Session 22 January 2000


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Ark, Laura, Frank

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Anoova.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: As you know, the morning after the last session, I woke up in extreme pain. It took several weeks to get this under control, and all the physical efforts seemed to have little or no effect. I went to the chiropractor, I had acupuncture, massage, ice, heat, you name it. I would like to know what was the cause of this physical attack?

A: Tenseness, aggravated by sleep posture and psychic tear in medial collateral veil of etheric body. This leads to "opportunistic" invasion of energies intent upon harm.

Q: What was the cause of the weakening of the etheric body, or the "tear" you have identified?

A: Emotional/psychic distress relating to original malady, and weakened resistance of etheric protection system.

Q: When you mention an "original malady," what do you mean, specifically?

A: Muscular. Think of it as the etheric equivalent of bacteria invading a cavity.

Q: So, something broke through the veil of an etheric nature?

A: Yes.

Q: Can we identify them?

A: Represented by those who wish you were not as aware and as communicative as you are; i.e. 4th density STS.

Q: Was it a spirit attachment, or was it more like a pipeline pumping in negative energy?

A: Closer to latter. Recent events indicate attack. Vigilance should be powered up! Ark has also been "under the gun."

Q: So, we should be expecting attack?

A: Expecting it then countering it thusly.

Q: What aspect of our lives, which of our activities, was the origin of the weakness: financial, emotional, or what?

A: The origin is not nearly so important as the awareness/vigilance.

Q: Well, the upcoming attack mode you have identified: is it going to be psychic, emotional, financial, or what?

A: Psychic, of course. This can affect all other realms obviously! We have discussed this before. And, be always aware. The more exposure you have, the more potential portals come into the picture.

Q: Are you alluding to the upcoming article Tom French is writing?

A: Yes, and the website, etc...

Q: Well, if that is the case, ought we to tone down what we are putting on the website?

A: Awareness does not usually require concession.

Q: Any specific advice?

A: Vigilance is the key.

Q: (A) The original question was "why did this come about just after the last session?" Considering that all of the recent sessions have been very draining, and that seems to indicate that some element of corruption has been coming through.

A: Awareness negates that.

Q: If you are aware that you are being drained, then the obvious solution is to stop having the sessions.

A: No. Aware that attempts will be made to drain.

Q: What was it, in particular, about this last session that made me so vulnerable? Lack of awareness?

A: Close.

Q: You had said that the channel was "grooved" and that other forces couldn't "horn in" any longer. So, I was being comfortable with that idea...

A: If you have bacterial invasion of your oral cavity, awareness of this prompts you to gargle with peroxide.

Q: What is the equivalent of gargling with peroxide after doing a session?

A: Awareness leads to mental/psychic resolve that "will not be drained, the attack will not succeed."

Q: (A) In what sense was I "under the gun?"

A: Injuries/maladies.

Q: The flu and your toe, I guess. Is there any other thing on this attack issue; any area where we are most vulnerable that we need to pay attention?

A: Just be aware of all portals.

Q: Could this have a financial effect on us?

A: It could, but if vigilant, less apt to occur.

Q: Do you see the job situation as being stable for the time being?

A: Mostly.

Q: Mostly is not completely!

A: What could affect this?

Q: Well, they recently started making noises about creating a position at the company for regular employment, designed, it seemed, for Ark to apply. He did not do so because he was advised that, if he did, it would put him in a far more precarious position. He would not have a contract, being a regular employee, he could be fired summarily, which this bunch seems to do from time to time, the benefits are lousy, he would have to work IN the building instead of at home; it just was not an attractive option. Then, we found out that a couple of people DID apply for the position, and they were only offered 30 thousand a year, which is pennies. So, will they take the fact that Ark did NOT apply for this position askance, or are they trying to get somebody in there to take the position so that he is no longer necessary? Those are some of my concerns in addition to the whole security clearance thing. Besides, this is a REALLY weird company! They just collect government money and do nothing!

