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I am reminded of this entry from one of the session transcripts. I apologize for not giving a date, because, it was from an old program that I had saved several years ago on my computer and am unsure of the date.

Q: (T) In other words, we are looking at the fact that what's coming this time is a wave that's going to allow the human
race to move to 4th density?
A: And the planet and your entire sector of space/time.
Q: (T) Is that what this whole plan is about, then, if I may be so bold as to include all of us here in this. We, of the
beings of light who have come here into human form, to anchor the frequency, is this what we are anchoring it for, for
this wave, so that when it comes enough of us will be ready, the frequency will be set, so that the change in the planet
can take place as it has been planned?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) When this happens, will we piggy-back all those who are still unaware?
A: Open.

Joan the above session quote was from Session 26 November 1994 if that helps.


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I think this is a good example of the negative feed back lope, and the danger's of Hyper Dimensional activity's via sugar.

This event lead to the rise of the LBGT movement's. I remember about the Twinkie defense and thought wow, and how unusual but obliviously made no connection back then do to a major lack of knowledge. Clueless is in fact a better word.

Assassinations of George Moscone and Harvey Milk, (November 27, 1978).
White then fled City Hall, turning himself in at the San Francisco's Northern Police Station where he had been a police officer. While being interviewed by investigators, White recorded a tearful confession, stating, "I just shot him."

Trial and "Twinkie defense"
Main article: Twinkie defense
At the trial, White's defense team argued that his mental state at the time of the killings was one of diminished capacity due to depression. They argued, therefore, he was not capable of premeditating the killings, and thus was not legally guilty of first-degree murder.

Forensic psychiatrist Martin Blinder testified that White was suffering from depression and pointed to several behavioral symptoms of that depression, including the fact that White had gone from being highly health-conscious to consuming sugary foods and drinks. When the prosecution played a recording of White's confession, several jurors wept as they listened to what was described as "a man pushed beyond his endurance".

Many people familiar with City Hall claimed that it was common to enter through the window to save time. A police officer friend of White claimed to reporters that several officials carried weapons at this time and speculated that White carried the extra ammunition as a habit that police officers had. The jury found White guilty of voluntary manslaughter rather than first-degree murder.

Outrage within San Francisco's gay community over the resulting seven-year sentence sparked the city's White Night riots; general disdain for the outcome of the court case led to the elimination of California's "diminished capacity" law.[9][10] Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, a critic of forensic psychiatry, gave a speech to a large audience in San Francisco in June 1979 calling the White verdict a "travesty of justice" which he blamed on the diminished capacity defense.[11][12]

Alleged confession

In 1998, Frank Falzon, the homicide inspector with the San Francisco police to whom White had turned himself in after the killings, said that he met with White in 1984, and that at this meeting White had confessed that he had intended to kill not only Moscone and Milk, but another supervisor, Carol Ruth Silver, as well as then-member of the California State Assembly and future San Francisco Mayor, Willie Brown. Falzon quoted White as having said,

"I was on a mission. I wanted four of them. Carol Ruth Silver, she was the biggest snake ... and Willie Brown, he was masterminding the whole thing." Falzon indicated that he believed White, stating, "I felt like I had been hit by a sledge-hammer ... I found out it was a premeditated murder."[14]

NEW YORK (AP) — Coca-Cola COKE, -1.06% drinkers will get a chance to relive one of the company’s darker chapters as New Coke makes a comeback under a partnership with the Netflix NFLX, +1.77% drama “Stranger Things,” the companies announced Tuesday.

Season 3 of the show will take place in the summer of 1985, when Coca-Cola changed its formula for Coke. New Coke was considered one of the biggest marketing blunders of all time and the new version was dropped after 79 days, though sales of the original Coca-Cola rebounded.

“The summer of 1985 did in fact change everything for us with the introduction of New Coke, which was also arguably one of the biggest pop culture moments of that year,” said Oana Vlad, director of Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America.

Workers had to retrieve the New Coke recipe from the safe for the “Stranger Things” partnership.

“All told, everything took about six months and was top secret,”
said Peter Shoemaker, director of sparkling category commercialization.

Workers also had to recreate the logo and the slightly different Coke red for the cans from more than 30 years ago.

“The partnership with Coke gives Netflix the opportunity to reach a massive audience via one of the most recognizable brands in the world in a deeply authentic way,” said Netflix Head of Global Partner Marketing Barry Smyth.

