Session 23 January 2016


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Session Date: January 23rd 2016

Laura, Andromeda, and Galatea at the board

Pierre, Niall, Joe, PoB, Chu, Arky, Data, Oxajil, Scottie

A: Greetings to all! Hoklineia of Cassiopaea!

Q: (L) I forgot to mention the date. Today is the 23rd of January 2016. First session of the year...

A: Joy to the world!

Q: (L) And why do you say that?

A: It will be soon now.

Q: (L) What will be soon?

A: Glad tidings!

Q: (L) Why do I distrust that expression? Why am I suspicious? Why do I suspect that, "Joy to the world" and "Glad tidings" is from an entirely cosmic perspective and may not be so perceived by the majority of the people on this planet?

A: Accurate perception. But would you like for the present state to continue on its present trajectory?

Q: (L) Well, no.

A: We once said that the Earth benefits from occasional cleansing. Nothing lasts forever.

Q: (L) Well. So, I'm assuming we have questions from the...

(Joe) The peanut gallery?

(PoB) I have one. It's about the GMO food. My question is: How deep the modification goes? When you have for example a GMO corn, and it will go through chemical processes, and we get alcohol or vitamin C from it. Is it affected by the modification?

A: Unless you consume the DNA bodies there should be no problem.

Q: (L) So does that mean that when products are made out of some kinds of genetically modified things that if the product is made in such a way that it excludes the DNA bodies and it just extracts a chemical or something from it, then it should be generally safe?

A: Yes

Q: (PoB) And when we eat meat of an animal that was fed with GMO corn or crops?

A: That is different!

Q: (Pierre) If we consume DNA bodies directly, it's harmful for us. The animal consumes the DNA bodies, and then we consume them. That's the same. There will be toxins, and maybe DNA migrations.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Can I ask what was the cause of my "Saturday Night Fever"? [laughter]

A: DNA modification!

Q: (Pierre) Those GMO's you consumed! [laughter]

(Joe) By iodine?

A: Yes. Indirectly.

Q: (Data) Is it a positive or negative modification?

A: Positive. New strands online.

Q: (Data) Congratulations! [laughter]

(Galatea) "You have evolved. You are experiencing new feelings: anxiety, fear, terror!" [laughter]

(Joe) Why have I been having these symptoms like anxiety and fear since then?

A: Any DNA activation has far reaching repercussions on multiple body systems. You have experienced swarms of micro-earthquakes within.

Q: (Joe) Usually swarms of micro-earthquakes in the physical world precede The Big One. [laughter]

(L) Not necessarily.

(Joe) Hopefully not. Talking about the Wave coming and that kind of stuff... The C's mentioned in past sessions that it would be like a thermonuclear blast. I'm assuming it's different for different people, right?

A: You now have some idea of what that is like.

Q: (Joe) So, me frantically going around taking supplements and protocols and all this kind of stuff to "cure" myself is largely pointless then?

A: Not pointless if it eases the process.

Q: (Joe) How long is it likely to last?

A: Up to you!

Q: (Joe) It's not the kind of thing I would necessarily encourage in myself...

(L) God! He sounds like me years ago with these cagey little remarks... "Holy moley! I wouldn't wish this on anybody!" [laughter]

(Joe) I mean, I can't decide, can I? I'm sure I would have if I could have before now.

(L) I don't think that's what they mean. I think it has to do with the physiology and the natural processes. It's all individual.

A: Yes. It could be a couple more months before you adjust to the new energy state.

Q: (Joe) One last little question: Do I have mercury toxicity?

A: Some.

Q: (Joe) So I'll keep going with DMSA then?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I don't think it'll take long.

(Andromeda) No. You're already feeling better now.

(Joe) Okay. Thank you.

(L) Other questions?

(Joe) There's an alignment of five planets starting more or less now...

(L) It's not an alignment. Let's call it a display... a visual display.

(Joe) Okay. Of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn for the next month. The last time this happened was December 2004, which also lasted for one month. About ten days into that event, there was the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that killed 300,000 people.

(L) When was the last time it happened before that? Has anybody looked into that?

(Data) It's hard to calculate it.

(Joe) Well, it would be in the news, no? But maybe the first question is: Did the last alignment have anything to do with that earthquake?

A: Yes partly.

Q: (Pierre) The reason why this alignment was a cause or partial cause of the earthquake is related to this discharge model we developed in the Earth Changes book?

A: Yes but not all such configurations are necessarily connected to such events. In the present period, there are other important energies afoot in the cosmos.

