Session 23 May 2020


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I just realized Laura starts this by saying “I feel a Pink Floyd moment coming on”. Very specific precognition there with the Floyd.
I sure never thought of "Floyd" being significant when I spoke it. But before this session began, I was making an extra effort to "tune in" because I knew we needed a good connection. Things are just so crazy these days. The ending of the Dec 28 session pretty much said it all, but we had no idea how immediate and accurate it was going to turn out to be.
The ending in Session 28 december, 2019 was this statement:
A: Now, we would like to say something of interest to all: Soon things in your realm will become very chaotic and strange. It will give chills to many. Be not alarmed! It will pass and there will be a new reality to explore. Cosmic forces will be displayed and there will be many searching for answers. Be prepared to give the help that is needed. Be together in love and peace. Goodbye.
Considering the possibility that the Floyd coincidence, besides being an expression of Laura being tuned in to what is coming, may have a symbolic aspect in relation to mass consciousness, I will quote some excerpts that together show how mass consciousness and related terms are used in the transcripts, because surely with "[m]any searching for answers" mass consciousness is involved, also when one day many for one reason or another will choose to oppose the lies:
Session 9 May, 2020
Q: (Ark) I have a question. I have a certain vision and I would like to know if this is my wishful thinking, or a good thing that I have envisioned. My vision is the following: As a response to pollution and industrialization and so on, we have this emergence of the "Green Parties". Now, my vision is that there will be very soon the beginning of a social movement like Green Peace but AGAINST all these lies. This will explode. People will go into parties fighting against these lies, okay? And it will lead even to social unrest and I see it not in the distant future. Now, is it my wishful thinking, or something like this is going to happen?
A: Expect it.
Q: (L) So in other words, it's like Łobaczewski said: psychopaths always think that they can impose their distorted way of thinking on normal human beings, and it may work under tactics of terror for a period of time. But eventually the terror will wear off, and the anger will replace it. It's going to be basically the villagers with the pitchforks and firebrands.
(Pierre) The trigger of the Yellow Vest movement was a "green" measure. So we already have a taste of that.
(Joe) In terms of populations' reactions to this, it seems to be kinda split. You have a lot of the authoritarian follower types who say to wear your mask and they call the police on people they see walking outside twice a day. And then there are quite a number of other people who maybe normally would be "authoritarian follower" types who seem to be calling BS on this situation because it's SO blatant. So, I was just wondering if a majority of people can actually see through the lies?
A: Not yet. Wait for it!
Q: (Andromeda) Any minute...
If a majority of people can see through the lies, how might that begin? The following session mentions that mass consciousness is aware and driving seeking:
Session 20 June, 2009
Q: (Ark) In fact I was thinking about this today because yesterday there was three strange event. Namely, today I look at statistics on my blog, and like normally I have like, you know like, 600 or 700, you see? Unique visitors. And then, three days ago there was 1500. Two days ago there was like 1700, and yesterday it was 4000. (A**) Really? (L) So it was like telling you something? (Ark) Yes, so it was like quantum jump. It started to grow, grow, grow. It was not just one day, you know? It started growing, growing, growing, and then BOOM to 4000 yesterday. (L) Can you explain the exponential growth of Ark's readership on his blog?
A: Mass consciousness is aware and driving seeking from many quarters.
Arks blog can be found here: Arkadiusz Jadczyk -- Official Web Site "Many quarters" could be many places on the planet, but also include different subjects of knowledge, and "Mass consciousness" "driving seeking"might mean that mass consciousness can stimulate some individual people to seek answers. The PTB is probably aware of such mechanisms and one tool of control is through mass programming. This may explain why a subject like Earth changes mentioned in the following session have not yet gone mainstream apart from being known as a topic for movies and a very remote possibility in popular science progames.
Session 23 March, 1995
A: Now, for the remainder of this session, we wish to address the so called earth changes for your benefit, as you are stuck here. Those present need to be equi... [Sound anomaly on tape begins here, on second side.] ...pped to stop buying into popular deceptions once and for all! Reread Bramley.
Q: (L) Funny I took him off the shelf today... (V) What's Bramley about? (L) Well, hold on. Do you want me to read it right now?
A: No.
Q: (L) Ok, address the subject.
A: All such changes are caused by three things and three things only! 1) Human endeavors. 2) Cosmic objects falling upon or too near earth. 3) Planetary orbital aberrations.
Q: (L) All right, carry on.
A: Don't believe any of the nonsense you hear from other sources. It is designed to facilitate mass programming and deception.
Q: (L) Ok, okay.
A: Just as your bible says; "You will know not the day, nor the hour." This means there is no warning. None. No clue. No prophecy. And these events... [anomaly starts again here, briefly.] are of the "past" as well. [and ends here.]
Q: (V) What events of the past, as well?
A: Cosmic and "man made" cataclysms.
Q: (L) Well, since you put 'man-made' at the top of the list, am I to infer that perhaps some of the activities of the consortium, the secret government, are going to precipitate some of these events?
A: No.
”Bramley” Refers to The Gods of Eden mentioned in numerous places of the forum. This book has many details about the less taught pages of World history, and asks questions one can ponder or research further. Perhaps mass consciousness will warm up to the idea of earth changes. The expression "human endeavors" mentioned above may refer to "human cycle mirrors the cycle of catastrophe and human mass consciousness plays a part" mentioned further on.

