Session 27 April 2024


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Session Date: April 27th 2024

Laura and Andromeda at the board

Joe, Niall, Gaby, Ark, PoB, Chu, Scottie, Falkor, Bella, Leia

FOTCM Members attending via Zoom:

3DStudent, A Jay, Adobe, Aeneas, aimarok, Aiming, Alana, Alejo, Altair, aluminumfalcon, anartist, AndrewMn, Andrian, annp, Anthony, Approaching Infinity, Arwenn, Aya, Bluefyre, Bobo08, brandon, cassandra, Cleo, Cosmos, Deliverance, Dirgni, dugdeep, Eboard10, Ellipse, fabric, Faith-Hope and Love, finduilas495, France, Gawan, genero81, Glenn, Harmony99, herondancer, Hesper, hesperides, iamthatis, irjO, Iscreamsandwish, Ivan_, Jacques, JeanneT, JEEP, Jenn, Josi, keyhole, KJN, Korzik18, Kosma, Laurentien2, Learner, Lilou, Loreta, LQB, Luc, Luis Miguel, Maat, maiko, Manitoban, marek760, Mark, Martina, Michal, Mike, Mikkael, Mililea, Miracle, mkrnhr, Mr.Cyan, Mrs. Peel, msante, Natus Videre, Navigator, Neil, Nicholas, Nienna, Obi, Ollie, OrangeScorpion, Oxajil, Pophistorian, Puma, Redfox, Redrock12, regulattor, rrraven, Ryan, rylek, ryu, seek10, seeker2seer, Sinapi, Steph_Rivers, Stoneboss, sToRmR1dR, SummerLite, T.C., Theodor, thorbjorn, Timotheos, Tristan, Turgon, voyageur, vulcan59, whitecoast, williamsj, Windmill Knight, Yas, Ysus, Zar

Q: (L) Today is April 27th, 2024. [Review of those present] All right... I guess we’ll get started off here and see how many of these we can get through before I collapse, people. Geez! Is anybody there?

A: 6 density Gorippaea here.

Q: (L) Is that Gorippaea, Cassiopaea?

A: Yes.

(L) Well, you have kind of a different intro than... Well, they all have different intros. What am I talking about? All right. The energy seems a little slow. Is that going to be a problem?

A: No. It will groove.

Q: (L) Is there anything you would like to tell us before we get started on this really long list of questions? I mean, something that we might need to know in advance?

A: In reality, there is no time. Perception is what gives the illusion.

Q: (L) And that is apropos of what?

A: You will see.

Q: (L) Well, I don't like the sound of that. Whenever they say, "You will see," it's never pleasant! [laughter] All right, first question from Altair:

(Altair) In what year were the Nazis first contacted by Nordics?

A: Nazis existed under different monikers much earlier. 1914.

Q: (Altair) Did Hitler actually die in 1945 in Berlin?

A: Yes

Q: (Altair) In one of the previous sessions, the C’s said that Theodore Illion (author of 'Darkness Over Tibet') didn't visit Tibet but traveled to Siberia. Was this part of Siberia the Altai region?

A: No. He did not make it that far.

Q: (Altair) If not, what part of Siberia did he travel to?

A: Western edges.

Q: (Altair) When did he do so?

A: 1936 or so.

Q: (Altair) Is the Olena Zelenska Foundation (founded by the wife of Zelensky in 2022) involved in child trafficking as some Russian sources claim?

A: Tangentially, yes.

Q: (L) Does that mean that it's not like... How to ask this? It's not a main activity, but it happens because of the corruption of the individuals involved?

A: Yes

Q: (Altair) Which events initiated the upcoming program change?

(L) What program change?

[Discussion of beginning of March 9, 2024 session - Session 9 March 2024]

(L) Okay, so this is just Altair's tricky way of trying to get more answers than they gave the last time. [laughter]

(Joe) He wants to know why it's happening now, I suppose.

(Altair) Which events initiated the upcoming program change? Is it because of Ukraine losing on the battlefield?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is it because of Trump?

A: Closer.

Q: (Niall) Something to do with American politics?

(L) So, does this program change have to do with American politics?

A: Warm.

Q: (L) Is it something that we're seeing at the present moment with these massive protests that are going on at the US universities, which is basically making Israel look really, really bad?

(Joe) Because of what they're doing in Palestine.

(L) So they've got some kind of something that's got to be done about this?

A: Very warm.

Q: (L) So, it has to do with Israel, possibly with Trump and the American political scene and the mass protest against the genocide and Palestine?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, they're going to try to do something because...

(Joe) To distract from all that.

(L) To distract from all that, or to damp that down?

A: Yes

Q: (L) All right. Okay. Altair asks:

(Altair) How many nukes does Israel actually have?

A: 157

Q: (Joe) That's less than people suspect.

