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Thank you, infinite thanks for confirming directly what I felt and thought some time ago. That creative acts can pave the way to a new universe in which people can live, if they choose it.

I can not find the session, but I remember that the C's had said that human beings can create universes if they know how to do it.

Well, you are correct but keep in mind this may be a "tall" order. It is an exciting thought though isn't it (kind of "fun" to think about),

Q: (L) So we just have to stay on our toes at all times?

A: Absolutely don't let others distract you. You have suffered many attempts at distraction away from truth. Now follow some proclamations: Pause. All there is is lessons. This is one infinite school. There is no other reason for anything to exist. Even inanimate matter learns it is all an "Illusion." Each individual possesses all of creation within their minds. Now, contemplate for a moment. Each soul is all powerful and can create or destroy all existence if know how. You and us and all others are interconnected by our mutual possession of all there is. You may create alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate of the universe within which you dwell. Your mind represents all that exists. It is "fun" to see how much you can access.

Q: (L) It's fun for who to see how much we can access?

A: All. Challenges are fun. Where do you think the limit of your mind is?

Q: (L) Where?

A: We asked you.

Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no limit.

A: If there is no limit, then what is the difference between your own mind and everything else?

Q: (L) Well, I guess there is no difference if all is ultimately one.

A: Right. And when two things each have absolutely no limits, they are precisely the same thing.


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Thanks for the session - very interesting indeed.

For me the important part was about toxic relationships in families. A few months back I made the decision to stop interacting with my sister, after having tried for over 20 years to accommodate her. But it just doesn’t work, once you think you got one base covered, she shoots off in another tangent. She is the perpetual victim, and by her logic, I am the prpetrator. One of the reasons I hung in there for so long was her son, who lacks a male role model. But she is using her son as a pawn and she is the gatekeeper in how I am allowed to interact with him (always of course in her presence).

The thing is, that it has been a very painful process, because I am staggered by how uncompromising and unreasonable my sister is, but having really tried to accommodate her - and failing all the time, while being attacked by her constantly - I have decided to end that feeding of hers. At the detriment of her son, but there is no other way that I can see, and he likely has his own lessons to learn.

But I am still reeling form this decision and a mix of incomprehension and hurt is still present. But I also know that it was the right thing to do, because I am tired of constantly have to weigh every single word I say and deflect or absorb all the bombs she hurls at me.

Anyway, a timely reminder, that your family is not who is related to you by blood, but by spirit - and my family is here.
You've done well to cut off the contact. This is not an easy process as something I have done progressively over the last 12 years. You really have to cut a peice of your heart out and try and fill it something else. We are surrounded by relatives who are ignorant of the work and realities we interact with and easily become vectors of energy attacks without even realising it. You become an alien to them and that is perfectly fine since that keeps you protected and safe.
If you ever feel hurt and lonely, what works well (at least in my case) is to look at the bigger picture. The universe is counting on you to not give in. The work takes precedence over everything else and could be already making a huge difference to the outcome of the future of the entire planet. There is a certain joy in that feeling which helps overcome all sorrows.


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Very interesting session.

That's a tricky one about the ancestors. Those that have done ancestry research on both sides of my family don't mention anyone of note - good or bad. That doesn't mean that there weren't virtuous people or those full of vices - just that they may not have done anything of great historical significance. Then again, what is a virtue or a vice is often deemed from the point of view of those that control what is written historically to suit an agenda that has nothing at all to do with virtue. I have some of the material to continue that research, but in the absence of finding someone that could be used, would it be a fair thing to use Julius Caesar for the purpose of this exercise?

I once read an exercise that did the maths on ancestors - i.e. 2 parents, 4 grand parents, 8 great grand parents, 16 great-great grandparents - doubling the number for each generation back into history. The goal of the exercise was to show that if you go back 1000 generations doing that, the number of people who have contributed to your genes is greater than the presumed world population of the time of that 1000th historical generation - so based on that everyone is related to one degree or another. That is kind of sobering if it also means that you are possibly related to some very base and malevolent characters. There are presumptions and assumptions in that exercise though that probably can't be proven. Prior to offical registrations of births, deaths and marriages, records were kept in the front of bibles that are long gone or not recorded at all apart from oral history so I don't think the exercise can be entirely disproven either. Then there is the probability that there would be cases where parentage would have been misreported for various reasons.