Mass consciousness is one concept; there is also mass unconsciousness. The topic appears in the following excerpt at the end of a rather long discussion of the timeline outlook from Session 3 December 1994 which has a list of predictions.
From Session 6 February, 2016 there is:
Q: (Pierre) Okay, so the second question... Obviously, between the timeline described in 1994 and the timeline we're in right now, there are slight differences. Interestingly, for some of the events that were announced in this parallel timeline, which did not occur, nonetheless in the media a few days ago there were articles that were mentioning the possibility of these non-occurring events. The list has “Memphis feels tremors”. It didn't occur yet, but in January there was an article mentioning it might occur. Or, about Queen Elizabeth's serious illness: On February 3rd, there was a tweet that had a million hits or likes announcing that Queen Elizabeth was dead. About Mt. Shasta erupting, it didn't happen yet; but in January there was an article announcing the imminent eruption of Shasta. Are somehow those parallel timeline events kind of porous and there's a resonance...
(L) Like a bleedthrough?
(Pierre) Correct.
A: Or mass unconsciousness perceives something in advance.
Q: (Pierre) So it may yet be in store.
"[M]ass unconsciousness perceives something in advance." would mean that if one can tune into the mass unconsciousness that perceives something in advance, then one can also pick signs of what is coming for the collective, just like Laura did. The above expression [p]erceives something in advance" also relates to "Mass consciousness is aware and driving seeking from many quarters." used to describe why the number of views went up on Ark's blog, because the subtle perception that there is something to be known precedes the activities that are the outer signs of seeking.

A difference between mass unconsciousness and mass consciousness could be that the former is more subtle aspect, like the subconscious mind is in relation to the conscious mind.

Mass consciousness and the actions of humans, appear to be interactive. Interactive is a the expression used in the next excerpt about the "collective mind" in relation to a small group, but the principle may also have meaning for larger groups and populations:
Session 26 November, 1994
A: Thank you for altering the board. {We had installed more punctuation marks} We worked on your psyches to get you to do that.
Q: (L) Well, you didn't have to work on our psyches to get us to do it. It makes things faster for us too. We wanted to do it.
A: Everything is interactive when it comes to the "collective mind."
We now have concepts like mass consciousness, collective mind and mass unconscious. The next two excerpts are examples of the principle that "Everything is interactive"
Example 1: California is no longer "paradise"

