Session 22 February 2010


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Thanks Laura for both things, the background info, and the session itself.


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Thanks as always for posting the session transcripts and to all who participated, so interesting and much to learn from consideration.

I find it fascinating to read of the social interactions and it is really an eye-opener to hear the accounts and little blips on the screen you encountered. As C's said, it was little stuff, just another challenge for facing 'petty tyrants with impunity and impeccability' though I realize it is easy for me to say and a different matter when in the moment. Well done in handling those 'blips'!

Really impressed to hear how it was handled and also unfortunate to hear how blind some were (Bob and Sue) to the effects of their actions and the general insensitivity to their hosts. :shock:

Lessons for sure and I suppose in some way then we can be grateful for the example provided, both positive and negative, something to learn either way!

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Many thanks for sharing this session it contains many lessons, some scary!! It just goes to show how that regardless of how much knowledge we think we have, the very strongest emotions and feelings we possess can be quickly used against us and seemingly nullify the knowledge we need to protect ourselves. Just reading that a senior member of the forum can be duped like this is a lesson to us all, giving us the predators mind means we have to be constantly vigilant. It seems to explain why sometimes in our lives when we think we have things figured in some way or another we can regress very quickly beyond where we started.

Really glad everyone is ok and I think it was an important session to publish. All there is is lessons!


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Sorry to hear about that whole situation.

I guess it wasn’t easy to release this session.

Thanks for doing so.

It’s really amazing and terrifying to see how the consortium does business. What they are capable off.

I hope Bob and Sue will learn there lessons. It’s sad to see what the consortium has done to them.

Thanks for all the effort.

(Mr. Scott) We'll be able to manifest healthy pizzas!! [laughter]

A: Yes

Q: (Mr. Scott) Whoa, SWEET!!! And it will even taste like mozzarella cheese?!

A: Yes if you wish!

LOL, I am missing those pizza’s with mozzarella cheese also Mr. Scott, Hang in there. :P


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As always "Thank you" so much for the intelligence and heads up that is so generously shared at cost beyond comprehension. I have to say to all that were part of this experience to have these people to be in your home and have them conduit them self's they way they did, that you should all get the gold star for extreme and I mean extreme patience. Considering all that happen. I would have scened as well that someone was one shy a six pack and maybe the local gite would have served them better. Just my 2 cents!


Thank you for transcribing and publishing this session! Gave a good push to think about my programs, to look inside and examine my trash. One more reason to work on myself, work for you to help You all there in Buckwheat Castle and help people here on the forum! Very good decision Laura on publishing! Lot's of lessons and info to digest - see my own issues in the light of your information - and that i have to learn from it!!

Belibaste, i didn't know about your condition and couldn't get over it, the discomfort was almost physical by just reading about it. My God! How you fought and got better. When my mom had cancer i read about it and know what it is. Oh my Gawd!! I can't over it how hard it can be for you, i'm sorry for editing this post, i'm angry, frustrated about being helpless, unable to help you get you healed. I'm sorry!

Laura, when i got to the part you fell and 'knuckle is black under the skin' i grimaced by just imagining how much it must hurt typing and must hurt walking! My Gaaawwwd :scared: :shock: I got very upset by reading all this and need to find a way, creative work to process everything: mainly that i can't do nothing to help heal you both and get better. This whole thing is unbelievable.. [shakes head]


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Quote from: Oxajil on Today at 10:07:18 AM

It's really strange, all of that. Bob has been on the forum and in QFS for a long time I'm assuming, but yet has ''trapped'' himself in such a situation.
Does knowledge protects or only application of knowledge? I guess both and also that vigilance and networking are as important.
But I assume that a quiet guy like him, as he appeared, might have had problems sharing for example that he was looking for another on a dating site. Maybe if he would have, he wouldn't be going through it. Never know though.

Quote from Ailén
I think the key are the application of knowledge and networking. Vigilance would be present thanks to both of these. At some level, Bob chose not to network, and not to apply what he "knew" theoretically.

Thank you for posting the session - this is so disturbing but so necessary for us to know. I have been single for some time now and I had two people suggest EHarmony to me, just two days ago! I have always been dubious - but this leave no doubt! What is so troublesome - is that for about 2 seconds I considered this - thinking that with my current knowledge - I would be unlikely to become entangled with someone inappropriate. HA!

Just knowing that even someone who has been a long term member of QFS can still be subject to the same manipulation is very eye-opening. What I remember about myself (many years ago) and friends who have been in the grips of a compelling "attraction" - there seems to be something that clouds one's perceptions - yet at the same time one also senses some instinct buried that knows you are in over your head and that if you listened to reason, you would get out of the relationship pronto!

However, I think because the state of "feeling in love " is so nice, something keeps you from networking. You instinctivley know that your friends and family members will try to talk sense into you - and that is the last thing one wants when in the grip of a "love bite".

Very sobering information.


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aleana said:
I think because the state of "feeling in love " is so nice, something keeps you from networking.
As a side note, the expression being also that of "falling in love", it might trigger some caution as well.

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M.A.O. said:
I have to say to all that were part of this experience to have these people to be in your home and have them conduit them self's they way they did, that you should all get the gold star for extreme and I mean extreme patience.

