Session 18 September 2021

John G

The Living Force
I found this to be most fascinating. It seems to be a channeling thing, about signal strength and attenuation and reach across space-time. But what does it mean about the messages in practical terms? If i understand correctly, the Cs, being 6th density, may be the unified spirit of all earthly humanity, and might become 6D a million years from now as we measure time - we don't know how long it takes, right? Yet, they can speak to us dialed in from the vantage point of just 1000 years in our future - is that right? That is amazing. Does it mean they speak with the human knowledge accumulated as of 1000 years in the future, or is it more of a "language" thing, meaning we might not being able to understand what was learned beyond the knowledge of 1000 years in the future?

How do others interpret this?
Probably relates to the entanglement in time for channeling physics Ark talks about in this SOTT article:

The Cs could probably get information from lots of times and places but would have to place the information into that thousand year entanglement. Maybe for this the Cs have to use a worldline where Laura goes 6th density in a thousand years?


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TGA (Treasury General Account) is projected to run out in October if debt ceiling is not raised.

Also in the debt ceiling "theater" category, republicans have hinted they won't raise the ceiling this time around.

Then there's this 'recent' news about Evergrande, being dubbed as China's 'Lehman'; seems the narrative is being set up for an imminent global economic collapse before the year is out.

As far as I know, the American 'Lehman moment' occurred as a symptom of the American financialization of the economy, which meant feeding the parasites at the top.

Calling the Evergrande Event 'China's Lehman moment' is suspicious to me.

At the very least, it hides one key fact - the Chinese and the American governments run two very different economic systems, Industrial Socialism vs. Financialized Capitalism.

China has made economic decisions based on a sort of contemporary version of Marxist historical materialism. The main difference between this and the American financialized systems looks like maintaining a significant level of industrial production, as well as maintaining a much stronger State intervention approach, poverty reduction and housing policies, and continuing to deny foreign psychopaths like George Soros to get a foothold.

This is why China isn't very well liked in the American halls of power. They are not allowing themselves to be turned into another neoliberal vassal state. Hence all of the anger and bluster about China's totalitarianism and aggression and megalomania. This is the context in which Evergrande is being called a 'Chinese Lehman moment'.

It may be (A) nothing more than the cynical projection of America's own financial faults onto the Chinese system by the media spellbinders. Another shot fired in the information war.

Or it may be (B) that Blackrock is attempting to nudge the situation in order to (1) test China, or (2) make China responsible for the next global economic meltdown, turning China into a global scapegoat, and also attempting to scuttle the Belt and Road Initiative at the same time.

Or it may just be (C) a hiccup in China's economy, which will be quickly dealt with by the state.

However, there's always (D) - Cthulu is to blame! In which case, it's anyone's guess who would win in such a battle - China or Cthulu?

I've been reading the blog of economist Michael Hudson to try to understand this whole US/China tango a bit more, and he's got some good stuff that even a novice like myself can understand.


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A sobering yet amazing session. Yesterday I had a feeling that a session was going to be uploaded soon.

I also have this weird waiting feeling that something is about to go down and SOON. There’s just so much division now and I honestly can’t believe that people can’t see the truth. The facts are clearly there but the brainwashing is as well. And to know that things are going to get crazier, holy cow!

Even though things are heating up, I still feel as if we are making some positive changes to these events. Those of us here, in the forum and many others have the opportunities to help others and we are scattered across the globe. No matter how small, I feel that we are making an impact. The C’s did say in December 2019 that things will get chaotic and strange but this will pass. No one knew that it will be total control involving vaccines and covid but even the vaccines are failing. Mother Nature will always win and there will always be hope. These are trying times for the soul but on a deeper level, we accepted this for a reason ( I Believe). It doesn’t matter if people are getting crazier, angrier, etc, I refuse to fall into that and I find myself not giving in and falling into the same trap.

Sorry for the rant. God Bless Laura and everyone on here making a difference in this world!
As someone who has no desire to stare out of a cave and see a blood-soaked sky, I am not going to get vaccinated. While I am here, I will protect/defend those that I love, but beyond that, I am done.

Strangely, I don’t really care what the agenda is, whether eugenics or protection, or control…

Survival/not… I have learned enough from the universe to know that it is all orchestrated to the minutest degree. I have tried to help those around me, but seeing reality for what it really is, all I know is that I am done, and I am not coming back!

WIN 52

The Living Force
Grail Keeper said:
Well after some consideration i believe you are right and i must become more down to earth as you said.At least i will try and help other newbies here by contributing what i can at the moment and sharing all i know or feel.

As for the last post by WIN what is the meaning of number 14:-) it is one of my favorite by the way :)
I don't know, all I have is that should a person be celebrating their birthday on October 14th, it will be a much larger celebration than they could ever imagine.


Some background on this Date:

During discussions with my guides back in 2005, I was trying to run a self importance program. As my birthday is October 7th, I had always thought that there was something significant about that date. The reply was "nothing in particular except that it was my birthday". Tha additional comment was "now the 14th is different, anyone celebrating a birthday on that day will have a much larger celebration than they could have imagined".

That discussion took place back in 2005 after suffering a paralyzing stroke, in ICU. I seemed to be quite in tune during those times.