A: Like a front, yes?

Q: Yeah. What's it a front for? Well, maybe they will keep Ark, they can keep up appearances! They can say that somebody is really doing something! Any comment?

A: No.

Q: (A) Now, I contacted IBR, Santilli, and kind of announced that I am interested in a grant that they have advertised. Apparently, on Monday, I will call Santilli and arrange a meeting, perhaps. I would like to know if I am entering some potentially dangerous involvement, or if I am entering into something which potentially can bring good future opportunities? I would like to have some advice here?

A: More likely the latter.

Q: (A) What approach is good...

A: Straightforward.

Q: (A) Also, since we are talking about this job situation, I would like to ask about this Miami opening which I applied for, but its part of the game. What chances do you see of getting this, or another position because of this application?

A: Your future is better served as an independent agent. When you are working within the confines of realms controlled by others, you are quite vulnerable.

Q: Now, we have this picture of this sort of "track" on the Moon here. It is 29 KM long and about 1 KM wide, and they are calling it a "landing strip." Well, it's pretty big to be a landing strip, in my opinion. What is it?

A: Residue of ancient mining operation.

Q: How ancient, by our calendar?

A: 350,000 years, approximately.

Q: In specific, how does this mark relate to a mining operation? Was it like strip mining, or where mining machines were driving back and forth, or what?

A: Underground channel mining.

Q: So, it is a depression caused by an underground mine. What was being mined?

A: Lignite and gold.

Q: Who was doing the mining?

A: Who made you?

Q: Orions?

A: Yes.

Q: What did they use this lignite and gold for?

A: Conduction of electromagnetism.

Q: Did they take this material out of our solar system to use elsewhere?

A: Some.

Q: (A) I don't understand something here. These alchemists, who were not so clever as 4th density, were apparently able to produce gold. Now, these Orions who are so much more advanced, one would suppose, could not do transmutation, but needed to engage in mining? If they are so clever, why couldn't they transmute iron to gold? Why did they have to mine the gold?

A: Have to? Not necessarily. Greed dictates that when it is there for the taking, do so. Does the counterfeiter walk away from a stash of cash?

Q: I had a dream the other night that somehow we travelled in time, to the past, and for some reason it was the period of time in which Nostradamus lived, and we encountered him. There were people watching us, and these people decided that we, along with Nostradamus, were to be burned at the stake for sorcery. During this interaction with Nostradamus, we learned from him that he was also a time traveller from the future, though from a different timeline than ours. We had intersected with him at this particular point in our past. It seemed to be very important that Nostradamus NOT be burned at the stake, important for the future of humanity. But, we couldn't get back to the future. People who were monitoring events from the future saw the difficulty, and they sent reinforcements, and were going to kill off all these people who were trying to burn us all at the stake. It seemed to be more important that HE continue to exist, though they didn't care a lot about whether we did so or not, though we were saved as a sort of byproduct of this activity. So, we got saved from being burned at the stake. I was taken by this group who had come back into the past, and they had disguised me and were sending me to a convent, but Ark and some others came along and rescued me. We realized that we were stuck in the past, and could do nothing but hope that someone from the future was going to come back and save us, or to find our time machine and fix it, so we decided to live our lives as part of this past situation, while at the same time, keeping our eyes open for our chance to get out of there. We started a horse farm as a "cover" for our activities. The last thing was a remark made at the end of the dream saying that I was descended from Nostradamus on my Knight side of the family, and that was why we "intersected" with him in our time travel excursion. That made me a descendant in the future, of somebody who had traveled into the past from a different future and had gotten stuck there... tell me about this dream!

A: Well, check out the genealogy.

Q: Was, Nostradamus a time traveller into the past, which is why he wrote all these prophecies that were partially, or occasionally accurate, but in general, not? Is it because his travel into the past CHANGED the future?