In any case, in choosing a historical person for this exercise it might be more important to choose based on virtue and service to other principles rather than needing to have some proof of genetic relatedness.

That cap experience is mind blowing! I don't know how to reconcile that just yet.


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Also, since the one cap looks fairly new - did that timeline "make a leap forward" to merge with this one ... or did our own timeline lose momentum (evolving slower) so the two could merge into one?

Well, if you think about the enormous complexity of how the merging of "timelines" would be done this cap is identical with the minute difference of the placement of a "rivet" and in pristine condition. These things have to be done by a method that we can barely conceive of at this density.

A couple of us here are “super smellers” and we smelled the caps and both smell like Ark. The only identifiable difference is that the rivet at the crown on one of them is slightly offset from center. They are absolutely identical in every other way.

There is an example of screwed up "timeline" extraction by some "by other dimensional plant based amateurs" in one session. This was not even as complex as creating a whole new "timeline".

Session 27 February 2016:
Q: (L) So if something is aimed at a certain point in spacetime but the planet moves, or something moves, or something doesn't get lined up properly, all kinds of really strange things can happen.

(Joe) Was this portal opened accidentally in this area? It wasn't specifically related to these people?

A: It was a scouting expedition by other dimensional plant based amateurs.

Q: (L) Are you saying plant-based in the sense that these were creatures that were plantiferous or something?

A: Yes

Q: (Data) Why bother going through this difficulty of returning the people instead of keeping them?

A: They were not wanted long term. Amateurs!

Q: (Joe) This portal was opened up specifically to have this effect on these Russian hikers?

A: No

Q: (Joe) Accidental, then.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So, it's like, "Let's try out our transdimensional portal-opener, and see what happens!"

A: The location was important.


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My condolences to "the recent loss of our companion". You don't have to elaborate if you don't want to.
I have already -



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I had a rather interesting experience on Easter Sunday, 21 April.
Then, when it was time for bed, I thought, "Ya know, I'm gonna get up early and do Qigong."

A few notes: "Qigong" is not actually Qigong. It's something that Ark and Chu formulated, and have been doing for about 1 year. It's a combo of Qigong, yoga, 5 Tibetan Arky Exercises, stretches, and some normal exercises for building strength. They do it every day first thing in the morning.

Chu nearly had a heart attack when I showed up the next morning, and Ark later declared that he never in a million years thought I would join them in the morning! :lol: Gotta keep 'em guessing, ya know?

Second note: Traditionally, I HATED exercise in the morning. I never felt good. Morning exercise generally made me feel like I was going to die. But that also begs the question why on Earth I thought it would be a good idea to get up earlier and do morning exercise! I really like this Qigong though, which is odd for me.

Third thing is that for as long as I can remember now, I've been a night owl. Late to bed, late to rise. I tried everything under the sun to change that, and nothing worked.

Thank you Scottie for sharing it. I stopped all exercises recent months for one reason or other. I tried to do exercise in the morning for years but some how my mind goes crazy with it. Is it possible to share the super powerful exercise? It is good to start the morning exercises. Thank you.


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Thank you so much for sharing this incredible session. And thinking about the "cap", that Ark lost and found in two versions, I came to think of the word "capstone". This word has various meanings:
(ˈkæpˌstəʊn) or copestone
1. (Building) one of a set of slabs on the top of a wall, building, etc
2. (Mountaineering) mountaineering a chockstone occurring at the top of a gully or chimney
3. a crowning achievement; peak: the capstone of his career.
Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014
There have been other capstones and there will be others later, but this session is in my view at least one of them

I am looking forward to reading the session again, hopefully also together with other forum members.


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Thank you, as always, for another thought provoking session.

Thanks BrendaH for compiling the list, I've just printed out a few copies :) A timely reminder for me about disassociating too! I have been doing a bit of that of late.

Q: (L) Okay, so obviously prayer is a good thing. Is there something else I missed?

(Chu) Singing together.

A: Yes! Something you realized lately as Chu just said!!

Q: (L) Singing together - and it has to be singing the right songs. I was experimenting with this the other night when we were doing karaoke just seeing how people did when you start them out with certain songs and then move on to different levels. Everybody did pretty well, I think. They were pretty comfortable with it. I think getting an order of songs to sing in a certain order of a certain type might be useful. Then if everybody was singing the same songs around the world, would that be kind of like a limbic link up?

A: Yes!!

Once the songs and order of songs has been sorted, could we do this at our International and/or crystal meetups?
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