Session 25 April 2010


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Session Date: April 25th 2010

Laura, Ark, Rabelais, Perceval, Andromeda, Burma Jones, PoB, Bubbles, Ailén, Belibaste, Mr. Scott, Psyche, Guest

Q: (L) Okay, this is Sunday, April 25th, 2010.

A: Hello delighted to be back!

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Nilennioa of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) I've often wondered when these names come up. They're just such strange things. What is it that they mean?

A: They relate to the specific vibrational frequency of the moment as expressed by the numerical frequency of the combination of vowels and consonants.

Q: (L) What is the numerical frequency of a vowel and consonant?

A: It is a science barely understood by your civilization but was once well known. Words have deeper meaning than you suspect.

Q: (Bubbles) Like in numerology?

A: Similar, but that is a dim reflection of the ancient science.

Q: (L) Well, that's a fascinating topic, but I don't think we want to get diverted.

(Guest) I wanted to know if there is any impending climate changes or earth changes or cataclysms planned or scheduled for the next few months for the northern part of Europe?

A: Not imminent. You must do what is necessary soon though.

Q: (Rabelais) Along that line, they mentioned that international travel would be shut down, but it would be temporary. Was this Iceland volcano event related to that?

A: First instance...

Q: (L) Anything further?

(Andromeda) Well, is it to be shut down again soon?

A: Ultimately.

Q: (Andromeda) Do you want to ask if it's safe?

(Guest) So would it be safe for me to travel over the next three months?

A: It would be better not to travel at all for a time unless necessary, however, if you do not, you must figure out a sufficient "penance" as a substitute.

Q: (L) Why do you say "penance"?

A: “Guest” has lived in a remarkably narcissistic bubble for some time despite all our encouragement. Admitting it, seeing it, atoning by awakening true conscience is essential, and soon. Constant observing of the self and journaling and other contemplation. Perhaps Ark will share some of his journals. You have a similar nature though he is more naturally empathic. Beware, there is a "cutoff" point past which there are no further opportunities in this life.

Q: (Guest) Would regular Eiriu Eolas breathing help?

A: More important would be dream work. There are strong past life influences.

Q: (L) So I would say, do the meditation before sleeping and then go into work.

(Guest) What is dream work?

(Bubbles) It's a movie company. [laughter]

(L) Dream work is when... and I guess you'll have to read some of Ark's journal entries. What you'll need to do is read some of his journal entries and see how he approached a problem of the self. Then when you see how he wrote it down, how he looked at it, saw it, looked at it from different directions. Once you see how to identify the problems, how to think about them, then what you do is you do the meditation. Then when that's over, or even while you're doing it, you think about the problem. You come at it in the same way as if you were writing about it. Maybe even take memories and you examine them and you think about them. You think about everything you can remember. And then you have it in your mind as you go to sleep. Then, if you wake up during the night with a dream, or in the morning with some insight, you write it down. This is where stuff comes from really deep areas. It may be something that's not so much current life dissociation as it is something even deeper. That might be a question you might want to ask.

(Guest) Or a past life?

(L) Have you ever had any intimations or any feelings?

(Belibaste) Or a strong fear or habit, something strong in you but you don't know where it comes from. It doesn't seem to come from this current life.

(Guest) Well, yeah, but I don't have any memories of past lives or inclinations...

(L) Are there any particular periods of history that fascinate you, or that you were drawn to - whether it's in horror and fondness?

(Guest) I was kind of drawn to South America when I was younger.

(Ark) What was it about South America?

(Guest) I wanted to go there a lot.

(Ark) Why?

(Guest) I dunno.

(Ark) Conquistadores? You were indian?

(L) Well, I'm talking about historically speaking, not locationally speaking. Any particular period in history? Like when you were studying history in school, was there any period where you thought, "Wow! That's really really horrible, I don't want to know anything about it!" or, "It's really really interesting and it attracts my eye. I would have liked to have been there."

(Guest) Whenever we studied the Second World War, First and Second World Wars...

A: Bingo.

Q: (Guest) Second World War?

A: Yes.

Q: (Bubbles) Was he a Jew?

A: No

Q: (Bubbles) You were a Nazi!!!

(Guest) Was I a Nazi?

A: No

Q: (Guest) Was I British?

A: No

Q: (L) Why don't you ask the question in a different form?

(Guest) What nationality was I?

A: Polish.

(Guest) Did I die violently?

A: Oh yes. In the resistance. And you have been resisting and not trusting ever since.

Q: (L) Why not trusting?

A: Betrayed.

Q: (Guest) Betrayed by a woman?

A: Yes.

Q: (Bubbles) A Nazi woman?

A: Yes.

Q: (Guest) A double agent. This is starting sound like a bad fiction novel. Was I in love with her?

A: Yes.

Q: (Burma Jones) I saw this movie. [laughter]

(Andromeda) What did she do?

A: Gave details of plans to save herself.

Q: (Guest) So it wasn't a particularly violent death, I was just executed or shot?

A: More or less though there was a bit of torture in an effort to extract more information.