A: Maybe, at the soul level. But then again, who is to say that the same does not apply to you all now!?!

Q: I was thinking about time travel when I went to sleep that night. I wasn't thinking about Nostradamus, for sure, but I was pondering time travel. The thing I was thinking about was that, for some reason, we are all going about it in the wrong direction. Time travel is, in my opinion, a lot easier than we suspect, though I can't quite wrap my mind around what it is we are missing here. Can you help me out here? People keep thinking in terms of a) collapsing the gravity wave so that time around stops; or b) going faster than light so that time stops in that way. Either of those two approaches seems to be going at it backward, but I can't explain why. What is it that I am trying to get my mind to grab onto that is slipping away?

A: Changing channels.

Q: Changing channels? You mean you can change channels to do it?

A: Yes. All is present, there is your illusion.

Q: Is the changing of channels something that is accomplished internally, like in the physiological structure, or in the mental/psychic/soul structure?

A: More complex.

Q: But, you said before that one has to generate an electromagnetic field, a la Tesla coils, do you have to have massive amounts of power in order to change channels and time travel?

A: That is the pathway accessible from 3rd density.

Q: How much power do you have to have?

A: Let us just say that GIGAWATT is the term of choice.

Q: Okay, if you are generating a magnetic field, and you "change the channel," is it from that immediate point within this field, that you can access a channel of some sort, and move into a different timeline. I mean, is it like being suddenly placed at the center of a spider web, with all the times available all around one, and it is a matter of direction of choice?

A: Something like that.

Q: What kind of device, or control system would you use to select the proper channel? Is this strictly a mental activity, or is there something that you use to select a frequency which resonates with a particular time, or channel, and you have to experiment to figure out which time is which frequency? (A) How do we tune?

A: Your suggestion of mental imagining's good.

Q: So you have to be able to create a mental image, which means that you must HAVE a mental image of something that is fairly accurate that will pull you into the right "time line." You have to have a marker, a significant marker!

A: Dates will do.

Q: If dates will do, and the calendar has been screwed with so much, do you use the concept of say, "2000 years before today," ignoring conventional calendrical systems? Is that it?

A: One method.

Q: Well, clearly, if you are traveling backwards and forwards in time, you want to move into the timeline in a discreet manner. You don't want to just appear in the middle of a street in a busy city with a bunch of people standing around staring at your materialization, who immediately grab you and burn you at the stake. So, if that is the case, perhaps you want to select your location as well as your time. And, how can you select a location without having an image, and how can you know that your image of the location is correct if...

A: Your are assuming immediate appearance in the visual spectrum as recognized by 3rd density.

Q: So, assuming that one materializes immediately is apparently not so.

A: It is not necessarily so.

Q: So, you can time travel and remain invisible? Sort of in an ethereal state, and then opt, at any point, to become more solid?

A: If you have skill/knowledge. If not, it could indeed be a "crapshoot."

Q: Is that 7-11 you win; snake eyes you lose!? (A) But this time travel involves TransDimensional Remolecularization. (L) I guess, if you have the skill it does, but if not, it doesn't. Very interesting. I have been looking at the French cave paintings which are so obviously superior to later prehistoric art, and I started thinking that maybe these caves could be what time travellers use as their points of entry and departure. (A) Suppose you time travel, can some other beings, even advanced humans, see you on a screen or something? In other words, when you time travel, can they monitor you? Kill you, block you? Are they "watching" to make sure that nobody time travels? Is there some sort of "time travel police," as was suggested in a movie I once saw? Is this possible?

A: Can be monitored, but only to a limited extent.

Q: Is time travel something that is going to be a significant part of our future?

A: Yes, absolutely!!!

