Session 18 July 2015


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Session Date: July 18th 2015

Laura, Andromeda, and Galatea at the board

Pierre, Perceval, Chu, Data, Windmill knight, Prodigal Son, Scottie, Niall, Ark, Noko the Wonderdog

Q: (L) Today is the 18th of July, 2015. [Review of those present]

A: Knowledge really protects.

Q: [Pause for adding talc to the board]

(L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Irieaniaea of Cassiopaea.

Q: (Galatea) Happy belated anniversary Irieaniaea and everybody else!

A: We have been noting the questions on your forum and would like to make some small comments.

Q: (Galatea) Okay.

(L) Hang on! I see something long is coming, so let me get myself ready ... Alright, carry on!

A: Questions about "The Great Work" and "work on the self" and the preparations for "graduation" and so forth. Most of the clues and even direct answers have been given in the past, however we will summarize and give examples. All such aims concentrate, in essence, on or in awareness! Awareness is knowledge in action. Now, think of the concept you know as transmarginal inhibition.

Q: (L) Okay. Transmarginal inhibition is when an organism is stressed or pushed to the point where they break. It's like they become blank slates, and then they can be easily reprogrammed. Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Yes. Now think of the superimportant bit of data we sought to get through to you some years ago regarding parasitic infestations preventing a "quantum leap in awareness."

Q: (L) So you're saying that awareness is the key to the Great Work, work on the self, graduating to 4D, or whatever. Awareness involves knowledge, and quantum leaps in awareness can be prevented by parasitic infestations, which is somehow related to transmarginal inhibition.

(Pierre) How does it relate?

(Perceval) It makes people easy prey. Like toxoplasmosis in cats.

(L) So, okay... Continue.

A: The recent discoveries you have made in terms of the causation of chronic and other deadly diseases is the gathering together of the keys to the opening of a door to greater awareness!!!!

Q: (Andromeda) Huh.

(Perceval) So you don't have the key yet.

(L) When you made that remark, that was years ago... That was in 1997? That was in the context, if I remember correctly, of when I was following bloodlines. You diverted my direction by introducing this topic about quantum leaps in awareness and parasitic infestation. And then I think the topic then moved on to the discussion of an alien race wanting to take over the planet and how they would do that. Maybe we could go find that session...

[Break for finding session transcript from August 9, 1997]

(Andromeda) So we get rid of all of these bugs, all the right DNA turns on, and then we become more aware and get superpowers. That's what I'm getting from this.

(Pierre) So regarding these bloodlines, are they for example people who would graduate, but they have some weakness and they get infested by parasites that prevent them from graduation?

(L) Is it a weakness, or is it by design?

L reads from August 9, 1997 transcript:

Q: Next question: is there any relationship between the fact that Roger de Mortimer, the carrier of the last of the line of the Welsh kings, was the lover of Isabella of France, who was the daughter of Philip the Fair, the destroyer of the Templars, and the murder of Edward II, the first of the English Prince of Wales?

A: Templars are a setup, insofar as persecution is concerned. Remember your "historical records" can be distorted, in order to throw off future inquiries, such as your own.

Q: I know that. I have already figured that one out! But, it seems that no one else has made this connection. I mean, the bloodlines that converge in the Percys and the Mortimers are incredible!

A: You should know that these bloodlines become parasitically infected, harassed and tinkered with whenever a quantum leap of awareness is imminent.

Q: Whenever a quantum leap...

A: Such as "now."

Q: Did Isabella and Mortimer have a child while they were in hiding in France?

A: No. Here is something for you to digest: Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???

Q: And what is this obvious thing?

A: Even if speed of light travel, or "faster," were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space "ark," living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.

(L) So... Are you suggesting that, for example, if there are people who get infectious diseases that cause atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, or any of these so-called autoimmune diseases, that these diseases are not genetically caused as they have been saying for the last 50 or 60 years, but that perhaps they were designed for people who carry certain genetic markers in their DNA, which then get labeled as the causative gene? Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Very close indeed. There is also the "tinkering" that can take place.

Q: (L) So in our particular reality and time and place, the so-called "Great Work", the alchemical self-transformation, must necessarily include work on diet and health issues and a vast increase in knowledge in those areas in order to cancel out the effects of transmarginal inhibition?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I don't know of any better way to put it. Anybody else?

