Session 25 September 1999


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September 25, 1999

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Klorhn.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: I would like to address some particular issues. Apparently, there is an awful lot of speculation on the internet in various places about 'disasters' of various sorts. There was Comet Lee back a few months ago; then the Nostradamus issue was brought in creating a general panic; now there are other calls of alarm being raised. The disasters on the planet are being attributed to, among other things, the passage of Comet Lee through the Solar System. There are speculations that asteroids or other cometary type bodies are going to cause imminent disasters because of their electrical interactions with the Sun and other bodies of the Solar System. The Internet has, essentially, become a Grand Forum for Doomsday Prognostications. Site after site is waiting for an imminent strike of the planet by some celestial body. I mean, we just have a few days left according to one site! I know that we have dealt with many of these issues before, but the hysteria among some groups is increasing, being bred, generated, being transmitted and encouraged via the Internet. Could you comment please?

A: Normally, we do not "comment " to a non-inquiry, but let it be said that many cling to "doomsday" prophetic calamities as a means to absolve personal frustrations with others. I.E. "Just you wait, Henry Higgins, just you wait!!"

Q: On one site, an individual read a part of the transcripts published on the website, where you had asked for the different planchette (it's actually not a "planchette" but just an indicator, but we use the word because it is handy), because there was a stone stuck on the old one with superglue. This individual put a wild interpretation on this simple request for a new planchette, as though it were some secret, coded message to her alone! It was, to her, symbolic of the "melting of the carbon of the planet," thus leading to the "devolution" of mankind! I had to explain to everyone that this was merely a simple request for a different instrument of communication as the first was was "out of synch." But, that is neither here nor there, but, just to make sure: WAS there any hidden meaning in this request for a different planchette?

A: Obviously, she is a "fruitloop." But, fruitloops are sweet, if full of chemicals and empty calories.

Q: Another of her themes is the devolution of the planet... but we have discussed that way in the past, so we don't need to go there.

A: No we do not.

Q: Then, there were further remarks that the Cassiopaeans were obviously going to use up all our "juice" and then take over our carcasses! Do you have such plans?

A: What do you think?

Q: Well, you have such a cushy existence as you are, why would you want to hang out here? I mean, this 3rd density existence is HIGHLY overrated! And, the particular body I have is pretty useless for many things at this point anyway! Can't imagine anyone else wanting to use it!

A: We serve others.

Q: Are you going to serve them on a platter with mint sauce? [Laughter]

A: Now Laura, really!

Q: Well, that is, of course, the response that we often get to that. Some folks out there are just bound and determined to disinform the public!

A: And so it goes...

Q: Now, there IS an awful lot of weird stuff going on! There was the earthquake in Turkey; there was an earthquake in Taiwan; there were hurricanes; a fireball in Turkey; strange radar anomalies, as they call them. In fact, one of these circular things showed up on our local radar when the tropical storm was heading our way. Could you tell us what is behind all of these ...

A: Well, first of all, it is true that some heavenly bodies transiting the Solar System, such as some comets, do indeed interract electrically with the Sun and the planets. This does cause an increase in natural calamities, but this is not new.

Q: There is also a theory of Paul La Violette, that there is a wave that comes from explosions in the galactic core, and that THIS is what is behind this increased activity.

A: Such waves exist.

Q: Are these waves part of the cataclysmic double catastrophes that are predicted to be "on the way?"

A: Who says?

Q: Well, Paul La Violette and Vincent Bridges, and Jay Weidner, for example.

A: You are not capable of predicting such things yet.

Q: (A) We are not able to predict many things. You are able to predict better than us.

A: Maybe so, but we do so oh so discreetly.

Q: When you gave the information a couple of weeks ago about the "Kaboom! Splat!" business, I put it on the website and explained that there was really no way of interpreting it exactly. Of course, there were the most dire interpretations put upon it by others. Could you clarify the "Kaboom! Splat!" remark?

A: We also said to "lighten up."

Q: Are you saying that you were joking?

A: Maybe.

Q: When you say that we should "lighten up," that you are referring to our frequencies?