Q: This dream I had, when we appeared in this other reality, we came tumbling down a chute of some sort, through the castle wall, and landed on our bottoms in this hallway with people walking back and forth! We were standing in a field one minute, and the next minute there we were! We weren't even dressed appropriately. (F) Yes, it would be hard to explain to Henry VIII who Calvin Klein is! (L) But, on the other hand, there is always the possibility that time travel could include transferring your focus of consciousness from one of your "selves" in one time period to another of your selves in another period, what we would call another "incarnation." You just change your focus.

A: These all are reality. And of course, the UFO issue is tied into this too.

Q: Now, that reminds me: we have this bizarre picture here of this absolutely strange creature in a museum in Germany. So, speaking of time travel and UFOs, what is this 265 year old creature kept in formaldehyde?

A: Hybridized conception/gestate.

Q: Was there hybridization and genetic manipulation going on almost 300 years ago?

A: Most done this way are miscarried.

Q: Did it live at all after birth?

A: No.

Q: Who was responsible for this experiment?

A: It was not an experiment. It was the result of Reptoid "rape."

Q: So, the mother was raped by a reptoid. Why do reptoids rape human women?

A: We have discussed motives.

Q: Yes. They feed on the fear, terror, or absorb some substance emitted by the sexual organs and chakra, and in some cases they are "changing the genetic program." But, in general, when we have discussed this, it has not included impregnating human women with Reptoid sperm. How often does this activity result in impregnation?

A: Rarely.

Q: So, in this case it did, and here is the result. Pretty horrible. We have been puzzling for some time over a remark you once made that, at 4th density, there is no right or left. How can we conceptualize this?

A: It is difficult of you to conceive of this. Directionals exist within the perceived limitations of your reality.

Q: Are you saying that at 4th density, an individual exists as a "point consciousness" and there is no materiality unless you will it to be so?

A: Close.

Q: (A) Does it have anything to do with the fact that, on a mobius strip, there is no right or left?

A: Yes.

Q: A mobius strip is not so difficult to think about at all. I also know about mathematics in which you can add extra dimension which can change left into right. It is not a problem. Should we think about something like this?

A: If everything is in reality circular in nature, then direction is optional.

Q: (L) We have been having a little discussion on our mailgroup, and one participant commented that our remarks about the Lizzies makes it seem that we are thinking of them in terms of "cosmic -homies-," as she put it. She is focused on unifying the dark and the light within herself. She has suggested that STS and STO might not be the only options to choose, that there might be other options that we are not aware of. She thinks that choosing one or the other boils down to choosing one side AGAINST the other. She wondered what you would say about our apparent "racisim" regarding the Lizzies. I responded that the Lizzies were, in realty, cosmic Nazis. But, the bottom line is that she more or less wants to "love" Lizzies.

A: When one "desires," one is expressing STS.

Q: (A) Does this also relate to desire for knowledge?

A: Yes.

Q: So, in our drive to obtain knowledge, we are STS?

A: You are STS, period.

Q: But, once we have knowledge, we become STO?

A: No.

Q: But, you are always saying that we should seek to gain knowledge. You are supposed to be STO, and we are supposed to be STO candidates, so how does that...

A: While you are in this realm, you are by nature STS. Gaining knowledge is a separate issue.

Q: So, I guess that if you are in a realm where you can't help but be STS, then you ought to be STS about gaining knowledge, because it is the only thing that can assist in changing. (A) There are different ways to desire something. One has the choice of WHAT to desire. (L) Now, there is a lot of talk about the imminent stockmarket crash, so I put up the financial info on the site without any specific advice. Could you comment on this potential for a major crash or depression happening this year?

A: Is there not always an "imminent" crash/depression?

Q: Of course there is! It's like the Weekly World News predicting the imminent End of the World about once a month. Eventually, they will be right! (A) Maybe not. (L) Well, another thing that was brought up in our discussion with this new gal in the mail group was that nothing of any importance of significance would happen in terms of transition on the earth for at least another thousand years or so. She was saying that we would slowly transform for the next thousand years, and there would be no cataclysms or earth changes. I am wondering if this is a new option that has come up because of changes in consciousness?