Beginning Thursday, Coca-Cola will release a limited number of cans of New Coke as part of a “Stranger Things” package. An “upside-down” Stranger Things-inspired vending machine will also pop up in select cities this summer to dispense free cans of New Coke for a limited time.


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Je ne connaissais pas le YI King, je viens de commander ce livre sur Amazon France : Le Yi Jing pour les Nuls

Je ne connais pas non plus ce que vous appelez "Miroir", en quoi cela consiste-t-il exactement ?...

I didn't know the YI King, I just ordered this book on Amazon France: The Yi Jing for Dummies

I also don't know what you call "Mirror", what exactly does it consist of?...

MK Scarlett

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Thank you very much to the Chateau Crew and the Cassiopeans for this mind-blowing session that I will have to re-read several times and thank you everyone for all the discussions that come after as well. :flowers:

I feel like many have shared about different subjects regarding how this session had come at the right moment in their life. It is the case for me as well and especially about "blood family" and "heart/spirit family". I myself have already stopped any kind of toxic relationships with my brother and with my younger sister, for years. They both are alcoholic and never learn lessons of life. My brother (the eldest of the siblings) continues to seek advice from my other sister (the 2nd of the siblings) without do nothing about suggestions that she might give to him, suggestions that he asked for. He started some years ago to do so with her once he could not do it with me anymore. But I think from our phone calls that she is understanding that enough is enough. I will see... by far.

Sometimes, we have people in our families who are just who they are. No matter what, they don't learn. No matter what, they hurt themselves and others. The most difficult part is to see things and our family members for what they are and take decision for the good of ourselves when needed. As far back as I can remember, I have often thought that family is the one we build, not the one we come from. And yet, it is not without sorrow and pain that I have seen mine (blood one) torn several times, and it was at funerals most of the time. I've seen things done and said by my eldest brother and younger sister that I would never had imagined possible.

So now I only have my older sister left and despite that, it is unlikely that I will never be able to be with her on the same wavelength. However, I sometimes, with subjects that affect her, slip here and there when she asks some recommendations, especially on the dietary level. What I can say today (compared to 2012 for example) is that her way of thinking about certain topics has changed, and without talking about it with her especially, I can see it with the topics she shares on social networks.
So, little by little, we do what we can, sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less, but we do at our level and it is not nothing as some kind of information/energy is transmitted in the right direction with the right intention.

And lately, I had to tell to my daughter (soon 23 years old) to go to live with her father (who was agree and understood once I explained to him my/our decision), after having tried for over 5 years to accommodate her. It did not work despite all our attempts and my husband and I were exhausted and I was very tired of (as expressed by Nicklebleu) "constantly have to weigh every single word I say". Her father came to pick her 20 days ago, we were very sad but also relieved. It was a very hard decision to make, and it took me several months to do so ; I warned her last year that this could happen but I guess she thought I/we would not do it and she remained in her fantasy world as if nothing would change. Today and despite that I sometimes feel sad about it (I'm working on it with my therapist), the relieve takes slowly more place in my daily life and heart, and my blood test not so good these last weeks (too high white blood cells without infection marker - obviously related to blood family and that is pretty interesting to see) are getting better even if not fine yet. As expressed by flashgordonv, "We are back to a peaceful life again without the worry and stress of such toxic connections."

As for ancestors of mine, the only one I can "see" is my paternal grandfather that I never knew as he died pretty young (my father was 6 years old). He was working as a firefighter at the scene of a fire set off by American bombs during the landing in northern France in 1945. Before that and during 2nd WW, he had been taken prisoner by the Germans twice, and twice he had escaped. He wrote during this difficult times beautiful love letters to my grandmother asking her not to despair and a street still has his name in the city where he served. As I have a picture of him, I put it ion my desk at home where I can daily see it; maybe this could help talk to him easily.

Again, many thanks to the whole team for this astonishing session, there is so much to think and to learn about and to remind if forgotten about. And thank you again to all of you sharing everything you can and thanks for the list BrendaH. :thup:

I feel very grateful for having find you as heart/spirit family despite my lack of participation on which I am working on too. :hug2:

MK Scarlett

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Je ne connaissais pas le YI King, je viens de commander ce livre sur Amazon France : Le Yi Jing pour les Nuls

Je ne connais pas non plus ce que vous appelez "Miroir", en quoi cela consiste-t-il exactement ?...

I didn't know the YI King, I just ordered this book on Amazon France: The Yi Jing for Dummies

I also don't know what you call "Mirror", what exactly does it consist of?...

