of this segregation of society between vaccinated and unvaccinated people being successful in France?

A: Not high. Other events may intervene.
Recently we are witnessing a crazy push by governments to get jabs into our arms, as if there is no tomorrow!
I think with the Covid jabs the Lizards want to firmly keep everyones heads underwater. The Vaxx, I think, has a ruinous effect on FRV, it takes away the chance to evolve / graduate-to-4thD on the level of the genetic body. Give the worlds best fiddle player [soul] the worst, crumbling, torn, ruined fiddle [Vaxx-ruined body] and see what music he / she will be able to play with that instrument!

The C's alluded to a flowing The Current™ - starting sometime in the future - , which might have the effect to make any receptive people, who have the DNA - to get energized and flooded with industrial-strength currents that may be naturally flowing on 4thD. I think the Lizzies are afraid that We The People might get touched by this flow and start to change and learn how to use this new type of energy.

I think, there have been at least half a dozen Hollywood writers, directors already, who got inspired by what's going on in 4thD. They created excellent TV Shows or movies depicting people getting empowered, learning how to use the elemental energies of fire, water, air, earth. Resulting in the following new abilities:
Teleportation, flying, telekinetics, directing the flow of lightning / electricity, influencing 3G-4G-5G-6G communication / computer networks, matter=>energy conversion, phasing/tunneling through solid objects. Healing, getting very strong, sporting super-tough skin and bones, etc..

For the Lizards - who cut our ancient DNA - its always bad news, if their slaves, The People might get into a position, where they might receive new powers giving The People the chance to shake the Lizzies / Deep States Totalitarian Yoke and get free.

I think this might be the reason, why they are desperately forcing the Vaxx. To close people out of such avenues, to ruin their genes, ruin their chances of graduation. People - like barnyard chicken suddenly growing wings - might very well break free. Masses spontaneously manifesting powers and learning to use them is ruin for the Lizzies feeding plans.

There are a lot of very skillful tacticians emerging from among The People already, planning and strategizing a Greater Reset = how to nullify and bring down this budding totalitarian dictatorship that we are witnessing as being created now. Imagine what these tacticians will be able to do if they get 4thD powers!

Via spike protein, DNA shedding, the unvaxxed are being pushed towards ruin and slavery, to be kept at the Deep State's heel forever. They want to keep us in poisoned social & living environments.
On the other hand:
The Current™ might even have a DNA-regenerating effect, restoring our original full set of ancient DNA, maybe exponentially enabling us to evolve energetically. A regenerated energy body might mean rejuvenated physical body. That would certainly mean we are heading toward a Level Paying Field!


A: No. Nano particles act as antennae for strange waves which then send signals to the body inducing modification on the next level of physicality.

Are there additional nano particles or are they talking about lipid-PEG nanoparticles in the vaccine? Or are these nano particles made of Graphene Oxide as discussed in some articles?

As per FDA's fact sheet and this website - the vaccines include the following ingredients :

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is made of the following ingredients:
mRNA – Also known as messenger ribonucleic acid, mRNA is the only active ingredient in the vaccine. The mRNA molecules contain the genetic material that provide instructions for our body on how to make a viral protein that triggers an immune response within our bodies. The immune response is what causes our bodies to make the antibodies needed to protect us from getting infected if exposed to the coronavirus.

Lipids – The following lipids are in the new COVID vaccine. Their main role is to protect the mRNA and provide somewhat of a “greasy” exterior that helps the mRNA slide inside the cells.
  • ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis
  • (2-hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide
  • 1,2-Distearoyl-snglycero-3- phosphocholine
  • cholesterol
Salts – The following salts are included in the Pfizer vaccine and help balance the acidity in your body.
  • potassium chloride
  • monobasic potassium phosphate
  • sodium chloride
  • dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
Sugar – Basic table sugar, also known as sucrose, can also be found in the new COVID vaccine. This ingredient helps the molecules maintain their shape during freezing.

The Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine is made of the following ingredients:

mRNA – Like the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, Moderna’s also uses mRNA technology to build antibodies against COVID-19.

Lipids – The Moderna vaccine also requires lipids to help deliver the mRNA to the cells.
  • SM-102
  • 1,2-dimyristoyl-rac-glycero3-methoxypolyethylene glycol-2000 [PEG2000-DMG]
  • cholesterol
  • 1,2-distearoyl-snglycero-3-phosphocholine [DSPC]
The remaining ingredients (below), including acids, acid stabilizers, salt and sugar all work together to maintain the stability of the vaccine after it’s produced.

  • Acetic acid
Acid Stabilizers
  • Tromethamine & Tromethamine hydrochloride
  • Sodium acetate
  • Sucrose

I would like to understand which nanoparticles are being referred to by the Cs.


Padawan Learner
(Joe) In the US, there are certain states - notably Florida and Texas - which have been exemplary in their pushback against this Covid nonsense. They didn't lock down, they opened and returned to normal more quickly, etc. That's kind of strange in a sense because you wouldn't expect that to come from the US - or at least we wouldn't. My point is that right now and over the past year, Florida and Texas were good places to live given what people in most places in the Western world were subjected to. So my question is: What's the prognosis for places like Florida and Texas?

A: Suppression will be attempted...

Q: (L) Alright, I think we've covered what we had to cover, right?

(Joe) "Suppression will be attempted..."

(Andromeda) But not necessarily successful.

(Joe) Revolution?

A: Exactly. Remember the Alamo!!

In regards to recent events, I just realized that the Haitian migrant crisis currently unfolding at the border (ex. Texas lawmaker rips Biden over 'impeachable' offenses, urges Gov. Abbott to 'disregard him' -- is probably coming at least in part from the Biden administration as punishment for Texas' "rebellion" against their COVID mandates & etc. We'll have to see what happens next. Hair-raising times indeed!


The Living Force
FOTCM Member
Ditto Liam. There's enough hair on the rest of me, including my eyebrows,as well as the beard I'm cultivating, to more than compensate for my shaved head.
Let's hear it for hairy bald guys with beards! Super Antennas
It was this session that made me want to grow my hair out some, and maybe have better intuition. That and the mention of Native Americans' hair in the Dark Romance novels.

I don't have much hair on the crown, but I'm starting to get scruffy and am overdue for a shave. I looked up maintaining a beard and it seems too much trouble and involves various tools and products. I think I'll just go ahead and shave it close. There's still time to restart and have something bushy by Christmas. :lol:

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