(Pierre) There seems to be something else. The way they refer to parasites is that they are preventing not only the gaining of knowledge and growth of awareness, but also this quantum leap. Maybe if you have parasites, you can still increase your knowledge and awareness, but you'll reach a sort of glass ceiling that prevents you from graduating.

A: Yes

Q: (L) What's the tinkering there?

A: The parasites act as receivers.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah. The parasites act as receivers. So when you are full of parasites, you are more under the influence of bad waves, or waves sent by bad entities. You're more susceptible to those messages. There's a bad influence on you beyond the parasites.

A: Getting free of parasitic microorganisms is one of the first orders of business for transformation.

Q: (Galatea) Would you say that the closer somebody gets to graduating, the worse things get? Like they start to feel worse?

A: In many cases, yes.

Q: (L) If you get too smart, then something happens. I wonder if they even have something designed into the system that makes that happen?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) They have a back door.

(Perceval) When they said that the parasites act as receivers, receivers of what?

A: Waves of information.

Q: (Perceval) The reference to bloodlines becoming parasitically infected, does that refer to certain bloodlines that were particularly targeted for infestation?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) As in bloodlines or genetic profiles that were more likely to have an increase in awareness or to be more of a threat to the system?

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's pretty freaking depressing.

(Pierre) That's cunning.

(Perceval) What did they say about the tinkering?

(L) Okay, how is the tinkering done?

A: Most often via viruses.

Q: (L) Is the campaign to vaccinate everyone part of this project to make sure that everybody gets the viruses that are needed to stop them from progressing?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I know you said that the mark of the beast is something that relates to anybody who accepts torture and that sort of thing, but some of those old ideas about the mark of the beast, it's like DNA is code... So, maybe have these virally implanted genetic instructions could be considered as the mark of the beast.

A: It goes together!

Q: (L) So if they get these virally implanted DNA codons or something, that then makes them of the type of person who is accepting of the bad waves and the torture and so forth...

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) Can we assume that most of the population of the planet is infected with these kinds of parasites?

A: Many, not most. Some have strong resistance. And also, some have compensatory counteractive codons.

Q: (L) So somehow, by virtue of natural selection I would imagine, some people manage to get lucky draws and get a set of genes that are highly resistant to this type of manipulation?

A: Yes. Or at least with compensation.

Q: (L) So, when you say "compensation", that would be similar to the example of somebody who has sickle-cell anemia, which also protects against malaria? So you could have something that makes you susceptible to a condition, but at the same time the way you are susceptible also makes you resistance to something else? Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Yes. Close.

Q: (Chu) But the fact that these people are immune sort of doesn't necessarily make them aware, right?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) You need the knowledge, too.

(Perceval) This parasitic infestation to control people is over and above ponerization, psychopathology, media brainwashing, etc. People who don't have this parasitic infestation...

(L) And I'm sure there are lots of people who don't have the susceptibility who don't give a crap about knowledge or awareness or graduation or anything.

(Pierre) But is the opposite true? Can you have the great resistance, and the potential to graduate as well?

A: In some cases, yes.

Q: (Perceval) So it's basically wasted on a lot of people in a certain sense.

(Pierre) At least they're not sick.

(Perceval) No, the people who want to fight against the system and who care about the state of the world and the lies and all that stuff, they don't have the immunity. But the ones who do have it, they're not influenced by the waves but they don't care.

(Galatea) So is there positive information we can acquire somehow to combat the negative information?

A: We have given you the data and clues. Knowledge must be acquired via efforts so as to make proper connections and pathways in the brain.

Q: (L) Why is it so important to make connections and pathways in the brain?

A: That is, quite simply, building your receiver!!!

Q: (L) So, it is important to acquire knowledge, information, and to do it in a way that builds your brain power because that's your receiver. Your receiver receives...

(Galatea) Cosmic information.

A: Higher energies!

Q: (Chu) I would also think that the efforts are a key because that's like the enemy of a parasite. A parasite lives off other cells or other living organisms for free basically. But if you make an effort, you're actually using opposite information to what you’re wired to do.

(L) Yeah, when you make efforts, you're putting information into the system. They make no efforts, so they are tending towards entropy and chaos.

(Pierre) What Chu means is that there is almost opposing philosophies.

(Chu) It's like a clash. If they feed from your life force, their mode of living is by not doing anything and having your body do it for them. With effort, it's like a clash opposite to how they function.

(Pierre) If you're parasitic, that might resonate with the parasites' energy, and they find a positive environment. If you have the opposite energy, if you're creative and make efforts, maybe your overall energy will be in opposition to the parasites' intrinsic entropic vibration.