Q: (Pierre) In 1997, you mentioned that the energetic source of El Niño was some kind of energetic connection with the cosmos around 18 degrees latitude.

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Now, you also mentioned in 1997 that Laura should look for a spike in the graph. Here in my hand, in front of my eyes I have an ocean index graph showing that there is a spike. Right now we're experiencing the strongest El Niño since 1950. So, first: Is this spike the spike you were hinting about 19 years ago?

A: Indeed. And it is not yet over.

Q: (Pierre) We have reached a level that is higher than ever, and it's STILL climbing up. You mentioned this spike in conjunction with a 10.4 earthquake near the West coast of the USA in the Pacific.

A: Indeed.

Q: (Pierre) So, does this spike in El Niño activity indicate a 10.4 earthquake coming in the Pacific?

A: Could very well be. Notice the Hawaii aviation crash and then relate to the items we listed as being associated.

Q: (L) Well, now wait a minute. In that particular list of items... Admittedly, that also includes something about, "Ukraine explosion". Well, what we have in Ukraine is not even an explosion, it's like a human explosion there. There are lots of associated bombs exploding and military type activity. But a singular Ukraine explosion, chemical or nuclear, did not occur.

A: Notice also in that possible timeline that Princess Diana was mentioned?

Q: (L) Yes, Princess Diana was mentioned as some kind of suicide attempt. But Princess Diana is dead, so what are you saying? Are we on a different timeline than the one that was involved in that collection of predictions?

A: Somewhat. Notice that what has happened in Ukraine is worse than a single explosion.

Q: (L) So Princess Diana died in 1997, before we talked about that spike. The predictions about Ukraine and all those other things came, what? In 1994? Several years earlier, I think. And you're saying that what was predicted in that string of predictions about Ukraine specifically was not as bad as what is actually happening now. And obviously, Princess Diana dying in that terrible car crash as she did then was a lot worse than her living on and maybe having a suicide attempt but getting counseling and living her life, her children not being left alone, and all that sort of thing. So, what appears to me to be what's going on is that we actually switched to a worse timeline because of something somebody did in 1996 or 1997?

(Pierre) Between the predictions and now.

(L) And are the predictions still similar?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I mean, we've still got Ukraine having explosions, just different. We still had this Hawaii aviation crash, which was on the list. But there were several other things. So, some things could be worse and some things could be not so worse? Is that what we're getting at?

A: Yes

Q: (L) What about the 10.4 earthquake? That was talked about after Diana’s death... I had the feeling that Diana's death was an evil thing. Like if somebody did that, they changed the whole future in a negative way. What was the date of that session?

(Andromeda) It was an evil marker.

(Chu) What else was in those predictions?

(L) California, Lassen, gas explosion in the Northeast... We've been having gas explosions like CRAZY, but everywhere.

(Data) What about the supernova?

(L) The supernova was included. We just got that report about the most bodacious supernova ever seen.

{From session 3 Dec. 1994:

Ukraine explosion; chemical or nuclear. Hawaii crash; aviation, possibly involving military. More California seismic activity after 1st of year: San Diego, San Bernardino, North Bakersfield, Barstow: all are fracture points. Hollister, Palo Alto, Imperial, Ukiah, Eureka, Point Mendocino, Monterrey, Offshore San Luis Obispo, Capistrano, Carmel: these are all stress points of fracture in sequence. "Time" is indefinite. Expect gradual destruction of California economy as people begin mass exodus. Also, Shasta erupts; Lassen activity. Ocean floor begins to subside. Leave channel open and pause: Queen Elizabeth serious illness; blood related. Princess Diana suicide attempt. Gas explosions this winter in NE United States, Texas and other. Supernova and unusual weather all over. Memphis feels tremors. Minneapolis banking scandal relates to mysterious Nordic covenant. Evangelical sexual tryst exposed. Gold is discovered in California after one of the quakes. UFOs dramatic increase and Gulf Breeze gets swarmed, becomes massive "Mecca". Laura sees much more UFO activity. Huge wave of UFO activity. All manner and origins. Just you wait, it will give you chills and that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Many aliens will appear and we will be visible too. Think of it as a convention. All must awaken to this. It is happening right now. The whole populace will play individual roles according to their individual frequencies. This is only the beginning. Just you wait "Henry Higgins," just you wait!}

(Chu) What else happened in 1997 {the year Diana was killed}?

(PoB) Flood in Poland, and Arky went to the US...

(L) Oh yeah! Honey Bear came! That's another thing.

