Session 18 September 2021

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The Living Force
I'm wondering about all of these predictions that come along. The time passes and nothing seems to change. There is a kind of hopelessness attached. That may be their main purpose. When things are badly in need of change and nothing ever seems to, a person tends to quit or give up hope.

This is coming from the most optimistic person I know, me!

All that can be said, October is a perfect time for the scales of justice to find balance. Here's to the 14th!


Dagobah Resident
With the rush-rush, push-push for mid October as a key date, I have a couple thoughts. If they KNOW something is coming and have some kind of hard data that would more likely be comets or something from space they already can see. You can’t really predict the sun or volanoes(to my understanding) or the weather but a space bombardment would be something they can see and anticipate.

On the other hand there could be a window of opportunity like a portal opening that would facilitate the holographic alien invasion? (Which 4d sts would be aware of?)

Pure speculation I know... wait and see. But the space bombardment/shot across the bow by the cosmos would be something they could see before any amateur astronomer especially if it was shielded by the sun.

If it is “just” a few comets, that could force the “aliens” to come to our “rescue”?

Time to prepare for any and all eventualities for sure.

I have to remember “happy go lucky”.
This remains my main "idea" : meteor(s)

But this could also be a calculation they made in regard the the invisible sun's brother (or sister) who could maybe at this moment whether be visible, or whether provoking by its position in the solar system big changes on the whole planet climate + other (earthquakes, volcanoes,...). I do not have much astronomical knowledge, but what I understood is that the effect of another planet can be lowered by another if placed in-between. So what I meant here is that it could be something like this : actually, we are protected from certain effects but it'll gradully start to diminish from +/- mid October. This could be something like this too.

I also questionned myself about a man-made event that they could not stop from now ... but did not find much things. The lone think that came to my mind was a virus which would be now spread on many machines/smartphones/whatever and that this virus will trigger at a certain date and they can't stop it anymore !? Yup, why not, this remains at least possible.

One last think I noticed is the information that China bought a lot of food these last weeks, in August i think (do not have anymore the link and wonder if I read this information here on the forum). But I had in mind that they could have made reserves sooner, and that if there's something "they know" that is coming for this month, and that they bought much food in August, I wondered if there wasn't any "cosmical news" during July (or maybe June, or early August too) which was spreaded and which is "this" event that is coming. So it's back to the meteor assumption. Something like " A big meteor was recently discovered which is XX meters long but do not worry it'll only make a close encounter of the earth around 15th October" when it fact it's gonna crash on it.
So I searched about "recent meteor found" with approaching date in October but found nothing relevant, but i also supposed that they could simply delete it from the "incoming meteor DB" instead of modifying the trajectory information.

I think this remains good to spot any news/article that could have been posted during July (or sooner) if it mentions a newly discovered meteor (of a good size) which "should" approach the earth after the 15th October (and win the jackpot ^^)

Also, check elite's moves after the 10th of this month. If half of the CEO of the silicon valley took their holidays starting around mid October, then we'll have here a big clue :lol:


The Force is Strong With This One
This seems to match up with the C's saying that the 4d STS are experimenting with and trying to create a new race through these vaccines.
Reports are coming in that some of the babies being born now who's parents were both vaccinated are not normal. These reports are coming from midwives. I think more evidence is needed and they say that in the video but it is something to keep an eye on I think.

Jose Luis Sevillano and La Quinta Columna have been relate to spanish “masoneria”. These are the guys who affirm there is grafene in the vaccines and provide the test made at University of Almeria..


Dagobah Resident
So I searched about "recent meteor found" with approaching date in October but found nothing relevant, but i also supposed that they could simply delete it from the "incoming meteor DB" instead of modifying the trajectory information.

But it doesn't have to be a single large object. If it's a cometary cluster, what you can have is carpet bombing. What counts is the speed and trajectory. Imagine hundreds or hundreds of thousands of objects the size of a soccer ball, falling on a city of approximately 200km radius.


