Session 21 September 2002


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September 21, 2002

Ark, Laura

Q: Hello.
A: Hello! So place your hand in mine.
Q: And who do we have with us this evening?
A: Calonia.
Q: And where do you transmit through?
A: Cassiopaea.
Q: (A) Is it an objective fact that I think much more objectively outside than inside, as I was noticing over the past weeks?
A: Yes. It is due to long wave cluster pattern in the house.
Q: (A) Is this due to some external source?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) What is the location of the source?
A: Hidden source. Think in terms of military generators placed at specific locations for general "control."
Q: (L) So everybody is being bombarded by it so nobody can think. Everybody's asleep. (A) Why does it affect me more than Laura?
A: It doesn't. Just different symptoms.
Q: {Small exchange about Laura's physical symptoms edited out.}(A) Still, I would like to understand why being outside, why walking...
A: Geometrical structures cause "clustering."
Q: (A) Can we a) shield, b) have some antidote that would somehow weaken...
A: The best antidote is to move.
Q: (A) Yes, this is the best antidote. But, in order to move we have to do certain things - it would be nice if we could do these certain things in better mind capacity - therefore, what is the next best antidote that can be applied here, before we move?
A: Wave generator with broad-spectrum capability so as to cancel.
Q: (A) What waves: acoustic or electromagnetic?
A: EM.
Q: (A) Are such wave generators commercially available?
A: Probably not. Why not build one?
Q: (A) Okay, we can build a wave generator. What power is needed? If we build an EM wave generator, it will just create EM noise, right?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, we'll be poisoning ourselves twice! (A) Right!
A: Unless detector that is adjustable is added and tuned to precise canceling frequency.
Q: (L) I think it would be cheaper to move. (A) A broad band wave generator, like a damaged florescent tube produces all kinds of EM noise. But if you tune the frequency. (L) Well, you have to have a detector AND a tuner. Cheaper to move.
A: Better, too!
Q: (A) There must be some way to make the body less vulnerable to these things.
A: Silk clothing and headgear.
Q: (A) I know! Aluminum pyramids! [Laughter.]
A: With silk lining.
Q: (L) What about these metallicized reflector curtains I have to keep the heat out, do they help? And don't forget that your office has that cathedral ceiling - a pyramid. They said something about the geometrical structure.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Okay, if we change the geometric structure somehow, it would help, right? (L) We could hang something from the ceiling that moves - a ceiling fan? It would produce noise, EM, moves the air...(A) That may help. But then, if we had the ozone generator, a fan would move ions around. Ions, while they are moving, are an electric current. They would produce noise. So that may help. (L) So we need to build the ozone generator.
A: All helpful. But still the best option is sell and move.
Q: (L) You have NEVER told us that it was a good idea to sell and move. Every other time I have ever asked, the answer has been negative. Why, all of a sudden, is selling the house and moving a good idea?
A: Things are moving rapidly now.
Q: (L) Is something significant going to happen on September 22 as has been suggested by Vincent Bridges?
A: Not likely.
Q: What's going to happen if people engage in his silly ceremony of "raising the djed," as he calls it?
A: Nothing.
Q: (L) Is this bombing of Iraq that George Bush wants - is there any way to stop this gang from going to war?
A: No.
Q: (L) Are all of my efforts in that respect wasted?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, if my efforts to stop the bombing are not wasted, and yet the bombing is going to continue, what's the point?
A: Efforts will result in different return.
Q: (L) Shouldn't we get some more work done on the house before we try to sell it?
A: If you can do it in a hurry.
Q: (L) If we move, does that just mean move from this house to another nearby, or out of the country?
A: France.
Q: (L) I thought you said France was going to get hit by a nuke?
A: Still possible but less probable.
Q: (L) Is the United States going to be hit by nukes?
A: No doubt.
Q: (L) I am curious about this object that was seen in orbit around the Earth by an amateur astronomer. As soon as he announced it, it suddenly was explained away as an old rocket booster that was orbiting the Sun, and it has now been recaptured and is in orbit around earth. Yeah, right. Since 1969 it's been orbiting the Sun. Is this an old, cast off rocket booster?
A: No.
Q: (L) What is it?
A: High level scanner of sectors.
Q: (L) Like a radar? A satellite?
A: Similar, but more advanced.
Q: (L) Who does it belong to?
A: High level consortium.
Q: (L) Human or alien?
A: Both.
Q: (L) What was this thing seen off of Hollywood recently which was claimed to be an ICBM being launched?
A: Nonsense. Flight of density transiting craft.
Q: (L) So, I understand that the war that was formerly scheduled for January or February, as of today, was bumped up to November. It's crazy. We were going to bomb Saddam in January or February because he wouldn't let the inspectors in. So, now he let the inspectors in and they decided they want to bomb him even earlier. Explain to me! I feel like we are in a world gone mad!
A: You are.
Q: (L) What is the most important thing we ought to be doing right now?
A: Concentrate on getting the ducks in a row to move.
Q: (L) What is the objective of George Bush and the Gang? [Wearily.]
A: Life will not be as difficult as you think.
Q: (L) Well, all I can say is I don't know how we can do such a thing. We just are not in a position to do it. I know you had to make such a decision, and you did what you did all on your own. And I had decisions I had to make. And here, this is a decision that just goes against what I want to do. I mean, I want to do it, but being faced with it - thinking about it - doing it is just like climbing a mountain. We simply do not have the money to just jump up and move right now! (A) There is one solution: step by step.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Well, that's enough on my plate for tonight.
A: Money will come very soon. Good night.