(Ark) And changed the timeline! [laughter]

(Galatea) So we're saying that Princess Diana's death is a marker?

(L) It may not have been just a marker. It may have been that by implementing that... I'm convinced that there was foul play there.

(Joe) There was! Absolutely.

(L) I think that by doing that, some very, very evil influences were turned loose on this planet.

(Pierre) [returns after checking dates] The session about the spike and the 10.4 earthquake was on July 4th, 1998. Diana was dead on the 31st of August 1997.

(L) So in other words, the 10.4 earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific Northwest may be on the agenda still because it was part of the new timeline that was related to the murder of Princess Diana?

A: Pretty much!

Q: (Joe) But it might not be 10.4.

(L) It could be worse!

A: Yes

(Pierre) This video of the mini-tsunami in the Pacific Northwest we just saw today, is it a precursor of the Big One?

A: One.

Q: (L) One precursor.

(Joe) Like little quakes.

(L) There's been some weird stuff going on in that Cascadia subduction zone for like a year or so.

(Joe) Roads collapsing on the West Coast of USA...

(L) Roads collapsing, things falling, a whole series of earthquakes.

(Niall) They've had the two strongest ever storms for two years running in the North Pacific. The most recent one matched the same low pressure record as the first one.

(L) When was the latest one?

(Niall) In mid-December.

{December 13th, 2015: 'Intense Alaska storm ties strongest on record'

A potent storm approaching western Alaska this weekend has tied the strongest recorded storm to impact the region. This storm comes a little over a year after ex-Super Typhoon Nuri became the most powerful system on record to cross Dutch Harbor, Alaska, which is located in the Aleutian Islands, with a central low pressure of 924 millibars (27.29 inches of Hg).

Wiki entry on the November 2014 'Bering Bomb':

Due to an unusually powerful North Pacific jet stream, the extratropical cyclone underwent extremely explosive cyclogenesis on November 7, owing to the energy from differences in air masses. The system split into two centers early on the same day, but the former center on the southwest was absorbed into the new center on the northeast, within half of a day. After attaining typhoon-force winds at 70 knots (130 km/h; 80 mph), the new storm’s central pressure decreased to 924 mbar (hPa; 27.29 inHg) [NOAA's figure] early on November 8, becoming the most intense extratropical cyclone of the North Pacific Ocean since reliable records began. The system's intensity shifted the jet stream far to the north of Alaska, resulting in a large mass of Arctic air invading the United States along and east of the Rocky Mountains, which caused the worst cold wave the United States had experienced since the 2013–14 North American cold wave.}

(L) So, yeah... There is obviously some kind of energetic sink there. It's sucking energy.

(Data) Did the supernova that happened in January (this month) have any effects on humanity?

A: It didn't happen in January.

Q: (L) When did it happen?

(Data) The news article is from January.

(Andromeda) I think they discovered it in June of last year – June 2015. That's when it was first detected.

{Lee Billings of Scientific American reports:

Discovered in June 2015 by ASAS-SN’s twin 14-centimeter telescopes operating in Cerro Tololo, Chile, the supernova just appeared as a transient dot of light in an image, and wasn’t immediately recognized as particularly special. Only after several other telescopes piled on to provide additional observations of the outburst’s fading afterglow did it become clear to Dong and his collaborators that they had seen something record-breaking. The first hint came from a spectrum of the supernova delivered by the 2.5-meter du Pont Telescope in Chile seven days after the initial discovery. “When we saw the spectrum, we were baffled,” Dong recalls. “It didn’t look like any supernova we had seen.

The explosion’s magnitude is so large that it challenges the current theories about these cosmological phenomena. Allison Eck of PBS explains:

If ASASSN-15lh’s parent star shed its out layers of gas and then collapsed its inner core to form what’s called a magnetar—a dense, rapidly rotating magnetized core—then magnetized wind emanating from that collapse could have shocked the outwardly flying matter enough produce a massive explosion. The catch is that the magnetar would have to have been spinning at a rate of one revolution per millisecond—that’s 60,000 rpm—which pushes the boundaries of what scientists think is physically conceivable. The magnetar idea may not be correct, but it’s at least plausible. Meanwhile, experts are on the lookout for other explanations.}

(Data) What were the effects from the supernova?

A: Compare news to event!

Q: (L) Are you saying that it can have an effect on humanity, or it did?

A: Yes

Q: (L) But it's up to us to figure it out?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Also, I suppose we could look at planetary events. Weather events. We'll have to go back on SOTT and look.