Dagobah Resident
But it doesn't have to be a single large object. If it's a cometary cluster, what you can have is carpet bombing. What counts is the speed and trajectory. Imagine hundreds or hundreds of thousands of objects the size of a soccer ball, falling on a city of approximately 200km radius.
Did you consider the size of the earth in regard to the "empty space" ? From your supposition, this would mean that a very very closed cluster of rocks would bombard the earth, which is not much possible from my knowledge. More probable scenario of a multiple impact is, as seen many times, to have one meteor which fragments itself while enterring the atmosphere. Then, yes, caclulating where it's gonna crash, or where "they" gonna crash, is harder. Let's say that if one day they spot one which is heading right toward earth, there will remain an unknown factor of probabilities regading its possible splitting/fragmentation, resulting in a bigger circle on a map where all the stuff could crash - i have in mind a broader radius of 1000+km.
As the universe likes to give signs to those who observe (and thus see), as the C's recommended, let's pay attention to signs (of the time :lol:)


Dagobah Resident

Maybe you should put the empty space in quotation marks. Because empty...well it is not strictly empty considering that it is the density of material and its state.

On the other hand, maybe you have to consider this taking as an example what was said in this session:

(Pierre) Let's shift to a more cheerful topic: cometary bombardments. So we discussed the death of the woolly mammoths due to a cometary bombardment. I would like to know about the transfer of water from Mars to planet Earth, when did it occur relative to this cometary bombardment? How many years before, how many years after?

A: Within 40 years more or less.

Q: (Pierre) So cometary bombardment, and then Mars water transfer?

(L) And how did that happen?

A: Electric arc of cosmic proportions.

Q: (Pierre) You mean the water transfer? Yeah, that's the arcing. The plasma connection between Earth and...

(L) Was this the same event that left that gigantic scar on Mars? (I don’t know how anybody can look at that scar and not get the willies!)

A: Yes.

Q: (Joe) How close was Mars? Water can be...

(Pierre) It was closer because...

(Joe) ...transferred through hundreds of millions of miles of space?

A: Mars was much closer temporarily. Tales of gods fighting in the sky and castration of Chronos relate to this event.

Q: (Pierre) So, this massive inflow of water from Mars reaching Earth...

A: Much of it precipitated as snow at poles, and was released into oceans gradually. Water moving through space is not liquid.

Q: (L) That's how it could happen, because it wasn't liquid.

(Joe) What form was it in?

(Pierre) It was gaseous?

(Joe) What form was it in?

(L) Probably ice crystals.

(Pierre) Solid.

A: Yes
Consider this, the interaction that takes place in the solar system displaces by far the idea of a single object fragmenting, which seems more typical of the image that Hollywood would present to us.

Watching and seeing also means reading and listening ;-)


Dagobah Resident
No worries, we just discussing and making assumptions trying to figure out how we (or some) are going to be eaten with. Just that I do not figure out (dont ask me why) that, let's say, a pack of 50 meteor would crash +/- at the same time on the planet, but only one which may fragment itself. And finally, nothing, or something else !? I'm just wondering the following on a broader scale, and this wondering is if we, the earth, will experience a kind of "one shoot major earth event" or not. The C's sentence "Changes are coming and they know it" can be many things. It could even be a small event, but that would release the stored tension among the people who would become uncontrollable. Observing leaders movements, decisions, lapsus or slip of tongue could give hint, but only if they are in the know.

Echo Blue

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I am late in responding with a Thank You to Laura and crew for this Session with the C's. And also a thank you to the C's for the participation in our lives.

The past few months have been pretty difficult for me. I have not had too many anxiety free moments. Some self-inflicted, some just from the stresses of our "new" daily lives. But today, I feel that there has been a corner of sorts turned and that I have begun dialing down the stress/anxiety in my life. Not sure why exactly, but the "feeling of relief" (if I can say that that's what it is) has taken hold of me and I am breathing deeper - at least for now.

Even though there may be more worries to pop up in my life in our all to unpredictable future, I have a sense that it's not going to knock me off my feet. I've had enough of that!!! And I would like to give a big shout-out to all the Forum members for their responses I've read. Your comments really do help. Onward and Upward!!!


