Session 24 January 1998


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We were still in the midst of the construction nightmare, my daughter got mad at us and left home (she was 20), the job situation was gruelling since Ark had to be in Gainesville all week and we were living between two places. It really was an unsettled time.

January 24, 1998

Frank, Laura, Ark, Alice

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Azaha.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: We have several things this evening, the first one being: why did {my daughter} decide to move out the way she did?

A: Hormonal.

Q: Where is she?

A: With others.

Q: I know she is with others.

A: Check records of phone equipment.

Q: Well, I just would like to know that she is alright.

A: Yes.

Q: I would also like to know why she decided to do this in a way that would hurt me?

A: Was not objective.

Q: On another subject, this little baby that is missing, Sabrina... the parents seem to be believable. Did aliens abduct the Aisenberg baby?

A: No.

Q: What happened to Sabrina Aisenberg?

A: Accidental death.

Q: What caused the accident?

A: Dropped.

Q: Who dropped her?

A: Not to be revealed. You can figure it out!

Q: Okay.

Q: (A) I want to ask about the photographer. (L) Yes, the one who took {my other daughter’s} photograph. Was he who he said he was? {A newspaper photographer had approached one of my daughters and asked to take her photo.}

A: Close.

Q: Did he have any ulterior motives?

A: No.

Q: We have been discussing the campaign to work on a public relations project here. As we have discussed it, is it okay to push forward?

A: Better with universities.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Contact them first.

Q: Okay, I wrote a letter to USF. Do you mean all the other universities in the State System?

A: UCF and USF and FIT.

Q: What is FIT?

A: Florida Institute of Technology.

Q: Alright, contact them first and then carry through with project.

A: Yes.

Q: In other words, give them an opportunity and don't upstage them?

A: Yes! We said to rattle the bushes, not mow them down!

Q: Alright. Along the same lines of the Sabrina Aisenberg issue, I was reading a book about Churchill and Hitler and Rudolf Hess. It seems that this writer was saying that the man in Spandau Prison was NOT Rudolf Hess. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: What happened to Rudolf Hess?

A: Died in plane crash in Scotland.

Q: He died? Was this the reported crash landing?

A: Yes.

Q: He DIED in that crash?

A: Yes.

Q: Who was the guy who parachuted out?

A: Did not.

Q: They made up the whole story?

A: No, just Hess survival, for propaganda value.

Q: Well that is a bizarre thing to say about it. But, it is also another option that the writer of that book did NOT consider. But what about the farmer who saw a guy parachute out of the plane?

A: So they say.

Q: Well, I guess they could have set the whole thing up. That would be even MORE devious!

A: Real Hess would never have relented to abuse.

Q: Hmmm. Did Hess actually fly to Scotland?

A: Yes.

Q: Did Hitler know and was he in on it?

A: Yes.

Q: So, they had to make Hitler think Hess survived in order to fool him into thinking that whatever the plan was, was working?

A: Hitler believed Hess had gone mad, or had indeed died.

Q: Well, this is a bizarre question, but I have to ask it. Was Hitler a homosexual?

A: No.

Q: Well, this book suggests that he had an unusual relationship with Rudolf Hess. But, others said that he was completely ascetic in ALL ways.

A: Book is wrong in other ways too.

Q: Well, I thought the whole thing was interesting. Did Hitler have any offspring?

A: No.

Q: Well, this book sort of portrays Hitler as not such a bad guy and Churchill is the real bad guy.

A: Disinformation for purposes of deception.

Q: Alright. Speaking of disinformation, there is a little statement attributed to former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, sent out in the Skywatch mailing in which he says that 'manmade craft that have the flight capabilities or characteristics, that are generally attributed to UFOs, DO EXIST, but NOT as part of military arsenals.' Is this true?

A: Not what he says.

Q: What do you mean? That I stated it inaccurately?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, what IS the truth in this case?

A: Not man made.

Q: Well, you are right. He did NOT say manmade. He was saying that the technology DID exist. (A) He was speaking about reverse engineering, suggesting that we were able to reproduce the technology, and reverse engineering implies that it is done here on Earth. Of course, that does NOT imply that there is no help from somewhere else.

A: Close. Reread.

Q: Okay, I would say that it was phrased VERY carefully. (A) The next thing that he said was that to build these craft or whatever, no fancy things wormholes or time loops or other dimensions are necessary, which implies that it is all third density technology. Was he correct in this respect?

A: Did not say all 3rd density.

Q: He was sort of implying this, but he implied that it was all standard physics and engineering.

A: 3 and 4. Reread.

Q: Okay, we will. Is he a person who is in the know about the things he was speaking?

A: Close to that.

Q: (A) Now, I want to ask about this English anti-gravity guy, who died at the age of 76 after he contacted NASA and after all his experiments that imply he produced anti-gravity. I suspect that his death was not all natural. Eric Laithwaite. Did he discover the secret of antigravity?

A: To an extent.

Q: Was his death, shall we say, assisted?

A: Yes.

Q: Why haven't we heard from Sue Brana?

A: No longer interested, as you resisted trap.

Q: So, it was a trap. Am I correct in thinking that they, as a group, do not really exist in the US, but that they are in Europe?

A: Exist as extension.

Q: (A) So, it is an extension of KGB or whatever. (L) As an extension of what?


Q: Okay, so we resisted that trap. Out of how many?

A: Watch, look, listen.

Q: (A) I want to know what was the purpose of this trap? What was it supposed to achieve?

A: De-energize you in psychic maze. Cause you to go on a "wild goose chase."

Q: (A) Why would they want me to go on a wild goose chase rather than get me to work with them? (L) I guess they don't want you to work with them...

A: Or find anything significant.

Q: Next item: we have discovered that you can possibly get a divorce in the Dominican Republic by signing a power of attorney and having an attorney represent you there and that you can establish a single status, but not settle property. Can this, in fact, be done?

A: Better look into it further.

Q: Alright. Is the divorce in Florida the best way to go at this point?

A: Okay, but we cannot lead you by the hand.

Q: I know that. I am just thinking about the various options and which might have the least glitches? I guess that we can control the glitches right out of any process.

A: Yes.

Q: (A) The only thing we need to know is anything that will end this bad period as soon as possible.

A: Okay, good night.

Q: Now, wait a minute! That was a question! You can't just say 'hasta la vista!'

A: Darkest before dawn.

Q: Well, it has definitely been very dark.

A: Faith! Good night.

End of Session
Thanks for sharing. Why are there so many past transcripts being posted lately? Are they only now being transcripted from the tapes or because they are more relevant now? I thought I was missing them but then I realised they were only posted recently. :/
fisheye said:
Thanks for sharing. Why are there so many past transcripts being posted lately? Are they only now being transcripted from the tapes or because they are more relevant now? I thought I was missing them but then I realised they were only posted recently. :/

There have been past attempts at third parties attempting to transcribe sessions where there have been mixed results regarding accuracy, if I recall correctly. Laura has talked about this in many other threads. The gist is that she has always wanted to revisit the old transcripts, listen to the audio recordings, add the necessary background context, make corrections to the rough transcripts that exist, etc. But, she is a very busy lady with many projects going on simultaneously. I understand as the time becomes available, more work is done. :)

And a big thanks to Laura for that work! It is a joy to read 'complete' session transcripts, and knowing that they are now as accurate a depiction of what occurred as can be.

Also fisheye, if you haven't yet read the Wave or Adventure series, I would recommend them. There are a lot of old and/or unpublished snips all throughout, complete with context and background for maximum understanding.
I can only imagine all the trials and tribulations Laura and Company has gone through over the years. Truly they are heroes to society. Thanks so much for your perseverance!
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