Session 24 September 1995


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September 24, 1995
Frank, Laura, Susan V, Roxanne C, Simon B

Q: Hello.

A: Hello. We have been listening.

Q: (RC) Who are you??

A: Vorra.

Q: (L) And where are you from?

A: We transmit via the radio source in Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Okay, a year ago we talked about the quorum and I did not understand. Now, what I would like to know is, is the understanding I have acquired in the past two weeks regarding this group...

A: You need some review.

Q: (L) Okay.

A: Not just about the "Quorum," but about many important subjects, and tonight, we intend to have some free flowing energy, if you don't mind. In other words, we may supersede questions, when appropriate. However, it may be necessary for you to begin the process by asking a question.

Q: (L) I am curious about what I call the "Scottish Question." Why is it that every time I start a paper trail on any issue of conspiracy, there always seems to be a link to Scotland and Scots?

A: "Celtic," what does it mean?

Q: (L) Well, the word "kilt" comes from "Celtic," but no one seems to know where they originated... they just sort of appeared on the landscape, so to speak.

A: Exactly!

Q: (L) Are you going to tell us?

A: No, not just as of yet.

Q: (L) So, there is some interesting connection! (RC) Does it mean "warrior race?"

A: If you prefer! We have close affiliation with the "Northern Peoples." Why? Because we were in regular, direct contact with them on Kantek, before they were "lifted" to Earth by Orion STS.

Q: (L) If you were in direct contact with them, how come they were in cahoots with the Orion STS bunch?

A: Who says they are in "kahoots?"

Q: (L) Weren't they rescued by the Orion STS?

A: Yes. But one need not be in "kahoots" to be rescued!!!

Q: (L) Well, if the Orion STS brought the Celts here, they must have brought them for their own purposes, am I correct?

A: Essentially, but herein lies the reason why you need a review. You see, you have some gaps in your knowledge base which are caused by channeling, absorbing and analyzing information out of sequence with what we have given you and mixing it all together!

Q: (L) Okay, what's my problem?

A: You are doing wonderfully, my dear, but it is difficult for you to keep up this way, because your natural drive for the truth makes you impatient, and therefore you tend to fill in the gaps with simple reasoning and assumptions. While these are often correct, they can tend to allow you to get ahead of yourself.

Q: (L) Okay, square one: Is the quorum composed of humans who have been alchemists, who are presently in possession of a substance called "the elixir of life" and which David Hudson calls "monoatomic gold?"

A: And much, much more! Monoatomic gold is but one minor issue here. Why get lead astray by focusing upon it solely. It would be akin to focusing on the fact that "Batman" can fly! Is that the only important thing that "Batman" does in the story? Is it?

Q: (L) Of course not! (R) Batman fights crime!

A: What we mean is that alchemy is but one minor piece of the puzzle.

Q: (L) Okay, I understand. But, understanding the alchemical connection, and its potential for extending life and opening certain abilities, makes it more feasible to think of a group that has been present steadily and consistently for many thousands of years on earth.

A: They are not the only ones!

Q: (L) Oh! I knew I was opening a can of worms!

A: Let us go to the root.

Q: (L) What is the root?

A: Who, or what made you?

Q: (RC) The Creator. (L) Prime Creator.

A: How? And who is Prime Creator?

Q: (L) Everything, I guess.

A: You are "Prime Creator."

Q: (L)Well, we know we are... (RC) We are creators, but we aren't the Prime Creator...

A: Prime Creator Manifests IN you.

Q: (L) Okay, so at the root is Prime Creator.

A: But... who was secondary?

Q: (RC) The Sons of God? The Elohim?

A: Who is that? Remember, your various legends are "seen through a veil."

Q: (L) Okay, the secondary creators are the ones interacting with us directly?

A: Okay.

Q: (L) Is this the source of the stimulation to discover knowledge?

A: Basically, but, let us take this step by step.

Q: (RC) Okay, getting back to the Celts, were the Pleiadians the secondary creators who brought in the Celts?

A: Review what we have just said!