(Data) The same with conscious suffering.

(Perceval) I think the point here is that in order to make these pathways in the brain, one of the things that stops that from happening are these parasites. So, physically, getting rid of the parasites is required to create this positive feedback loop.

(L) I think you can acquire knowledge to a certain point, but...

(Perceval) We're talking about a physical problem here in the sense of doxycycline or whatever is necessary to deal with a parasitic infestation. It's not that some way....

(L) Yeah, you're not going to ephemerally deal with it, no. It's like all of our researches into diet. In 2008 after I had that operation, my brain was fogged and I was so... I couldn't even sit at my desk for 5 minutes without my legs swelling so bad, I had to get back into bed. I would be dead now if we hadn't gone on the... Well, if I hadn't browbeaten everyone and said, "Hey, I'm gonna do this thing here, and ya'll gotta do it, too!" [laughter]

(Chu) What I'm trying to get at is that it's a double whammy. If you're a doctor, you acquire the knowledge about the parasites, but if you're not building that willpower, you may get rid of the parasites but not acquire awareness. But if you act against the nature of a parasite while you get rid of the physical parasites, that's different.

(Perceval) People who have an immunity naturally, they don't get infested, but they don't do anything with the capability they have.

(Chu) So that's why you need the superefforts.

(L) There's another problem. There are two things I've noticed from various people on the forum. There are the ones that are so horrified by the terror of the situation, like, "I don't belong to this world! I'm not part of this! I can't eat meat! I can't eat vegetables. I have to live on air and sunshine because it's so awful and horrible that I just can't stand it!" So, there's that reaction. And then there's the other one where when we have a session, ideas are promoted, people start to do things or try things before they themselves have done a little of the research, ya know? I think there are the people who don't want to learn anything, and then there are people who want to do and achieve, but they want an easy way.

(Pierre) For proper acquisition of knowledge, you need a sufficient amount of time and effort and... suffering, basically.

A: There is no free lunch except maybe for parasites!

Q: (L) And we're their lunch as long as we think there's a free lunch!

A: Yes!

Q: (Data) Is that the meaning of humanity being "food for the moon"?

A: Close, though Gurdjieff did not fully understand all the particulars.

Q: (L) Well, one of things I noticed from reading this book "Plague Time" that I just finished is that many of the most insidious of the long-term chronic disease parasites are what they would call sexually transmitted: by sex, kissing, close contact, etc. It seems to me that based on what I was reading in this book, some of the ancient ideas about extreme sexual morality were directed at preventing just these kinds of conditions. Am I reading too much into it?

A: No, the knowledge was passed down until the reasons were forgotten.

Q: (L) Now, it's the really ridiculous religious rules or whatever, and originally there were scientific reasons for it. It's like the pork thing. There was a reason. There was a reason about pork and a way to deal with pork, but somehow they lost it. Now you've got all these Muslims going around with woman covering themselves head to foot and all the purity rules of the Jews, and the “no dancing” of the fundies and all that. Most of what is in the Hebrew Bible in terms of laws came from the Pythagoreans. So that suggests that Pythagoras was a transmitter of really ancient knowledge.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, well, well...

(Galatea) Can I ask a question? The C's have said that abstinence is ideal for graduation but only if it is sincere. So, what do you think about people who claim that they are asexual? Are they somehow superior to us, or what?

A: No

Q: (Galatea) Okay. So, what makes them feel the need to be asexual? Is it biology or what?

A: Discombobulated brain chemistry.

Q: (Galatea) So basically they're just messed up in the head.

(Perceval) Literally.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright, I'm tired. Anybody else got any quick ones?

(Perceval) What about the beach boom?

(L) Oh yes! What happened when this woman got boomed up on the beach?

A: Gas close to the ground confined within plasma.

Q: (L) So like a bubble. And then BOOM! Probably lit a cigarette, or there was a spark, or god knows what.

(Perceval) What are those so-called "Fairy Circles" in the desert in Namibia?

(L) What do they look like?

(Perceval) They're in the desert, and it's like really low brush or grass. But there are thousands and thousands of these circles.

(Andromeda) Small circles in the sand, but they've never been able to figure it out.

(Perceval) They're like dead patches in a circle where the grass doesn't grow.

(Andromeda) Like sand circles.

A: Related to fungal spread under surface.

Q: (L) Anything else?

