Session 19 December 2001


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December 19, 2001

Laura, Ark, Barry

Q: (L) Hello
A: Hello.
Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?
A: Giollia.
Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?
A: Cassiopaea.
Q: (A) First question, I want to know what is the reason why the server in Amsterdam crashes?
A: Attack through owner.
Q: (A) Through owner?
A: Not consciously.
Q: (A) Is it advisable to choose a different server?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Is it advisable to choose...or, would the choice of the server in Canada be right in perspective?
A: Up to you to decide.
Q: (L) Why don't you list your top choices and ask which of them are better than the others? (A) Yes. At the present we have choice between a server in Canada and a server in Hong Kong. And I don't know which one is better in terms of future attacks, preventing future attacks.
A: Attacks will come anyway so choose based on instincts regarding overall features.
Q: (A) Convincing, right? (L) So just choose one that seems to be set up to fix things. (A) Okay. (L) That seems to be the primary feature that we need. somebody's who ready, willing, and able to fix it and keep it on line. (A) Okay. (B) Or not prone to shut you down at the first sign of panic. (A) Yeah. (L) Okay, next. (A) What was the reason or the mechanism behind the recent melt down?
A: Cleansing action.
Q: (B) Is that a personal cleansing action for you guys or a cleansing action for the group?
A: Both will benefit.
Q: (A) Who is ***
A: Agent of Light
Q: (B) Agent of Light? Is that what it is Agent of Light?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Who is the new guy that just joined the group and shows connections to *** ?
A: Give him a chance and light may illuminate there as well.
Q: (L) Now we've been subjected to a major group of agents attempting to--a.) infiltrate b.) take over c.) destroy d.) discredit.
A: First three and last is impromptu plan b.
Q: (L) So they didn't want to destroy because they wanted to use. (A) Uhhuh. (L) Okay is Terri a conscious agent?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Is JoJo?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is Olga?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is Vincent?
A: No.
Q: (L) So Terri is the only conscious one. (A) Indeed they are puppets.
(L) Hmmm, that's pretty interesting. What happened to M***?
A: Abducted and suffering PTSD.
Q: (L) So did we do the right thing by removing him from the group?
A: Absolutely!
Q: (L) That TB is a conscious agent in all this...well (A) As far as I can see the next person which will be removed is B***. Who is she?
A: Programmed human as are all others. In her case it is more severe and less amenable to change. You have to "get it" to get it.
Q: (L) Until you "get it" you don't get it. (A) They address that to whom? (L) Human beings in general. (B) In her case it's more severe and less amenable to change. (L) She can't get it. Until she can get the concept...(B) Well the program is keeping her from getting the concept. (A) Is it, am I right when I say that we should close the group?
A: Yes but with modifications regarding participation as outlined already.
Q: (A) What kind of modifications? (B) Are they referring to the modifications you were discussing earlier this evening as opposed to something they talked about? (L) I think so, right. (A) What modifications? (B) Pull back on personal involvement at so great a level.
A: Yes
Q: (A) That we pull back? (L) Yeah, on personal participation. (A) Oh. Alright now, last time, two days ago, we were doing the I Ching and the I Ching came with something that we should not be anymore kind of forgiving and forgetting the criminals, something like that, which I read that we should not pursue VB anymore and move to other subjects as they appear. (L) In other words don't interact directly with him anymore. (A) No, don't even investigate him and don't put anymore on the site about him that...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Should we take down from the site what we have about him?
A: Better not set such a precedent.
Q: (A) I don't think we have any question about ***, this goes by itself and it is kind of an interesting adventure to interact with him and see what happens, right? I don't see any danger except that when*** comes on the horizon in some way we may have to take decisions what to do and there will be some kind of participation of us needed. It is not urgent so we can skip it, I guess. (B) Did Danny actually see some sort of rip in the sky?
A: Lots of those lately, eh?
Q: (L) Is that what they're doing all these chem trails for to put some kind of substance in the sky that has some kind of electromagnetic effect or something that holds the illusion in place?
A: Close.
Q: (L) Does it also have some kind of chemical affect on our brains or on our physiology?
A: Yes
Q: (A) I don't understand, okay can we have things somebody's putting to, to do what, to...(B) Keep the matrix in place for the illusion? (L) Umhmm. As it stands in it's almost completed state just how important is Noah?
A: Extremely!!!
Q: (L) Did we go with the right publishing company this Virtual Publishing group?
A: Good enough.
Q: (L) How is Grace going to sell, is it going to sell?
A: Great Gracie! Good night Gracie.

End of Session

Note, repeated references to book "Noah" are about volume that was eventually published as "The Secret History of the World."


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Thank you Laura.

It is amazing how much, time, energy and effort was/is involved in whole project inspite all obstacles and traps.

Interesting things about chem trails, I wonder what is the real content of the chem trails?? Recently Croatian Parliament had discusion about the same thematic, Dr Mirela Holy brought this thematic to cro parliament on request of alarmed citizens, sadly (what else could we except of the government) after brief debate, conclusion was following: These occurrences are normal contrails. Most intriguing of all is that Croatian Prime Minister, Mrs. Kosor, explained chem trails as normal contrails in official document :headbash:.

More on: (the documents and article is on Croatian)


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Thanks Laura! As always, excellent eye opening material. What can we do to possibly protect ourselves from these chemtrails?


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Q: (L) How is Grace going to sell, is it going to sell?
A: Great Gracie! Good night Gracie.

I believe I have read every book you have written and Amazing Grace is my favorite (but I love them all) because it set the stage for the kind of person you are, wort's and all. It told me you were 'real' in the sense we all make mistakes and you had the courage to tell it like it happened. You are so refreshing and 'out there'.

I read the on line version of Amazing Grace, as the first edition on some sites was going for $800+! Later when the second edition came out I ordered it immediately and started reading it the moment I got it (It had been awhile since I read the on line version.)

There are few authors that write in such a 'I want more' with every turn of the page and after so many books.

Don't get an inflated head now, it might change your writting style. :D
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