Q: (L) They said it was the Orions. Are the Orions these secondary creators? (RC) Well, I read that it was the Pleiadians. And the Hebrews were originally the Hoovids who came from Sirius...

A: Here comes a shocker for you... one day, in 4th density, it will be your descendants mission to carry on the tradition and assignment of seeding the 3rd density universe, once you have the adequate knowledge!!!

Q: (L) If the Orion STS brought the Celts here, were the Celts, while they lived on Kantek, in the form they are in now?

A: They were lighter in appearance.

Q: (L) You have told us on other occasions that the Semitic peoples were remnants of the Atlanteans, and yet they are quite unlike...

A: Whoa!! Wait a minute, let's not get ahead of ourselves. First things first. What Roxanne said was not entirely factual. Remember, there is much disinformation to weed through.

Q: (RC) What did I say that was not factual?

A: In this part of your 3rd and 4th density universe, specifically your "galaxy" it is the region known as Orion that is the one and only indigenous home of human type beings... reflect on this! Indigenous home base, not sole locator. What you are most in need of review of is the accurate profile of "alien" data.

Q: (RC) I thought that humans originated in Lyra and then a war broke out there and they ended up in Orion.

A: Lyra is not inhabited. There have been homes in all places, but some were/are transitory, and some are not. Pay attention to Orion! This is your ancestral home, and your eventual destination. Here is the absolutely accurately accurate profile of Orion to follow: This is the most heavily populated region of your Milky Way galaxy! This is a region that extends across 3rd and 4th density space for a distance as vast as the distance between your locator and it. There are 3,444 inhabited "worlds" in this region. Some are planets as you know them. Some are artificially constructed planetoids. Some are floating space barges. And some are "satellites." There are primary homes, travelling stations and incubator laboratories all in 2nd, 3rd and 4th densities. There are overseer zones in 5th and 6th densities. Approximately one half is STO and one half is STS. Together, along with many other colonies, located elsewhere, this is called, in translation, Orion Federation. Orions created grays in 5 varieties, as cyber-genetic beings, and installed them on Zeta Reticuli 1, 2, 3, and 4, as well as on 2 planets orbiting Barnard's Star. The Reptilians also inhabit 6 planets in the Orion region in 4th density, and are owned by the Orion STS as slaves, and, in some cases, pets!!! The name "Orion" is the actual native name, and was brought to earth directly. Study the legend of the "god" of Orion for parallels.

Q: (L) Are the Orion STS the infamous red-headed Nordic aliens?

A: Yes, and all other humanoid combinations.

Q: (L) Okay, if it started with the Nordic types, and that is where the other humanoid combinations came from, what genetic combinations were used for human beings? Black people, for instance, since they are so unlike "Nordics?"

A: The Nordic genes were mixed with the gene pool already available on Earth, known as Neanderthal.

Q: (L) What was the genetic combination used to obtain the Oriental races?

A: Orientals come from a region known in your legends as "Lemuria," and are a previous hybridization from 7 genetic code structures from within Orion Union, designed to best fit the earth climate and cosmic ray environment then existent on earth.

Q: (L) Okay, what about the Semitic and Mediterranean peoples?

A: Each time a new flock was "planted," it was engineered to be best suited to the environment where it was planted. Aryans are the only exception, as they had to be moved to earth in an emergency.

Q: (L) If races are engineered on earth to be "best suited," what factors are being drawn from or considered regarding the Semitic race?

A: They are not engineered on earth, but in Orion lab as all others. They were "Planted" in the Middle East.

Q: (L) What genetic type were the Atlanteans?

A: They were the same as the "Native Americans."

Q: (L) What were the roots of the Native American type? Was there a basic type that was here on the planet and was then taken to an Orion lab and genetically modified and then planted?

A: No!!! Have you been paying attention?!?!

Q: (L) What did I miss? Why do some Native Americans believe they come from the Pleiades?

A: Where are the Pleiades?

Q: (L)Well, near Orion. (RC) Oh, okay. So, they are considering the Pleiades part of Orion. What about Sirius?

A: Sirius is confused as a locator because it appears in similar location in the sky in the northern hemisphere. The American Indians were confused in the translation because of similar seeming location due to vantage point.

