Session 21 February 1998


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February 21, 1998

Frank, Laura, Ark, Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Sycoritia.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: We have a couple of books tonight and Ark has some questions... (A) I have a question, it is not quite personal since with us, personal is mixed up with universal, so I had the idea to send a letter to G*** B*** of Enterprise Florida and I am not sure if he was the correct person to send it to, so I would like to have advice?

A: Yes.

Q: Anything else concerning this Enterprise Florida business that I could miss?

A: We have told you, and most in particular, Laura, to simply "stay on top" of the situation, and success will result. Suggest Laura contact editor of Florida Trend Magazine, both for networking purposes, as well as to drum up support. Of course, the first and foremost thing is to complete divorce action. We suggest you turn up the heat there. And please do not say you have done all you can, because we do not mention these things when such is the case.

Q: Okay, that is one thing. I want to ask about this internet business that I am now doing. I am opening myself a little bit more and I don't want to make any mistakes. The question is rather rhetorical because I believe I am doing this correctly, but just in case, I want to make sure that it is in line. Is it?

A: So far...

Q: Now, I have some scientific questions, namely I would like to have some advice. Because time is finite and I have so much to do and so little time and so many topics - I would like to ask if I list the topics one by one if you will give me a number or estimate of priority of each particular topic so that I will know which to start with and what comes later. Can I have such help?

A: Your talent lies in building the mathematical equations which qualify your theorems and quantify your solutions. What we do is advise in ways that do not interrupt learning, or interfere with free will. On the other hand, Arkadiusz, you have accomplished much in the past with your philosophy activities and reflections in journal form. No need to "slack off" now, just because life appears to be on a "sweeter" track!

Q: Okay, the first item on the list is dealing with this rail-gun business and it was here where I was planning to start. What priority does this have with the 'project'?

A: The rail-gun is useful if only as an employment oriented "door-opener" for you.

Q: I found that this Bulgarian guy who died, this Marinov...

A: Electromagnetic accelerator.

Q: Does it concern this Marinov, he wrote an equation which is something unusual and he claims that the equation which physics is using is wrong, false, so this comment about electromagnetic accelerator refers to the paper by Marinov?

A: Close.

Q: Next, I have sono-luminescence. Which was set apart. What is it? What is its priority with respect to the electromagnetic...

A: Dual reality structure.

Q: I can also work on anti-gravity... (L) I have a perfect way we can organize this list... I will show you later. (A) Okay, then we stop this business.

A: No.

Q: (A) Okay, we DON'T stop this business. Anti-gravity, I already asked about the French guy, and I have already started to think about anti-gravity. Should I jump with full speed into anti-gravity now? What is its priority?

A: Slowly, hot subject.

Q: Okay, I will do it slowly. What about the time machine by Newman? It's related to the UFT business, time loops, time travel... also, I can jump on this...

A: Look for Von Neumann.

Q: Von Neumann?! Okay, I read a book about Von Neumann, and what struck me was that he was an extremely bright man with a sharp mind, but somehow a little bit tragic, and I could not find any trace that he did anything unusual except in the subject of automata and artificial life and such things. Your advice to look into Von Neumann, is it relating to this business or in his presumed participation in the Philadelphia Experiment?

A: Good! Now you are "tracking."

Q: Now, magnetic monopoles. Again, there is the possibility of following this link... is it a priority or just a sidepiece?

A: Laura has had much success in revealing encrypted information... it even raises one's FRV. You need a "recharging, my dear." All this attack has sapped ye!

Q: (L) In what sense, or any specific mode of recharging?

A: You and Ark must get on the right "track."

Q: Are you meaning 'track' as in 'treadmill'?

A: The time for deciphering is not now.

Q: (L) Speaking of this attack, I don't want to go off on this subject because it is personal, but do you have a few words about how to handle this complete lunatic who is really trying to cause me problems?

A: See last 3 responses.

Q: (A) Okay, on January 17 the session ended when you said that there was probing of me, or interference. What kind of probing do I have to avoid and how?

A: By STS fourth density.

Q: How can I resist this? Is it bad for me when they probe? What should I do? (L) They probe everybody. It's just that when you know about it and can tell when they are doing it, it blocks it.

A: Yes. KP, IE.

Q: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers. Okay, we have this book about health that claims to have the answer to all physical problems {Hulda Clark's book}. Is it in fact the case that parasites are the root cause of many illnesses such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue, migraines, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, etc. etc. which can be simply investigated and cured with her handy little zapper? Is this the case?

A: Partly.

Q: What part is she NOT talking about?