(Galatea) I've been having memories of things that never happened before, as if I was walking in another reality and then came into a new one. I could have sworn that something happened that didn't happen. I'm wondering if our reality is merging with different realities?

A: Oh indeed! You will achieve so much clarity once the bugs are gone!

Q: (Galatea) It's so weird! It's like I walk into a new reality, and I remember the old, but I'm trying to get used to the new one. But it didn't actually happen. It's creepy!

(Data) Can I ask about the recent crop circle that looked like a half moon with a star? Crescents and a 4-pointed star.

A: Eclipsing realities coming soon!

Q: (L) It just stopped! It's like it's got an awful lot of drag on it. It's like all of a sudden it became very electrical and draggy.

(Galatea) Let's do a circle for energy.

(L) It hardly will do it!

(Galatea) Let's help it... There we go.

(L) Okay.

(Pierre) The crop circle looked a bit like an eclipse.

(Andromeda) How do realities eclipse though?

(Perceval) Crossing over, maybe?

(L) Well, we have a whole session on the subject of eclipsing realities.

(Ark) Okay, I have a question.

(L) Yes?

(Ark) Did we really have as I think a reality split concerning differences in remembering of me seeing this girl who visited recently?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) So in one reality you did, but in one reality you didn't.

(Ark) So, the following question: Was this something unique, or we should expect more reality splits?

A: Expect more! Be aware and alert! Unify or some may be left behind!

Q: (Scottie) So maybe the splitting reality thing might also explain why I remembered the girl’s name as something completely different?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright, what's your question, Chu?

(Chu) You'd have to help me out. They said that parasites act as receivers. Is it possible that when they said, "Who needs aliens when you have psychopaths?" that psychopaths have a specific type of parasite or antenna that is somehow channeling the information they get? Is that clear enough?

(L) In other words, do they have different parasites?

(Chu) Just like good people with good potential are targeted with parasites, do psychopaths have receivers that are specific to them?

A: No, parasites interact with genetics.

Q: (L) So that would be depending on the different genetics. Parasites aren't going to make you a psychopath. But the same parasite in this person who isn't a psychopath versus this other person who isn't can have completely different effects, I think.

(Windmill knight) Who made the crop circle that Data decoded?

A: Nonhuman.

Q: (Data) 4D or 6D?

A: 4

Q: (Data) STS or STO?


Q: (Galatea) The crop circle that the FOTCM symbol came from has a Yin-Yang symbol. Do you like Yin-Yangs?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) So they're a good symbol then. Happy Anniversary! Bubye!

A: Goodbye.

Lovely! Thank you for the session. It's so funny- I just had a little bit of spare time and decided since there was no new C's session, I would go to "Truth or Lies" and do some reading there. I had read about half a dozen paragraphs when the notification for this new session popped up!! Some very interesting information here. I had just started on a parasite cleanse a few days ago, so this is heartening and disgusting at the same time. But good to know I'm on the right track. Okay, going to go back and read it again, as I haven't digested it all yet. Thank you again.
Very intriguing session. Thanks for sharing with us. :thup:

Seems like they gave us another very important piece of the puzzle, thereby immensely reinforcing the current lines of research. :cool2:
Thank you very interesting and very complex session. I think it would be good to create a post for parasites, this seems to be one of the last key 4d. Another thing, the Cs say the crop circle was done by 4d sts and this is supposed to prevent an eclipse. So the question that they want to prevent? Illuminati cointeltro, archons. A war is a global event or will he go off to keep humanity enslaved?
Kisito said:
Thank you very interesting and very complex session. I think it would be good to create a post for parasites, this seems to be one of the last key 4d. Another thing, the Cs say the crop circle was done by 4d sts and this is supposed to prevent an eclipse. So the question that they want to prevent? Illuminati cointeltro, archons. A war is a global event or will he go off to keep humanity enslaved?

Keep in mind that what is being discussed here is not what we normally term "parasites", but microscopic pathogens including various bacteria, viriii and mycoplasmas. Please don't get shunted off on the wrong track!!!
Thank you for the session. Make sense with "parasites" ... was thinking about all those people on earth, even in EU, that never get vaccinated, as for example my grandma, and many elders in my country, and their food is also so much in line with paleo diet, and the water they drink was mainly rain or pure river water .... interesting, that there is probably many people around who do learning and want to expand knowledge, but due to their age they are not capable of using communication technology to connect with places like forum and FOTCM.

