Session 21 May 1997


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May 21, 1997

Frank, Laura

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Xyorra.

Q: And where do you transmit from?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: I have a whole bunch of questions: First, in the past week, Dimi, Jim and SJB contacted Ark. I simultaneously had another of those experiences where I felt that an elephant was sitting on me, or compressing me. I have a theory that there is some sort of frequency wave that activates 'agents' and their preimplanted programs to contact their 'target,' and that the frequency is what I perceive as the 'compression.' Is this possible?

A: Yes. Notice how contact intensifies post-put off?

Q: What? What is 'post-put off?'

A: After Ark delivered message indicating declining interest.

Q: Oh, I see. Is the sensation I experience strictly related to a frequency? I mean, I was thinking that I was having this feeling because force was being taken by them from me through his bond to me, that his response to them closed the circuit. Would I have suffered whether he responded or not?

A: Waves unify significant events.

Q: Well, what does that mean?

A: It is interrelated.

Q: Would a blank wall, termination of contact, minimize my suffering?

A: Only you can tell.

Q: Well, he knows who and what they are, and there is also the view that by continuing interaction, it prevents OTHER portals from being opened. In other words, the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know.

A: Oh yeah?!?

Q: So, this does not prevent others from coming along?

A: Unless one prevents fires by watching only the matches.

Q: What are the matches?

A: That is not the point. Does one prevent sinking just by looking out for icebergs?

Q: No, one steers away from them. Is that what you mean?

A: Oh... We see... Then you must mean by inference that the only cause of sinking is icebergs, yes??

Q: Oh. So, there is a lot more that can cause one to sink than icebergs. Well, I was just concerned about the fact that there has been repeated events of this kind. It seems that I get the horrible feeling of being compressed even before they contact him... and then it just snowballs. And, it always seems to come at about the time I have my period, when I am most vulnerable and least capable of coping with such things.

A: When your periods cease, the contacts will not. Yes.

Q: Yes to what?

A: It is soon now.

Q: Well, Dimi claims to be able to do repeatable, controlled PK. What kind of PK is he talking about since he is so adamant about not talking about it?

A: Not important. Maybe he can do repeatable, controlled B.S.

Q: Okay, some time ago when I had the '3 dominos' dream, or experience. I asked you about this, and you said it was not an important dream. Yet, it led to an incredible series of discoveries. Why did you say it was not important?

A: What was important, the dream or the discoveries?

Q: Well, of course the discoveries... and there really were no dominos... but it gave me a teensy idea that helped with all the rest... and one thing led to another to another...

A: Dream was not important until fulfilled.

Q: Anyway, I found at the same longitude as Oak Island, a place with the name "Percee." This led to Fontainebleau, Chartres, and Coll du Perche and Moulins la Marche. Then, the 'blue waters and white skies' led to lake Geneva and Point Perce. And this was the third 'Percy'...

A: Devour newspapers for any recent news re: Percy.

Q: Okay. So, then I had the thought that 'Percy' was the center of an incredibly complex web. It was like what you had described for me before: mosaic consciousness. I could see connections no matter which way I looked. I mean, literally everything connects... alchemy, Rosicrucians, Masons, physics, genetics, eschatology, Cassiopaea, prime numbers, Medusa, Perseus... I mean, it is the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life...

A: So far...

Q: Okay. But, that led to the idea of the universe being like a sort of spider web, with the spider being at the center... kind of an expanded and more complex 'perpendicular reality' idea. All the levels connected by the threads, or conduits... the gravity binder from the spider in the center... am I onto something here?

A: Stay tuned...

Q: I hate it when you do that!

A: But you love it when you discover!

Q: Well, that is certainly true. But, one of the things I was thinking about was: If one were to stand on some spot on this mountain, Point Perce, near Geneva, and faced in the direction of Coll du Perche and Moulins la Marche, the compass heading would be 315. And, a day or so after I had thought this and mentioned it, Ark found a paper in a journal, and the number was 33, page 315, I believe. So, I am wondering if this is another clue that has been confirmed this way and what would I see if I did such a thing?

A: Discover?

