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All of them have already been vaccinated. My parents, my siblings. Except me. And a week ago my conscience finally let me know. They are dead in life. There is an illusion, an appearance that they seem to understand things... but as the parable says, they have no root.

I wonder if having a root is synonymous with a fully crystallized / developed soul?
I had the same thought about my family last Sunday after I was once again singled out for not being vaccinated. They are no longer alive. Their consciousness is dulled and my niece had a t-shirt with a zombie on it. I felt a symbolic grief.
Thank you for this informative session 👁️ 👂


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Thanks for another very interesting session! Could someone explain in 'layman's terms' what the fraudulent insert of these centuries that were mentioned means – a timeline of key events would be great! Sorry, I'm feeling a bit tired and stressed right now, so I have difficulties understanding the impliciations.


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I have wondered if manufactured insulin, like Lantus and NovoRapid, has been tampered with too?

As far as I know and could find out, since I also have the same condition, with insulin the first problem is the preservative chemicals used to prevent degradation. Then you have to see if there are any side effects in the technology used. There is insulin that is labeled as recombinant DNA. This is bacteria modified to produce insulin. Originally insulin was originally extracted from pigs, since there is a compatibility between pigs and humans in that respect.

Now and important here, insulin is a hormone.

Specifically for insulin:

Peptide Hormones​

The structure of peptide hormones is that of a polypeptide chain (chain of amino acids). The peptide hormones include molecules that are short polypeptide chains, such as antidiuretic hormone and oxytocin produced in the brain and released into the blood in the posterior pituitary gland. This class also includes small proteins, such as growth hormones produced by the pituitary, and large glycoproteins, such as follicle-stimulating hormone produced by the pituitary.

Secreted peptides, such as insulin, are stored within vesicles in the cells which synthesize them. They are then released in response to stimuli (e.g., as high blood glucose levels in the case of insulin). Amino acid-derived and polypeptide hormones are water-soluble and insoluble in lipids. These hormones cannot pass through plasma membranes of cells; therefore, their receptors are found on the surface of the target cells.

I have been using both types of insulin since 2007 (I was not born diabetic) and I believe that if the substance were adulterated for the same purpose as vaccines, perhaps I would not be here on the forum, looking for the truth. In fact many of my changes and understanding started after I almost died from a shock of ketoacidosis.
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If we are several hundred years off, then…what about the comets 3,600-year cycle? Is it still several centuries away from happening? Or, has the brown dwarf caused “a” not “the” comet cluster to be coming in soon? Any help out on this one?

Food shortages:

The stories we are getting are, they are forcing the famers to destroy their crops, holding covid raids on meat plants so, no workers and no production, that is to say “the they” are getting us again! Be very angry! Nash your teeth and dream of revenge! So, the PTB like to focus the people’s hatred to themselves. Chemtrails, food shortages, Antifa and BLM, bogus wars, and they stole the election right in front of our faces!! It makes them look omnipresent and omnipotent.


We ask the DCM to help us see. And over the years we have seen a lot. Especially personally, as in finding your programs and attachments and working on them. Seeing them in others and in society, seeing history in a better perspective and so forth, BUT, when your teacher who has been walking with you for years and watching you learn to see, continually looks at you and says SEE! It makes me wonder if they are meaning something else? I think it means what I wrote above, and to add to that I have been praying for help to remember what I have seen/learned. To integrate it in my soul for other existences. But still they keep saying SEE! and I makes me wonder if I got it right.


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Thanks for sharing the session!

We're in for a bumpy ride, but then again we knew that already thanks to the C's and the research of this forum. The only way out it through, as the saying goes, and we have been given plenty of tools over the years to handle what's coming our way. And there's still some time left to make the necessary preparations, both in our internal world and our external environment.

I keep thinking lately of one of JFK's favorite quotes, attributed to Abraham Lincoln: "I know there is a God–and I see a storm coming; If He has a place for me, I believe I am ready."


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Well, this session hit me very hard because my parents forced me to get vaccinate against my free will, even though I didn't want to, I was forced to get vaccinated and now seeing the possible consequences of the vaccine really depresses me.

Thank so much for this session everyone and the great work as always

Btw is this one from Cassiopea?

Please don't blame yourself for the pressures put upon you for getting vaxxed. These are choices we all must face at this time. It is a question of survival, to traverse into another world and reality. There are protocols in place, that have been given to us and use, for such a situation. But remember, it is our soul essence that counts, and how we think, how we react to the situations in our surroundings, our loved ones (that are so filled with propaganda, they are unable to think for themselves).

Stay calm, meditate, and keep a clear and open mind.

Thank you for this session Laura and the Chateau, somewhat depressing, but nonetheless, good to be aware of the obstacles that face us, for those that want to create and build a different reality for the future of humanity. DCM Bless us All.


