Session 19 February 2000


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February 19, 2000

Laura, Ark, Frank

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us?

A: Woneen.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: First of all, I would like to know if you have any comments on our guests earlier this evening? {A doctor and his wife.}

A: You should ask specific questions.

Q: The first thing was that he came to us with this story about a "near death experience." After we started to talk about it, I realized that we couldn't get a straight answer out of him. He talked for thirty minutes in 50 different directions; talked about death threats; talked about this event that he called a near death experience which clearly wasn't; we had to stop him, back him up, stop him and back him up, over and over again just to get a sequential account of the events. He talked about hallucinations, going psychotic, schizophrenia, and on and on. And then finally, as if on cue, he said "Oh, I saw a UFO." Now, we had some funny impressions about this: was this guy an agent sent in to cause disruption in what we are doing here?

A: No.

Q: Did he have an abduction experience?

A: Not an abduction, but a close encounter.

Q: Were the effects he was experiencing part of a "bleedthrough" of 4th density in the area?

A; To some extent.

Q: He was pretty distressed by all this, to the extent that he closed down his medical practice and just basically walked away from his life. Can you tell us what he wanted from us?

A: He is disjointed because he has been jarred semi-awake after years and years of programming. The effect has been something akin to a "nervous breakdown," but it goes deeper than that. It is difficult for you to relate, as you have been "on track," for the whole of your lives. He was a standard player. Severe experiences brought him to the brink, now he is both retrieving the shattered pieces of what is worthwhile that remains, and exploring the whole new arena that beckons.

Q: So, my impression of it being not such a good idea for him, in his state, to attend the session, was correct?

A: Maybe so, but maybe in the future he will have himself more together...

Q: So far, we haven't had a single call or e-mail from a single publisher, author, television station, radio or anything, as a result of the article. It just went kerflop!

A: Just you wait Henrietta Higgins, just you wait!

Q: I had a terrible traumatic experience last Sunday, the day the article came out. I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. What happened?

A: Panic attack.

Q: It was terrible. My heart stopped beating, it was just shaking so hard that my chest was vibrating; I didn't have a pulse. I thought my heart was just gonna stop completely. (F) Probably you were rescued by 6th density beings. (L) I was rescued by Ark. Okay, as the article is, what do you guys think?

A: It is an opening to an array.

Q: Oh, I see. Alright. My little mail list has been discussing the fact that there seems to be something "in the air." There were these three fireballs over the Yukon recently; Larry Smith is talking about the Pacific heating up; there have been a couple of huge CMEs - in fact, I think one is supposed to hit today. There was one last week that hit on Sunday or Monday. So, they are wondering about these fireballs and things being related to cometary fragments and that sort of thing. They feel like something is imminent. Could you comment on that idea?

A: It appears that some feel imminence at every turn! If "something" ever happens, how anticlimatic for this poor lot!

Q: So that is kind of like saying that nothing is imminent. Well, they all seem to work each other into a frenzy. (A) I am concerned by this strange, short e-mail... that something is "offered." Is there some danger from this?

A: E-mail is not deliverence.

Q: I guess that means that something "offered" is not "delivered" via e-mail. Saying you have something to offer is a lot different from delivering it. We also received an e-mail from some friends of the Aisenberg's who want us to inquire about Baby Sabrina. I wrote them back that we really couldn't present any questions for the parents unless the parents themselves were to ask. You have already commented on this, and I have the feeling, due to your previous comments, that the parents WON'T ask. But, is there any other comments about this you could make?

A: It is not appropriate.

Q: I didn't think so. Okay, in this book it says: Diodorus Siculus, writing in the 1st century B.C., said that "certain sacred offerings wrapped in wheat straw come from the Hyperboreans into Scythia, whence they are taken over by the neighboring peoples in succession until they get as far west as the Adriatic. From there they are sent south, and the first Greeks to receive them are the Dodonaeans. Then, continuing southward, they reach the Malian gulf, cross to Euboea, and are passed on from town to town as far as Carystus. Then they skp Andros, the Carystians take them to Tenos, and the Tenians to Delos. That is how these things are said to reach Delos at the present time." So, from very ancient times, there was this practice of the Hyperboreans sending sacred offerings to the Island of Delos. Now, the Island of Delos is supposedly the birthplace of Phoebus Apollo, whose mother was Leto. Supposedly he was born on Mt. Cynthus. This is a very curious thing. This is contrary to the old view that the cultural flow was from the Mediterranean to the North, that civilization began in the Near East. It implies a cultural flow from the North to the South. What were these ancient Hyperboreans sending to the Island of Delos?

A: Leaves bearing cryptic codes.

Q: What was the connection between the Hyperboreans, including the Celts of Britain, I believe, and the people of Delos?

A: Northern peoples were responsible for civilising the Meditteranean/Adriatic peoples with the encoded secrets contained within their superior extra-terrestrially based genetic arrangement. Practice of which you speak was multi-trans-generational habit.

Q: Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received...

A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system.

[Note: the word "rill" is new to me. Webster defines it as a small stream or a little brook; to flow in or like a rill.]