Q: Does it have anything to do with the Frankenstein dream, which seemed to contain all the basic elements of the following weeks' discoveries. Does it have something to do with putting something in a particular place in one life to come back for it in another? Or, is it that all the clues...

A: You should know by now that all this will be revealed as appropriate.

Q: Okay. Now, the 64,000 dollar question... tunnels, longitude of Oak Island, leading to Pointe Perce, Mont Blanc and the St. Bernard Tunnel, and St. Bernard wrote the rules for the Templars... and then, Tenerife, the Canaries and the latitude of 28:30 connected to the spider in the King James version of Proverbs 30:28... and that leads directly to New Port Richey. Therefore, is there some connection between the location of this house and something on the Canary Islands?

A: You have made much progress, expect more, if vigilant and persistent!

Q: Well, you know I am that! Well, at the time the question was 'could the position of my house over a tunnel be detrimental?' And the answer was 'yes.' Then, the question was 'how?' which led to the answer 'That is the 64,000 dollar question. So, is there any further that I can have at this time?

A: Detrimental is subjective, according to unfolding events and choices.

Q: So, it was a question at that time, the BIG question as to what I was going to choose to do...

A: Close.

Q: At that time, it was also said that there was a vortex here that merges levels 1,2,3, and 4 with density 5. And, you said that the primary issue about this was 'the physical imprint locator.' What is this?

A: Forces that tune and influence participants on the various above mentioned density levels.

Q: The other night, I guess at the time that the Jim, Dimi, and SJB thing was brewing, I had a terrible dream of a person trying to break into my house... that {my youngest daughter} had followed V*** out, and I had to get her back, and this put me in danger... then, I was afraid that he was going to start trying to kill us while we were in the house by shooting through the walls. Ark, Frank and Tom did not seem to be quite as alarmed as I was... I woke up with my heart nearly beating out of my chest and covered with a cold sweat, and somewhat paralyzed. I recognize this sort of dream from before. Was it just 1) a dream, 2) a warning, 3) a screen memory of some other event? It was very frightening.

A: Choose selection two above. Always be aware of your significance as the possessor and potential purveyor of unusually high level knowledge store. And, what that means to those who would prefer that it not be.

Q: Is there more I could do in terms of protecting my children? That is where I am most vulnerable and I am not sure that they understand the seriousness of the situation.

A: What do signs keep telling you? Who took what positions and behaviors in the dream? Well?

Q: Yes... I realize that it was because of going out to do something ordinary... not thinking... while Ark and Tom and Frank were distracted... and I was just concerned about {my daughter}...

A: And what role did V*** play?

Q: I see. Like the Pied Piper?

A: Or maybe programmed decoy, due to FRV?

Q: What is FRV?

A: Frequency Resonance Vibration.

Q: Is there any danger to {Andromeda} and {Atriedes} with these kids and church people they have been around the past few weeks?

A: What do you think?!? It is a vulnerable age for anyone, much more so for the children of one on path to super consciousness, and in contact with those who provide advice and data...

Q: Well, this church group makes me very uneasy. What can I say to them to make them understand how very vulnerable I am through them?

A: Tell them the truth as you would tell others, of more mature stature.

Q: Any other advice where they are concerned? This whole situation absolutely gives me the willies.

{The tape stopped recording for some reason at this point. I asked about the missing tapes and they indicated that they WERE taken by some person who had been in my house with the idea to use them to harm me in some way. The C's would not tell me who, saying that this would lead me off in a futile and harmful direction. Then, they pointed out that I should be always aware of keeping the tapes very secure from now on. Next, I asked about the missing program and was told that this was done from "outside" also, though not by human agent. And then they gave a rather lengthy closing statement about pursuing the search in the Canaries... to learn every single detail of the history of this place... }

End of Session
Thanks for sharing Laura! Here is a link for more information on the canaries:

Very interesting: "The islands were visited by the Phoenicians, the Greeks, and the Carthaginians. According to the 1st century AD Roman author and philosopher Pliny the Elder, the archipelago was found to be uninhabited when visited by the Carthaginians under Hanno the Navigator, but that they saw ruins of great buildings."
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