Session 19 April 1997


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April 19, 1997

Frank, Laura

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: Who do we have this evening?

A: Yopanno.

Q: And where are you transmitting from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Am I on the right track with the "bloodline" research?

A: Sure.

Q: Am I going to discover some more startling things with this "bloodline" research?

A: Discovery is the fruit of inquiry.

Q: Am I correct in my assessment that the origin of the Grail stories was the story of the Head of Bran?

A: But what was the "origin" of Brahna?

Q: Well, from the way I am interpreting what I have found, I have two possibilities: One is the Celts from Kantek, and two: a Nephilim hybrid.

A: Could be one and the same.

Q: Well, from what you have said in prior sessions, these bloodlines can be of positive or negative orientation, a duality, and that they lead to super-secret power sources. Is that correct?

A: Well, the duality is existent concommitantly through all bloodlines, but in the so-called celts, it is more pronounced, therefore, there are more vivid power cells and centers.

Q: Are these cells and centers that you talk about, are they something that is located in the body or a part of the spirit-body connection...

A: The extant body.

Q: What do you mean by "extant" body?

A: Existent/external.

Q: Okay, I will keep digging. How can I find if there is going to be a connection between the Aryan/Jewish bloodline of Jesus and the Merovingian/Plantagenet bloodline? Does it exist?

A: Only to the extent of the shared origins of the essenes and the celts.

Q: A mentioned that he used to think that he was Jewish. Is he, or half?

A: If you are going to find anything, you need not be foretold.

Q: Am I going to find anything?

A: Just do it.

Q: I did a little card reading while he was going to see his daughter for the first time in almost 6 months, and I pulled up one card that said "sickness unto death." And, I had asked what would be the result on me of this meeting with his daughter, and this is what it said. I was very upset because I had the dream about dying when I was up in Gainesville. Can you tell me anything? I was upset!

A: Cards mean only what the vibrations provide.

Q: Were my vibrations that I was going to get sick and die, or that our relationship was going to get sick and die, the daughter was going to be sick and die, or A or A or...

A: Every physical vehicle experiences "sickness unto death."

Q: My question was: what would be the result of this meeting with his daughter. Now, you are worrying me.

A: Why worry? Do you not see that which you have accomplished up to now, through desire begetting sheer will, begetting realization?!?

Q: Could I have been picking up vibrations of A having someone put some sort of hex on me?

A: What difference does it make?

Q: Well, once before when someone did this, you said I was sick because these dark forces were concentrated on me.

A: What is our most famous saying?

Q: Knowledge protects.... Well, does having knowledge of her nature provide protection?

A: You are not realizing your power.

Q: So, I don't even need that?

A: No,

Q: Okay. Now, I thought about it and reasoned it out, and am nearly positive that she took the pictures, tape and Brana letters. The pictures I can understand. Either to spite me or him, or to use in a negative way. Or is there another option? I am not seeking confirmation, just trying to settle it so I can get away from it.

A: Then it is settled, so go away from it!

Q: Well, what I am really trying to get to is this: some of those pictures were irreplaceable. I would like to recover them. Can you suggest something?

A: Let the pieces fall into place.

{Personal questions with no general value for others redacted.}

Q: Is it important for me to go to Europe in any way? To do anything significant?

A: No.

Q: Is there any significant reason to go other than to be with him?

A: Learning.

Q: I need a word of wisdom. A clue to follow....

A: Blue water, white skies.

Q: What does that mean?

A: You asked for a clue!

Q: Oh! Okay. Thanks and good night.

A: Good night.

End of Session


LOL Reading these older sessions must make you smile sometimes :)

As Allways THANK YOU ALL so much for takeing time to put them up :hug2:
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