(Chu) It may have helped Putin.

(L) When did he start whupping up on those people, September? Within three months, Putin's on the warpath. It probably took three months to formulate strategies.

(Joe) Yeah, they probably started back then and put it all in place.

(L) That could be part of it. What next?

(Galatea) Was the death of Aaliyah similar to Diana's in that it was like an omen?

(L) Who's she?

(Galatea) A singer. She died.

A: No

Q: (Galatea) Was she murdered?

A: No

Q: (Galatea) So it actually was an accident.

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Damn. What about Bruce Lee's death? Was he murdered?

A: Puhleeze!

Q: (Galatea) He wasn't?

A: No

Q: (Galatea) Okay. Okay, one last one: Was Kurt Cobain murdered?

A: No

Q: (Galatea) So everything they say is true about him? He did commit suicide?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Oooh. Okay, I'm done.

A: You need different "heroes".

Q: (Galatea) People who aren't dead...

A: Yes that would be a start!

Q: (Galatea) I like MLK and JFK, and they're dead.

(Pierre) These are good heroes. Putin, don't you like Putin?

(Galatea) He's okay.

(L) Okay, what else?

(Data) I have another question about Joe's new strands. Joe asked if he got the effects just from the iodine, and the answer was indirectly. What was the other factor that triggered this?

A: Endocrine activation and chakra movement.

Q: (Pierre) It's interesting that they bring these two things together. It's usually considered as separate. But before in a previous session they said those organs that are glands are actually portals to higher densities. So the endocrine...

(Joe) They're all so-called chakra points.

(L) Mercury collects in the pineal and pituitary too...

(Joe) Everywhere.

(L) Yeah, and that's kind of your direct line.

(Pierre) So it makes sense that the endocrine activation triggered by the iodine...

(Joe) So everybody else already has clean chakras and that's why they didn't have similar effects?

A: Some others, yes.

Q: (Joe) I was thinking some people could have a similar experience, but in a...

(L) Longer, more drawn out, more modulated...

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Different symptoms, different duration.

(L) Yeah, I think it can happen a little more gradually. I think you were just particularly stubborn and resistant, similar to myself. When you become stubborn and resistant about your illusions as I was, then when this activation takes place and your illusions get stripped away and everything goes kaflooey... It's like the bigger your illusions, the harder you fall.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's what I figured.

(Galatea) You're just popping everybody's bubble today!

(Joe) Noooo.

(L) So, any other questions?

(PoB) And what about the mechanical problems with water we have had recently?

(L) Oh yeah, we've had these several things happen. The guitar rack fell off the wall, we had a leak in the bathroom, the trap fell off the kitchen sink and we had a little flood in the kitchen, and then we had to have all of our septic tanks pumped out because we had blockages, and the farm had blockages because of too much grease being put down the drain. Basically, we're having inflow problems and outflow problems.

(Pierre) This morning it was inflow. We had a water pipe leak in the bathroom upstairs.

A: You need to deal with blockages and the inflow will be corrected.

Q: (L) And when you say "blockages", I'm sure you mean emotional or mental or psychological or whatever?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) Um, what can I do to unblock my creative outflow?

A: When the house energy changes it pulls all with it.

Q: (L) Do we have any kind of like negative energy involved with our house itself? I mean, do we need to do some salting or stuff like that?

A: It wouldn't hurt.

Q: (L) I think this energy was brought recently. It was recent.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) I wonder if we'd have better energy if we knocked out the two walls in the front hall and restored them to the way they used to be with windows instead? [laughter]

(L) You think it would change the energy? I think it would definitely change the energy. [laughter] Is it true that putting in those front windows and replacing our back doors here will help to change the energy in the house?

A: Yes, but more is needed.

Q: (Pierre) More windows? They said it! [laughter]

(L) I think we've gotta do some salting, Feng shui, etc.

(PoB) If it has something to do with energy flow, we should think about moving around or removing spikey plants that can act evil if they are in the wrong places.

(Andromeda) You mean my yuccas? They're INNOCENT!

A: Says the mistress of blocking energy!

Q: (PoB) What?

(L) Were you referring to PoB?

A: Yes

Q: (PoB) I want to know more. What do you mean?

A: You have almost no situational awareness.

Q: (PoB) Okay. What can I do to improve?

A: Research and implement energy flow solutions.

Q: (L) So I guess that means really kind of all of us for the house in general. Why don't we get José over here? He's the Feng shui master. Is that a good idea?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) I have a question for Atreides and Galatea. On the heavy metals, do either or both of them have heavy metal toxicity?

