Session 23 May 2020


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A few people here have said that they'd been feeling down, and the session made them feel much better. This is something that probably happens to most of us, with every single session. I don't necessarily feel down before a new session, but I do always feel better after reading it, and I'm sure most of you can agree you've experienced the same, and probably after just about every session.

So the point I want to make is, the session doesn't change any facts. The world doesn't change after a session. It's only your point of view that changes. And what that means is that you can change it yourself. What happens when you read the session is that the Cs just point out, "Don't focus so much on this, but instead, keep in mind some of that."

And there's a simple lesson for us all in this. Because there's nothing stopping us from changing our point of view on our own, other than bad habits and wavering awareness. If you're feeling down, watching this world self-destruct in ways you know could be prevented, you know a new session would make you feel better, but you should be able to achieve that effect yourself.

So think about this. Think about what specifically are those things that make you feel better. What are the things the Cs bring to your attention that do the trick. The things are there whether the Cs are talking or not. They're always there. There are always reasons to feel good and happy. You just have to learn to bring your attention to them whenever it's getting distracted by 3D STS stupidity.

Analyse the state of mind you find yourself in when you read a new session, and learn to stay in such a state of mind as much as possible. That state of mind is, I think, a part of the whole STO mindset, just as the opposite is the STS state of mind that the media and politicians drag you into every day, along with whatever morons you meet on any given day.

Maybe just thinking of what the Cs would say in the situation you're in (and by now, you can all probably guess quite well) can help you refocus. So meditate about the triggers that push you in either direction and try to learn to resist the negative ones and invite the positive ones.

(Only if you want, OK? It's not mandatory.)

Exactly so.

What I have noticed, though, is that it sometimes takes repeating a sequence a certain number of times for it to become an automatic reaction. And even then, sometimes situations can be so far out of control - and emotions - that we need a little help from our friends to nudge us back on track. That's the beauty of a network.

And, by the way, the book is finished. It's in editing right now, but it's done. Over 600 pages, too. Gads, I thought I'd never shut up.


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Thank you to Laura, and the Chateau for sharing this great session which offers to many inputs and so much reassurance.

Thanks also for all the perspectives offered in the comments. There is indeed much one can comment on. Below is a one with regard to the UFO footage release, or was it a re-release like a reminder?
(Artemis) Astronomical phenomena... Didn't they recently broadcast that aliens or UFOs are now real or something like that? Is that related?

A: Yes. Clever you are!

Q: (Joe) Artemis, you just referred to those recent reports about UFOs - the Pentagon stuff. You asked if that was related to the astronomical phenomena?

(Artemis) Yeah.

(Joe) In what way do you think they were related?

(Artemis) Well, you have a pandemic, and then on the side, "Hey! UFOs are real! LOL!" But then let's just sweep that under the rug. Like they got it out of the way because they have to. It's kind of suspicious.

(L) It's extremely suspicious. And meanwhile, they're pushing these investigations into Obama and his gang in a fairly determined way. With the pandemic thing going on, that's kind of... I mean, they can erase that from the front page with pandemic news.

(Artemis) It's almost like they HAVE to reveal the real existence of UFOs because of some reason, but they don't really want anybody to be paying attention.
The release refers to: Slow-motion alien disclosure continues: Pentagon confirms 3 UFO videos it leaked years ago are 'legit'
The Pentagon on Monday formally released three unclassified videos taken by Navy pilots that have circulated for years showing interactions with "unidentified aerial phenomena."

One of the videos shows an incident from 2004, and the other two were recorded in January 2015, according to Sue Gough, a Defense Department spokeswoman. The videos became public after unauthorized leaks in 2007 and 2017, and the Navy previously verified their authenticity.
And slow motion disclosure it has been:
Session 11 August, 1996
Q: (T) I have a question. They're going to display live organisms, like, how did they put that 'Living organisms'? How big are these living organisms going to be? How advanced?

A: Teeny-tiny.

Q: (T) So, we're still talking about microscopic organisms here?

A: Yes.

Q: (J) So, they won't wave at us!

