Session 18 February 1995


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February 18, 1995

Frank, Laura, Terry, Jan, DM

{This is one session that I believed to be corrupted. The woman, DM, who attended several sessions, including the one immediately prior to this one, was the probable cause. There was a STRONG conflict between her and Jan. There were a LOT of peculiar things about this whole session, as you will see. It wasn’t just the attitude either. I think one of the clues was when they abbreviated the word "Cassiopaea," which was odd at this stage of the experiment. }

Q: (L) Do we have anyone with us?

A: Stop.

Q: (T) Stop what, our discussion of all this weirdness?

A: No. And it is not weirdness.

Q: (T) What does "Stop" mean?

A: Close doors.

Q: (L) Well, that is weird, they have never been bothered by the household noise before. (We closed the doors.) Who do we have with us tonight?

A: Teiurannea.

Q: (L) Okay, why did you want the doors closed and are you going to give us our answer?

A: There is usually too much interference from outside influences.

Q: (L) And we have with us...

A: Living room contains too much noise and static.

Q: (L) Well, they have never complained about it before... (J) It must be the TV.... (Laura instructs children in the next room to turn down television and get quiet.) Don't you like Star Trek?

A: Not problem.

Q: (L) What is the problem?

A: Noise and innocent banter.

Q: (J) It's the kids. (L) Well, they will be going to bed soon...

A: You will not have control of this session, so don't worry about asking silly questions, as before!

Q: (L) Well, that doesn't sound very friendly, does it? (T) Are you going to impart some information that you want us to just listen to and absorb?

A: Sometimes friendliness must be set aside to get your attention and redirect wavelengths.

Q: (T) You have the floor, redirect.

A: Pause... wait for important information to be directed through our channel. You forgot id inquiry.

Q: (L) Where are you from?

A: Cass. Children are not cooperating. {Laura sends children to bed. Much negative feeling engendered thereby.} Thank you. You need to be more open, remember, we are you!!!!!

Q: (L) Who is not being open?

A: Not issue. Can you imagine what it is like to look at yourselves as you once were, and to know you still are, and must communicate with yourself on a most unconventional level for union of purpose?

Q: (L) No, I don't think I could imagine that.

A: Well, try!

Q: (L) I am trying. I guess it would be like looking at yourself as an infant.

A: Okay. Continue.

Q: (L) Well, getting into the mindset of an infant we find that they have very little awareness of what is going on. Their awareness is primarily focused on meeting their personal needs, themselves, food, comfort, and the adult is worried about whether the roof leaks, whether the wind is going to blow the windows in and whether the wolf is going to come howling at the door, is that pretty close?

A: Progress!

Q: (L) So, you find us to be a bit trying at times?

A: We are you, you are us, we are literally one and the same.

Q: (L) So, you don't find us trying because it would be difficult to find oneself trying, but it is still possible to be dissatisfied with an aspect of one's personality? (J) Or, like loving someone and seeing what they could be and being a bit impatient that they are not?

A: Wow! What a concept!

Q: (L) Alright...

A: Laura, you still think we are a separate entity from you. You go around saying to people: "The Cassiopaeans said this, the Cassiopaeans said that." Don't you know it is you as you will be?

Q: (T) Faced with the fact that they were like this back then and they are trying to deal with it as it is, and they are trying to convince themselves back now, to open up enough to listen to ourselves there... or something similar to that. (J) Well, I think they have patience with us.

A: Close, Terry. It is fun to us to listen to you as you!

Q: (T) Cool! It's nice to know that I am entertaining myself in the future.

A: As us!

Q: (T) But, it's got to be frustrating because when you were us in your past, in third density, you didn't know enough to be able to communicate with yourself in the future. (J) Well, maybe they did. You don't know that.

A: Wrong! What do you think this is!

Q: (L) This is the future, the past, the present... (T) But, it is hard for you to understand that now as us stuck in 3rd density... they are me, we are all together, coo coo cachoo! (J) It's hard for us, it's not hard for them. (T) They are us, we are them.

A: Not hard for us in either point of reference.