A: Not much.

Q: (Joe) A couple of weeks ago when I was in bed and having a bad night, I had a vague awareness of an upright alligator type thing beside the bed. Was that significant in any way, or is there any meaning behind that that I should pay attention to?

A: See previous!

Q: (Joe) About energy flows?

(L) Yeah.

(Andromeda) Was that referring to the energy of the house or the DNA changes?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) [laughter] The energy of the house?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I'd say when stuff like that happens it's because there are blockages in inflow and outflow. When that kind of stuff happens, then your energy tries to break out by making holes in places where it shouldn't. That leaves gaps for entry of other energies.

A: Your own subconscious sends messages to yourself. It can take many forms, including alligators!!!

Q: (Galatea) So, Joe's subconscious sent him alligators, and mine sent me soot. [laughter]

(Joe) And in both of those cases, it was failure of the unity shield?

A: Gaps!

Q: (Joe) Gaps.

A: Awareness!

Q: (Galatea) You want to know the properties of the powder?

(Pierre) I wanted to know what it was.

(L) Do you have it?

(Galatea) No, I cleaned it up and threw it away.

(Andromeda) You have to save these things for scientific investigation!

(L) Yeah, Pierre could have sent it to a lab for testing.

(Pierre) What was it? What color?

(Galatea) It was black, and it smelled like eggs. That's why I thought of sulfur.

(Pierre) But it was tangible, so it was made of something. I dunno what.

(L) Alright, I'm done. Anybody else have a question? Anything we need to know that we haven't asked?


(All) What?!

(Galatea) It's an anagram!

(Joe) Hang on a minute! Get them back! That's no way to leave us...

(L) For all we know, it's something in angelic language.

(Andromeda) But it's something we're supposed to know!

(L) I think they were pulling our leg. If we have the audacity to ask such an open-ended question trying to trick them into telling us something, they give us something that'll drive us crazy.

Thanks for posting this hope-bringing and interesting session.

The endocrine-chakra connection is quite interesting, as though the glands are the physical manifestation/reflection of something less tangible.
Thank you for sharing! :flowers: :hug:

The DNA modification in relation with iodine reminded me of this:

Q: (A) Which part of a human extends into 4th density?
A: That which is effected by pituitary gland.
Q: (L) And what is that?
A: Psychic.
Q: (A) Are there some particular DNA sequences that facilitate transmission between densities?
A: Addition of strands.
Q: (L) How do you get added strands?
A: You don't get, you receive.
Q: (L) Where are they received from?
A: Interaction with upcoming wave, if vibration is aligned.
Q: (L) How do you know if this is happening?
A: Psychophysiological changes manifest. [...] STO tends to do the process within the natural flow of things. STS seeks to alter creation processes to fit their ends.

It also reminded me of a dream where I was going to a place with several jeans. I didn't made any of it, but when writing down the dream, I realized that for me, "jeans" sounds like "genes". Funny dreams with this iodine!! :lol:

FWIW, here are the Earth Changes videos from June, July, August and September:

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - June 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, and High Strangeness

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - July 2015: Extreme Weather and Planetary Upheaval

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - August 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Notice the editor's note for this last one:

Please note that due to planetary/climate chaos increasing month by month, we are now inundated with video footage and must therefore be selective about which events to include. Going forward, please consider these video summaries mere snapshots of the global picture. Considering that these 'localized' events, multiplied many times over, are occurring simultaneously all over the planet, the scale of destruction and impact on people's lives becomes almost unimaginable.

For me that was as shocking (or perhaps even more shocking) than the video.

SOTT Earth Changes Summary - September 2015: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs

Please note that due to planetary/climate chaos increasing month by month, we can only show a limited selection of global events. Considering that these 'localized' events, multiplied many times over, are occurring simultaneously all over the planet, the scale of destruction and impact on people's lives becomes almost unimaginable.
Another great session, thank you.

Looks like we need to pay more attention to energy flows in our living environments. I have only cursory knowledge about this but may need more attention.
Thanks for sharing this session! I hope 2016 will actually bring glad tidings from our perspective :lol:

A: Endocrine activation and chakra movement.
This is something I've been thinking about. Some people say that the endocrine system are the chakras of Yoga, yet it seems to me that the chakra system is actually immaterial and the glands are a physical representation/gateway to them?
I think that we all feel the wave on multiple levels like Cs have said. One part of it are all this supplementation,protocols and trying heal ourself. The detox "storms" that many people experienced are part of that. Part of the wave on a personal level. Another aspect of it are the planet changes that we can feel and see. Another aspect of it are how humanity acts, how psyhopats act and all things like that. So that wave is somehow different for everybody.
Surfing the wave means preparing yourself for all this aspects of the wave.
It was interesting to see what the Cs had to say about GMOs; as well as energy blocks.