Q: (Guest) The part of history that has fascinated me the most is modern history. Of all the stuff that fires me up, like the stuff that's going on now...

A: With good reason.

Q: (L) Okay, have we done this topic?

(Bubbles) Do we decide what country we get to be reincarnated in?

A: At some level.

Q: (Bubbles) What does that mean?

(L) Some level of your being has some choice in the matter. But it may not be the level that is immediately making the decision because you have multiple levels to your being.

(Burma Jones) I was wondering if this person that betrayed Guest is someone that he knows in this life?

A: No.

Q: (L) That would be somebody you'd really want to not know.

(Guest) When they mentioned the "admitting it, seeing it, atoning", is that the process for awakening true conscience?

A: Yes. First admit that you are a "jerk". This must be viscerally known. You must understand that you have been reacting all your life based on emotions from another life that is over and those feelings do not apply here and now.

Q: (L) It's a tall order.

A: Yes

Q: (Guest) Is it too tall?

A: No

Q: (Bubbles) Can he do it?

A: We think so.

Q: (L) From him to whom much is given, much is required. When somebody has many gifts, they are expected to use them. You have many gifts. What are they for, if not first to be applied to organizing yourself?

A: One note to Guest: A key to observing the self is to turn the attention simultaneously towards others to notice their true reactions to what you think you are doing or how you think you are being perceived.

Q: (L) I guess that means you have to be ruthlessly honest. If you think that you are doing this or that, and that it should be being perceived that way, IS that really what's happening? And I guess that means getting feedback. Because you may think that what you're doing is being perceived a certain way, and it isn't. So, self-observing is walking between two worlds: the inner and the outer, simultaneously.


(Ark) Normally I think we have a fear of asking for feedback because we have the fear that we will be told what we think.

(Burma Jones) All our worst nightmares will be confirmed.

(Ark) I screwed up - I better not ask! I know it! So I better not ask. I will do better! [laughter]

(Burma Jones) It's true, I've done that lot: "Boy was I stupid, I think I'll just avoid everyone and cool down..."

(Ailén) It's good advice for everyone.

Q: (L) Okay, I canceled our trip to Amsterdam today. Was that the optimal reaction to the revelation that they are going to suddenly have this Jim Humble there who's clearly in my opinion a snake oil salesman?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. My take on the whole thing was that his presence first of all was offensive. But what carried even more weight with me was the fact that they didn't want to invite Richard Dolan, and we let them know that he was interested in being there also. They said there were no time slots, so they basically refused to invite him. Then at the last minute, they put this Jim Humble in there. For me, it was the clearest statement that they had an agenda.

(Ark) Of course, they had an agenda to trap you.

(L) Was that it? Was there some kind of agenda?

A: Maybe not entirely conscious on their part, but, yes.

Q: (Burma Jones) An agenda that the Nexus organizers didn't know about, but that Humble's handlers imposed.

(L) Or somebody.

(Rabelais) Who are Jim Humble's handlers?

A: This sort of thing works through several levels of deniability. Therefore, few so called cointelpro agents realize that they have made a pact with the "devil".

Q: (Perceval) Was their motivation for inviting him financial?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) They figured they could sell a lot of his stuff.

(Ailén) It still sounds fishy because of this creation of his religion. Where'd he get that idea from?

A: Remember why you discontinued your subscription to the magazine?

Q: (L) Yeah, because it had become nothing but what I would consider to be cointelpro. It was like the whole character of it changed. I cancelled my subscription back when we lived in Florida, and that was eight or nine years ago. And I wasn't interested in anything they were doing since. So you asked something about the religion thing?

(Ailén) Yeah, where did that idea come from?

A: Humble is "handled" at a different level. You could say that he is more in the league with Vincent Bridges and his ilk.

Q: (L) Well, you said that Vinnie was like a "hot popper", and pathological. Does that apply to Jim Humble?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, that means that he is some type of psychopath?

A: Yes.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there any medical benefit to taking MMS?

A: None. It is dangerous in the extreme.

Q: (Rabelais) Is there some reason this MMS is so popular in terms of controlling people, like with monoatomic gold, or does it just destroy their physiology?

A: Simple destruction and induced illness ultimately.

Q: (Ark) Is there any danger that if we publish this, we will have a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Humble?

A: Who is he going to sue? Sixth density?

Q: [laughter] (Perceval) Can we publish something of an exposé?

(L) Yeah. Just collect stuff already published.

(Burma Jones) So how about these other connections with Humble being a Bishop in this church that seems connected to this other church that David Ferry was a Bishop in? Is any of that stuff even...?

A: They are all fellows under the covers.

Q: (Burma Jones) Strange bedfellows. I think there's a second meaning to that, because that other church has been implicated in homosexual pedophilia.

(L) The Apostolic Church?

(Burma Jones) The original Roman Catholic Church was, so probably the Spiritist Church was...

(L) So is there any truth to their claims of this Apostolic Succession?

A: Well, now that you ask, how can there be when there is no truth to the "Jesus story" as promulgated. In other words, it is all made up though at different periods in the past.