A: It may be. But remember, the "future" is merely a matter of which reality one experiences in real time, so called. It is merely which of those that exist shall the menu selectors elect?

Q: I am curious. Now we have the big 05-05-2000 coming up. I was reading something about this today. Apparently on this date, the planets line up in conjunction with the peak of the solar cycle and there is supposed to be the "Big Kahuna" of earthquakes or whatever. What is the liklihood of the majority of people experiencing THAT timeline?

A: 0.1

Q: (A) Many people are saying that the most probably date of earth change is 2012. That falls in what you previously you gave as an outside limit of the arrival of the comet cluster, twin sun business; in the middle, in fact. Of course, it may never happen, but is this still the case?

A: Maybe...

Q: (A) Is this a better probability than 0.1?

A: Between 0.1 and 100.

Q: [Laughter] (F) Well, THAT narrows it down! (L) As you know, Tom French is finishing the article and it is supposed to be published either on January 30th or February 13. They have turned it into a "love story," and you guys are being presented as "cosmic matchmakers." Comment, please.

A: News media are mischievious.

Q: One thing about it is probably is that everybody who wants to find their soul mate will be on the line asking you guys to find theirs! That is a distinct possibility! (F) Along with requests for lotto numbers! Yes, and for $59.95 we will be happy to oblige. No refunds! [Laughter] (F) Yes, they can pay or shut up! If people are going to seek you out for their own benefits, they will just have to pay up. You would never have a moment's peace otherwise. Every 15 minutes the phone would ring. (L) I don't like that idea. (F) How could you not have thought of it? (L) Well, because we have never charged anybody anything. Never. (F) The point is, you are not soliciting business. It will solicit you. But... if we are going to all be involved in this solicitation of advice from the Cassiopaeans, we should ALL profit! The thing I am concerned about is not so much the positive fallout, but the negative fallout. (L) What is the possibility of the negative fallout; aside from being attacked by the fundamentalists, crosses being burned on our lawn, and all that. (F) Well, it all depends on the content. If Tom is fast and loose with his words, or the editor is - well, it could be a problem.

(A) Now, we were discussing this right and left business, and you were suggesting that there were many, many time loops, and the space/time is fractal or something like that, and that this is the reason that there is no right or left. I had a different idea that these time loops exist, and yes, maybe space/time is fractal, but that this absence of left and right has to do with access to real, big, huge, extra dimensions. You somehow stressed this nonexistence of the distinction between left and right, and because you stressed this, I would like to know which way to go with my math. Any comment?

A: Best to place options before us for response.

Q: (A) The options are 1) Fractality of space/time becomes relevant in higher densities; and 2) Additional dimension and hyperspace available.

A: Choose option 2.

{Personal exchange snipped}

Q: I dreamed the other night that my brother died. This was upsetting to me. Should I tell him about this dream; give him some sort of warning? Was it a warning to me? How should I respond to this?

A: How?

Q: Do you mean "how did he die?"

A: Yes.

Q: Well, it was a heart attack, I guess.

A: Then, warnings should help.

Q: Is it a possibility that my brother is going to die of a heart attack?

A: Well, all such possibilities exist for all, to some extent.

Q: I remember having three death dreams, but they seem now, to have been dreams of my impending divorce. So, I was wondering if this dream about him could have been a signal of some impending change in his situation.

A: Maybe, but best to make aware.

Q: Anything else?

A: No. Good night. End of Session


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thank's for the session :)

Q: Now, we have this picture of this sort of "track" on the Moon here. It is 29 KM long and about 1 KM wide, and they are calling it a "landing strip." Well, it's pretty big to be a landing strip, in my opinion. What is it?

A: Residue of ancient mining operation.

Q: How ancient, by our calendar?

A: 350,000 years, approximately.

Q: In specific, how does this mark relate to a mining operation? Was it like strip mining, or where mining machines were driving back and forth, or what?