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12% of the global population, that's around 800 million if I counted well. It's a lot of humans who can see the BS for what it is. Hopefully a good chunck of them are STO candidates. All hope is not lost!
I am thinking in terms of the bell curve with a massive 76% in a big lump in the middle with the other 12% fully on board Zealots with the agenda. But I wouldn’t generalize the big lump in the middle as all the same. That is who the battle is over. Some will lean this way or that. Some will act from fear, some expediency, some are just followers, some ignorant etc.


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The last time Gloriaea spoke was at the November 28, 2009 session almost 12 years ago.

Gloriaea talked about joy because Laura had laid the foundations of a new world with her work, with the EE program, the dissemination of the teachings by trained people, so to speak, of Laura's apostles.

I think this session is the context to further understand this September session and why Gloriaea talks about the Parable of the Sower.

How many of us followed Laura's teachings and had faith in the process? How many were discouraged? I don't know about you, but there is a relationship here with the parable. In how many of us did the seed that Laura planted with her work years ago really grow?

18 “Listen then to what the parable of the sower means: 19 When anyone hears the message about the kingdom and does not understand it, the evil one comes and snatches away what was sown in their heart. This is the seed sown along the path. 20 The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once receives it with joy. 21 But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away 22 The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful. 23 But the seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it. This is the one who produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.”

In the 2009 session:

L) On all of them. Put it on all of them. Okay, so now you say that we have taken steps towards joy. The joy of a new world.

A: The wave is coming, you are teaching people to surf it instead of being dragged under and out to stormy seas.

Q: (L) You once said that the wave was something like "hyperkinetic sensate". And I've often wondered if that means that it's something that massively amplifies whatever is inside an individual? And if that were the case and they were full of a lot of unpleasant, painful, miserable feelings, repressed and suppressed thoughts and so forth, and something that was hyperkinetic sensate amplified all of that, what would it do to that individual? I mean, can you imagine any of us in our worst state of feeling yucky and then having that amplified a bazillion times? If it was bad stuff inside you, you would implode!

A: Soul smashing!

Q: (L) So it is really important for people to go through this process of cleansing to prepare themselves for that?

A: Yes, then they will "rise up with wings as eagles"

I wonder if Laura's feelings are a consequence of a bit of frustration because the seed she planted did not reach more people around the world or even within this community.


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(Pierre) The organ where scientists found the highest concentration of the COVID vaccine is the ovaries. Is that by design?

A: Not human intent, but influences from other realms have that as a goal.

Q: (Artemis) So why the ovaries?

(Chu) Because it reduces fertility.

(L) And creates mutations. A new race.

(Pierre) Is one of the objectives to create a new race?

A: Close

Q: (L) Another experiment on the human race...

A: Yes

This part reminds me of reports I've been seeing in the media about women suffering very painful and intense periods following the covid vaccine. The MSM often claim that the formal link between the jab and period changes hasn't been established but they often admit that women do report such issues. Some articles attempt to explain the phenomenon but in a very fluffy and unconvincing manner. Here are a few examples from alternative media and the MSM:

People said the covid vaccine affected their periods. Now more than $1.6 million will go into researching it. - NewsBreak


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A Disturbance in the Force
Thank you for another informative session! There are many interesting observations and ominous remarks but the one that stood out the most for me was the following:

The scary part about the C's comment relatively controlled mayhem IMO is that whatever may come next and whenever it may happen, it will likely be outside of the elite's control even if they are aware of what's coming. And by control, or lack thereof, it may not just be about the event itself but also the reaction of the population and all that it entails. Let's hope that the information shared on the Health Protocol thread and about prepping in general will help navigate the upcoming turmoil.

Regarding the timing of Caesar and the Roman Empire, here's the time difference that was given in a previous session:

If we take the figure given by the C's and subtract the year of the session (2014), Julius Caesar would have been born around 379 AD, meaning that his death would have been circa 435 AD. This places his death about 101 calendar years before the 536 AD event recorded in ice cores and tree rings.

I think you may be referring to an earlier session about the end of times and the passage of the brown dwarf close to the Sun bringing with it the comet cluster.
Something smashed into Jupiter the other day. There is a video of it.


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The last time Gloriaea spoke was at the November 28, 2009 session almost 12 years ago.

Gloriaea talked about joy because Laura had laid the foundations of a new world with her work, with the EE program, the dissemination of the teachings by trained people, so to speak, of Laura's apostles.

I think this session is the context to further understand this September session and why Gloriaea talks about the Parable of the Sower.

How many of us followed Laura's teachings and had faith in the process? How many were discouraged? I don't know about you, but there is a relationship here with the parable. In how many of us did the seed that Laura planted with her work years ago really grow?

In the 2009 session:

I wonder if Laura's feelings are a consequence of a bit of frustration because the seed she planted did not reach more people around the world or even within this community.

The parable tells of the situations where the seed / knowledge is unsuccessful

1- When the message is not understood.
2- When you do not have the bases to understand the message.
3- When you have the foundations but there are more important things and concerns in your life.