A: Well, it is important not to worry over that which is not changeable, and which is trivial in the really big picture. If the surface 3rd density realm of your locator is soon to be rent asunder, why does it matter to you, or more to the point, why does it frighten you so? You are supposed to be moving beyond this 3rd density STS thinking.

Q: What's the point of even talking to you guys, then?

A: Do you expect to stop talking to us after you transition?

Q: Well, I guess it depends on where I transition to. Are we going to make the big transition to 5th density...

A: Wherever you go, the communication will be more succinct. Now, even if "nothing happens," how long do you expect to remain in your present state? Can you remember "35 years ago?" Well??

Q: I am thinking! I was just a kid then. Yes, I can remember.

A: How long "back" does it seem?

Q: Sometimes it seems like forever...

A: No.

Q: In another way, it seems like yesterday.

A: Yes.

Q: It just depends on what mood I am in.

A: Not long, eh?

Q: Well, you are NOT improving my mood! I don't want to tell people things like that, that they have to see themselves as only souls and that the physical body is just a garment to be worn out and tossed aside. They can't handle it when they are faced with imminent possible suffering. They will get hysterical!

A: Maybe they will. And maybe they need to. Maybe they need to learn something. Nothing lasts forever, and thank goodness for that!

Q: You have talked about space battles and cosmic struggles and individuals and beings and races of beings coming from one direction or another to act in this cosmic drama...

A: It is part and parcel of the energy that maintains all existence, as are you all.

Q: You also once said that there were "good guys" and "bad guys."

A: From a chosen perspective.

Q: Does that mean that the "good guys" and "bad guys" CHOOSE to undertake these roles for the sake of this Cosmic Drama?

A: Yes, to some extent. It also means that to the fishes and the cockroaches, et al, "you is de bad guys." Subjectivity reigns in STS!

Q: Would you care to name these groups? You have said that there is the Orion Federation and the Orion Union. The Federation is supposed to be STO, and the Union is supposed to be STS. Is there also a group called the "Markab Confederation," as one person asked?

A: This stage is so huge that there is every "group" you can imagine! And, if you imagine them, they are there.

Q: You hinted at one point that we would come in contact with, or interact with, 4th density STO beings who would help us in some way.

A: Yes, are you getting impatient?

Q: Well... yes.

A: Then you should know this: you will not get in, or come into contact with them until things are just about to get very "interesting." Whenever that may be.

Q: Well, I want to get back to all this stuff going on in the Solar System. I am curious about all these things flying about. Asteroids, comets, fireballs, meteors, and things that seem like a cross between meteors and spaceships; all being reported with great regularity recently. All kinds of activity going on. There has also been comment about the star Eta Carinae that has become very active in a very unusual way. Is this some sort of harbinger of something?

A: Harbingers unite mental awareness.

Q: I see! Is Eta Carinae going to blow, as in go "supernova?"

A: It will, but when is the question.

Q: Is there anything more you can tell us about these oncoming comets? There were objects seen flying into the Sun; there is a lot of excessive activity of the Sun lately, which is cyclical, but extremely high even considering the normal cycle. What about this possible Twin Sun business?

A: There is much going on, yes. But it is cyclical. And will not spell it out for you. The past, if carefully and accurately charted, holds all the answers for you. How do you think the prophets do it?

Q: How?

A: No.

Q: Well now, Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner and their book about the cyclic cross of Hendaye, talks about the cycles of the past and future and the ages of the world and so forth. They say that Fulcanelli added a chapter to the second edition of his book that was published in 1957, and that this chapter was about the Cyclic Cross at Hendaye. This chapter was supposed to give the whole secret away. He says that this cross represents a double cross, a double disaster, and that it says in code that "life is preserved in a single space" at the time of this double disaster. Could you interpret for us Fulcanelli's intention in placing this addenda to this book at that particular period of time?

A: No need.

Q: Why?

A: You have been best at uncovering your own clues.

Q: I almost had the feeling that the reason this chapter was added in 1957, so synchronous with certain crucial events in my life at that time, was that it was a message to me personally! That sounds crazy. Could it be possible?

A: If you wish to perceive it as such.