Q: (T) Then why is it hard for us here to perceive what we there seem to understand? (L) Maybe it is not as hard for us as we seem to think it is. (T) Well, how do we get past it, then? How do we get to the point where we perceive what we need to perceive? (J) Let it go.

A: You are past it.

Q: (T) So, just by the fact that we are doing what we are doing, we are past that point. Now, all we have to do is to be able to open up more to be able to do this correctly?

A: Bingo zingo!

Q: (T) Obviously someone else of us likes to say "Bingo zingo," which you got from us back then when you were here because I never said "Bingo zingo." (J) It was Al. (T) Al, the hologram said bingo zingo...

A: Or maybe you changed and decided you liked to say it!

Q: (L) Alright guys, can I ask a question. I have had something bugging me all week.

A: Ask if you must, but we are going to have fun tonight.

Q: (J) I also want to ask about that sleep interruption I experienced. (T) We always have fun... why don't we let them run their stuff out... (L) Okay, run your stuff out...

A: No Laura, we are not the Lizzies; this is Cassiopaea calling. Worry not, channel is now permanently locked in, but damn those tapes!

Q: (L) You are giving me the heebie-jeebies guys. {I was really feeling that this session was off.}

A: You are too serious.

Q: (L) Well, somebody's gotta be!

A: No!

Q: (T) Well, you were going to give us some important information here... that is what you said in the beginning of this session...

A: All in due time, but first, we want to have some fun.

Q: (L) Well, go ahead. I want to see this happen, do it.

A: Lighten up, Laura. This is your other persona talking directly to myself!

Q: (J) This does not make sense. I don't like it when I can't understand it...

A: Persona. Jan, you always had trouble with the pens and pencils after you/I learned the computer!!!

Q: (J) That's true! I have to block print.

A: Now it's me/us, Jan.

Q: (J) So it was your persona talking to you, Laura.

A: Forget it, Laura, it was just only one of many, many learning experiences! They all enriched us tremendously.

Q: (L) What am I supposed to forget that was the learning experience?

A: Lifetimes of "woe."

Q: (T) Is this one of her/your lifetimes of woe?

A: They all are if we choose to view them thusly.

Q: (J) I have a comment to make to the Cassiopaeans. (T) Does this include 4th density life as well? (J) I may have a hard time writing, but half the time I am already anticipating what they are going to say and am writing ahead, so they should cut me some slack. (L) Cut her some slack, guys. (T) Cut, cut!

A: Slack cutteth!

Q: {Laughter} (T) I'm glad to know there is still humor when you get up to 6th level!

A: There is a lot here, not nearly enough there. Dear Jan, give the pen and paper to DM.

Q: (T) A dear Jan letter! {laughter} (D) I guess I'm sitting over here getting stuff too. I've been feeling kind of like a fifth wheel anyway.

A: I,we, heard, DM. By the way, this is us talking!

Q: (T) By the way can be abbreviated BTW, guys.


Q: (L) What does that mean? (T) By the other?

A: Bachman Turner Overdrive!

Q: {Laughter} (L) Well, Terry, if you didn't know that one you are really in bad shape! (T) Emerson, Lake and Palmer! Electric Light Orchestra! (L) Well, I just want to say something...

A: Okay, Laura, ask it if you must.

Q: (J) I want to ask about...

A: Laura first, we/she is about to jump out of her/our skin.

Q: {Laughter} (T) Ask away, my dear. (L) I wanted to ask, now you guys are going to be mad at me because I am going off on a very serious tangent...

A: We know, just ask it, already!!!!

Q: (LM) Is that New Yorkese? (L) The question I wanted to ask...

A: No, LM, Miami Jewishese!

Q: {Laughter} (LM) I thought they were in Cornucopia, not Miami! (J) Just spit it out! (L) My question is... (T) She forgot! (L) No, I didn't forget, I just have to figure out how to word this. As you know, I am reading this book about Holocaust victims reincarnating and remembering their experiences at this time. The question is, on one occasion you told us that the Jewish people, as a racial group, were Atlantean descendants, is that correct?