I have been looking forward to every October 14th, since. Strikes me as strange that it should come up at this time, yet not really.

Thanks for the OP.


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thanks so much for the new session. I was surprised at the 12% number. I figured it would be higher, not much but a little higher. Maybe it was the optimist in me. And like everyone else, this tension thats been building as if waiting for something to happen. but in saying that, it has also provided me with the opportunity to not associate with the feeling and just observe it. No doubt this will come in handy when things do kick off.

Thanks again!

WIN 52

The Living Force
It likely is a result of some sort of breeding program for some STS plan for the Wave's arrival. The difference is an official position versus an actual head count.

For me, this answers a few questions I have been asking for 45 years, or so, about the roll my existence here has played out in this physical walk. But there are always more questions. Possibly this STS plan will backfire/has already backfired?

There also always needs to be a balance of STO and STS here and in 4D, apparently! Does that mean all souled beings will move to 4D? In a way, that would also kind of be a balance. This is a one in 300,000+ year event, we should be happy and excited not doom and gloomy.

It seems that people(souled beings) will have the opportunity to catch the wave from a non physical state of being as well as physical. I guess that is where the standing without flinching comes into play. Treat the lamp with care while it holds your flame so your flame will cast a bright light. "The truth will set you free"......
From a 2013 session. It wouldn't come up in the search but I broke it down like this.
50% OP's
50% Souled
Further breaking it down
25% STO and 25% STS

Based on that:
50/50 split between 5D and 3D
That would put roughly 12.5% alive right now that are awake.

Balance, Libra's symbol!


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Thanks for the session. Things seem to be ramping up and chaos seems to be coming.
All we here daily on the back drop of the constant push of vaccination is the upcoming shortages in the supply chain. Here In UK it's gas, CO2, food it's never ending. I suppose interesting wondering how it will go down October 15th I'm sure we may be surprised as when Covid was the trigger event.
Been vaccinated myself I will accept my fate but caring for my family will be key. I worry about my son who is 9. He is a sweet soul.
Hopefully this network will be available for sometime yet but who knows.
Change had to come the psychos have sucked our life force for far too long.
The sessions and support of this wonderful group from top to bottom is appreciated. Thank you so much. :hug2:


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My mother passed in June and her birthday was the same day that you had such a relevant session (sept 18). She was somewhat aware of what was going on and I get the feeling she didn't wish to be here for it. Although there is a sense of foreboding I'm also ready to get it over with. It feels like shoving off shore after long preparation and crossing our fingers that we have what we need for the journey. My heart hurts for all those who don't know what we do and I only wish to be able to give information to those it could help. If my destination is the after life I will look forward to seeing my mother again. In the meantime I will try to remember this is just a show.

Thank you all for the session, sharing your thoughts and just being you!


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Great session! Many thanks!
I found the message very positive, for the following reasons.
- October seems to be quite eventful. That is good. We’ll probably find out that tornadoes and earthquakes will occur in the mental space that would require listening, in my interpretation, these seeds would bring a different new understanding for those open to that.
- Although scenarios mentioned look all doom and gloom, Cs qualifier for that was close, probably because the meaning of the question could also have a metaphorical value.
- Cs mentioned mother nature as a great unknown stumblig block of the PTB and their ‘coordinators’ human or hyperdimensional beings. It was great to find an echo for this Idea, I believe, shared by many people.

A: Just keep eyes and ears open and SEE!
That to me sounds like the opposite to keeping your head stuck in the sand, or trying to cover your eyes and ears if you get scared and afraid. Superb advice!


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The capitalised SEE. I think it refers to physical eyes but more important, the mind’s eyes. It might be a speculation on my behalf, but the reason for this almost instruction is because the future being open the importance rests in everyones effort not to take events or people and their actions at face value.
Thank you all at the Chateau for this latest session! After reading through it I pretty much thought — YIKES! Here we go!

I’d like to think I’m ready for anything (even you Cthulhu!) but I know those around me are not. While feeling much solace for the unaware and innocent there’s also burning strength to use the knowledge I have built up to help manifest a better future; some how circumvent the upcoming chaos — to be forewarned is to be forearmed 💪⚓

Laughter in the face of this madness really has been the best medicine of late. Some things are just out of our control, and so I just my best with time I have left - pick the tomatoes, design things, plan the remodel, care for little man, breathe, read, and pray…

So much more to mull and discern on this one but it’s getting late for me. Thankful for this forum and everyone sharing their experiences! :hug2:


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thank you for this new session
we learned to sing GLORIA in highschool and I still sing it sometimes

I have tried to put the parable of the sower into modern terms

there once was a wise person who had pearls of wisdom and seeds of inspiration
some of these he posted on fb but the fact checkers deleted them (path / crows )
some he posted to people who initially ''liked'' them , but never read them ( stony places)
some he posted to people who read them but got confused by other conspiracies ( thorns)
but the ones he posted on his own well designed website were read and understood by his readers who took them to heart and formed a network and passed them on to others (good soil);-D
so, uncontrolled mayhem , aliens, chutulu and cosmic stuff could mean cosmic rays mutating all into new forms , comets dropping ''alien''viruses , octopi achieving 3D , the crop failures they are trying to hide bring on a famine /riots
fun times ahead
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