The Living Force
FOTCM Member
Now that alone would have just been weird enough, but I looked, or rather was drawn to, a huge light in the sky off to the west. So I took two pictures, the first is with Night Shot on, so it had a longer exposure, but the second is with the plain camera, and I have not edited in any way either picture, no brightness or contrast increase, nothing.

Something was going on in the sky last night, and while I'm wholly prepared for a mundane explanation, I also just don't know what to think.

Here are the two pictures, and remember this was 1am with storm clouds and lightning still covering above, but this light was just a constant glow

Night Shot

Regular camera
If the above is some kind of lightening, then the observation may have company, as recently there was been been something about lightening on different levels. A few days ago, @Laura posted about a gigantic jet that had been observed. Then @michaelrc posted a tweet, that pretended to show ball lightening. It was actually not real, but it got the ball rolling for ball lightening, and gave an idea of what it might look like. That is already three kinds of lightning within just a few days. This made me think one could also think of lightning as it appears in the Tarot and the Book of Revelation, it turns out to resonate with what is in the session about uneasy times ahead.

Lightening as a symbol in the Tarot
Among symbols that carry lightening, the Tower card of Tarot, has lightning in some versions.
La Torre/la Maison Dieu (the Tower/the House of God) is given either as la Sagitta (the arrow), la Saetta (Lightning), la Casa del Diavolo (the House of the Devil), la Casa del Dannato (the House of the Damned), il Fouco (the Fire), or as l'inferno (Hell).
Borrowing from The Ultimate guide to Tarot by Liz Dean, alternative names are The House of God, Fate, Lightening, and the key meanings are destruction and enlightenment. The description of the card begins with:
The Tower is aflame, struck by lightning that has thrown two figures to the ground. A crown, once atop the Tower, is blasted in to the darkness as nature asserts her power over Earth. [...]

There are various versions The Wiki for the Sola Busca tarot, the oldest known complete set from late 15th century, has this card:
Elsewhere one finds, it is from around 1491. Why the name of the card is Olivo, I did not discover.
In fact the Wiki does not refer to the motive of this painted deck when writing:
Early printed decks that preserve all their cards do feature The Tower. In these decks the card bears a number of different names and designs. In the Minchiate deck, the image usually shown is of two nude or scantily clad people fleeing the open door of what appears to be a burning building. In some Belgian tarots and the 17th century tarot of Jacques Viéville, the card is called La Foudre or La Fouldre, ("The Lightning") and depicts a tree being struck by lightning. In the Tarot of Paris (17th century), the image shown is of the Devil beating his drums, before what appears to be the mouth of Hell; the card still is called La Fouldre. The Tarot of Marseilles merges these two concepts, and depicts a burning tower being struck by lightning or fire from the sky, its top section dislodged and crumbling. Two men are depicted in freefall against a field of multicolored balls.[3] Pamela Colman Smith's version is based on the Marseilles image, with small tongues of fire in the shape of Hebrew yod letters replacing the balls.[4]
The Wiki is open when writing "being struck by lightning or fire from the sky", the fire from the sky might have related to a comet, and it is still visible in a 17th century dect, the Tarot of Marseilles, painted by Jean Dodal. The image has changed: The prince from the Sola Busca deck is now represented by a tower. What looked like a comet in the earlier card, is moving away, out of the picture, though one can still see the core.
The comet becomes more ambiguous with time The Queen of Tarot page for this card has a selection of images that allows you to see the development over time. In the 18th century version of the Tarot of Marseille there is no sign of a comet. The fire is there, it does not look like lightning, though the source is still from above.
Many modern versions follow the idea of this card from the Rider-Waite-Smith deck published in 1909 which shows lightning striking a tower.
The Queen of Tarot says about the deck:
Pivotal and canonical, this deck defined a new pattern that would be followed up to the present.
And that is how also I recalled this link between card number 16 and lightning. The Tower card can be a very dramatic card in its modern interpretations.

Lightning in the Book of Revelation
Another angle is the Book of Revelation, where the vision begins in chapter four following the letters to the churches. At the beginning of of chapter four, there is lightening, if not in a literal sense, then at least symbolically. The King James Version has:
5 And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.
Later in chapter six on learns about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. If the horsemen appeared early in chapter six, and the lightning early in chapter four, at what stage could the hoof beats have been heard?
(L) So, it's time for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

A: You can hear the hoof beats in the distance.