A: Some.

Q: (L) There is some. Can you give us that some?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is there some karmic element that was fulfilled by the Holocaust?

A: Of course.

Q: (L) Could you tell us what karma was being expunged in that activity, and what group the Jews represented?

A: This is not germane, but it was Atlantean overseers "expunging" guilt from that life experience.

Q: (L) So...

A: So what?

Q: (L) A couple of weeks ago I had an experience where I woke up in the morning and felt as though my tongue had been torn out. I felt the sensation of something unusual having happened. I would like to know what this was. {I actually woke up spitting blood from deep in my throat and it was on the night before I was to have an MRI done.}

A: It is not important.

Q: (L) I know you say it is not important, but this had some very serious ramifications for my physical body.

A: As always. And, have we not advised to concentrate less upon physicality?

Q: (L) Well, the point I am trying to get at is, if I was hauled out in the middle of the night by a bunch of Lizzies, or whatever, and worked on, I would certainly like to know about it. I know it's physicality...

A: You were not.

{Maybe not by Lizzies, but something very strange happened on that night. Something that had been seen in an X-ray was NOT present on the MRI that was done that morning.}

Q: (L) Okay Jan, ask your question, if you dare! (J) If I dare! I had an experience last week where I woke up about 20 minutes after I had gone to sleep, screaming my head off, because there was something standing by the bed. What was that?

A: Now Jan, you indeed were taken!

Q: (L) Who took her?

A: Our friends, the Grays.

Q: (L) What did they do?

A: Study update on psychic database.

Q: (T)

A: Mirth should never stop!

Q: {question lost}

A: Wrong concept.

Q: (T) Was Jan startled and screamed at the sensation of passing through a window?

A: Don't need windows.

Q: {question lost}

A: Usual abduction experience, as you are familiar.

Q: {question lost}

A: Okay.

Q: {question lost}

A: Yes.

Q: (T) The event seemed to have lasted, in our illusion of time, 20 minutes, because I was in the living room watching the television while this happened. But, the experience that happened to her may have lasted longer or shorter in our perception of time, correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, when she screamed... (J) Did I stop the abduction by screaming?

A: End, consciousness level border.

Q: (T) So, when I came into the bedroom, it had just finished?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) I had nothing to do with the ending of the event? Her screaming just alerted me.

A: You were diverted.

Q: (T) Well, that's easy enough to do for me. I'm easy to divert! Give me a computer screen and I'm diverted.

A: All are.

Q: (T) I'm in good company.


Q: (J) I have a follow-up question. After that happened, Terry made the comment that he...

A: DM, please join board!!

Q: (J) Do they want all four of you? (L) No. I don't want to talk to them tonight, they are being ugly! (D) They are making me feel awfully important!

A: Ugly is subjective. We are you, Laura.

Q: (L) I'm not sure I believe that.

A: Why would we be ugly to ourselves? But we understand imprisonment of physicality and its biological tendencies.

Q: (L) What kind of a snide remark was that? (T) They are just telling you that you understand. (D) We are just talking back and forth to ourselves. (T) They are us. We are us.

A: Snide is your, and also our, perception. Alas.

Q: (L) Well, sorry, but it seems to me that you guys are wasting a lot of time and energy. I mean, we stay up late at night to do this and...

A: Who determines waste factor?

Q: (L) Well, that's just my opinion.

A: Ours, too!!

Q: (T) Cause they are you and you are them... as the Beatles said: "Coo coo cachoo, we are the Walrus!" (D) Can't we just ask if they have something important to dispense to the human race or something like that? (T) Is there something more in the light of what you said earlier?

A: Is in process of being dispensed.

Q: (L) And when is that going to occur?

A: Is occurring now.

Q: (D) Well maybe this whole thing is just to let us realize that we are talking to ourselves from the past...

A: Part. Why resistance.

Q: (D) I guess we just understand it and we are waiting for the next thing.

A: We are not separate from you. Once this is recognized, progress will be made!

