Session 21 June 1997


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June 21, 1997
Frank, Laura, Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Himmani.

Q: And where do you transmit from?

A: Cassiopaea is where we transmit through.

Q: I'm sorry. Through, not from. {A little OCD about it, are we?}Okay, well I guess you know that you have been named as a correspondent in a divorce trial! I guess that is one claim to fame that was never expected!

A: Divorce is a concept long since conquered here, as you would measure time, that is.

Q: I was just teasing you! Now, let me get Ark's questions first so that I am sure that they get done tonight. It seems that SJB has suddenly become willing to finance Crop Circle research after hearing a guy on the Art Bell show say that one was a 'power plant' for a UFO.

A: Really?!? Then we suggest he write back and demand in writing that there be no "strings" attached, and gauge the response accordingly.

Q: Okay. Sounds like the right thing to do. If they are sincere, they will accept such a condition. If they are not, then they won't. Next: I would like for you to diagnose the notebook that is giving him a LOT of trouble...

A: Diagnosis is not necessary... New notebook is.

Q: I guess that means that the problem is so serious that it would be futile to try and fix it. Okay, next question. We have received an acknowledgement of the interest in the "chair" position of the physics department over at UCF. Now, I know that this is more of an administrative position, and not precisely what Ark is looking for, so I was wondering if we should pursue this in some more focused way? Is it desirable, and if so, what additional things could we do to enhance the possible opening of the right place for him?

A: Of course it is desirable... Did we not suggest this as one avenue? Now, contact an immigration attorney, and if first one responds lamely, contact another... Make your clout known.

Q: What do you mean by clout? I have no 'clout!'

A: Clout is cranial.

Q: Am I supposed to do this or is Ark?

A: Both. If you make the right moves, you will be eminently successful. But be careful not to stumble due to lapses into mental laziness and/or impulsiveness.

Q: You mean patient perseverance?

A: And thorough.

Q: Okay. I think that helps. We will take care of it and see where it goes. Now, I was trying to relate the Canaries to Roswell, and noted the funny numbers of lines of latitude. I really didn't WANT to read any more about this subject, but I dug out all the stuff sent to me by Stan Friedman. And, while I was reading, I was looking at the map and locating the various sites mentioned by him. It seems that the actual 'crash' did not take place AT Roswell. It was nearer to Corona. And, near Corona is a place called 'Socorro,' and there is a Socorro on the Canaries, also, which is almost exactly where this statue of the Virgin was found. C**** and I looked it up and it means 'succor.' The inscription on the painting of the Magdalene that is in the church at Rennes le Chateau talks about the 'tears of the virgin' washing away sin and is a plea for 'succor.' And this painting is modeled on the painting of St. Anthony, the hermit, who is shown being tempted by creatures that can only be described as 'aliens.' Now, there is also a Magdalena, a St. Anthony, and even a Pearce on the map near this crash site. And when I drew little lines connecting them all, they enclosed this plain of San Augustin....

A: And who was Saint Augustine/San Augustin... Augustus, Augustine Monks, etc?

Q: Oh! Well, I never thought about that! I was going after St. Anthony and the Magdalene... St. Augustine was one of the early church 'fathers' who wrote a lot of things that became established church doctrine in general.

A: Or established early church "whitewash." What was "Corona?" Who was "Ranier?" Also, interesting that you should be contacted by Valerian... Has he ever explored Ranier?

Q: Well, I don't think it is particularly interesting since I sent my little essay on genetics to several people and he was one of them. I don't think there is anything useful or interesting there at all. He is on a completely different wavelength, I think.

A: Strong minds stimulate discoveries when energies can be merged, and egos can be left "at the door..." Albeit temporarily.

Q: Okay. I will try to leave my ego out of it and share, but I don't think it was important...

A: Yes it was!

Q: Change of subject: I am tracking the clues through the various languages and alphabets. I would like to know which of these alphabets, Runic, Greek, or Etruscan, preceded the others, and from which the others are derived?

A: Etruscan.

Q: Well, who were the Etruscans?

A: Templar carriers.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Seek and ye shall find.

Q: Well, how am I supposed to do that? I can't find anything else on the Etruscans!

A: No.