Q: (L) Oooh! [laughter]

(Andromeda) That's dramatic!
If one can think of the show as a circus and if the hooves can be heard, then horses are out of the stables,they have been fed by the groom, and the riders are already mounted in their saddles approaching the stage, while the acrobats, animal tamers, clowns, fire swallowers, juggler, knife throwers, magicians and snake charmers complete their parts. That is not so far away.

The lightning, the real, the virtual and symbolic could maybe reflect the following sections in the session:
(Gaby) Is there any reason why they have this deadline of the 15th of October to get everyone vaccinated? Is there a reason?

A: Changes are coming and they know it.

Q: (L) As in climate changes, or planetary changes, or Earth changes, or somewhere in that category?

A: Yes. Close.

Q: (Artemis) What about aliens?

A: Close

Q: (Artemis) Close to aliens and close to Earth changes, okay! Earth-changing aliens!

(L) I have to say that people who have been willingly vaccinated are probably gonna be the aliens! [laughter]

(Andromeda) Alien zombies!

(L) But for those who believe the vaccine is the solution...

(Joe) Yeah, but not for those who know what it is and took steps to protect themselves.

(Artemis) Is Cthulhu coming to smite people for their insolence?

A: Close

Q: (L) Close! Jesus... [laughter] Okay, questions?

(Joe) A year and a half ago, they gave a time frame of about 2 years for some kind of a REAL pandemic or viral outbreak. There's a lot of evidence that the mRNA vaccinations especially are actually suppressing people's immune systems. Is the C's time frame still correct? Those who are weakened would be very vulnerable to a real virus. Are we still on track maybe next spring for that kind of thing?

A: Close enough. Things are soon to get more dramatic. Be glad of the period of relatively controlled mayhem.
(Pierre) I would like to know why the 3rd dose, 4th dose, 5th dose... Is it only to...

(Joe) That's to cover up the fact that it's not working.

A: They keep hitting snags. It's not nice to try to control Mother Nature.

Q: (L) So Mother Nature... Nature is getting in the way.


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But it doesn't have to be a single large object. If it's a cometary cluster, what you can have is carpet bombing. What counts is the speed and trajectory. Imagine hundreds or hundreds of thousands of objects the size of a soccer ball, falling on a city of approximately 200km radius.
Meteors from deep space can come in at speeds of over 50,000 mph. Think of the kinetic energy that such speeds produce. However, the objects coming in from the cometary cluster will do so at much higher speeds since the C's said have told us that they will be interacting with the Wave and therefore accelerated. Such speeds will be much, much faster than our man-made ballistic or hypersonic missiles. Your description of carpet bombing is therefore quite accurate.

Probably the last time mankind faced a similar threat (on a smaller scale though) was the the break up of a comet over early 6th century Europe, with the fragments setting off fires all over Western Europe. This, along with the Justinian Plague, precipitated the end of the Western Roman Empire and the start of the Dark Ages in Europe. However, given that the C's have said the cometary cluster will come in towards the inner solar system in a spiral or Kaleidoscopic fashion, then it looks like we will be faced with a random turkey shoot that will affect the whole Earth.​


Interesting connections @thorbiorn - having been the one in my circle of friends who was "the tarot reader" for awhile, albeit I never myself thought myself worthy of that title, The Tower has always been my absolute favorite card. I don't know why exactly but that card just always "spoke" to me.

My dad seems to think that it could have been an effect of a chemical plant of some kind as there is one situated about 30 or so odd miles in that direction, but having grown up around many before, I fail to see how it could have produced that much of a "sky on fire" effect unless the plant itself was on fire, or that it had something to do with dust in the atmosphere or whatever, which was also my primary thought that night - that there is something big changing in our atmosphere, and I use that term loosely because I'm not a student of atmospheric layers by any means.

In any event I couldn't find anything in the local news stipulating that, nor do I know that there would be if it was something routine going on at the plant there.