A: Underground channel mining.

this reminds me of what Ingo Swann wrote in his book "Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy":
when he was remote viewing on the moon, he saw some sort of mining operation(male humanoide that were naked down below).


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Thanks you, Laura! So much food for the thought and so much to contemplate.

Q: Was, Nostradamus a time traveller into the past, which is why he wrote all these prophecies that were partially, or occasionally accurate, but in general, not? Is it because his travel into the past CHANGED the future?

A: Maybe, at the soul level. But then again, who is to say that the same does not apply to you all now!?!

That give a new perspective to, it doesn't matter where you are, it's who you are and what you see, that count. Now we can see how we impact the future and past by changing one self in the present, knowledge not only protect, it seem.

I have been contemplating this for quite some time and came to that conclusion myself, that at the soul level, the impact of awakening here and the knowledge gained impact directly the future. Talk about a chain reaction!


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Thank you for your efforts both during the session and at editing it so we could all benefit.

Merci à tous,


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Thanks for these recently posted sessions from 2000. I'd read parts of some of them in other contexts but now the entire sessions are up so the previously unpublished transcripts being published continues to progress. :thup:


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A) Now, we were discussing this right and left business, and you were suggesting that there were many, many time loops, and the space/time is fractal or something like that, and that this is the reason that there is no right or left. I had a different idea that these time loops exist, and yes, maybe space/time is fractal, but that this absence of left and right has to do with access to real, big, huge, extra dimensions. You somehow stressed this nonexistence of the distinction between left and right, and because you stressed this, I would like to know which way to go with my math. Any comment?

I was thinking about this when they first mentioned the left and right while I was reading. When I read a couple of abduction stories people talked about how they was able to manifest themselves at certain points or manifest the person being abducted. Because maybe at that level of existence there is no over here or over there you are just a conscious point in a particular location of focus. This kind of explains time travel and points of reference because since there are extra dimensions there is more space of movement.

This also kind of tides in with the ufos I remember reading a session and the guy was asking about ufos and how they worked. They explain to him it was complex because it dealt with dimensions and since in fourth density there is more space of movement and there is points of reference specifically with time that just kind of gave me an idea how they would work if you was a fourth density being conducting these devices just speculation.


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Thank you Laura! This talk of genealogy and relationships from the past got me thinking about a particular instance that happened to me about 6 months ago. I was attending college and on the first day of class and tall slim guy walked into the class while I had just sat down and we made eye contact and I immediately said hey to him as if we were one brothers. It was the strangest thing I've ever experienced. After class we sat down and talked and we couldn't figure out how we knew each other but it was clearly apparent that somehow we were connected? Perhaps if I had mentioned something of past lives he may have agreed or simply thought I was crazy. I still have no idea how or why we know each other and I haven't seen him for about 3 months now so I suppose the point has been nullified. It still out of sheer curiosity will puzzle me and make me contemplate the association. Frustrating to say the least.

Also, been having a lot of really bizare dreams as of late. The symbolic meaning of them is hard to decipher. For instance one dream consisted of a black object that for whatever reason to me resembled a dragonfly but it was coming directly to me from a distance. First the object/black dragonfly was extremely small and as it came closer and closer it became larger and larger until finally it hit me right in the forehead as if it were a gun shot and I immediately snapped out of my dream state, waking up, with an alarming sense of awareness. If anything this is unsettling. Any possible guidance here or comments? Thanks!


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Hi FrankM4326754,

I've met a few people in my life where I felt like I knew them forever. Two of them remain strong friends more than ten years later and the others just came and went. It is quite interesting.

In case you hadn't taken the opportunity to look around, we have a board on the forum where we can discuss dreams.

Perhaps you would like to post your dream there if you are interested in seeking input and discussing it. The board is available from the home screen, under the heading Memories, Dreams, Reflections or you can go directly to it at:

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