Q: Was Stonehenge ever complete, with all the stones there? This author suggests that it was never completed because there are missing stones...

A: Of course.

Q: What happened to the stones that are missing? The books suggests that it was never finished because the architect must have died.

A: Nonsense. Multiple shocks registered throught the ages.

Q: Was Stonehenge built in stages as this author suggests? Did it start out as a circular ditch, at the time of the so-called Aubrey holes?

A: No.

Q: Was it built all at once, complete?

A: Yes.

Q: The legend was that the god, Phoebus Apollo, danced at Stonehenge every nineteen years. What does this relate to ?

A: Symbolic. Tides, moon eclipses, that sort of thing. Think of Wiccans entubed on the information superhighway!

Q: I mean, there are stones just plain missing! Who could haul off such big pieces of rock?! . (A) You asked about these missing stones, and the answer was the multiple shocks registered. (L) Right. What about these multiple shocks. What, in particular?

A: Some were earthquakes; mini-cataclysmic in nature. Some were EM generated smashes, when terran forces clashed with outside "forces."

Q: Are you suggesting that some of these rocks were vaporized, as it were, by some sort of particle beam weaponry?

A: EM activity.

Q: What was the purpose of the 56 Aubrey holes?

A: Ground.

Q: Why did they bury ashes of dead bodies in them?

A: That was later... fragmented suspicions.

Q: Was Stonehenge once known as the Cloister of Ambrius?

A: Yes.

Q: Who was Ambrius?

A: Druid tradition/cloak.

Q: What was it a cloak for? Who was Ambrius?

A: Not who. What.

Q: What was Ambrius?

A: They would label as a god. You might say otherwise.

Q: What was the meaning of the Sword thrust into the ground that was worshipped by the Scythians; the Scythians being connected with the Hyperboreans and Celts of Britain.

A: Scithe.

Q: Who was that?

A: Scythe.

Q: That was the Sword God? Saturn?

A: No.

Q: That was the meaning of the sword thrust into the ground; it was a scythe?

A: Empowerer, or so they thought.

Q: Which god did this sword in the ground represent?

A: Maybe Zeus.

Q: Did Berengar Sauniere find parchments in a pillar of any kind?

A: Yes.

Q: Were they coded messages?

A: There were/are so many such.

Q: Are these coded messages that he supposedly found, the same ones that are presented in the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail?

A: No.

Q: Are the ones in the book dummied up?

A: Corrupted.

Q: Is there any particular effect that we should be looking for from this solar maximum business, forgetting the idea of something being "imminent?"

A: Leaves its mark electromagnetically in belts which surround your 3rd and 4th density visualizations.

Q: So, all of this hoopla over it is basically a waste of time and energy. But, boy, they sure do work it for all they can get out of it! It's amazing! Okay, now, as the probabilities exist right now, who is going to be elected president?

A: Open.

Q: Aaargh! That's not nice! Well, is there something that you can see around the corner of our lives that we don't see, that we ought to see, and which, if we were not so tired...

A: Let it unfold with joyous hearts.

Q: Well, that sounds nice. You mean we are all gonna be happy?

A: Maybe so, wait and see.

{Private exchange snipped}

Q: … Anything else?

A: No. Good night.

Q: Good night.

End of Session


The story about the doctor mirrors my own sad tale. I was never really that together even before the event, but I've never been able to re-integrate the different parts of myself ever since my complete breakdown 11 years ago. What I saw was bizarre, a series of strange sightings and events. Certainly nothing like Spielberg, that's for sure. It was like seeing into another density or dimension, with psychic vision. I could see it in my mind, but it was kinda semi-transparent, genuinely terrifying at the time. Then the voices began. :(

At first it was like a sarcastic commentary on my hapless fumblings through life. After a few years of obsessively looking into the UFO subject (I simply had to know if they were real) then "they" revealed themselves, and of course the usual predictable scenarios played out. It soon turned sinister when I realised there was a pseudo christian messiah plot being programmed into me, and then the night terrors and attacks became extremely vicious, particularly between 2004-6. The attacks were often sexual in nature, and left me feeling confused and humiliated.

I'm currently working on a little art project combining recapitualted memories, some poetic narrative and wee paintings to try and recover all of the details of memories I can't quite recall. The amazing thing is, is that all the memories are still there, but the i's are all jumbled up and dislocated. I imagined my soul in chaos within me recently, resembling an ever fluctuating lava lamp. I could hear parts of my soul weeping within me, but I didn't know how to reach them, nor how to cry. There's been outright conflict between i's also, arguing, sometimes it feels constantly. I get so frustrated because my intellectual i's get suppressed by this cold manager who feels nothing, but conversely so many of my more emotional i's don't give a monkeys about any of the work, politics etc that has been a part of my life for so long now. They've been through so much pain they only want to be happy. Other i's simply don't want to be hurt or humiliated ever again, hence the emotional shutdown. It's understandable, I've embarrassed myself many times over the years, and I carry a lot of guilt and shame in those cold places in the right side of my brain. Some very old i's with some big secrets I reckon.