Session 1 December, 2018
(Joe) Was there something at a mass consciousness level being expressed in the fact that this fire almost completely burned down a town called Paradise in California?
A: Yes. California is no longer "paradise" and will shortly look more like hell.
The point with mentioning the above is not the prediction, but the example of how the signalling to mass consciousness may take place through "coincidences" and symbols.
Example 2: The burning of Notre Dame de Paris:
Even if the following event was not fully natural one can consider the signal value with a "20-20" hindsight:
Session 18 May, 2019
Q: (Pierre) Now, a lot of conspiracy theories are about this massive real estate project, making money, etc. What was the fundamental motive of this arson at Notre Dame?
A: Destruction of symbol: Our Lady Mother, i.e. Earth.
Q: (Pierre) I noticed often in those false flag operations they have prepared in advance a conspiracy theory for the mass audience. Here the conspiracy theory is money. It's about getting oil, getting fancy buildings. But really, behind that, the real perpetrators are working on deeper things like symbols, ideologies, feelings.
(L) Symbols are so important. It's like the movie V for Vendetta. He was talking about Parliament as a symbol.
(Chu) It's the collective unconscious. And how did they do it? Was it thermite or what?
A: Normal fire elements. It didn't take more than that.
If '[e]verything is interactive when it comes to the "collective mind."' then a part of the interactive relation between mass consciousness and the masses is what the masses do or don't do. This is brought out in the following excerpt:
Session 21 December, 2012
A: Today was not the end of the world in case you didn't notice, however an "end" of sorts will certainly come as we have been suggesting for many years. Time is never definite. Things also happen in steps and stages. The major steps include things like assassinations that are accepted by the masses. When such is not objected to, then the next stage is prepared.
Things like assassinations might include the murders of JFK, RFK, MLK, or perhaps the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Lady Diana and Yassir Arafat that are mentioned as markers.']Session 9 January 2005[/URL]
Q: Was there any symbolic meaning to the death of Arafat at Percy Hospital, with the number 11 appearing at the time
A: Like Diana, a marker.
A marker may signify the beginning of a new phase. Whether that means "the next step is prepared" in so far, as few objected to the manner in which they died, or if there are othere subtleties among the markers, I don't know. Perhaps there is, John F Kennedy was a president and named after St. John. Lady Diana was hugely popular, and her name represented a symbol too:
Diana (from lat. deus-God [1]) is a feminine personal name derived from the goddess Diana, who in ancient Roman mythology was considered the goddess of the moon and hunting (in ancient Greek mythology Diana was matched by Artemis)[2].

In Persian, it means " messenger of health and benevolence»[3].

If the previous interactive relations were connected to human affairs, the following excerpt illustrates an interactive relation between human mass consciousness and its environment:']Session 9 January 2005[/URL]
Q: (L) Regarding the recent earthquake and tsunami, there is a huge buzz on the net that this was not a natural phenomenon. Some say it could have been a meteor; others say it was a US nuke; others say it was India and Israel playing around in deep sea trenches. Then there is the speculation on an EM weapon of some description. The New agers are saying it was the start of the final 'Earth Changes". So what really caused this earthquake that happened one year minus one hour after the earthquake in Iran?
A: Pressure in earth. Not any of the proferred suggestions. But remember that the human cycle mirrors the cycle of catastrophe and human mass consciousness plays a part.
Q: In what way does mass consciousness play a part?
A: When those with higher centers are blocked from full manifestation of creative energy, that energy must go somewhere. If you cannot create "without" you create "within".
The above example of what Earth does and what happens to humanity relates to the following recommendation:
Session 9 May, 2020
A: Nature will also intervene. Watch for it!
It turns out that what expresses itself on Earth in mass human behavior is a reflection of cosmic conditions
Session May 18, 2019
A: We once pointed out that mass human behavior was a reflection of cosmic conditions. Now is the time when all must be extra vigilant. We also pointed out that STS forces are fully aware of prophetic patterns and will change and twist in order to discourage and put those to sleep who are slack in vigilance. Note the human environment and try to imagine what it represents above!!!