On another note, I had a very intense dream last night, one where I was reliving locations and people from my adolescent years, and the whole theme was centered around me saying goodbye. Not in a "bye see ya tomorrow" way, but in a distinct "bye, I'm leaving for another realm" way. Though this was never spoken verbatim, it was definitely the unspoken undertone of these goodbyes. In the dream, it was from my perspective something to celebrate, however upon waking I felt a deep and profound sadness for whatever reason. It felt as though I truly had journeyed in spirit to say a final goodbye to so many people, both "friends and foes" who have helped shape me into who I am today. Or maybe who I was yesterday. The feeling of a caterpillar breaking from it's cocoon comes to mind as I recall the sensations of the dream and it's after-effects.

If what has been promised to come to pass is at our doorstep, it will be both devasting and liberating in the full meaning of the words. Will it be ecstacy? I don't know, but I know I must rise to the occasion, come what may.


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Thank you very much for the latest session! There is a lot to think about, especially with the fudging of history.

I was thinking along similar lines about the covid vaccines being used to prepare 4D STS vessels, and have noticed some people I know who got each vaccine (mRNA and non-mRNA) become more selfish than they used to be. But said people already had shown a selfish inclination before. The part of changing women's reproductive DNA is especially creepy and evil! And the children being forced to get vaccines. I think I'm ready for the earth changes and comets; let the chips fall where they may.

I'm still reading From Paul to Mark but I skipped ahead a little to see the discussion on the Parable of the Sower. It caused me to reflect on the choices I've made, and whether or not I'm "good soil," or if I'm getting choked by thorns. The latter could be through choices with my family or with programming that I don't recognize within myself. And historically I don't handle stress and pressure that well, although I think my tolerance has recently gone up with dietary changes and regularly practicing Eiriu Eolas again. So maybe what seems like nature can still be fixed in some people, if they're willing to do it. To stretch the analogy, thorns can be clipped away, or some plants can grow above the thorns and still bear fruit.

I got to the part in FPTM about Jesus being the "Lord of Glory" and thought of the C's "Gloriaea in excelsis." I recall in one of the sessions about Jesus coming back to teach, so maybe Caesar's comet is coming back? Just a thought.

I'm still reading through the discussion and there are many interesting connections being made, so thank you to those participating as well! :flowers:


Jedi Master
The UNIX time for Oct 15 is in the range of some interesting numbers.

Unix Timestamp1634270400
GMTFri Oct 15 2021 04:00:00 GMT+0000
Your Time ZoneFri Oct 15 2021 00:00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT)

Dividing that number by 137 equals 11,928,981.02

Unix enthusiasts have a history of holding "time_t parties" (pronounced "time tea parties") to celebrate significant values of the Unix time number.[16][17] These are directly analogous to the new year celebrations that occur at the change of year in many calendars. As the use of Unix time has spread, so has the practice of celebrating its milestones. Usually it is time values that are round numbers in decimal that are celebrated, following the Unix convention of viewing time_t values in decimal. Among some groups round binary numbers are also celebrated, such as +230 which occurred at 13:37:04 UTC on Saturday, 10 January 2004.[citation needed]
  • At 01:46:40 UTC on Sunday, 9 September 2001, the Unix billennium (Unix time number 1000000000) was celebrated.[18] The name billennium is a portmanteau of billion and millennium.[19][20] Some programs which stored timestamps using a text representation encountered sorting errors, as in a text sort times after the turnover, starting with a 1 digit, erroneously sorted before earlier times starting with a 9 digit. Affected programs included the popular Usenet reader KNode and e-mail client KMail, part of the KDE desktop environment. Such bugs were generally cosmetic in nature and quickly fixed once problems became apparent. The problem also affected many Filtrix document-format filters provided with Linux versions of WordPerfect; a patch was created by the user community to solve this problem, since Corel no longer sold or supported that version of the program.[21]

This matter was presented by CBS as a question of waste and incompetence, as though it were possible to lose $2.3 trillion under a couch somewhere. (It had earlier been covered on PBS in February 2001. Interestingly, the Bush Administration did not seek to place any blame on the Clinton administration for the missing assets, which should prompt questions about how much of the shortfall was invented in the course of the audit itself.)
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