I know in retrospect I was called by 5d on at least one occasion. I awoke at night and was puzzled by hearing my inner child speak through me; "But I'm STROOO---OOOONG" he/I said. Looking back I think I know what he was protesting against. My inner child is terrified of death, older i's are just frustrated at letting such a wonderful life learning opportunity such as this go to waste. Thoughts of suicide recur often, but I'd never do that to my family.

I struggle on stoically and still read and do what I can, sharing articles and so forth, but what started with a nagging itch to not give up has grown into something more determined and substantial, yet I am ever prone to collapses.

What's so dreadful about this condition is that I am obsessive about keeping up appearances, I never ever want anyone in public see me lose it, so I have become very adept at suppressing thoughts and emotions, to the extent that parts of me find it very difficult to feel anything anymore, other than anger, hate and the like. These parts are always scrutinising and analysing, but devoid of real emotion, I think these parts of me are terrified of opening up. I managed to cry a little bit today for the first time in years, and I could feel it, it felt good, I felt human, even if just for a little while.

With my condition EE and meditation has been a bit of a disaster to be honest. When I try to meditate it feels like a big black liquid shield swoops over the crown of my head, it has a voice but it is determined never to open up. It has such power to do that, and disempower the rest of me. i think it has a lot to do with my bad self in the past, those shadows that I have yet to truly account for, but I've promised myself to keep trying until I die, with hopefully an ever increasing level of dedication.

Hopefully my art project may also bring memories and emotions back to the surface and into the light of day. :)


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A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system.

Stonehenge was used to resonate with the ‘Tonal Rill’ which taught wise ones with wisdom’s entered physically through the crown chakra transceiving system (transmitter/receiver system of circuitry).

I would say that this is a blatant copy/paste job.


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Q: Is it the case that some of them communicated with higher density beings via Stonehenge, and that these communications they received...

A: Stonehenge used to resonate with tonal rill, teaching the other wise unteachable with wisdoms entered psychically through crown chakra transceiving system.

[Note: the word "rill" is new to me. Webster defines it as a small stream or a little brook; to flow in or like a rill.]

I was just reading through an article about 'Armenia's stonehenge', known as Karahunj (Carahunge) or Zorats Karer, and i thought it was interesting that, although there seems to be some discrepancy about what the site is actually called, some thought the name could be translated as 'speaking stones', in another 'stones with voice':

80 of the stones have had holes bored into them, reportedly causing the stones to whistle in the wind.

It is from this that the name Carahunge — 'speaking stones' — is derived.

Although another article from SOTT disputes this with an interesting addition:

She is also responsible for suggesting the name Karahundj for the site, after a village 40km away by the same name. Prior to her investigations, locals referred to the site as Ghoshun Dash, which meant 'Army of Stones' in Turkic. Folk myth suggests the stones were erected in ancient times to commemorate soldiers killed in war. After the 1930s, locals transitioned to the Armenian translation, Zorats Karer. But Karahundj, Parsamian said, offered a more interesting name because Kar, means stone and hundj, a peculiar suffix which has no meaning in Armenian, sounds remarkably similar to the British 'henge'. In recent years, this name has received extreme criticism from scholars and in scientific texts, the name Zorats Karer is used nearly exclusively.

According to Wiki it's not derived from 'hundj' but instead 'hoonch', meaning sound, and so they're officially known as 'Speaking Stones', and Zorats Karer simply means 'vertical stones':

Armenian historian Stepanos Orbelian in his book 'History of Syunic' (I-XII centuries) mentioned that in Tsluk (Yevalakh) region of Armenia, near town Syunic or Sisian was a village Carunge,[5] which means in Armenian Stone Treasure or Foundational Stones.

The name Carahunge is interpreted as deriving from two Armenian words: car (or kar) (Armenian: քար), meaning stone, and hunge or hoonch (Armenian: հունչ), meaning sound. Thus the name Carahunge means Speaking Stones.

This interpretation is related to the fact that the stones make whistling sounds on a windy day, presumably because of multiple reach-through holes bored under different angles into the stones in prehistoric times.

In 2004, the site was officially named the Karahunj (Carahunge) Observatory, by Parliamentary decree (Government decision No. 1095-n, July 29, 2004).

Carahunge is also known in local lore as Zorats Karer (Զորաց Քարեր), Dik-dik Karer (Դիք-դիք քարեր), and Tsits Karer (Ցից Քարեր), meaning Vertical Stones in vernacular Armenian.

A quick internet search shows it's likely there are a number of megalithic sites that have been said to 'talk'.


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No comment on this ?

I think it may depend on what you would consider a comment. There several "likes" and a "wow". Also the "copy and paste" is kind of obvious. It looks like a fairly clear case of plagiarism with only a few words changed.



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I think it may depend on what you would consider a comment. There several "likes" and a "wow". Also the "copy and paste" is kind of obvious. It looks like a fairly clear case of plagiarism with only a few words changed.

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What I mean is if there’s any comment from the authors. As far as I know the casaiopaea logs are “ communication with other dimensional beings “
So I guess it would be interesting to know what they have to say when their logs are pointed as plagiarism
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