While there are individual lessons, there are also collective lessons. As such the expression above: "the human cycle mirrors the cycle of catastrophe and human mass consciousness plays a part" can relate to the expression in the following session concerning lessons: URL='']Session 16 November 1994[/URL]
A: There is no time as you know it; its all just lessons for the collective consciousness.
A few month later, there was more elaboration on the subject of the collective consciousness in relation to lessons. One can tune into the collective consciousness:']Session 21 January, 1995[/URL]
Q: (L) Are you wondering something? Ask. (C) How truthful the source is?
A: Up to you to decide
Q: (T) They only provide the information. They want us to make the decisions as to what we do with it, interpret it, what happens with it. I'm sure we all look at it slightly differently. We all have a different way of perceiving things, so we all perceive it differently. (D) Is the information gathered from the collective consciousness? A collection of all lessons learned by all humans?
A: Yes, and other sources as well.
Q: (D) Does this include the Lizzies?
A: Yes.
Q: (D) That includes you, also?
A: Yes.
Q: (D) Okay, can we tune into the collective consciousness?
A: Of course.
Q: (D) Okay, then, are there certain abilities needed to do this connection into the collective consciousness?
A: You all have all you need.

Q: (D) Well then, if this.. (T) By sitting here, we tap into them and they tap into us. (D) If this collective consciousness is a collection, haven't all lessons been learned by someone at some time?
A: Yes.
Q: (D) Then can we tune into the collective consciousness to find how our same lessons have been solved before?
A: Yes. But what is "before?"
Q: (D) Before? No, I didn't ask... (J) Before, during, after, these are all time concepts. (D) Oh, yeah.
A: Yes.
Q: (D) Well, my real question is if all the answers are there, and we can get there, why are we going through the lessons again? I mean, why do we have to go through these lessons if the solutions are already there?
A: Its all just lessons.
Q: (D) I know, that's what made me ask... I just.. I can't understand this.. we already have the answers, and we're going through the lessons again... (T) Not all of us have learned all the answers, that's why we're all going through the lessons again.... (D) But, you see, all the answers are there...
A: Who said "again" ?
Q: (J) Is it more like "still" ? (D) But if all the answers are there...
A: You are still thinking at 3rd level.
Q: (D) Yeah, but I'm still trying to understand.. Sorry, guys
A: Don't "try" so much, just go with it.
Q: (T) It's like Master Yoda said in Star Wars, "Don't try, do" .... Just do it.
A: Yes.
Q: (T) See, I knew Star Wars had a redeeming social value. (J) So did Relationships. The how is to do it. (D) But if the answers are there, and we can find the answers, to our lessons... (T) We don't have to find the answers, we have the answers. The answers are within all of us. (D) It seems so redundant... (T) Most of the lessons are to find the right answers... (D) actually go through the doing of the lessons....
A: No. Not correct idea.
Q: (T) Where were we going with this? (D) Oh, it was just a wonder of mine, it's just like, if we have the answers, I didn't understand why we do it. (J) We're not supposed to know. (T) Well, if we have all the answers, they're all in us, and we all know the correct solutions to the lessons, we should always be able to do it right, but we're doing it wrong, that means we haven't learned it right yet.
A: Retrieval.
Q: (L) I know what she's hanging up on here - what's the point? (D) Yeah! (L) That's the whole question, what's the point? And I guess the point is, is that it's just...
A: Lessons.
If one selects some expressions, one may with slight editing and some ordering say that:
1) Mass consciousness is aware and driving seeking from many quarters
2) mass unconsciousness perceives something in advance
3) Everything is interactive when it comes to the "collective mind."
4) the human cycle mirrors the cycle of catastrophe and human mass consciousness plays a part.
5) mass human behavior is a reflection of cosmic conditions
6) its all just lessons for the collective consciousness
7) It is possible to tune into the collective consciousness.
Finally we are back to: "I feel a Pink Floyd moment coming on"

WIN 52

The Living Force

If you can ignore a lot of the light worker, 5D you're free speak and get to the bacon of her statements, she has a fairly plausible interpretation of what is happening. From Obama, Hillary, Bill, Elĺen, Trudeau, Queen Elizabeth, Hanks to and etc, the list is long, her statement about them having been replaced by clones makes sense because we have been told about this by the C's. According to her channel, they have been or are in the process of being executed for crimes against humanity.

I'm just saying that even if the video has 30% factual information, it would still make one sit up and take notice. Personally it seems like about 50-60%.

At any rate, from a person who doesn't watch many videos, this one left a bit of a mark.


The Force is Strong With This One
I think that this could also mean that whatever positive effects humans will experience with the STO version of this virus it will happen only after the elevation to 4D. I don't think that we will see much positivity on this 3D Earth. This planet is currently transforming into total madness, and things were already pretty bad.