Q: (L) Was Jim Humble sent in because of his creation of this church and because of his snake oil artistry because I was going to be there and it was a deliberate attempt to smear me and what we're trying to do by association?

A: More or less.

Q: (L) Was there any physical danger to us?

A: Well, there hangs a tale/tail!

Q: (L) What do you mean?

A: Remember our warning about traveling to, and sleeping in, strange places?

Q: (L) Yeah. So there could even have been some physical danger?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And basically the invitation to Jim Humble kind of flushed out the whole situation and exposed their hand more than anything else.

A: Yes.

Q: (Burma Jones) I think I missed something... Why the "tale/tail"? What was the "tail" reference made?

(Perceval) The tail of a hyperdimensional beastie?

(Burma Jones) Or comet?

A: A thread to be pulled like a tail.

Q: (L) In other words, they were making a funny.

(Bubbles) Why are Guest's past life behaviors manifesting in his present life more than everybody else's?

A: The intensity of the experience. And notice that others do have rather similar difficulties though with slightly different focus; witness Andromeda, Atriedes, Laura, Ark. Though they have made much in the way of resolution. It could be said that all of you here have this difficulty to one extent or another.

Q: (Bubbles) About a month ago, I woke up at night and my room was shaking. Was that an earthquake, or was I just psychically feeling an earthquake?

A: Vibrations within your nervous system.

Q: (Bubbles) Shook my room?

(Burma Jones) I used to have them.

(Bubbles) Was I shaking my room in my bed?

A: Yes.

Q: (Burma Jones) So is that the same thing that used to happen to me then, that I used to call my "personal earthquakes"?

A: Yes.

Q: (Bubbles) Why does it happen?

A: Your system is out of synch and this must be corrected rapidly.

Q: (L) Was that movie about aliens that was supposed to be based on a true story, was it true?

A: Partly.

Q: (L) Okay guys, I really have to stop. Anything that we should have asked that we didn't ask, consider it asked and answer it please?

A: Be well and prosper! Goodbye.

Thank you for the session, Laura and crew! Most fascinating as always. This is the first I have heard of actually doing the dream work with full intent. Maybe I missed something there!? Thank you again!


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Thank you for posting this session so quickly! Some of the things discussed with "Guest" are eerily similar to stuff I've been thinking hard about the last couple days... These stood out to me in particular...

Laura said:
A: Yes. First admit that you are a "jerk". This must be viscerally known. You must understand that you have been reacting all your life based on emotions from another life that is over and those feelings do not apply here and now.
Laura said:
A: One note to Guest: A key to observing the self is to turn the attention simultaneously towards others to notice their true reactions to what you think you are doing or how you think you are being perceived.
Fascinating session. A sincere thanks for all the work you guys do.


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Another excellent session.

Thank you so much again. :flowers:

Ouf, that was closed but very good thing that you have decided to not go at that conference.


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A: Who is he going to sue? Sixth density?
This made me LOL

What is fascinating is that the multidimensional PTB made a "4D trap" or sort of, but in their blindness they pushed this snake-oil (a sign?) piece (like an extra, maybe in order to provoke conflict and a loss of focus during their staged attack) and it was a bad move since it permitted to escape the trap. Could it be interpreted this way? In a way, Humble was a good thing in fine.


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Thank you for the session. I hope Guest can sort out his issues well. I was wondering if the advice to not travel for a time was only for Guest, or in general for anyone? And I remember the part about sleeping in different places. I get the impression that things are heating up from this session, but that seems to usually be the case.


The Living Force
Thank you for posting this session so fast!
We knew we had to be careful for the conference, but I would have never imagined something like that. When i was having thoughts about Laura's safety, I would usually think 'Oh come on, one must be careful, but this is not a James Bond novel". Turns out, it's way worse than a Bond novel!



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Thank you so much for this session and for getting it up so quickly.

I am a little concerned for you, Laura. These sessions really seem to drain you more than in the past. Of course, I have no idea what else is going on in you world, so I can only see through the published sessions.

I was interested to know whether the C's meant travel should be avoided ("for a time unless necessary") by all or just by guest.

The frequency of vowels and consonants was certainly intriguing, to say the least. Of course, I have to remind myself that, although intriguing, it might not be essential to my work on myself at this moment.

I am getting better at recognizing potential distractions but, alas, still need a lot of work on acting on the awareness and not allowing myself to get distracted.

Once again, thank you team.

With deep respect and gratitude,



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Many thanks for the latest session, this one is really hot off the press considering the latest developments with the Nexus conference.

JonnyRadar said:
... Some of the things discussed with "Guest" are eerily similar to stuff I've been thinking hard about the last couple days... These stood out to me in particular...

Laura said:
A: Yes. First admit that you are a "jerk". This must be viscerally known. You must understand that you have been reacting all your life based on emotions from another life that is over and those feelings do not apply here and now.
Laura said:
A: One note to Guest: A key to observing the self is to turn the attention simultaneously towards others to notice their true reactions to what you think you are doing or how you think you are being perceived.
For me this is also something that I should be really focusing on, probably a good wake up call :)
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