Q: (L) Okay. (RC) Well, but Sirius is clearly Sirius! It's the brightest star in the sky... it's in all the legends! (L) Well, it could be that it is not just misinterpretation, but deliberate disinformation? (RC) How could it be translated wrong? This is not clear! The star charts are very specific!

A: How have YOU translated YOUR legends wrong?

Q: (F) I think the point is that it is clear that we, in our present culture, are easily able to get things very wrong, even from the more recent times; so it is not a great consideration to think that the more ancient legends can also be distorted, embellished, and misrepresented.

A: Review what we said at the beginning of this session.

Q: (L) Did the Dogon come from Sirius?

A: All humanoid types originated in Orion region, there are and have been and will continue to be literally millions of colonies.

Q: (RC) Well, Sirius has a green sky, not a blue sky like we do. (L) The star?! (RC) Well, no, the planets... Yes, Sirius has a green atmosphere... a light green. (F) Well, I prefer blue! (L) If a lot of the information that is being propagated these days is confusion or disinformation, what is the purpose of all this?

A: You answered yourself: Confusion and disinformation.

Q: (L) I have a theory that the truth, in any large degree, will not be known until just prior to some sort of transition...

A: You expect "truth" then?

Q: (RC) Absolutely! (L) Considering how things are from observation, this may be unrealistic...

A: All there is is lessons, no short cuts!

Q: (L) I want to get back on my question that you have not answered... I want to know who, exactly, and why, exactly, genetically engineered the Semitic people, and why there is such an adversarial attitude between them and the Celts and Aryans.

A: It is not just between the Jews and Celts, if you will take notice. Besides, it is the individual aural profile that counts and not groupings or classifications. But, to answer your question: there are many reasons both from on and off the planet.

Q: (L) Why was Hitler so determined, beyond all reason, even to his own self-destruction, to annihilate the Jews?

A: Many reasons and very complex. But, remember, while still a child, Hitler made a conscious choice to align himself with the "forces of darkness," in order to fulfill his desires for conquest and to unite the Germanic peoples. Henceforth, he was totally controlled, mind, body, and soul, by STS forces.

Q: (L) So, what were the purposes of the STS forces that were controlling Hitler causing him to desire to annihilate an entire group of people?

A: To create an adequate "breeding ground" for the reintroduction of the Nephalim, for the purpose of total control of the 3rd density earth prior to elevation to 4th density, where such conquest is more difficult and less certain!

Q: (L) Do you mean "breeding ground" in the sense of genetic breeding?

A: Yes. Third density.

Q: (L) Did they accomplish this goal?

A: No.

Q: (L) So, the creation of the Germanic "Master Race" was what they were going after, to create this "breeding ground?"

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And, getting rid of the Jews was significant? Couldn't a Germanic master race be created without destroying another group?

A: No.

Q: Why?

A: Because of 4th density prior encoding mission destiny profile.

Q: (L) What does that mean?

A: This means encoding to activate after elevation to 4th density, thus if not eliminated, negates Nephalim domination and absorption. Jews were prior encoded to carry out mission after conversion, though on individual basis. The Nazis did not exactly know why they were being driven to destroy them, because they were being controlled from 4th density STS. But, Hitler communicated directly with Lizards, and Orion STS, and was instructed on how to create the "master race."

Q: (L) And they were going to use this as their basis to introduce a new blend of the Nephilim... (RC) And the New World Order... their version of it. (L) Well, what is the plan now?

A: We cannot tell you this yet, as you would seek to reveal it prematurely, leading to your destruction!!!!

Q: (F) Yes, Laura, I keep telling you that your curiosity is going to bring strange men to the door who are going to say: "Come with us, please!" (L) Well, I can't help it! Meanwhile, back to the Celts: obviously if the Lizard Beings thought that the Aryans/Celts were a good breeding ground for this "Nephilim Master Race," then it must be because there is something genetically inherent in them that makes them desirable in this sense. Is this correct?

A: No, not in the sense you are thinking. We suggest that you rephrase this question after careful reflection on the implications.