End of Session
Just wanted to say that it's like Christmas just came. Thanks for the new transcripts, Laura :)
Shijing said:
Just wanted to say that it's like Christmas just came. Thanks for the new transcripts, Laura :)

Ditto to the thanks for the new transcripts, Laura.

Silk comes up again.

Edit re silk
Thank you Laura for the session. I am still reading as much info as possible so bringing up these past threads are really helpful, and I apologize for any noise in advance. I would like to know if there is any reading on the significance of silk or any threads that discuss why silk works as a shield from EMF?

so far I found one thread but I am no good at directly quoting the material.
It was a post from RyanX that quoted a stating that silk works as a shield but I am curious as to why?
Shijing said:
Just wanted to say that it's like Christmas just came. Thanks for the new transcripts, Laura :)
Yes, for me too! I am on my vacation now and have time to read this (and for my detox diet).Thank you!
Hi Won8d:

If you do a forum search on 'silk' you will find a lot of info. (click the 'Search' word on the menu bar at the top of any page)

Here is what the C's said in this thread.

Q: (TK) That stuff is expensive. (L) What about silk?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) The alchemists say that to protect the body from outside frequencies, one should wear silk. I know that sounds crazy, but that's what they said and did. Silk is a heck of an insulator. (TK) If we shielded the area with a silk tent, or wear silk clothing... (A) Silk by itself might not work, or it probably only works when in contact with the body. (TK) A copper mesh around the area would help.
A: Yes.
Q: (TK) RAM would help?
A: Yes.
Q: (TK) Silk would help?
A: Yes.

I had made a "New Year's Resolution" at the beginning of this year to get all of the sessions here on the forum for examination, analysis, discussion, but I got bogged down and hit a barrier on a session that is very problematical for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is privacy issues. So, being very busy with other things, I let that sort of stop me. Today, I decided that I can still get many sessions up that have never been published in their entirety and go back to the problem session some other time. So, that is what I am doing. I'll fill in all the recent years, and go backwards.

What is published today is the series of sessions where Ark and I were grooving the new channel. There's a lot of interference and static, as you will see, and we were working under almost impossible conditions of stress and health issues that were related to the stress. But still, it is an interesting process to follow.

We did have a recent session, though only briefly with the Cs, mostly with my newly deceased mother. I'm still considering publishing it. I'll be back in the saddle soon.
Thank you for all your hard work, its greatly appreciated.

Christmas in July! :D

My thoughts are for you and Ark's continual health.

I'll second that. This released set of transcripts, despite the private issues, is greatly appreciated.

Take care! :)
Thank you so much for getting another transcript out. With all you and the rest of the crew are doing, this is truly a great gift.

Gonna go and see how much silk costs these days :)
Thank you Laura for publishing these sessions in the middle of everything else you are doing.

It is helpful to be reminded of the EM blocks to awareness that are present especially in the US, and how being outdoors and movement can help clarify our thinking. My mind has been on the hamster wheel lately and this is a good reminder to get out of my head and DO.
Thank you Laura.

shellycheval said:
It is helpful to be reminded of the EM blocks to awareness that are present especially in the US, and how being outdoors and movement can help clarify our thinking.

I was considering the same thoughts, shellycheval. It seems we(I) often forget the importance of external influences we cannot see.

And also the apparent urgency in getting the 'ducks in a row' to relocate. Though it seems that this is a consistent topic of discussion for many of us(see the recent 'How to Prepare for the Coming Ice Age thread'), in Laura, Ark and family's case, it seemed to be a necessity for the continuation of their work.
Interesting that some of the recent transcripts posted had VB in them. Just last night I had a dream that he was a family friend and was talking to my mom. I wanted to tell her that he was a psycho but couldn't do it in front of him.

In any event, thank you for the new transcripts!
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