Q: There could be many explanations. Now, we have a correspondent who wrote and asked a question. He said that he noticed there was promotion of Hoagland's idea about the 19.5 degree tetrahedral configuration at one point, and then another idea regarding the parallelogram business involving an 18 degree mark in another section. So, what is the difference between the 19.5 degree comments of Hoagland, and the 18 degree point of interest that you brought up? Are we talking about two different things here?

A: Well, if you do the math, you see that 18 degrees fits nicely with ninety. Maybe 19.5 is due to crustal slippages in some"land mark" event?!

Q: (A) But, in geometry, this 19.5 degrees is what you get when you try to put a tetrahedron into a sphere. That's how Hoagland got it, not because of observation.

A: Okay, that is good, too.

Q: How come you didn't know that?

A: We pointed it out in the first place.

Q: Is that why you put "landmark" in quotes? That 19.5 is where it touches. It is the mark of the point of contact. Is that it?

A: Clues, my dear, clues, and the eternal need not to abridge free will.

Q: But, if these tetrahedrons fit in a sphere, and they touch the sphere at 19.5 degrees, how do they relate to this effect that you have said manifests at 18 degrees?

A: Does 1.5 fit into 90? Does 90 fit into 180? Does 180 fit into 360? Ask yourself, "what does it mean?"

Q: We don't know. (A) The point is that the angle Hoagland is talking about is not 19.5, it is an approximation of point something, something, something.... So, if it is just 19.5, that's the difference between 19.5 and 18 - that is 1.5, which, in this case, is not exactly 1.5, it's one point something which does not fit into anything that we know.

A: Circumference.

Q: (A) Yes. 360 degrees. Is the circumference important?

A: It is important.

Q: (A) So, we can compute these two circumferences, and these will differ by some number, and this number will fit again into one of these circumferences, and the point is that it sould fit so that there is an integer number...

A: Yes.

Q: (A) But, there will then be many more angles. There will be not only 18 and 19.5...

A: Yes. All Hoagland has done is highlight a point at which magnetic lines converge using the tetrahedron model.

Q: If they converge at that point...

A: But the question is how does the tetrahedron model relate to trans-dimensional space?

Q: How does the tetrahedron model relate to trans-dimensional space?

A: A key which unlocks the door.

Q: Speaking of a key that unlocks a door: there is some information going around that a gigantic computer has been installed inside the earth that was put there by a Reptilian race, and that the recovery of this thing is one of the reasons for the current or upcoming "invasion" by them. Does this tetrahedron configuration in the earth relate to some giant alien computer?

A: No.

Q: Is there a giant alien computer buried in the Earth?

A: Not likely that.

Q: Back to the tetrahedron. How is it a key to trans-dimensional space? Does one activate it in some way? Do you place machinery of some sort at these points?

A: No. Magnetism.

Q: Are you supposed to generate magnetism, or is it natural magnetism?

A: Natural.

Q: Are you supposed to do anything to it or with it?

A: Supposed???

Q: Is it useful to do something with it?

A: Can be.

Q: In what sense?

A: Travelling between dimensions.

Q: Is anybody at the present time utilizing it in this way?

A: Not terran STS 3rd density.

Q: That implies that 4th density STS IS doing this. Could one construct a scale model of a tetrahedron in a sphere, magnetize it, and open portals?

A: Yes.

Q: Would it require a lot of electrical current?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there anyway to travel between dimensions, in space time, or whatever, utilizing very little power, as such?

A: Off the point we told you before that all spheres of cosmic nature are windows.

Q: Going in a slightly different direction. I have been thinking about the nature of our reality, and I have been thinking that underneath it, or at the base of it, there is a 4th density reality similar to the Kaluza-Klein theory. Am I correct so far? Am I going somewhere here?

A: Pursue.

Q: Okay. And, beneath this 4th density reality, there is an etheric reality; and the etheric reality consists of 5th density. Okay? Beneath the 5th density reality, there is the 6th density reality which I am trying to describe in terms of geometry. That geometry is the underlying, essential thing about ideas, natures or aspects of concepts that come into being in our material world; that geometry is the essential nature of things. Am I getting there? But, beyond this geometry, from what does the geometry emanate? I know you are going to say something like "The One," or "Seventh Density," but I would really like to have a concept because I can't get beyond this. Even if it is inadequate, from what does geometry, which expresses as gravity, emerge?