I was thinking of what was said about "the micro-earthquakes within". Joe mentioned that micro-earthquakes are precursors to "the big one". But micro-earthquakes can also lessen, or even nullify, "the big one". So it could be a good thing.

And the information about the energy-flows....just a really great session overall. :)
A: We once said that the Earth benefits from occasional cleansing. Nothing lasts forever.

It can’t be helped. With holocaust 2.0 ready to be unfold. We need it. Their ignorance and lack of humanity has decided the fate of billions for far to long already.

Hopefully they get it right in the next cycle. Whet ever I make it or not. I can only look forward to the new world.

- Thanks for the session
Thank you for posting this interesting session.

This part reminded me of something quite interesting:

Q: (Joe) Can I ask what was the cause of my "Saturday Night Fever"? [laughter]

A: DNA modification!

Q: (Pierre) Those GMO's you consumed! [laughter]

(Joe) By iodine?

A: Yes. Indirectly.

Q: (Data) Is it a positive or negative modification?

A: Positive. New strands online.

Q: (Data) Congratulations! [laughter]

(Galatea) "You have evolved. You are experiencing new feelings: anxiety, fear, terror!" [laughter]

(Joe) Why have I been having these symptoms like anxiety and fear since then?

A: Any DNA activation has far reaching repercussions on multiple body systems. You have experienced swarms of micro-earthquakes within.

here's a passage from C Castaneda’a The power of Silence, at the end of Chapter 4:

....Don Juan lit some kerosene lanterns and we sat down at a sturdy table. It seemed that don Juan was getting ready to eat. I was wondering what to say or do when a woman entered noiselessly and put a large plate of food on the table. I was not prepared for her entrance, and when she stepped out of the darkness into the light, as if she had materialized out of nowhere, I gasped involuntarily. "Don't be scared, it's me, Carmela," she said and disappeared, swallowed again by the darkness. I was left with my mouth open in mid-scream.

Don Juan laughed so hard that I knew everybody in the house must have heard him. I half expected them to come, but no one appeared. I tried to eat, but I was not hungry. I began to think about the woman. I did not know her. That is, I could almost identify her, but I could not quite work my memory of her out of the fog that obscured my thoughts. I struggled to clear my mind. I felt that it required too much energy and I gave up.

Almost as soon as I had stopped thinking about her, I began to experience a strange, numbing anxiety. At first I believed that the dark, massive house, and the silence in and around it, were depressing. But then my anguish rose to incredible proportions, right after I heard the faint barking of dogs in the distance. For a moment I thought that my body was going to explode. Don Juan intervened quickly. He jumped to where I was sitting and pushed my back until it cracked. The pressure on my back brought me immediate relief.

When I had calmed down, I realized I had lost, together with the anxiety that had nearly consumed me, the clear sense of knowing everything. I could no longer anticipate how don Juan was going to articulate what I myself knew.

Don Juan then started a most peculiar explanation. First he said that the origin of the anxiety that had overtaken me with the speed of wildfire was the sudden movement of my assemblage point, caused by Carmela's sudden appearance, and by my unavoidable effort to move my assemblage point to the place where I would be able to identify her completely. He advised me to get used to the idea of recurrent attacks of the same type of anxiety, because my assemblage point was going to keep moving. "Any movement of the assemblage point is like dying," he said. "Everything in us gets disconnected, then reconnected again to a source of much greater power. That amplification of energy is felt as a killing anxiety."

"What am I to do when this happens?" I asked. "Nothing," he said. "Just wait. The outburst of energy will pass. What's dangerous is not knowing what is happening to you. Once you know, there is no real danger."

The assemblage point is described to be a complex issue: all we are and the way we perceive , act, interpret the world is due to the position of assemblage point. I don't want to overlap the two notions, just mentioned here for practical purposes. So one should not always be anxious because one feels anxiety. :)

It' s growth, evolution. Nobody said this is going to be simple, but knowing can lessen the pressure of these new kind of mental-emotional states.

Thanks for the new session! And congratulations Joe, on your newly activated DNA strands. It is apparent that something changed in you, by the postings you've made here on the forum lately. And in a good way! :flowers: :rockon:
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