This explains a lot why people prefer to walk away. In fact I have found religion to be an obstacle to knowledge and it is part of the third reason.


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Quite a foreboding session. I kind of hope that we have a relatively normal end of 2021. The Cs have been announcing destruction and chaos for quite a while and my impression was always that surviving wasn't the point (as well as being unlikely), so not many feelings for what comes after except for wishing for a swift exit and to reach the end chapter quickly.
Yes a lot of mental and emotional readjustment is required. I am looking at it like all natural processes: they are inevitable, and allowing them to occur naturally is usually the best idea rather than trying to rush the process (get it over with) which carries with it an underlying mindset of : I don’t trust the process and I don’t really want to experience it/ wake me when it’s over. * That is not an objective stance or equivalent to saying life, ALL of life is religion. I am admitting I have the same struggle of being overwhelmed with the hyperkinetic heebie-jeebies, but this session has calmed me.

*childbirth, death, constipation etc. Any uncomfortable natural process.


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You can over come the jab, accept the fact you that you took it. How you respond to the decision is in your Power, you can choose to do something about it. Rise above it, maybe network about how your feeling. No one will judge you, free will is respected here and you might even feel better. Good luck Joels, stay in the game.

Thank you so much for your words it really help me out, the second jab was the harder trial, tht night i couldn't sleep very well i had aches across whole my body, second night had a peculiar dream, in the dream i was aboard on a spaceship, in the spaceship I was in a kind of cockpit I looked through the large cockpit window, I felt that sensation before a battle of two forces, after that I was in the house of my grandmother chasing a dark entity, after he sacra That dark entity I was with my deceased teacher from a course in miracles, she did not tell me a single one but her face looked very sad.

And don't worries i know no one will judge me, I wish my family understood more about free will, Good luck as well and ofc we still in the game and we still stand until the end❤️


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I've been thinking alot about this session and the possibly imminent changes and the discussion at the end of the 19th July 2014 session came to mind:

Alana) 9/11 was a shock, right? And so many people like myself included, started... I remember being in Europe and thinking, "I haven't ever been watching the news. Why did this come? Why did this happen?" How many people started asking questions and trying to understand what happened? That's how many people found the forum. It took a shock.

(L) Yeah, so that's one kind of big shock. So, if there gets to be another big, humongous shock, there's going to be a whole different attitude about things; but only if people have the knowledge to parse it.

(Perceval) I think it has to be a shock that isn't selective. It has to be something that can't be dismissed as just happening to "those people over there”. It has to be something that threatens everybody. A visceral kind of "Oh my god! My ass is toast!"

(Chu) Problem with those is that it's usually too late, if it's threatening the entire world.

(L) Well, obviously there's going to be… well... a really big shock would necessarily include death on a massive scale.

(Perceval) But I'm talking here about only the people who, as they said, contained the seed of knowledge that has been planted. The vast majority of people don't even have that.

(Bubbles) Don't the C's have loads of free time? Where did they go?

(L) I think they perceived my tiredness.

(Perceval) They have to go to Intermarche. [laughter] They're out of eggs for their fatbombs.

(Ark) Speaking of these shocks... Okay, people after an earthquake: an earthquake is certainly a shock, but do they wake up in any way after an earthquake?

(L) Not if they don't know something.

(Chu) A lot of people didn't wake up after 9/11 either.

(L) Yeah. So, it's going to be only the people who've had the seeds of knowledge implanted already, and they have been taking root and growing slowly inside them. But they're not yet...

(Perceval) Look at the effects of this recent shock of the plane crashing. The vast majority of people felt it as a shock in some way or another, and it made them MORE authoritarian, more authoritarian followers. It threw them into the arms of the government. Ya know, "Get Putin! He's out to get us!" They basically bought the lie, and went further to the Dark Side just like so many people did on 9/11, buying the government conspiracy theory about 19 Arabs who couldn’t fly.

(Andromeda) They have different seeds.

(Perceval) Exactly. A few people, like on our forum and who read Sott and our work would have felt it as a shock as well. But, because they had the seeds of knowledge about how these things happen and who does them, and that it's all lies, that pushed them further in the direction of waking up and realizing that things are getting serious! It was confirmation that this kind of shit is real, there IS really a cabal, there IS really an STS pyramid, ya know... It's more confirmation for what they already know. And it's a shock.

(Ark) But, but... There is also another thing, because Pierre mentioned electromagnetic whatever. Now, such a shock, what it can do is, it can destroy the programming frequencies of the STS.

(L) Oh yeah.

(Perceval) The frequency fence?

(Ark) And then, because we are all the time blocked from knowing more at higher levels, those who have knowledge and those who don't, being beamed in many ways, by some kind of organized thing…

(L) A cosmic event could definitely destroy the frequency fence.

What are people's thoughts about this?
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