Q: (T) Yeah. You are us, we are you. (L) Alright, I want to ask what it was that I went through about a week ago when I felt like I was getting all kinds of stuff pumped into my system that I did not seem capable of coping with in terms of emotional control. What was going on?

A: Answered about one half hour ago as you/us measure time.

Q: (L) I don't remember asking a question about it or getting an answer. (J) You asked about your tongue. (L) I'm not talking about that.

A: No.

Q: (L) What are you talking about... the past life business?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, what precipitated that activity?

A: Ions charged by awareness opening in window of EM envelope, used to precipitate physical trauma in immediate surroundings. "Used to" refers to past tense.

Q: (L) Okay, so in the past, this kind of opening of a window in the EM envelope...

A: You have elevated.

Q: (T) You made a connection with other life experiences, and you were able to experience them in another way. (L) Well, it had some damn strange effects, that's all I've got to say about it! I wasn't very happy about it. (T) Will she be experiencing more of this now that she's made this elevation?

A: Yes. Each episode will be easier and easier.

Q: (L) Thank God! When do these guys get to enjoy that particular... (T) We haven't gotten to that point yet, or we may experience it in a different way. Is that it?

A: Sort of, each has their own issues.

Q: (T) Well, we are all doing different things as we move forward. (J) We all have different issues to work through.

A: Why wish agony upon another?

Q: (L) I don't wish agony upon another, I just want you guys to appreciate the utter agony... (T) They do appreciate... (J) And we do too... They went through it with you. You didn't go through it alone! (T) They are you!

A: Why wish agony upon another, all have personal trials, would you/us like to share?

Q: (L) In other words, be grateful that it wasn't worse. (D) I would like to ask a question because you probably understand it and I do not. If we are 6th and we are also 3rd, in the future, will we be another 3rd and another 6th... (F) In our 3rd density perception, since our time is linear and we are looking at us in the future, talking back to us in the present, but it is all happening at once because there is no real time. And, probably, I guess this also means that one day, which is also today, we will be 6th looking down here... (D) We will be doing the same thing over and over? (F) Sort of yes and no... I don't think we can quite grasp the whole thing... (T) The problem is...

A: You will grasp it when at 6th level!!! So, rejoice in the "here and now!"

Q: (T) Even at 4th we will understand more than we do now. They are giving us concepts that are beyond third level. They are working with us to prepare us so that when we move into 4th we will have a head start on what's going on. They are bringing us up to where we already are because we came from 4th level to come here to do this originally, to set the frequency and hold it so that others can move to 4th level. We came from 4th density to do this. They are trying to give us enough information so that we will remember... (F) It is kind of like Hansel and Gretel going into the forest and leaving a trail of crumbs so that they can find their way out. We came back from 4th to 3rd to do what we've got to do and we're going back to 4th but we've got to leave a trail for us to keep connected to where we came from... something similar to that, in any event. (F) Is your mind exploding, D__? (T) We, where we are now, don't grasp all this because we are not supposed to at this level.

A: Learning. Laura just gained one more strand, that is why it was so painful, okay?

Q: (D) Say! Congratulations! (T) Yup, she gained another strand and made Reiki Master! (L) I am in a bear of a mood! (T) Mirth! You in 6th density are enjoying the hell out of you now. We are going to take a break. (F) You gained a strand of DNA? Break

[Break and Discussion about why Laura's curiosity is so far-ranging and why expectations are so high.}

Q: (L) Are you with us guys? Of course, you are us!

A: Yes, something like that.

Q: (T) Why will Laura never be satisfied?

A: You are insatiable.

Q: (T) Are you insatiable? That's why everything is flowing on you, cause you're insatiable. (L) Oh well, we all have our crosses to bear. (D) You are better at asking questions, would you mind asking "us" if my abdominal problem has anything to do with my DNA changing?

A: Beware driving tonight, DM.

Q: (L) Is DM's DNA changing and is this stomach problem she has been having evidence of this DNA change?

A: Yes and no.

Q: (D) Thank you. (T) Are you dudes or dudettes? No, we already asked that...

