Session 22 August 1997


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August 22, 1997
Frank, Laura, Alice.

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: Who do we have with us this evening?

A: Gorrora.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: I have a couple of personal questions, and I apologize, but it seems that I need a little advice. Would it cause any detrimental setbacks for me to transfer my accident {lawsuit} from Abrahamson to this woman attorney I talked to the other day?

A: Not if you follow it closely, and know every detail "up to the minute."

Q: This gal sounded cooperative. I explained that I had kept out of Abrahamson's way because I was trusting him to handle it. But, I don't want Abrahamson to come raving after me either!

A: Keep your new attorney on top of the situation... Rest not until it is advisable.

Q: What does that mean?

A: Vigilance is your shield, complacency is your vulnerability.

Q: Well, should I just leave it with Abrahamson?

A: That would cost you!

Q: Okay. Now, since he is not going to settle as he indicated, and I do not have the funds to get the kids ready for school, I have been thinking about refinancing the note on the house to do so, and also to get some extra for investment purposes as was advised when Sue was here...

A: Not wise in this case.

Q: Why? You told Sue to borrow money and invest and she would become wealthy.

A: Every situation is different. Besides, the sum you are discussing is woefully inadequate. When we advised {Sue} as we did, the markets were valued at slightly over one half of the current value. Individual issues have increased as much as 10,000 percent during this same period. Were you aware of this?

Q: Well, no. Is it unwise to do this mortgage altogether?

A: Only if you are not extremely careful.

Q: In what respect? Is there something in particular I need to watch out for?

A: Spending the borrowed sum unwisely.

Q: Well, I just want you to know that there is no way my son can go to school with one pair of pants, and that one has holes in it!!!

A: Pants are fine. So are clothes, but the enticements are many, and you know what they say about "payback."

Q: Well, maybe I will just forget a mortgage, and keep the kids at home.

A: Why do they need to go to school?

Q: Well, Ark thinks they ought to.

A: Does Arkadiusz have a complete grasp of the American Public Education system of 1997?

Q: I don't think so. I have tried to explain it, but there is really no way it can be conveyed.

A: Your instincts have led you to this point on this issue, is it time to "pass the baton?" Well??

Q: Well, alright. But his instincts are very good on things too! But, if he really KNEW... I mean, even John K____, who is PART of the system, in a sense...

A: What U.S. high school did Arkadiusz attend?

Q: Well... he didn't, of course. He REALLY has no idea of the mind controlled zombies running this system...

A: What was drug oriented, gang related peer pressure like in Poland in the 1950s?!?

Q: Okay. We got a nice letter from UCF. Are they as interested as I think they are?

A: Yes.

Q: We have pretty much done our homework on this...

A: On the right track!

Q: They even wrote to him before the advertising period was closed. (F) They probably wanted to give him an extra window of opportunity...

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, Chloe is probably in Colorado by now. Can you give us a clue as to her reaction to the Denver Airport?

A: Headaches, for one.

Q: Well, how will she feel about the murals?

A: Uneasiness. Strange men starkly observing her photographic efforts...

Q: Is she gonna get freaked out?

A: Maybe.

Q: Anything else about Chloe's trip?

A: Wait and see... stay tuned...

Q: Okay. Now, we are onto the subject of our friendly local volcano down on Montserrat. What is it up to?

A: Seismic swarms... Much fear and concern by officials; muted...

Q: Can you give us an idea about what this volcano is going to do? What are the percentages in favor of a cataclysmic eruption in the near future?

A: Look to geologic map patterning for answer.

Q: What in particular should we be looking for?

A: Sequences, locators, historical telltale hints and signs. The signs always point the way for those who bother to read.

Q: Is there something about sequences of locators? Is it like a moving series in a general direction or pattern?

A: Yes.

Q: What general way does the sequence move? East to West? What?

A: Reverberatory.

Q: So, if something occurs in one place...

A: Like the wavelets in a small pool of water.

Q: Well, where does the stone drop?

A: Look to 18 degrees North and South.

Q: What, in specific, is at 18 degrees, that we need to see?

A: Magnetic colliders that balance.

Q: What do they balance? Magnetic fields of the earth?

A: Close.

Q: Would there be specific points along this 18 degree line, and if so, how many lines of longitude apart would they be?

A: Think of a parallelogram.

Q: What is this parallelogram going to tell us?

A: Cosmic "puncture points."

Q: You mean like cosmic windows?

A: Closer.

Q: And these parallelograms are located along the 18 degree lines of latitude.

A: Yes.

Q: And these parallelogram windows... do they straddle this line, or are they above or below it?

A: Near, as measured on the surface.

Q: Where do they originate from? Within the globe, or externally?

A: Both, as in positive/negative charge.

Q: What is within the globe, the positive or negative?

A: Think of static electricity to "ground" your answer.

Q: How many of these parallelograms are there along this 18 degree line of latitude?

A: Four shooting energy bars.

Q: Where are they shooting energy to, space?

A: And back.

Q: Okay...

A: Like a double double-helix, centered at core of the planet.

Q: Do you mean a double helix that winds from the core and touches the surface at the outer turns and then winds back again?

A: Need not "wind." The "strands" can be perfectly straight in orientation.

Q: Well, I thought that a helix implied a spiral shape... Are the ends of it at the core and go to the surface, not winding around the surface...