Well, there is always Sue's view of things that I was just plain "not nice". But even if that were the case, I still cannot comprehend a person who could behave that way as a guest in someone's home. Maybe I'm wrong on that?

Anyway, there are a couple of details that I was reminded of today that I should add to the picture.

Almost exactly a year ago, Sue wrote about a really weird event in their house. At this point, the baby was only a few months old. I think he was born in November. Anyway, what happened was that Bob told Sue that he had a dream that there was a dark figure coming into their bedroom and he thought it represented death. Sue then said that this triggered her memory of getting up to go to the bathroom in the middle of that night and seeing a dark, tall figure in the doorway. She remembered not thinking much about it. She wasn't scared, she just registered it and kept walking. She then thought that it was a lamp casting a shadow. But she was a little bit concerned because she thought it was odd that both of them had the impression of a "dark figure" on the same night. Since Sue got so scared by this, Bob then came up with the idea that it was aliens trying to abduct the baby. (Apparently, this didn't scare Sue half so bad.) She announced that the thought of death visiting or aliens was just too scary for her.

Well, I understood that. Geeze, she had a little baby to take care of. He could have handled that a little better! I explained to Sue as follows:

that The fact is, aliens and related things can be a metaphor for the dark thingsin our world that we deny and repress. What is interesting is that, in your
case, you passed the figure and didn't think anything about it... so you
WERE helping to manifest it, but in a state of denial. Bob dreamed about
it and it woke him up and he was alert and aware because of his knowledge
about such things. Even if the interpretation was not so hot, at least he
was aware and felt the need to do something.

For your part, you just walked right by it - a threat to your home, family,
children - and when that dark energy might finally emerge into unhappy
dynamics, you will think it is just coincidence or "shit happens" etc. You
will not even realize that such energy can be brought to awareness and can
be dealt with so that suffering is avoided.

Now, obviously, I was trying to calm her down because, in fact, I was VERY worried about this incident. And now, with what the Cs have contributed to the topic, it makes sense. Sue probably was abducted that night and her "memory" was a screen and Bob was aware and this awareness came through in his dream.

Later, in the exchange over this incident, Sue said that she had "a very strong instinct working that is telling me to stay away from the group and not to trust it or to trust myself with it."

I expect that this was an implanted program.

The future looks very bleak for them in spiritual and material terms. But, I could be wrong. Only time will tell.


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Thanks for posting this session. That was quite a series of unfortunate events and indeed a tragic story. But it is a very good real life example of that sort of dynamic and a good learning experience. And I must commend you all for your patience with them! Well I hope that Bob wont permanently leave the group. It would be a "battle won" by STS forces...

un chien anadolu

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Thanks to everyone for the valuable session and the information.

Laura said:
Q: (L) Okay. Let's go back to the baby. Now, the question was already asked: "Is he autistic?" I think I would have asked the question differently. I would have asked, "Is something wrong with him?" You answered already the question, "Is he autistic?" with "Yes". Is this autism that he is exhibiting, is it genetic or just chemical?

A: Both in this case.

Q: (L) Is it severe?

A: Can be.

Q: (L) In other words, at this point, it could be ameliorated. Is that it?

A: Yes. But Sue has so much to do with her own issues it is not likely that she can do what is necessary.

I hope that Bob himself would take this as a friendly and genuine advice.

[quote author=Andromeda]

I have to say that I didn't think much of Sue when I met her during Casstoberfest in 2007. She did and said a few tactless things that made me doubt the sincerity of her friendliness, and made her appear to be looking for flaws.

[quote author=Perceval]
Sue was also as I remembered her, superficial and giving off that "I'm not here because I'm interested, I'm here because HE'S MINE!"

I wonder how did Sue become a member of the group in the first place ? Has she ever shown positive attitudes, contributions recognized and appreciated by others ?


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Thanks Laura for sharing the session. I think it is an important wake up call to us all about relationships and what can happen to us through them. I have been through similar draining and destructive relationships and this information helps me to see that I need to be very cautious about this aspect of my life.


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Thanks for posting this session and providing the background information. My, what an adventure!!!

daco said:
But back to session

Q: (L) Today is February 22, 2010. We're two years away from 2012. Whoa!

A: Not to worry

Q: (L) And who do we have with us?

A: Kileia of Cassiopaea

Q: (L) What are we not to worry about?

A: 2012. Much ado!

Well I have question about this answers,becouse Cs in early sessions if I,m correct 1998 in one session Cs told about 0-14 years period about comets and in this session they told that nothing basicly would happen?
If I,m correct about this one.

Remember this session from the C's?

Session Date: June 20th 2009

Laura, Ark, Don D, Jason, A**, Joe, Allen B, C**, G**, Scottie

A: 5 more years! 2 go! 0 new year!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Poinonia

Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea

Q: (L) Is there any particular reason you made the announcement about 5 years to go?

A: Just reminding you.

Q: (L) You normally have never been date-specific.

A: This is not "day" specific but close enough for horseshoes.

Q: (Joe) A lot of the New Agers are gonna be disappointed in 2012.

A: 2012 is a distraction. We have repeatedly talked about the open nature of the future. It is always open until the probabilities begin to collapse, such as now. But macro-collapses take some "time".

Q: (L) So you're saying that there is a macro-collapse that has already begun?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is that possible? (Ark) Umm, well, yes.

A: Wait and see!
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