A: Background review.

Q: (L) I want to ask about the Reiki Mastership. We have discussed the charges, at least Susan and I have been discussing it, my feeling is that is should be made available to people for a lot less than what it has been going for, but at the same time...

A: Yes, but please now less personalization.

Q: (L) Is that a personal question?

A: Was leading to same.

Q: (L) Well, I beg to differ. It was not.

A: Expect 4.7 tremor in the U.S. within three days. In the N.E., Rochester, N.Y. Area. Faults exist near there. Mt. Vesuvius and Etna activity within calendar 1995. And Thera as well. In Africa, floods kill 1,000's in summer of 1995.

Q: (D) I think it might be very important for us to contact somebody and tell them how we got this information... (T) Are the volcanos related to the Japanese stuff?

A: Yes. Volcanic eruption under arctic ice in 1996.

Q: (T) Cool! (L) That ought to be a real zinger. (T) That will bring us some floods then!

A: No. Weather causing increased evaporation and yes, UFO flaps are caused by our activities and these communications!

Q: (T) Did we ask that? (J) No, but I have been thinking about it and we were talking about it earlier. (T) We are helping to create...

A: Causing, Terry.

Q: (T) We are causing this? (D) No..

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So what they are saying is that we are helping to open up the area so that this is happening more?

A: Blasting open huge window. Gigantic, biggest in recorded history!!!

Q: (L) And to think that all this started when I hypnotized Pat Z___. Just think, if she only knew what she did!

A: Not PZ, is our "Link-up."

Q: (L) Well, I was just kidding. (T) A little mirth there, guys. (L) Can I have a little mirth once in a while?

A: Yes and you are going to need all the mirth you can get.

Q: (J) I always said that the only way to get through life is with laughter. (F) That sounds rather ominous to me. (L) Yeah, me too. (T) The more we work this channel, the larger this window is going to become, is this correct?

A: Yes. And you will be busy.

Q: (F) Is that why we need all the mirth we can get, because we are going to be so busy?

A: Yes.

Q: (D) Should we be doing this more than one night a week? (L) No! (D) Oh, excuse me.

A: No.

Q: (T) One night is more than enough. (F) What do you want to do, drain me into entire non-existence? {laughter} (L) We tried it more than one night a week and it nearly killed us. (T) While we are blasting this window open, are there other people on the planet taking notice of this?

A: Getting side effects.

Q: (T) Will they eventually be able to pin down the source?

A: Maybe.

Q: (T) So, we better keep a lot of mirth cause we might be having visitors. (D) Is there something we can do to help them to locate this? (L) We don't want them to! (D) Oh! Why?

A: MIB's.

Q: (T) The Men In Black! No, DM, we don't want them to know where we are! Anybody who will come about us causing them difficulties will not be happy about it! (D) Oh, I didn't realize it was a difficulty. I thought it was good. (T) It is difficult for them... (D) I see, I see... (T) If what we are doing here creates more and more difficulties, side effects would be problems with communications, things of that nature...

A: But also able to channel stronger.

Q: (T) Okay. We will be able to channel stronger because we are growing in strength. Are we also causing some earth changes... are we part of that?

A: Symmetry.

Q: (L) Huh? (D) Things are happening together. (T) Cause and effect...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are we building a giant energy bubble around our area?

A: You are the guidepost of the destiny of the planet.

Q: (L) But Mom! I didn't want to grow up to save the world! {laughter} (T) Will they make a TV movie about us after this is over? This is mirth! (D) Are we ever going to be known for this? (T) I sure hope not! I don't want them coming down on us!

A: Wait and see!

Q: (L) I have a question now... Jan and I worked very hard the other day on trying to lay out our mail-out. Is this the preferred format or should we go with a different format... just bear with us... (T) We need some style input here...

A: Of course you are heading in the right direction, symmetry, synchronicity.

Q: (L) Is the Reiki symbol that I picked to put on the cover, is that going to help to power out this energy.

A: Maybe. Why not use the symbol given to you?

Q: (L) You mean the An nu ki?