Even when Putin and Trump were being elected, and our 3D PTB were doing everything they could to change the situation, the 4D STS were not panicking because it didn't change much things from their perspective. They are simply not afraid of the 3D beings in any shape or form. But this does make them panic because it probably affects what will happen on the 4D Earth.

So what do you do when you have a lot of people who have "encoding to activate after elevation to 4th density, thus if not eliminated, negates domination and absorption"?

Well, you have to eliminate them somehow. Laura said this two years ago:
Very good explanation. Thank you.
But I wonder, what is the use of removing 3D people if what matters is the soul. And if you are ready to ascend, you will


Dagobah Resident
At any rate, from a person who doesn't watch many videos, this one left a bit of a mark.
Hi @WIN 52, Thanks for sharing this video.

I have read a lot of your posts, and I understand and acknowledge that you are literally "Walking Between Worlds" most of the time now.
I TOTALLY relate, and kudos to you for still hangin' in!
I mean no dishonor to you, Sir, with what I "saw" watching this young lady.

Here is my impression:
"Left a bit of a mark" is a good way of putting it, I felt as if I was being lashed across my heart more than a few times.
This affluent, (from the items one can see in the background, clothing, and general "glow", I may be wrong) attractive, doe eyed young lady is being used as a mouthpiece/tool for the Evil side of the agenda.
She doesn't have a knowledge BASE or discernment to identify the manipulation of information, nor does she care, in my opinion.

As you pointed out, the occult/density/meta-physical terms she uses are garbled and cobbled together from all sorts of channeled dis-info,but what got me the worst, was her obvious pleasure, and, GHOULISH laughter about the Celebrity deaths, the "House arrest/EXECUTED" list, scrolling on the screen, at minute 36:20.
THAT was chilling, indeed.

I am not naive, nor am I espousing to not LOOK, and there ARE people I consider "harmful to others" from personal experience, as well as observing this STS 3rd Density life and the "Controllers".
To gleefully gloat and laugh at the possibility that any other human beings, especially ones that I haven't even MET, are dead or being harmed, is so Dark and dirty, I cringe.

She isn't saying anything we haven't heard/read/suspected and discussed HERE, on the Forum, but, I guess the saying, "A little bit of Knowledge can be a dangerous tool" might apply.


The Living Force
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But I wonder, what is the use of removing 3D people if what matters is the soul. And if you are ready to ascend, you will

Good question. I think that the point is that the biology of our 3D bodies will be a source of our 4D bodies. We will still be material beings in 4D. That is why the genes are important. That is why we are bombarded with GMO food and vaccines - to change our genes. In nature nothing is created from scratch, everything 'evolves' from something. And so will the 4D humans evolve from 3D humans.

I know that all of those wars in the past can be explained with usual materialistic reasons, but looking at how the control system responds to this coronavirus, I wonder if those previous wars were also a reaction of control system who didn't like the DNA changes that the universe was bringing into the population:

1337 to 1453 – Hundred Years War
1347/48 – 1351 – Black Death (included in the time period of the Hundred Years’ War)
1400 – Renaissance (begins as the Hundred Years War is ending)
1431– Joan of Arc burned at the stake for being a witch (included in the time period of the Hundred Years’ War)
1484 – Pope Innocent VIII announced that satanists in Germany were meeting with demons, casting spells that destroyed crops, and aborting infants
1486 – Malleus Maleficarum published
1500 – Witch persecutions begin
1515 – Outbreaks of witchcraft hysteria, with subsequent mass executions begin
1591 – King James authorizes the torture of suspected witches in Scotland
1600 – Renaissance ends “officially”
1606 – Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” performed
1616 Thirty Years War begins
– Beginning of the English Civil War
1643 – The largest witch-hunt in French history occurred. For two years there were at least 650 arrests in Languedoc alone. The same time was one of intense witch-hunting in England, as the English civil war created an atmosphere of unrest that fueled the hunting, especially under Matthew Hopkins.
1648 Thirty Years War ends
– End of the English Civil War
1660 – Witch persecutions end – Europe saw between 50,000 and 80,000 suspected witches executed. About 80% of those killed were women. Execution rates varied greatly by country, from a high of about 26,000 in Germany to about 10,000 in France, 1,000 in England, and only four in Ireland. The lower death tolls in England and Ireland owe in part to better procedural safeguards in those countries for defendants. (LINK)
1682 – England executes its last witch, Temperance Lloyd, a senile woman from Bideford. Lord Chief Justice Sir Francis North, a passionate critic of witchcraft trials, investigated the Lloyd case and denounced it as a farce. Witch-hunting shifted from one side of the Atlantic to the other, with the outbreak of hysteria in Salem in 1692.