PERLOU, maybe this thread entitled "What is an "Esoteric Mirror"? Shocks? Fusion?" could help you to understand what a Mirror is. You also can refer to the Tome 4 of The Wave series entitled Trough a Glass Darkly (Dans un miroir obscur for the French title). Here is an excerpt of this book as a French Focus.


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Personally, the objects that disappear at home are a little too numerous for my taste. Especially the objects that appear are very rare and insignificant in comparison. :cry:

As far as the family is concerned, I was forced to cut all ties with my mother about ten years ago to protect my wife and children. (Especially my daughter) She was psychologically too harmful to them. (To me too, but I was used to it). This of course went very badly, and was difficult to make as a decision. But the beneficial effect on my wife, my children and our little family life is undeniable.
I ended up getting in touch with my mother about five years ago. Since then, I see her regularly, but alone. My son sees her too. But my wife and daughter do not want to hear about her anymore, and I understand them.
I worked a lot on me to stay calm when I go to my mother's house. (EIRIU EOLAS is a big help :-D). She is a very difficult person to live in and isolates herself as much as possible from others. And I avoid all topics that make angry as far as possible.
I specifie that I hardly see anybody in my family for a long time now. My father, who never wanted a child, (I am only son), definitely rejected me as soon as he had the opportunity. And his family followed.
I have no grudge, and that does not stop me from doing my genealogical research.
The real family is the one we founded and we choose !


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I found more ancestors in my family, like they came in my mind as telling me "Eh! we are here also!". One of my oncles, died 30 years ago, he was really really gentle, adored my father that helped him to go to live in France, where I was born. He was the husband of the sister of my father. He was a sort of martyr of my aunt, but one summer my husband and me went to Arles, to see the family of my father and he came to the train station and he cried to see me, the last time I was maybe 6 years old. He treated us like his son and daughter and explained some things about the civil war in Spain, how he traversed the Pyrénées by foot. Nobody in his family, wife and sons, seemed to respect him. So he came in my mind, a good ancestor of my family, after all... And then another one, the sister of my father that died very young, of pneumonia, and my grand-mother and my father always talked of her like she was a saint. That means very different from the rest, my grand-mother, one oncle and the sister of my father. It is interesting to see that these ancestors come in our minds and we feel a sort of respect and gratefulness, words can not explain the link we have with them, very strange.

I think it is a lesson to have members of our family that are totally different of us. That they live in another dimension, another reality, a fantasy world that we were able to left and that they are like strangers, like those travelers we meet in our trips, in trains, in boats, in airplanes, even if we have the same blood we don't talk the same language. My sister I stopped to try to tell her things that can inform her about nutrition or the situation in this planet. I simply stopped. I love her but we will never be able to communicate entirely. It is ok. It is what it is. It is her life after all.

Thanks to some of you for talking about your family, your ancestors, it is so emotive and beautiful. Talking about them is like to give them "presence", in this space, this forum, this family. This is something!


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Personally, the objects that disappear at home are a little too numerous for my taste. Especially the objects that appear are very rare and insignificant in comparison.

I’m sure there must be an alternate timeline that contains all the missing socks from this household (mostly one of a pair). A timeline merge where all my single socks find their sole-mate would be great!! :-D


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I can't help but wonder if there is another Ark, in another timeline/dimension, highly perplexed as to where he might have mislaid his cap.
Funny and indeed perplexing. My guess is that the two Ark's are one and the same now. Of course they were already one and the same at a different level of reality anyway. OSIT

Indeed, I was wondering the same question too and also if @ark had noticed anything particular in himself since that merging timeline?


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Thanks for sharing the session.

When it comes down to negative thought patterns and sharing your burdens here on the forum it is something I need to work on more. I am not that type that is comftarble and open enough speaking about my problems and struggles, keeping to myself, maybe it has something with sourrandings, which of course should not apply here, but it becomes habit like all else through life. Lately also doing some jobs at house and other when not on work so there is not so much free time left. In the end there is that quotation:

“No man is an Island, entire of it self; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.”
This two caps incident has been one of the greatest bombs I've ever seen in the sessions. Shit's getting real, which is awesome.