A: Not correct concept.

Q: (A) Which of these listed things are really caused by parasites and which not?

A: Not correct concept. All mentioned are often wholly or partially caused by various parasitical entities, but not always.

Q: Can this zapper that she describes, either home built or purchased from someone else, be effective in killing these parasites?

A: Yes.

Q: How often do you need to use it?

A: Varies according to individual circumstances. If you look closely to the text of that book, you will see the earmarks of channeling of STO NHI root basis.

Q: Okay, thank you. Now, in this other book, 'The White Goddess' about the Triple Goddess, alphabets, trees, which this author tracks back to the goddess Danu who Rhys identifies as Cassiopaea... but, in this particular section, it brings up something about which I have been EXTREMELY curious... the lame king, the wounded thigh, and the heel issue which is connected to the thigh issue... the thigh of Zeus and the heel of Achilles. Well, it seems that a LOT of heros or 'gods' had this thigh or heel issue and that later, the divine right of kings was connected to this and often a king was ritually lamed. It seems that the wound in the thigh led to an inability to place the heel on the ground which then led to a tabu against the king putting his feet on the ground altogether. Why the ban against the king putting his feet on the ground? Why did the heel have to be protected from contact with the earth?

A: In order to interrupt grounding of chakras.

Q: What happens when the chakras are grounded?

A: What happens to you?

Q: Well, a circuit is closed and energy flows out of you. When you are grounded energy flows out of you or through you...

A: Or in.

Q: Why?

A: Would you do Reiki with high heels on?

Q: No. You take your shoes off.

A: Why?

Q: So that you complete the circuit so the the energy comes into you to give to another person.

A: Yes.

Q: So, if you have a king whose feet are not allowed to touch the ground, that becomes an altogether STS mode of existence, I would think...

A: Puppetry, as one sees today.

Q: Then, when the individual has been lamed, they have become a puppet.

A: Yes, and who is the puppeteer?

Q: They have become part of the Chain of Command... STS.

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, now I want to ask about this secret name of God this guy is supposed to have deciphered from this poem...

A: Just a moniker, as with all others.

Q: Yes, I know, but he writes that someone described the chanting of these vowels in this particular order by Egyptian priests as being so melodic that it seemed as though musical instruments were being played. So, I remembered what you said about the 'melodic' sound that must be produced from the 'center' of within, as you put it, and I thought that this series of vowels might be what could move objects with sound.

A: Then maybe you should attempt this?!?

Q: (A) Are you joking?

A: Maybe and maybe not.

Q: Okay, I will! Anything else? I think we have about covered it for tonight...

A: Leaves on cover...

Q: (A) What about them?

A: Oak.

Q: Yes...

A: Is Beechnut a company?

Q: Interesting thought. Okay. Anything else?

A: Just Good Night!

End of Session
One of my favorite books! The White Goddess" is by Robert Graves, poet, author of "I, Claudius" and "King Jesus" and the foremost scholar on Greek myths and other Euro-centric archaic religious beliefs. His scholarship vast and encompassing. As the back cover explains, the book is a historical grammar of poetic myth. The poetic Alphabet. And he provides a path through the forest of understanding great literature from Homer to Shakespeare, Dante to Thomas Hardy. Trees and the identification of leaves are only part of his "language of myth" evident in the procession of Time through the Seasons.
He brings honor to the Feminine Spirit which had been submerged and diminished in Western culture for so long.
Poetry, he has pointed out, has lost it's original power of invocation and lost it's way, becoming merely expressions of feeling and other nonsense. The White Goddess being, not some "long-discredited deity", but the essence-alive-in-the-universe-itself in Birth, Love and Death.

Once, about 40 years ago I wrote to him while he was still alive on the island of Majorca. Not exactly teen fan mail, but a question. I was having trouble understanding something I was going through and he responded. I owe him a debt of gratitude for straightening me out.
I really enjoy seeing the transition through time for both you and Ark, as you evolve in your lines of inquiry and how you utilize the Cs.

I was intrigued by sonoluminescence and had to look it up. The light emitted through imploding bubbles in a standing wave seem to generate such intense heat, it made me wonder if something similar could trigger spontaneous human combustion. However, their response about dual reality structure confused me. Any thoughts on what they meant?

I also wanted to comment on their mention of Laura's decryption abilities. I have to say, watching you blend intuition and sheer intellect over these years as you delve into puzzles is so entertaining for me that I find watching the process as interesting as the end result.

In more recent years, the process has become so refined and efficient, we barely get a glimpse of the steps you go through.

Thanks for your efforts in sharing this,
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