Any way quite interesting as just yesterday there was a strange experience i had with one person who start playing games on me, but now i can recognize how it is all so programmed, how behind the mask this person is trying to keep on, there is a beautiful character full of potential .... and my sadness was hard and difficult to bear, even though i understand the mechanic behind that behavior. And just after the unpleasant conversation we had Friday evening, that person got sick, vomiting, end up in hospital .... doctor said it is because of high blood pressure, some heart issues etc ... but when i heard that, i was puzzling the experiences from previous non fair game plays, as i had experience it before that if someone put me down relay badly playing games on me, not me personally, but more on the fact that i recognized that game is set up to be played, as a pattern in order to hurt me, but didn't let the person know that i am seeing through, that person will get into troubles but never sick or something like that ...

This time, physical sickens was maybe because we were physically related, what was also a kind of a very unusual experience. But sure i can't be objective on that, that is just my speculation .... so maybe if there is in our immune system some strength, and i have quite good immune system, if we do the Work and want to do more close relation to person that don't do the Work, maybe it can trigger "cleaning" physiology of the other person, in order to make it easier to get together. Even though that person don't know nothing about the Work and FOTCM and C's, i just did a brief introduction, as how we get connected, for me was like sort of a "teacher" was sent to me, to help me to work out certain things i was working on in my mind from reaidng books and forum stuff. And spending a week togeather really helped me, and increased my focus on the Work, but at one moment i realize that person got scared of the strong bounds we built in short amount of time, and insted to maybe talk more about it, the attack started, and i closed off and person get sick ...

any way thank you very much! :hug:

and let's continue with learning :lkj:
Thanks for this super-important session guys. I had a weird superhero dream just before I woke up to see a new session. I don't normally have those (other than the perennial flying dreams that have abated) but this one was just weird. I had watched a silly (light-hearted) sci-fi show earlier where nanites were used in "enhanced interrogation" situations. Questions were asked & upon "unacceptable" responses, the nanites (which were in vapour form & prisoners were forced to inhale them) would literally tear down any area of the body until an "acceptable" response was given, then the tissue would be completely regenerated as if nothing had happened! I only mention this because as I'm writing I'm remembering the weird "flavour" of the dream, & the portion of the show had me wondering if the vapour induced hallucinations or something. (before the nanite reveal which was my next guess) There was was one superhero in my dream who had a techno-wonder ability involving speed & agility that was utilized to catch criminals. It felt just weird (both as an observer & participant) & Imagining it now just seems fake, In the dream it was "hyper-real" & even the slight blurring effect due to speed of movement seemed otherworldly. Maybe like what witnesses to weird weather phenomena (trumpets, castles in the sky, fighting figures etc) experience?

The other superheroes involved a very targeted approach to catching criminals of a certain kind (the "flavour" of the dream) using combined abilities from multiple angles all at once. I just thought that it was interesting that I had this dream (about an hour ago) & it was somewhat intense & specific (sorta like my old "end of the world" dreams that many forum members seemed to be having a few years back) in both an unfamiliar, yet familiar way. Then this session pops up & talks about the current "biggest" thread on "parasites." Which has been on my mind increasingly since it began. I normally don't talk about dreams but it seemed like a strange synchronicity rather than a "grasping at straws."

Kisito said:
Thank you very interesting and very complex session. I think it would be good to create a post for parasites, this seems to be one of the last key 4d. Another thing, the Cs say the crop circle was done by 4d sts and this is supposed to prevent an eclipse. So the question that they want to prevent? Illuminati cointeltro, archons. A war is a global event or will he go off to keep humanity enslaved?

A: Getting free of parasitic microorganisms is one of the first orders of business for transformation.
Also see Chu's post.
trendsetter37 said:
Wow guys thanks for sharing!

Chu said:
For more background and important information regarding the topic of parasitic infestation, everyone might want to read this thread carefully if you haven't done so already!!


:read: Looks like I'll be making my way through this in full over the next few days.

Yeah, it's a long thread now, but actually, without reading it and the different discussions therein, this session may be misinterpreted or many clues missed. So, I'd say it's a must! We're not just talking out of the blue, or about theory. It IS that research that led to those answers. And anybody wanting to take some action in the suggested direction is going to have to do some research too. This is not something you want to try without first informing yourselves well. Happy reading! :thup:
Thank you for the session.
...Kefir, silver water, paleo food, cold protocol, breathing, it is a help for the soul ...

..and knowledge of everything...

Ave Cassiopaea!
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