I bought a multitool a bit over a month ago, and only a week or two later I 'lost' it. I don't think I ever took it out of my flat, so it should still be here somewhere, but I've been looking for it for a few weeks to no avail. Now, it would be presumptuous to think it just vanished, but after reading this session, it really makes one wonder. Can things just suddenly disappear for good? From what the Cs have been saying, it seems to be perfectly possible. Also, some months ago, I found a strange lump of what looks like some rubbery insulating material the size of a fist in the middle of my bathroom's floor that wasn't there the night before, and I could never figure out how it could have gotten there or even what the hell it really is. I live alone, and no one could have possibly entered. I see others have similar stories, so maybe we should start getting used to this kind of thing. If it starts happening on a larger scale, it's gonna be fun. The PTB will have a lot of distracting to do.

Another thing is that I always had this sense that people here have their own communities, especially since much revolves around the lively Laura household, and I often wondered whether I'm the only one who doesn't have any friends because I don't know any people irl who know anything about this kind of stuff. The 'same wavelength', as some have said. Reading the comments under this session, though, I see that there are probably quite a few others like that. Some seem to have a fairly 'normal' social life, except with this wall of knowledge separating them from the others; some, like me, simply spend most of their time alone because associating with 'normals' just feels pointless. All there is is lessons, so it's all good, but I just wanted to say cheers to all these people. Keep fighting! You're not alone. We'll all make it through this transition, even if we have to do it more or less on our own, and then we'll do something fun on the other side.

(Artemis) They want to say something…
(Artemis) I think they want to say more.
(Artemis) I think they want to speak...
Thank you, Artemis, for always looking out for this! You're a crucial part of the Cassiopaean communications system.


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Indeed, I was wondering the same question too and also if @ark had noticed anything particular in himself since that merging timeline?

Since it was said that the timeline is now stronger and positive, I think Ark must have experienced powerful energetic changes and those will now inevitably result him finally solving the Unified Field Theory problem and the sudden 'jump in energy charge' will finally get him to getting the Nobel Prize. The fact that the button on the top of the hat was misplaced is clear evidence that it came from another reality-timeline.

Maybe now we will believe the folks stating "My Bible has changed!" Hm? In that thread (IIRC) I told you how the movie Enter the Dragon changed and how from reflex my hand reached for the bathroom light-switch, but not looking I couldn't find it, because I reached at least 6-8 centimeters higher, because I and my body remembered, that a day ago that light switch was "usually" located at its correct height - at ~~155cm in TIMELINE-REALITY#1, but of course NOW it was located at ~~145cm in TIMELINE-REALITY#2, which is the new timeline and if you state something like that, everybody thinks you are crazy. Only fact is, you aren't, you just have an excellent memory that is capable of handling and merging object-reality-facts of two timelines into one, the new one.

Don't underestimate the - I believe - profound mental side-effects of such an energetic quantum jump. Even if Ark states now that he did not suddenly get a never-before thought about amazing idea, I think the effects of the new reality are just like Castaneda's dream-learnings, it will take a little time, before the mind-enhancing effects in this new timeline start to kick in!
I think now a good number of us will be able to express new abilities.
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I recently watched the Avengers: Endgame movie and have been in discussions and self-reflections about timelines.
After reading this session about Ark's duplicate cap and merging timeline, I find myself thinking that there is a lot of literature (books, movies) about parallel timelines (e.g. Sliding Doors) and diverging timelines (you make a different decision, a different timeline diverges from that difference in decision).
But I can't remember reading about separate timelines merging. It would be great fodder for sci-fi writing. I have it listed in one of my "topics to write about when I find the time to do some serious (fiction) writing".

Anyway, the conventional idea of diverging timelines is; make one decision, you're on this timeline; if you had made a different decision you are on another timeline. Both timeline exist and have the same past (causal chain) up until that one decision where 2 different choices are made and therefore result in different causal chains (i.e. timelines)

So the "merging timelines" idea would be:
timeline 1 (2001): eating healthy, exercising, working with a "clean machine" and learning faster
timeline 2 (2001): not eating healthy, not exercising, learning stuff that's wrong

timeline 2 (2019): (finally) eating healthy, exercising, working with a "clean machine" and learning the right things

timeline 1 merges with timeline 2; timeline 1 "jumps forward". "Jumps forward" could mean bringing everything you in timeline 1 learned from 2001 to 2019 (18 years of knowledge) to timeline 2 (where your awareness is currently at.

That's one interpretation. I have to go out for a bit and will expound on other ideas in a few hours.
(Btw, anyone is welcome to get the ideas I post here and write some good fiction; or work out scientific theories or whatnot; I need no credit or acknowledgement. Just happy to flesh out ideas and read good fiction.)
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