The Thirty Years’ War was one which utilized mercenary armies to a great extent, and these hired killers were said to have devastated entire regions leaving the inhabitants to suffer widespread famine and disease which decimated the population. This affected primarily the German states and, to a lesser extent, the Low Countries and Italy. At the same time, it bankrupted many of the governmental powers involved. Sounds a lot like what is happening today, doesn’t it?

It sure does.

The next period of cometary activity that Clube refers to is that which encompassed the American Revolution (1775 – 1783) and the French Revolution (1789 – 1799) and the mid-nineteenth century crisis.

After a period of prosperity, there began a series of wars and revolutions. There was the first Italian War for Independence in 1857, and then the American Civil War of 1861, the Polish Insurrection of 1863, Napoleon the Second’s Mexican adventure and the campaign against Denmark in 1864 which started the Prussian Wars led by Bismarck. Bismarck attacked Austria in 1866 and won a victory over France in 1871. Then, there was the Republican uprising in Spain which toppled Queen Isabella from the throne. Finally, there was the last of Louis Napoleon’s adventures which culminated in the crashing of the Empire in 1871.

There was Civil War in France following the downfall of the Second Napoleon, and the people (Paris Communards) seized power. They were soon crushed and order was restored in the Third Republic, and the revolutionary tide receded for the rest of the century.

So, Clube is right. For about twenty-five years, the entire Western world was bubbling cauldron of war and revolution and people taking advantage of wars and revolution to make money.



The Force is Strong With This One
Good question. I think that the point is that the biology of our 3D bodies will be a source of our 4D bodies. We will still be material beings in 4D. That is why the genes are important. That is why we are bombarded with GMO food and vaccines - to change our genes. In nature nothing is created from scratch, everything 'evolves' from something. And so will the 4D humans evolve from 3D humans.

I know that all of those wars in the past can be explained with usual materialistic reasons, but looking at how the control system responds to this coronavirus, I wonder if those previous wars were also a reaction of control system who didn't like the DNA changes that the universe was bringing into the population:

It sure does.
Excellent 👌


Jedi Master
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Very interesting collection and connection of last materials relating to our current circumstances. As the last session quote is pretty old, it is probably redundant to comment - but I will mention anyway just in case; I would guess that the collective consciousness not being affected by what we understand as time being the reason that it already harbours the answers to our lessons - we are granting our future selves the benefit of 20/20 hindsight :-D


The Living Force
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Excellent 👌

Well, it's still just a theory, but looking at the current madness makes one wonder about our view of the past events.

For thousands of years, comets have been associated with disaster and misfortune. They are harbingers of plagues, earthquakes, floods, natural disasters and wars. In fact, the passing of a comet followed by war has been so frequent as to earn for comets the sobriquet “The Swords of Heaven.” Tradition has assigned responsibility to comets for death and destructions, disease and decay, defeat and dissolution, the deaths of kings, and the fall of empires. It could be said that no celestial phenomenon is so widely and generally feared.

One also has to consider the destruction of many genetic lines of powerful women in this process which has been ongoing, so it seems.


Kay Kim

The Living Force
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Andromeda) Do you want to ask about that smell?

(L) Several places: Los Angeles...

(Andromeda) North of France.

(Niall) Paris

(Joe) A lot of places in France, actually.

(Andromeda) That was about 2 or 3 weeks ago?

(Joe) Yeah.

A: Realm curtain breached.

