Session 22 November 1997


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November 22, 1997

Frank Laura, Ark, Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Annastasia.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: We have made arrangements to go to Mexico and it seems that the only possible glitch would be that we might not be able to get Ark's visa in time to go. Is there any advice you can give as to how to expedite this matter?

A: Speed it up at Mexican consulate; explain it re: the economic development angle.

Q: What do you mean, the 'economic development angle?'

A: Arkadiusz's presence there will be beneficial to their country.

Q: Well, that's not gonna work! The guys there already told us that we must not mention anything official or about the conference at all, being a physicist or connected to the university, or you will get into such a red tape tangle that you will NEVER get out of it! And you will NEVER get a visa if you mention anything other than the fact that you are strictly a tourist!

A: If you say so.

Q: Well, that is what the guy told us. And he has done it a time or two.

A: Then consult further with him.

Q: Well, you don't have to be huffy. The thing is, I just wanted to make the visa go smoothly. Is there any trick to that?

A: Payola.

Q: Okay, if we have to, we will bribe somebody. Who are we supposed to bribe?

A: Xavier.

Q: Whoever that is! Anything further about the Mexico trip? Is Amy going to be alright here?

A: Yes.

Q: Is Jason going to be alright here?

A: Maybe.

Q: So, what can I do to enhance the chances of Jason being alright here?

A: Elect Aletheia.

Q: To do what?

A: Be his guardian for hire.

Q: Jeez! Everybody has to be bribed these days! Anything else about this trip? Should we go with the rental car or take the van?

A: Okay.

Q: Which, one or two?

A: Two.

Q: Take the van.

A: No, both.

Q: Both what?

A: Both options regarding van.

Q: Okay. I learned the other day that the University of Montpelier was founded in 1289 and that among the individuals who attended this university was Albertus Magnus, Thomas Aquinas, Roger Bacon, Arnold of Villanova and Ramon Llul, as well as Michel Nostredame. Now, aside from the fact that all these people attended, they all seem to be somehow connected to the city of Cologne. In fact, Albertus Magnus moved to the city of Cologne, and he was the teacher of Thomas Aquinas and they both wrote about a 'talking head' and, apparently, Albertus Magnus performed something of a miracle along the Rhine in a field... was this, by any chance, an alfalfa field?

A: Yes.

Q: And, is this OUR alfalfa field?

A: Close.

Q: It is said that 3 years is the normal time required for the master work when proceeding by the 'white path,' or the 'humid way.' Is this, essentially true? Three years for the transformation?

A: Here, "time" serves as an illusion.

Q: Raymond Lully was rumored to have transformed a great deal of base metal into gold for Edward II of England. Did Raymond transmute for Edward in 1311 or 1312?

A: Only method which will accomplish this uses high pitched melodic sounds, brought forth while in a trance state.

Q: Brought forth from what, the human voice?

A: From the center of within.

Q: Well, back to my question, did Raymond transmute gold for Edward, because there was supposedly some special treatment given Lully by Edward, and we know that Edward II was the arch enemy...

A: If you learn to concentrate on the present for such answers, the dividends realized will far exceed expectations.

Q: Well, then, getting back to the present: John K___ did a little spying for us over at UCF and learned that the selection was narrowed down to four candidates and nobody knows who they are. Supposedly they are being interviewed next week. I don't know how that can be, since it is the beginning of Thanksgiving Week. But, be that the case, we still have not heard anything from them. Any advice further on that?

A: As always, when in doubt, go to the source.

Q: What source? You are the source. We can't ask them anything because it is politically incorrect.

A: We will not either, as it is ethereally incorrect.

Q: I don't know what will happen here... Oh, John Dee supposedly had a vision of the Angel Uriel who gave him a highly polished black stone which was convex, and into which he gazed to communicate with other realms. This sounds very much like a psychomantium. Okay, these beings would appear on the surface of the stone and reveal all the secrets of the future. This was not an imaginary stone because it now resides in the British Museum. However, he later hooked up with Edward Kelly who was, apparently, a complete con-artist. What kind of beings did Dee and Kelly conjure through their polished stone?

A: Fourth Density.

Q: STS or STO?

A: Both.

Q: Was Eugenius Philalethes the nom de plume for Thomas Vaughan?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the 'prime matter' of the alchemical process?

A: H2O.

Q: What? (Ark) Water can be in different states.

A: Heavy water.

Q: What is heavy water? (Ark) Instead of normal hydrogen, you have hydrogen atoms with two neutrons. It is used in atomic plants. (L) Okay, if that is the prime matter, what is the philosophical mercury that goes with it?

A: Wrong "track."

Q: What is the right track?

A: See several answers back.

Q: It is not etherally correct to answer this?

A: No, sound, Laura, sound! See Leedskallen.

Q: How does one produce this sound?

A: We have given you the pieces, now "fit them in."

Q: Well, they say that prime matter is that which is created by God and is firmly captured within you, yourself, and that any creature of God deprived of it will die. So, I have come to the idea that this prime matter is blood, which is connected to the hemoglobin molecule, which is...

A: What is the human body composed of? 77 per cent... what?

Q: Well, water...

A: Bingo!

Q: Well, how does one change the water in one's body to heavy water, and what kind of effect does that have on the system?

A: See previous responses!

Q: How does one make the water in the body into heavy water?

A: See previous responses!

Q: Is it as simple as going into a trance an humming 'ooom?'

A: On the right track, but short of destination.

Q: Does it have something to do with the bones... using the bones in the body as resonators?

A: Just review when convenient. Guessing will derail you.

Q: I need a clue about this sound...

A: You have been given this.

Q: Well, I thought about the DNA, marrow, blood, hemoglobin, magnetite, and the fact that blood is manufactured in the marrow of the bones, and the symbolism of the skull and crossbones which is also the symbol of the Rosie Cross, and the image of the blood of the pelican - so it just made me think that blood was important. Does blood have something to do with this internal sound or does the sound change the blood?

A: No more on this.

Q: Anything else for any of us tonight? We are all really tired.

A: Okay, good night.

End of Session


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Now that is something I know instinctively. While going through my awakening, music was VERY VERY important. I played it constantly. I also understood it on many, many levels previously not understood. What the C's say is exactly what I understood to have happened and it was all touched off by a concert I went to in Madison Square Garden.

I cannot emphasize enough how important music is to ascension and protection. Wow.


The Living Force
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Hello Villival, would you like to enlighten us on the nature of the music played at the concert you went to, and the type of music you are referring to.
That was an interesting session you quoted, and Leedskallen was the man who built 'Coral Castle', using sounds.
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