A: Not in sync.

Q: What will get me "in synch?"

A: No "beneaths."

Q: Okay. Since there are no "beneaths," what term would be a suitable replacement?

A: Around.

Q: What is around this geometry?

A: For you to pursue.

Q: Can you give me a hint here?

A: We just did.

Q: Would it be safe to say that it is "nested?"

A: No, no, no. You still think in terms of a limited domain. When one goes out into space there is no above, below, up, down, left, right, beneath, etc. There is only around. In a spherical sense.

Q: Every point is the center?

A: Closer.

Q: Back to the tetrahedron, these points where this tetrahedron touches this sphere, and these are lines of magnetic convergence; how do these lines of magnetic convergence appear on this sphere; do they radiate out from the convergence points like spider webs? Or do they converge from the center to the outside of the sphere? Are they laid on the sphere like the grid of longitude and latitude?

A: Closer to latter.

Q: So, when you say they are lines of convergence, does that mean that a latitude line and longitude line, so to speak, converge at those points?

A: Think multi-dimensionally. No flat paper please.

Q: Okay, let's go in another direction now and try to get these questions covered. I would like to ask what are all of these spherical configurations that are showing up on radars all over the place in recent times? It is quite a scandal that it is happening so repeatedly and nobody is explaining it.

A: Stay tuned for more. And for now, goodnight.

End of Session
Thanks again for your efforts.

Lol there is uasually something for everybody ...

"A: Obviously, she is a "fruitloop." But, fruitloops are sweet, if full of chemicals and empty calories."

The more I think about physics / UFT , Kaluza-Klein theory looks the best direction insted of Yang–Mills theories ....

"A: Think multi-dimensionally. No flat paper please."

Thank all of you doing the hard work for everyone , it is so eazy to set here and read the transcrips & eazly look back and reread find things and bounce it against other research ....It has to be difficult on all of you to watch / record / listen / transcribe ect.. to get all of this .

Thank you ...
Chopper said:
Thank all of you doing the hard work for everyone , it is so eazy to set here and read the transcrips & eazly look back and reread find things and bounce it against other research ....It has to be difficult on all of you to watch / record / listen / transcribe ect.. to get all of this .

Thank you ...

Not to mention how abysmally ignorant we were at the beginning - me particularly. Lord, we went through some really stupid stuff in some of those sessions!
Thanks for uploading more transcripts; been waiting for it :)

Laura said:
Not to mention how abysmally ignorant we were at the beginning - me particularly. Lord, we went through some really stupid stuff in some of those sessions!

I think it's quite good to read the old sessions anyway, because you can see how the obtaining of knowledge develops over the years.
liffy said:
Thanks for uploading more transcripts; been waiting for it :)

Laura said:
Not to mention how abysmally ignorant we were at the beginning - me particularly. Lord, we went through some really stupid stuff in some of those sessions!

I think it's quite good to read the old sessions anyway, because you can see how the obtaining of knowledge develops over the years.

I agree with liffy. Reading the old sessions show us that growth is a process. I appreciate the Work you have done and continue to share with us Laura.

Thank you
Yeah, I think it's great to see the growth and progress through the years by reading the oldest sessions up to the latest. :)

Thanks for posting these sessions, Laura.
The sessions certainly did evolve. However thanks for posting all of them like this. There are clues in each one. You are sharing instead of hiding the truth. Thank you!
Well look how smart are you now laura, everything its a process and actually we are very lucky to get all the information easily, information that took years for you to obtain! If it wans't for your curiosity of the universe.. I wouldn't get to this level of awareness! And i have so much more to learn in this infinite school, but its an excellent beginning! :)
Thank You for posting this sessions Laura. It's always good to rethink from another point of view.Looking forward for other posts. :)
Thanks for sharing! The discussion on traveling to different dimensions by utilizing magnetism reminds me of Edward Leedskalnin and his utilization of it to move those huge pieces of coral/stone to make the coral castle. That is if it was magnetism that he used. I believe it is so because he wrote a pamphlet on Magnetic Current. It could be a possibility of how the Egyptians moved the block to build the pyramids.
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