A: Bingo!

Q: (L) Then we'll put the An nu ki symbol on it then, which is the three part pyramid. (Terry reviews predictions.) Are there more predictions?

A: No.

Q: (T) Well, I just wanted to make sure that we didn't go off on a tangent and miss something. Okay. (D) Did I ask if we are supposed to let that be known? (T) What's that? (D) This information and the predictions? (T) I guess it is up to us whether we want to tell anybody or not. Will anybody be hurt in the Rochester quake?

A: No.

Q: (J) It's just a small one. (T) Just enough to get their attention?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Okay, do we have other questions? (L) Yeah, I want to...

A: Small Fire in Illinois. Won't be tragedy, just inconvenient. Who has a farm in Illinois?

Q: (D) I'm from Illinois. My folks have a farm there. Is this the farm you are talking about?

A: Yes.

Q: (D) When will this happen?

A: Soon.

Q: (D) Is there anything I should do to prevent it?

A: No.

Q: (L) Alright, I want to ask a question. This is a trick question. It involves mind-reading. Please answer the question I am thinking.

A: Your dreams are valid.

Q: (DM) My dreams are valid?

A: No.

Q: (T) Laura's dreams?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) What dream? (D) your dreams are valid, Laura. (T) Was that your question? (L) Well, sort of. It could apply. (T) They answered your question before you asked it. (L) Yeah. I wasn't going to ask it out loud anyway. (T) If we could just get them to skip the questions and go to the answers, we would make a lot better time here.

A: Have.

Q: (L) In other words, my impressions of the ultimate outcome of this DNA switcheroo is...

A: Yes!

Q: (T) Any other questions?

A: Go to Pensacola.

Q: (L) Who wants to go to Pensacola?

A: I do, I do. {Laughter}

Q: (T) Is something going to happen in Pensacola?

A: Conference.

Q: (L) Is there a conference in Pensacola? (T) It's in October. (J) Are you talking about the October conference?

A: One before then.

Q: (T) There's another conference before the one in October? I don't know anything about this other conference.

A: Increasing activity in Florida panhandle, vortex. If you go to Pensacola you will see UFOs of all origins including yours truly.

Q: (T) Oh! It's your conference! And we've been invited!

A: Okay.

Q: (T) And we have tickets! Are you guys going to front for the hotel bill? That is, will we front the hotel bill for ourselves?

A: Silly.

Q: (L) I hate to come back to these mundane 3rd density questions, but that is an undertaking that requires a flow of energy called money. I mean, we can't just charge off to conferences every day, you know. (T) When is it that we are supposed to go. Is it that whenever we go, then will be the conference?

A: May.

Q: (T) Is there something in May? In Pensacola? (J) Project Awareness is in May but that's in Tampa. (T) Are you talking about the conference in May that is being put on by the Pensacola group?

A: Look and see.

Q: (T) You are talking about the conference in Tampa that is put on by Project Awareness? (J) Do you want us to physically go to Pensacola? This is beginning to sound like the Gulf Breeze Six, the guys that boogied out of Germany because they were doing the same kind of stuff we are, only they had someone else who told them to do that. Okay, in May we should go to Gulf Breeze?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Okay, the conference in Gulf Breeze in going to be in Tampa in May. (L) Well, maybe we should go there and all the UFOs will show up while they are all down here. That would be a gas! (T) Are we supposed to connect up with the C____’s?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Are we supposed to go in May before the conference?

A: Go back with them. See them here, then return.

Q: (D) What are we going to accomplish by going back with them?

A: Do a session and monitor the skies at the same time. Have someone posted outside with a video camera!!

Q: (D) Is that when we are going to go public? (T) We are already going public. This is when we are going to convince the nation. We have to go to the conference, get the C____ aside and...

A: Let's try to steer all these "Ufologists" in the right path.

Q: (T) I'm going to take my hand off so it won't start moving while I am talking. I don't want me to start off while I'm talking! Don't you love it?! Not only do you have to contend with you, you have to contend with YOU. When we do what we are doing, we are opening a window, as we have been told. Are we pulling stuff in that doesn't want to come through? Are we accidentally pulling people or beings through while we are doing this?