Q: What do you mean 'no?' You mean there is more out there on the Etruscans?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay. What are Templar carriers?

A: Penitent Avian Lords.

Q: What does that mean?

A: For your search. All is drawn from some more ancient form.

Q: Okay, let's leave that for now. I was digging into the Sanskrit alphabet and found that it says that it was essentially 'invented' by the great Hindu grammarian, Panani, which means that it may simply be arbitrary. And, for some reason, digging into it further does not seem to interest me...

A: Because you have not yet connected these dots.

Q: Oh, so it will be part of the picture eventually. Well, okay. We will deal with it when it comes up. Next: I notice that Sargon the Great is sort of an unknown person in historical terms. He is the first great 'Akkadian' king of Sumeria, but no one knows exactly where the term 'Akkadian' came from nor where 'Akkad' even was. Who was this Sargon?

A: Deep level punctuator.

Q: What?!? What does THAT mean?

A: What does it imply?

Q: Well, punctuation is a way of dealing with language, grammar...

A: Beginning or end.

Q: You guys are making me completely crazy! I will never figure all of this out!

A: All is within your grasp.

Q: Well, I think that a HUGE key is in the tracking of the languages...

A: The roots of all languages are identical...

Q: What do you mean?

A: Your origin.

Q: You mean Atlantis?

A: Is that your origin?

Q: You mean Orion?

A: Interesting the word root similarity, yes?

Q: Well, the word root similarities of a LOT of things are VERY interesting! It is AMAZING the things I have discovered by tracking word roots...

A: The architects of your languages left clues aplenty. And, you have the rare opportunity to learn far more of this by being taught to speak and understand other languages. WE suggest you work to penetrate the STS implanted resistance in this area.

Q: One thing I do want to understand, since it is involved in all of this, is the idea of the 'Shepherd.' All of the ancient legends and stories and myths lead, ultimately, to something about the 'shepherd,' or the 'Shepherd King.'

A: Shepherd is most likely to be struck by lightning, due to staff, and thus "enlightened," or "illumened!!"

Q: Funny spelling! But, what is the contrast between the concept of the shepherd and the agriculturalist? This goes back to the very roots of everything? There is Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Ishmael...

A: Are not you "abel" to figure this out?

Q: Well, I have some ideas about it, but some of them seem so bizarre! For example: the first letter of the Greek alphabet is alpha, which has the 'a' sound, and the first letter of the Elder Futhark is a rune with an 'f' sound. However, they both claim to represent 'cattle,' or 'movable' goods...

A: Have you not learned to explore your ideas without prejudice?

Q: Yes, to a great extent. But every once in a while I get really stuck because some of the things that are emerging from this are so incredible that I just get stopped and need a kick to get over the block... C*** and I have talked about creating a database for the ancient things and putting together some clear plastic overlays on which we are going to chart the key elements and try to put a 'body' together, so to speak... We want to see what repeats over and over, and how it repeats...

A: Good!

Q: Well, we want to do it, but I don't know how we are going to do it at a distance... hopefully she will get her computer...

A: Watch for C*** to soon be "bugged" by "hauntings."

Q: What kind of hauntings? Does it have to do with her increasing awareness? That she is going to blow open the veil and there will be EM bursts?

A: Maybe, but the Carolina mountains are unforgiving to those lonely and faint of heart!

Q: Why is that?

A: It is complicated, but the root is naturally magnetic influences, which in turn lead to mining activities by those of EBE STS 4th density nature, in turn leading to the development of those proverbial underground passages, and/or bases.

A: Well, I'm not gonna tell her THAT! Lama Singh told her that this place was a former home of hers during Atlantean times and that is why they bought it and built their house there. He said that the North Carolina mountains are a part of old Atlantis. It was a dream of theirs to retire there!

A: By now, you must have discovered that Singh was not always "singing the right tune."

Q: Well, yes. He is very good, but a lot of missing pieces and vagueness there. I know this from my own readings from him. Did that property or anything about being in the mountains have anything to do with the development of Tommy's cancer?

A: If so, only in an offhand way.

Q: Considering that C*** just told me that he would have probably lost his arm had he lived, that is an interesting way of putting it. I would like to be able to tell her something, but I just don't think I can. She is still too vulnerable right now.