A: But these will be alive. Can't you see the progression here? "Don't want to scare Grandma Sally Bible Thumper/Stockmarket Investor!"
What have we had on the subject of life in the Universe in the meantime? There has been:
Discovery of organic molecule on Mars strongly suggests life exists on other planets
Stream of viruses circling planet, trillions fall from the sky every day
Alien Life Can Survive Trip to Earth, Space Test Shows
And in the literature:
Extant Life on Mars: Resolving the Issues by Gilbert V. Levin, Ph.D., Offers the idea of studying the chirality of organic compounds as life has an affinity for left chirality.
Evidence of Life on Mars? by Rhawn Gabriel Joseph1, Regina S. Dass2, V. Rizzo3,
N. Cantasano4, G. Bianciardi5 While most articles relate to formulas and reaction processes, this paper has many interesting pictures.
The first author is very productive, there are some article on Journal of Cosmology and - Neuroscience
He is fond of visual evidence:
NASA's Violations of Article IX of the International "Outer Space Treaty."
NASA's Mars Sample Return Plan: Martian Plagues? The Red Death?
Martian Organisms Attack, Damage Curiosity's Rover Wheels After Only 10 Miles,
At some stage the Roswell UFO crash reappeared with many articles on, but that is now about 10 years ago.

It is perhaps noteworthy that the Pentagon "release" origins from the Navy. Is that more than a coincidence? In the transcripts one finds:
Session 9 January 2005
Q: Was the strike on the Pentagon for the purpose of taking out the people involved in legitimate training exercises who would have known the truth of the events of that day?

A: Now, another interesting question! What is up with the Navy?

Q: What is up with the navy?

A: Maybe they know things they don't tell. Maybe what they know gives them a certain respect for "nature" and a hesitancy to meddle.

Q: Can you clarify?

A: Let's just say that the navy wouldn't play with the bullies because they know about bigger bullies. The navy learned a lot from the Philadelphia experiment. George Bush senior tried to get all the data about the things he heard and saw, but failed.

Q: What is the navy doing now?

A: Flying under the radar and waiting.
That was more than fifteen years ago, so some things can have changed since then. The statement about Bush senior echoes a remark in Session 19 November, 1994
"A: [...] George Bush was involved with Philadelphia experiment."
Perhaps there are some who have an idea of what is up, and how might they know? One way our individual subconscious can reveal itself is through dreams, and it is not unheard of that people dream of a possible future event. If one gathered or accessed this information in the deeper levels of consciousness from many people, there might be information available that would give a picture of what might come. For ordinary people there are many old and new books with alleged prophecies, but of course this subject has also been researched, also by sections of the Government.
Session 17, 2003
A: Stop and think about the possibility that your work was known in advance and all the preparations were made in advance to make the charge of cult mean what it does today.
{Group nervous laughter and shock at concept.}
Q: (L) Was it done via time travel?
A: Not necessary. "Mass dreams of the future" anyone?
Q: (L) That's a book where people get progressed into the future and see the future. It's kind of like time travel in your head. (Johnno) Is that sort of like remote viewing?
A: Oh indeed!

Q: (L) So they can see the future, which has something to do with the Montauk project. And they obviously sought to do something about the future by adjusting the present, in a way.
Q: (Johnno) Do the guys in the Aviary have anything to do with it?
A: You would not believe how many are involved. Many innocently of course.
And earlier:
Session 27 November, 1994
Q: (L) Is it possible to do hypnotic future progressions that give accurate information in a general sense?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) In the book "Mass Dreams of The Future", are these statistically analyzed mass dreams in any way accurate?
A: In a sense.
To compare hypnosis and the dream state, the following mentions that hypnosis is one step deeper than the usual dream state, as indicated in the following excerpt:
Session 8 November, 1994
Q: (L) What is this thing we call hypnosis?
A: The 2nd step to open consciousness union with level 5.
Q: (L) What's the first step?
A: Dream state.
Q: (L) What's the third step?
A: Trance.
Q: (L) What's the fourth step?
A: Expiration of body functions.
Q: (L) You mean as in death, kicked the bucket?
A: Of body.
Perhaps it was considered necessary to mover forward on the alien intelligence disclosure project in order to have less explaining to do in the not too distant future.