A: Windows provide for easier transport.

Q: (T) Yes, but what I am getting at is, is there some 4th density being just bopping along the 4th density lane who just accidentally falls through this window and goes: "What the hell!!"

A: It is conceivable. If 4th density "Lost Traveller" should show up at your door, please resist strong urges toward rejection.

Q: (T) We won't make them feel uncomfortable. (J) We will always welcome guests, yes. (T) They are always welcome here!

A: That was serious comment.

Q: (L) How are we going to know it is a 4th density "Lost Traveller?" (D) You guys, I am getting very, very weak.

A: Obvious.

Q: (L) Let's shut down for the night, I am pooped. (T) Any last words?

A: Goodnight.

End of Session
Laura said:
A: It is conceivable. If 4th density "Lost Traveller" should show up at your door, please resist strong urges toward rejection.

Q: (T) We won't make them feel uncomfortable. (J) We will always welcome guests, yes. (T) They are always welcome here!

A: That was serious comment.

I spazzed out at a skunk... ran into the house.... don't know how I'd handle a 4th density "lost Traveller".

Excellent session. Thank-you all.
In response to Harold's quote:

This would be the STO help the C's have been talking about for 16 years, i think. Interesting. I imagined when they show up, yes I imagined what it would be like, not that I would see 'em, that it's clear. because 4D STO does not lie / deceive. but it could be the idea of abridging free-will, or the way gurdjieff tested newcomers... Interesting. The C's basically like to tease Laura with 4D STO, but I find it nice, and intriguing. missed this mention before.
That was a deeply disturbing session. I don't know if it is possible for the energy that occurred in the session to somehow leave an imprint on the text, but I felt really uncomfortable reading this one. I had a feeling like I should be looking over my shoulder and not trusting anyone.

Although it could merely be a subconscious reaction the Laura's caveat at the intro, I've never had a feeling like that before. It actually made me fearful for you guys.

I feel like I need a shower.

I agree with Gonzo, though my "discomfort" seemed not to be as intense as his. But the whole session definitely had an "off" feel to it generally.
SeekinTruth said:
I agree with Gonzo, though my "discomfort" seemed not to be as intense as his. But the whole session definitely had an "off" feel to it generally.

I think it was just the effect of the "you in the future" that was connected to DM. Her "you in the future" isn't a very nice energy!

But, there was also "you in the future" as in me and the others present, too!
Hi Laura,

I have to admit, I was rather taken aback by the sense I experienced. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it spooked me more than anything my imagination has been able to conjure. I initially brushed it off as a result of suggestion, but it really stuck with me and still does, to a degree. Several hours later.

This you in the future as me is confusing. I originally thought the "you in the future" was you, which I soon extended to other regular participants. Then I updated that to consider it meant the soul group that you belong to. Not wanting to be presumptuous and imagining that I am part of such group, what is your current take on the meaning of "you in the future"?

Gonzo said:
I have to admit, I was rather taken aback by the sense I experienced. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, it spooked me more than anything my imagination has been able to conjure. I initially brushed it off as a result of suggestion, but it really stuck with me and still does, to a degree. Several hours later.

Yeah, it creeped me out at the time, too. That's why it is uber important to be constantly aware and challenge things.

Gonzo said:
This you in the future as me is confusing. I originally thought the "you in the future" was you, which I soon extended to other regular participants. Then I updated that to consider it meant the soul group that you belong to. Not wanting to be presumptuous and imagining that I am part of such group, what is your current take on the meaning of "you in the future"?

Well, I was kinda joking in what I wrote above. Read the next session after this one for an explanation.
This was my 18th birthday.

Strange to think you were in the States at that time Laura. Until that year I'd never been South, well, Southwest, but that fall traveled to Jackson, MS for 5-6 years, then Atlanta for 7 years, did not find your work until 2008.

Are the sessions on hault? I wonder about Leo and the circuitous route.

kind regards,

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