End of Session


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Elvis said he was from Rigel, and shortly before he died said that earth is a tough place to be and he wanted to go home- I hope he made it there.. I somehow knew I came from Rigel too and used to pray to that star as a kid..


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Don't think I could put up with that attitude very long, and I'm just reading it... but the data does look good, despite the obvious personality issues that seem to ooze out in the words. It seems to become more and more apparent each time it's read.... that oozing reminds me of that photo of the hands if I remember correctly.


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I have always stared up at Orions belt in total awe and still do as an adult. Nothing brings me an absolute sense of awe and freedom like staring up at the stars at night. And I have always found red hair to be the most beautiful hair colour and a blessing to have it because it is rare in my eyes as I have black hair. I wonder why I have a fascination with these two things and if they are connected? I mean, Ive never heard anyone else in my entire life say "oh, I love to stare at Orions belt, specifically". But I do. And I adore red hair. People dont adore naturally red hair!

I was also told by a gifted lady that a part of me was originally from Orion and I was really arrogant in a "past life" (oops )and I am paying for it here in this life. So fascinating. Ive been busy doing research tonight.


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I have always stared up at Orions belt in total awe and still do as an adult. Nothing brings me an absolute sense of awe and freedom like staring up at the stars at night. And I have always found red hair to be the most beautiful hair colour and a blessing to have it because it is rare in my eyes as I have black hair. I wonder why I have a fascination with these two things and if they are connected? I mean, Ive never heard anyone else in my entire life say "oh, I love to stare at Orions belt, specifically". But I do. And I adore red hair. People dont adore naturally red hair!

Hi Kindle,

Well you've found one now ;-)

In my younger days I happened to spend a few years exploration drilling in remote areas, here in Western Australia, and 'awe inspiring' is about the only term to describe an unpolluted night desert sky. Often we'd have to set our swags under a tree because it was too bright to sleep!

Like you, I've also always found something oddly compelling about the giant in the sky who appears sandwiched quite neatly between the distinctive 'seven sisters' and sparkling Sirius. In particular the stellar coincidence that, fixed by the 'belt', the constellation uncannily appears as an archer when viewed from both the northern AND southern hemispheres?

But then, like you say, I've never met anyone else that seems to have noticed :huh:

...And I have always found red hair to be the most beautiful hair colour and a blessing to have it because it is rare in my eyes as I have black hair. I wonder why I have a fascination with these two things and if they are connected?... And I adore red hair. People don't adore naturally red hair!

Gee, could go on for days with that one...... and ditto the red hair thing :rolleyes:

Personally, I'm beginning to wonder if the 'connection' doesn't have something to do with the red super giant Betelgeuse?

Placed as he is, opposite Bellatrix -meaning female warrior - the two stars known as Akuttujuuk - those (two) placed far apart.

Whose 'couple' symbolically form a foundation, if looking at 'Orion' from above the equator not 'Artemis' from down here, for the luminous 'head' of Meissa - the shining one?

Because 'Betelgeuse' is apparently a corruption of the Arabic yad al-jawzā - meaning hand of the central one - with the constellation Gemini formerly being known as 'Jauza' -or the central one.

'Gemini' evocatively representing the divine twins, the two faces of Janus, which one could presume in this narrative would be Juno and Janus, Diana and Apollo or Artemis and Orion :-)

Which is all very 'third man theme' actually?

... a blessing to have it because it is rare in my eyes as I have black hair.

Black's cool too.

Unfortunately mine's sort of a dirty blonde, mousy brown, used dishwater colour......




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The wave is supposed to affect all those worlds?
AFAIK, the wave is supposed to facilitate the transition from 3rd to 4th Density, so it would stand to reason to suppose it will only affect those 3rd density worlds which are 'ready' for transition to 4th. Worlds already in 4th density would not be affected -- or only in minor ways which would be anybody's guess to speculate about.

Moreover, the wave is said to be an experience of hyper kinetic sensate which limits its effects more or less to creatures who are susceptible to such sensations, I suppose.

Just my two cents... ;-)
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