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(Joe) Chasing people!

(Andromeda) That's coming soon?

A: Soon enough.

Q: (L) Soon enough, but not right away.
Well that picture is not pretty; the governments have practiced war games against the masses, as if they were preparing for something more serious:
Session 2 May, 2015
Q: (Perceval) The Jade Helm military exercises across several states this July in the USA, is that similar to the way they would do "drills" during false flags attacks and stuff like that?
A: "War games" against masses. Also note that "things" tend to "happen" during such exercises.
Q: (Perceval) Right, they "go live"...
(L) They were having "exercises" when 9/11 happened. They were having exercises for two or three other things, like the London Bombings.
(Perceval) Boston Bombings, too. Sandy Hook. Everything.
In a certain sense, some Covid19 measures are also like a war games. There are casualties and not only those who were labeled with Covid19, or even died primarily from this virus.

Another threat involves realm curtains and spacetime distortions which may become more common. The following is a discussion of the creepy Elisa Lam case.:
Session 7 November 2015
(Galatea) Ya know the story about Elisa Lam, the girl in the elevator who was hiding from something. Then she went out to talk to it, and she started waving her hands weirdly. So, I wanted to ask what did she see or what was she running from?

[ Elisa Lam Elevator footage

A: Golem!

Q: (Galatea) It looked like Gollum?

(L) It's a Jewish monster.

(Pierre) Made from mud.

(Galatea) It was actually a mud monster?

A: Close.

Q: (Galatea) Must freak you out to see that!

(Perceval) Did she herself climb into the water tank?

A: No

Q: (Perceval) How did she get into that water tank?

A: Spacetime distortion.

Q: (Atreides) But a golem is an instrument of revenge created by someone to kill or protect somebody else. So, if it's a golem, who sent it and why was it targeting a Canadian Chinese girl in Los Angeles?

A: Target practice. There is a reason that Galatea thought of it at this moment.

Q: (L) So, we're talking about some kind of thing that blows open realm curtains?

A: Ye

Q: (L) And things come through?

A: Yes

Q: (Atreides) So nobody sent the golem after her?

A: Not specifically.

Q: (L) So, it's just kinda like mothman or something.

(Approaching Infinity) A golem is this Jewish myth kind of thing, and they said target practice...

(L) Don't get stuck on the Jewish myth thing.

(Approaching Infinity) Yeah, but we've talked about energy weapons, and target practice. And Mossad...

(L) Golem, Kabbalists...

(Chu) And two girls missing due to spacetime distortion...

(Andromeda) And funny enough, me and Perceval just watched an episode of the X-Files about a golem a few nights ago.

(L) Oh my god!

(Andromeda) And last night it was about an airplane crash due to alien interference!

(L) Okay, creeped out now... Well, we're gonna...

(Galatea) Wait, when Elisa Lam was moving her hands in this really bizarre way in the elevator video, why was she moving her hands like that?

A: Trying to persuade the creature to leave her alone.

Q: (Perceval) Is something that only she could see?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) So, it kind of like created some kind of alternate reality around her, or she was transported into a parallel...

A: Partly.

Q: (Galatea) It was attuned to her specifically.

(Perceval) A bleedthrough, yeah.

(Atreides) So, what did the golem that's not a golem want from her?

A: Energy.

Q: (Galatea) Does that golem live in that specific place, or was that a one-time thing?

A: The location has useful energy patterns for such purposes.

[ Information on the hotel Elisa Lam stayed at: _Before the ghost photo: The disturbing, gruesome past of the Cecil Hotel ]

Q: (L) So basically, there are just people who have these things and who like sit in their little control booths or something, and... I mean like all these missing people in this Missing 411 book... Somebody is just frickin' playing with the human race!

A: Yes

Q: (Approaching Infinity) In this latest book, they're going after the best and brightest: athletes, young men that seemed to have promising futures, etc.