Q: (L) Remember that the devil is supposed to be accompanied by the smell of sulfur... and Bigfoot!

(Niall) And window fallers.

(Joe) It's a chemical byproduct of trans-density movement?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, that's actually something interesting that should be looked into. What are the properties of sulfur? Why would that be involved in a realm curtain breach?

(Andromeda) Yeah.

(Joe) So what was breaching the realm curtain? What was coming through in Los Angeles and France and wherever else at the same time?

A: Invisible to you as yet, but 4D STS energy beings

Another transcript confirmed that alien do have strange smells. So now we have to use our nose to detect aliens? And avoid them by their nasty smells? 😆Haha

April 18, 1995

Q: (L) A few weeks ago I did a hypnosis session with my son. In this hypnosis session, he seemed to go back through a memory of flying a plane, an EC 135, I believe. He seemed to go through the crash and so forth. Was this a fairly accurate recall on his part?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) The most interesting part of the session was when he described smelling something strange in the hold of the plane, that the cargo smelled strange. Was this an accurate memory?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) When I asked him what it smelled like, he said it smelled garbagy or something really horrible like sewage. Was that a correct memory?

A: Close.

Q: (L) When I asked him if he knew what it was at a higher level, he said that it had something to do with aliens. Was that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Was he, in fact, transporting something having to do with alien-human interactions?

A: Yes.

Kay Kim

The Living Force
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I just found another transcript that explain why aliens bodies were emanating nasty smells.

Q: (L) Why is an unbearable stench of sulphur associated with Alien bodies and other related phenomena and entities?

A: Chemical interactions.

Q: (L) So, if an alien dies in 3rd density and remains in 3rd density, and decays in 3rd density, that causes a chemical reaction that creates sulphur or related compounds?

A: Bravo!

Q: (J) So, the difference in dimensions creates this? (L) Would they smell this way if they died in 4th density? (J) Well, that's a stupid question because, what is "smell" in 4th density? (L) Well, it was a trick question!

A: Try to think more like 4th density instead of 3 and 2.

Q: (L) Does this imply, since this is what I am inferring, that the aliens are chemicallyconstructed in 4th density?

A: Close
Hi!! There I just read that the C's said In Some session that all the south west is going to 4D ? I assume is California ? anybody guess In wich of the sessions they said that?


The Living Force
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Thorbiorn wrote and quoted (emphasis added):
A few month later, there was more elaboration on the subject of the collective consciousness in relation to lessons. One can tune into the collective consciousness:']Session 21 January, 1995[/URL\

Q: (T) Where were we going with this? (D) Oh, it was just a wonder of mine, it's just like, if we have the answers, I didn't understand why we do it. (J) We're not supposed to know. (T) Well, if we have all the answers, they're all in us, and we all know the correct solutions to the lessons, we should always be able to do it right, but we're doing it wrong, that means we haven't learned it right yet.
A: Retrieval.
Q: (L) I know what she's hanging up on here - what's the point? (D) Yeah! (L) That's the whole question, what's the point? And I guess the point is, is that it's just...
A: Lessons.

Reading your thoughts and quotes brought to the mind the following thought and relevant passages in the sessions:

The point of learning lessons that have already been learned, and why the C's say "Retrieval" above is because of Maya. Those who chosen to go through the "fall" in eternal Grand Cycle due to the natural balance of Prime Creator's collective consciousness that just IS:

March 11, 1995 F****, Laura, TR, JR, SV:
Q: (J) Go back to what they said before: "Free will could not be abridged if you had not obliged." (T) We, as the human race, used our free will to switch from STO to STS. (L) So, at some level we have chosen the mess we are in and that is the Super Ancient Legend of the Fallen Angel, Lucifer. That is us. We fell by falling into that door, so to speak, going after the pot of gold, and when we fell through the door, the
serpent bit us!
A: But this is a repeating syndrome.
Q: (L) Is it a repeating syndrome just for the human race or
is it a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation?
A: It is the latter.

Q: (L) Is this a repeating syndrome throughout all of creation
simply because it is the cyclic nature of things? Or is it as the
Indians call it, Maya?
A: Either or.