A: Close. Do not you see Laura. If you were to draw this correctly, you would unite the very core of any sphere with all of creation?

Q: Well, I am having a hard time creating a mental image here!

A: We will represent it for you. {Planchette inscribes four lines from center of board to each of four corners and back.} Now, geometrically expand and interpolate.

Q: So, you have four lines leading out from the center. And each line represents a 'double helix.'

A: Close.

Q: So, this line is really a double line...? How do we include the hydrogen bonds?

A: Bonds are not necessary, as we are not speaking of DNA.

Q: So, it does have a positive and negative line?

A: Yes.

Q: Is this just lines, or conduits of energy, or is it segmented in some way?

A: Conduit which radiates cosmic balancing principle.

Q: Okay, and each point where these conduits reach the surface, expresses as a parallelogram shaped area on the surface?

A: Close.

Q: And all of these double lines, or conduits, come out in the general area of 18 degrees of latitude.

A: Yes.

Q: So, those are the points we are looking for to find activity, to then relate to other points around the globe?

A: In cyclical sequence. Your "El Nino" ties into this too! Why do you think the ocean water warms up so much, where it does, and cyclically at regular intervals?

Q: Seems to me that hurricanes form along this line right off the coast of Africa... are we gonna have any serious hurricanes the rest of this year?

A: El Nino will take its toll.

Q: Well, El Nino suppresses them.

A: Yes.

Q: (F) Well, also, when El Nino is active, the winter storms in the Southern U.S. are also ferocious. (L) So, we are gonna have a nasty winter? (F) Probably. (L) Is this winter gonna be really cold and nasty?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, now that we have experienced a LOT of learning on the subject of this volcano...

A: It could happen!! Watch closely!

Q: Did Cayce mistake this volcano for Pele?

A: Maybe, maybe not!

Q: Swell! If it does blow, will we hear it here?

A: Wait and see.

Q: Is it that when one goes in one of these parallelograms, that the others activate also?

A: Reverberate... 1... 2... 3...

Q: Well, I want to know why I am feeling so dizzy and lightheaded right now! I feel like I am pressing against the top of my skull trying to get out of my body!

A: Volcanic magnetic flush.

Q: Good thing I'm not any closer to it! I'm even feeling sick to my stomach! (A) Maybe that means it is close to erupting.

A: Maybe.

Q: I heard it has been quiet for the past 4 days. That is NOT a good sign! Just because it gets quiet doesn't mean it is gonna quit! (F) I think those people ought to swim away if that is the only way they can leave! If they wait for the British government to dust itself off and DO something! (L) Okay, now, I have been thinking that since the last series of obstructions are in the process of stabilizing, maybe there are other surprises and unexpected events around the corner...

A: Maybe for Arkadiusz.

Q: What kind of surprise might this be?

A: Mount "Anna" may erupt.

Q: Very cute! And, if so, what kind of eruption?

A: Cataclysmic.

Q: Well, SWELL! How about another clue!

A: Just be vigilant!

Q: Is that it?

A: To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Q: Okay, well... anything we need to know tonight? Any other advice... finances, or whatever?

A: Has been given. Good Night.

End of Session
Thank you for the transcription.

I tried with the indications to figure out and subsequently to point rouglty this parallelograms and see what kind of phenomena could be present in this areas with paterns of oscillation showing "positive/negative" phases.


AMO = Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. Positif phases which tend to warm the tropical atlantic ocean, alterning with negative phases wich result in his cooling.



? = I can't find anything in this aera with a pattern of oscillation. Altought I just concetrated in oceanic behaviors. Maybe geological or something else

ENSO = El Nino Southern Oscillation. Positive phase = El Nino / Negative phase = La Nina. It's well known so I will not say much things about that.


IOD = Indian Ocena Dipole. Positive phase warms the east coast of Africa and cools the Indonesia. The contrary occur in the negative phase.


There are some observations indicating that the IOD and ENSO are linked in some way.

In one study, they say that a positive IOD/ENSO and a negative IOD/ENSO phases co-occur and that a positive IOD will lead to a negative ENSO and a negative IOD to a positive ENSO. I find this interesting in relation to the "reverberation" mentionned in the end of the transcript.

Obviously, i'm not sure about the locations. Do the parallelograms move trought the 18 latitude lines ? This quote make me doubt :

Q: Is it that when one goes in one of these parallelograms, that the others activate also?

A: Reverberate... 1... 2... 3...
Just looking at this transcript and it mentions Mount Anna.
The volcano referenced by this must be the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador, which lies close to the 18th parallel of latitude.

Santa Ana volcano:


"There have been numerous historical eruptions since the 16th century, both at the summit and from
cinder cones on the lower flanks, and also the flank vents of San Marcelino located east of Santa
Ana. The San Marcelino vents erupted in 1722 and flowed eastwards for 11 km, destroying the village
of San Juan Tecpan.

In October, 2005, the volcano erupted, killing at least two people, injuring seven people, forcing
many people to flee their villages. The volcano spat rocks for over 1.5 km (0.93 mi) with rocks the
size of cars. The eruption contributed to the damage from Hurricane Stan. The most recent previous
eruption had been in 1904."

Not sure if this is a hit for the C's, but might be 'close enough for horseshoes'..
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