A: Correct. Watch developments and advise post-development. C*** is skeptical of our existence. But then again, Arkadiusz once held deeply cloaked reservations of a similar nature, and now look at him... And by the way, this is still in process... See now what happens to C***!!

Q: Well, I should admit that I have also held my own reservations... and may still. But, there are just some things that are so obscure that there is no way possible, even with all our reading and experience, that either of us could have all of this stuffed away in our subconscious minds. And the predictions and 'inside' information are beyond amazing. I guess that you guys are working at about 100% on the accuracy rating, allowing for translational latitude and prejudice in OUR minds! So, I have fewer reservations than before. Additionally, you seem to be able to predict the actions of others with incredible insight, time after time... And, while on this, any more predictions just now?

A: Not needed... yet...

Q: (A) I want to ask why I broke my shoulder back in 1979?

A: Alice, my dear, we have been patient with all of you. But we think the "time" has now arrived to move beyond using this conduit as a forum for personal STS oriented inquiry. We are talking about matters of importance to the realm of all of creation in its entirety. With all due respect, love and guidance, creation will survive the various vagaries of your shoulder!

Q: (L) Frank and I spent quite a while explaining how such things can be symbols of spiritual position and attitude. Were we on the right track in our advising on this?

A: Close.

Q: I do have a simple question for her. Is the keeping of notes an exercise that will open certain channels of her mind, that she is currently unable to see?

A: Yes, slowly.

Q: So, it is a matter of perseverance and faith that she will be enabled to see more as time goes on?

A: Yes.

Q: Back in 1995 when we did a session with Roxanne present, I was re-reading this yesterday because Ark is in Dijon where this guy Moshe is, and the night of that session was when I had the vision of his face, and also when I mentioned the dream where I was getting married and this was so bizarre an idea to me at that time. Roxanne was focused on her agenda about female gods and the Elohim, and it seems that she simply shut off any ability for you to communicate to her at all. So, in re-reading this session, it seems that you were talking on a completely different level, to me alone, and that it was almost in code. She wanted to talk about the French Revolution, and you were talking about my past life in Germany... and now Ark is in France... and there was the vision... and that was when you brought up Moshe... and Moshe is in France... is there a connection?

A: Maybe.

Q: Am I correct that you were talking to me on a level that I was not even aware of at the time?

A: Could be!

Q: Can you help me out here? I would like to know about this Moshe thing. You not only brought up the name, but you brought up a lot of other things. And it seems that this was the opening of a door of moving me in a certain direction. I don't even know how to ask about this because it is so strange...

A: Then it should be shelved.

Q: Is this one of those things you are going to avoid?

A: Alfalfa fields in Rhineland yield as of yet undreamed of treasures.

Q: Where are these alfalfa fields?

A: Near tracks well worn.

Q: Another clue, please?

A: Nope, that is enough for now!!

Q: You guys are gonna drive me crazy! Do you mean Rhineland as in Germany proper?

A: We do not mean Rhinelander, Wisconsin... Or do we?!? Who is to tell?

Q: Who?

A: The searcher, the sepulcher, the one who carries the staff in constant search for greener pastures.

Q: Oh my! You are being VERY obscure tonight! Just the fun things I like, too! Now, I think I will be pretty busy this week on this, but is there anything that can be expanded, or any additional clues for me or Ark?

A: Last clue for tonight: Look for the vibratory frequency light. Good Night.

Q: Good Night.

End of Session


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Q: One thing I do want to understand, since it is involved in all of this, is the idea of the 'Shepherd.' All of the ancient legends and stories and myths lead, ultimately, to something about the 'shepherd,' or the 'Shepherd King.'

A: Shepherd is most likely to be struck by lightning, due to staff, and thus "enlightened," or "illumened!!"
It is interesting that in the same session C's point out the staff of a Shepherd, first connecting it to "enlightenment" then on Rhineland clue. So, I wonder what is the symbolism here. They say due to staff shepherd is most likely to struck by a lightning, which might indicate a connection with higher realms that makes one enlightened?

Q: You guys are gonna drive me crazy! Do you mean Rhineland as in Germany proper?