So what is the point as "D" was asking about? There is no point, but if there was, the point is to simply BE of the Prime Creator's interactive "cyclic nature of things", as Laura put it in the quote above. Those collective souls who have chosen the interactive "fall" and become "fragmented" only to remember and retrieve the answers to the lessons already learned to them once again learn to "rise" and become fully cognizant of the "collective" (and I don't mean the Borg here! ;-D And the cycle repeats due to the "
natural interaction of things and energies," a repeating syndrome called Maya, forevermore. The C's also said mentioned "strive always to rise", and I would think to do out of the unconditional Love for the Prime Creator/Collective Consciousness's interactively manifested Grand Cycle of balance:

January 7, 1995 F***, Laura, TR, JR, V, D, T
Q: (L) So, in other words, we should be able to perceive on 1st and 2nd as well as 3rd while working on 4th level understanding?
A: No. Work on 4th, 5th and 6th.
Q: (L) Is it not also beneficial to understand the 1st and 2nd density levels as well, just simply for the exercise in understanding that which is below us?
A: Strive always to rise.
Q: (V) Haven't we already done our 1st and 2nd level work as evolving souls?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) So there is no reason to step back. (T) Who eats the Lizzies on the 4th level?
A: No one. 4th is the last density for full manifestation of STS.
Q: (T) So, beings on the 5th and 6th level exist in pure energy?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) The 4th level is the last for full STS. Does that mean that the 5th level, which you have described as the
"contemplative" level... what is the state of existence of a STS being on the 5th level?
A: Souls of 1,2,3, and 4 go to 5th.
Q: (T) So 5th level is where they go to while waiting to go back to one of the 4 for their next incarnation?
A: Exactly.
Q: (T) That is why it's called the contemplation level. You go and think about what you have done. (T) What about souls
on 6th density? (L) Are there 6th density STS beings?
A: No, when you get to 6th you no longer need to recycle.
Q: (L) But still, is there an STS experience at 6th density, like the 6th density Orions?
A: These are only reflections of individuals, not unified entities. These reflections exist for balance. They are not whole entities, just thought forms.
Q: (L) Are these 6th density beings what the Bible describes as a "gathering" of angels as in the story of Job where "Lucifer" came in before the Lord...
A: Yes.
Q: (L) So, there are STS and STO at 6th density which balance? And they are just there, they exist?
A: Reflection for balance.
Q: (L) Is there any kind of heirarchy to this thing? Do these beings come before some kind of "Grand Council" and make plans and discuss things, and make decisions and implement them?
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, how do things happen? Do things just sort of happen as a natural interaction of things and energies?
A: Yes.
Q: (V) If we are on the 3rd density and you are working with us and we are striving to make 4th density, at the same time are you, at 6th density, striving to reach 7th?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Is helping us, helping you to reach 7th density? (V) Are there others at higher densities working with you as you are working with us?
A: No, we all reach 7th level together.
Q: (L) So, in other words, you guys are trying to bring us up and everybody else is coming up, and when all the pieces are back together, we then go to 7th, is that it?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) So that is your purpose in helping us?
A: It's a natural process.
Q: (T) Will our function be, when we are at 6th density, to help others on 3rd, as you are doing?
A: Yes. We are you in the future.
Q: (T) When more than 50 per cent of the souls reach 6th density in preparation to go to 7th density, will all the rest of
them automatically manifest into that density?
A: Not correct concept. You are using 3rd density "Brotherhood" inspired mathematical calculations and ideas.
Q: (J) So, there are no percentages involved in it. (T) So, we have to get every single soul up there. (V) I don't think it is
as much that as that you can't apply 3rd density mathematics to that level. (T) Let's say a majority.
A: No. Still using 3rd density mathematics.
Q: (L) Okay, what criteria constitutes the means of this ultimate translation into 7th density?
A: The lessons completed.
Q: (J) Okay. (T) When all the souls transition to 7th density, will all the souls be integrated into one soul?
A: Close.
Q: (T) So that is why we have to get everybody, because we all become one on 7th density. (D) What will we then do
to change the game and make it interesting again?

A: Don't have to "do" anything, has, will, is!!!
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