A: So, with all of this kind of knowledge, why do you not stay aware of what can be turned against you?

Q: (Perceval) I guess we will!

(L) I guess.

(Perceval) It's time to get hyper-paranoid. Scottie, lead us all in the hyper-paranoid way... that's not really hyper-paranoid! [laughter]

A: Stay aware! Goodbye.
Add to this that no matter what Governments might do, or what might be done by remote controllers playing with realm curtains and spacetime distortions there are also the danger from changes in some people as suggested by mkrnhr. It is not a pleasant thought to think of "chasing", though unfortunately in the history of the world there have been other examples, so why should it be unthinkable now?
Although the occurence of paranormal activity may become more and more probable, with the electrical disturbances and realm curtain breaches, maybe the actual increase in use of electronic devices because of the "new normal" will facilitate individuals' possession and interference, especiall those who have the weaker will to use free will. Maybe one of the most visible manifestations of these 4D STS intrusion ino our realm is a massive "demonic" possession at an scale never seen before. It's as if the perfect conditions for such a takeover have been gathered in this point in time, to be resisted or to be accepted at some level. Just a speculation.
The new normal involves much to be aware of.


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I had a thought about this quote and what may help it along:

A: Oh indeed. Best laid plans fail?

Q: (L) So in other words, the powers that be that are running the show aren't really as smart as they think they are...

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) They never counted on their satellites getting fried.

(Pierre) And other electronic equipment through which they monitor, control, and influence populations. It's a failing of the electronic control system.

A: Level playing field eventually. Just wait for the current to begin to flow!

Q: (L) So in other words, we're all going to get electrocuted!

(Pierre) That might be due to the fact that the magnetosphere protects the planet from most high-energy cosmic rays and other radiations. If you have no magnetic shield, the planet is open to any such radiation.

(Joe) Does that refer back to astronomical phenomena and the close passage of a large body that will cause the current to flow?

(Chu) Well, they said phenomena...

A: Close! Think of the grooves on Malta.

Q: (Pierre) They're talking of electromachining of the surface of the planet...

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Electromachining means basically arcing...

(Joe) Moving lightning along the ground.

(Pierre) Long-lasting moving lightning.

(Joe) Chasing people!

(Andromeda) That's coming soon?

A: Soon enough.
I think there may be a cosmic occurence that happens but something here on earth may intensify it. I don’t know a lot except for what I have read about HAARP and the information is limited. It is however all over the world, possibly connected. It is really powerful antenna arrays that can affect the atmosphere and weather systems around the world. Its other main use is to detect nuclear missile launches, jam radar, throw misses off course. Just a thought, if all these systems are turned on when the cosmic strike hits, they may act just like the Crystal network that was referred to in the session, magnifying the effect, something the PTB may not have considered!

Here is a map of known locations of installations, quite the world network:



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I remember reading somewhere, in Cs transcripts, that 4D beings are not comfortable staying on 3D Earth for prolonged periods of time. Something is not compatible in their 4D organisms and 3D environment... For all Earth-bound duties they have designed grays, Sasquatches, etc.

Would the above message indicates, that they came because they have to be here physically and were not able to delegate this future business to the subordinates, as it was usually done?
I am thinking they do not HAVE to be here- but conditions were at the moment or perhaps still are that made it easier for them to slip into our density. As to their purpose who knows- maybe they are merely curious but the Cs said they are 4th density STS so they are probably up to no good.
They may have marching orders from higher ups and being invisible at the moment can do recon for the bad guys. It takes a lot more energy for them to be in 3rd density environment which is why they seldom venture into our density-but as the veil thins and realm borders begin to blend that may be changing and not to our advantage​


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Exactly so.

What I have noticed, though, is that it sometimes takes repeating a sequence a certain number of times for it to become an automatic reaction. And even then, sometimes situations can be so far out of control - and emotions - that we need a little help from our friends to nudge us back on track. That's the beauty of a network.

And, by the way, the book is finished. It's in editing right now, but it's done. Over 600 pages, too. Gads, I thought I'd never shut up.
Can’t wait to read it- the world cannot end until we all do
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