A: We do not mean Rhinelander, Wisconsin... Or do we?!? Who is to tell?

Q: Who?

A: The searcher, the sepulcher, the one who carries the staff in constant search for greener pastures.


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Today I came across a perspective on the Cyrillic alphabeth and Etruscan that reminded me of this exchange:
Session 21. June 1997 said:
Q: Change of subject: I am tracking the clues through the various languages and alphabets. I would like to know which of these alphabets, Runic, Greek, or Etruscan, preceded the others, and from which the others are derived?

A: Etruscan.
About the Etruscan and its relation to Cyrillic and the Runes "Lada Ray" has got some comments, but first a few, though not all of the introduction, nor the last section:
Lada Ray on said:
How to Reformat People’s Consciousness and Keep them as Obedient Slaves
Mar 28 Posted by Lada Ray

I want to introduce you to a new translation by our friend Stanislav (Nemo). Galician Intellectuals Wishing to Deprive Ukrainian of the Cyrillic Alphabet. I also want to direct you to Stanislav’s other recent piece: How Malorossia Was Turned into the Patch-quilt of Discord that is “Ukraine”. In it, with permission he uses an excerpt and maps from my Earth Shift Report 2. Ukraine: Truth, Lies & Future Hope, which provide a visually good idea about Ukraine’s history, its present situation, and future options.

Stanislav asked for my thoughts on what’s going on with reformatting of Ukraine’s alphabet. My thoughts are of a global character, but they reference what’s happening now in Ukraine, and what happened a very long time in Russian/Slavic World. Here is what comes to mind when I read about Latinization of Ukrainian language.


How to rule the sheeple:

This discussion has jogged something in my mind, which goes into one of my favorite topics: Forbidden History and Linguistics.


The ancient western Rus dialect (now spoken in modified form in Belarus and some western parts of Russia proper), has been proven to be very close to the Etruscan language. As many of you may know, millennia ago there was a mysterious and very advanced civilization that lived in today’s Italy, which created amazing works of art, but for some strange reason this advanced civilization failed to leave behind much written evidence of its presence and achievements. When finally some Etruscan language rocks were ‘discovered’ in Italy, they were declared ‘illegible.’ Ancient Romans had a Latin saying, translating as: ‘Etruscan is not legible.’ Western linguists and archeologists repeated this saying like a mantra. They scratched their heads and shrugged shoulders: ‘not legible, what are you going to do. Ah, well… a mystery, I tell’ya.’

Of course it wasn’t legible, as these Western ‘scientists’ tried to use Latin and Italian as foundation for their translation… Until Russian professor Valery Chudinov read Etruscan in western Russian dialect, using one of the 4 ancient Rus/Arian (later, Slavic) writing systems. The whole new world of the ancient Et-RUS-cans opened up as a result. This alphabet/ writing system, called the ‘mirror alphabet’ was very different from the more widely used Runitsa and Bukvitsa alphabets/ writing systems.
[Thorbiorn: See picture in next post, as I could not get it to load from the Webpage]
This image shows how sacred geometry is the key to understanding Slavic Bukvitsa

This is a very big topic, which deserves several books, not a mere article. However, it has to be mentioned that the ancient Runitsa and Bukvitsa writing systems far preceded any Western writing system. How old are they? Many millennia, at least. Per Russian linguist Chudinov, about 1000+ years ago, at the point of the switch from Vedism to Christianity, Runitsa was chopped off and shortened, having been deprived of its wisdom and secret knowledge meant to be passed on to future generations. What was left of the original Bukvitsa is known as Cyrillics, with 33 letters. It is attributed to two Bulgarian/Macedonian Orthodox monks, Kirill and Mefodiy.

In its original complete version, Bukvitsa had over 150 letters, if memory serves me. Each letter signified a specific word and a specific concept. The whole alphabet was a symphonic poem that could be read as a Vedic prayer to the Universe.

A similar fate was endured by the poor Runitsa (notice: Ru-nitsa – Rus). All that’s left are a few of the so-called Nordic Runes. Read Forbidden History: Are Scandinavians Slavs?


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Attached is the picture I could not load in the previous post. The text below the picture is:
"This image shows how sacred geometry is the key to understanding Slavic Bukvitsa"


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