(L) Huh?

(Joe) People say 400. The number of 400 has been touted over the years as the number of nukes that they have.

(L) Well, they said 157.

(Joe) It's still enough, right?

(L) Yeah, that's a lot.

(Joe) How many does Iran have?

A: More.

Q: (L) Did you get that excerpt for me for Altair's next question?

[Review of previous session about 4D bases "in" 5D]

Q: (L) Okay, so then the question is:

(Altair)The C's once said that 4D STS also have bases in 5D.

(L) I think they said they "transit". I don't think they said they... Did you mean that they actually had bases in 5D?

A: No

Q: (L) So, then the rest of the question, "Do they abduct people to their bases located in 5D?" would be no, right?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. But you say that the bases "transit" 5D. Transit?

A: Everything living is connected to 5D via cord or conduit at all times. Thus 4D bases are also connected.

Q: (L) So, we're not talking about physical structure bases, we're just talking about the fact that abduction activities and base-type activities are, I mean... I guess in a way we're all connected to 5D at all times. Yes?

A: Yes

Q: (L) All right. Do you want to work on that any harder, Altair? Where is he?

(Altair) Yes, I will.

(L) Well, I mean, right now, do you want to add anything to it? Because that's where… I mean, it is not a very clear question and I don't know...

(Joe) He's giving up.

(L) You're giving up on that one for the moment? Okay.

(Altair) Were there any agreements between 4D STS and Russian military/officials, as was the case with the USA?

A: Not officially, no.

Q: (L) Does that mean there were some agreements with somebody in Russia at some point? In some way?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And is that still the case?

A: To a small extent in some nefarious quarters.

Q: (Joe) The difference being that with the US, it was officially agreed by the deep state or whatever, and they actually worked with them and all that kind of stuff.

(L) Okay. Did Nienna ever come up with that map?

(Chu) I don't think so.

(L) Nienna, we need this map for the question you've got here. It says, "map attached".

(Chu) I sent Nienna and Approaching Infinity a message earlier.

(Approaching Infinity) Oh yeah, we didn't see that message. What were you asking for?

(Chu) Nienna says on the question that she sent an attachment; something from Google Maps or something, but it didn't go through on the questions.

(L) It says these people are claiming there is a pyramidal...

(Approaching Infinity) Nienna is saying that Leclerc said that there was a map attached. It wasn't her. She copied her post, she says.

(L) Oh, and where was this post?

(Nienna) Somewhere in last month's session thread.

(Approaching Infinity) Do you remember what the map showed?

(Nienna) Yeah, it showed the area where they said the pyramid was not at.

(Approaching Infinity) Oh, well, it was a map of Alaska. The region where the pyramid is not, but where people say the pyramid is. So, by Mount McKinley, I guess.

(L) Can anybody find it? I'd like to see this map.

(Joe) You know the question about the pyramid?

Q: (L) Yeah, I know, but I'd like to see this map. I mean, they're claiming there's proof. I'd like to see it.

(Joe) I don't think it's proof. It's just a map showing a point on it saying this is where the pyramid is, not evidence or an actual picture of the pyramid.

(L) Shows on Google Earth...

(Chu) Here it is.

(L) Okay, that's not the same. That's not it.

(Chu) That's the only link they posted so far.

Q: (L) Well, anyhow, if y'all try to find it, by the time we get to that question, I'll have a map to look at, because I am always curious when people make these declarative statements and they claim they attach proof. Okay, Altair again:

(Altair) There is a book 'UFO Danger Zone: Terror & Death in Brazil' by Bob Pratt. He writes, "Since the 1970s and probably much earlier, terrible things have been done to people in Brazil, perhaps more so than in all other countries combined. And these cosmic muggings are still occurring. To my knowledge, it is only in Brazil, not neighbouring countries or the United States or any other nation in the world that UFOs have been so overtly hostile." My questions: Why were 4D STS so aggressive with Brazilians? Several people were injured or killed.

A: There are many Brazilians involved in questionable practices that attract and give permission for such violations in the specific areas.

Q: (L) Questionable practices, such as?

(Chu) Black magic.

(L) Is some of it black magic?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Stuff like voodoo?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Stuff like spirit worship or calling on spirits?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Anything else?

A: Drugs.

Q: (L) Drugs like ayahuasca?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Does using ayahuasca leave a person open to violation by 4D STS?

A: Can.

Q: (L) All right then.

(Joe) Also dancing the lambada. [laughter]

Q: (L) What is that?

(Chu) [Hums lambada music]

(L) I want a demonstration. Okay, so:

(Altair) What race or group of 4D STS was responsible for it?

A: Varied. Depends on the specific case.

Q: (L) Oh yeah. All right.

(Altair) In an older session, the C's mentioned replacement of human key personnel conducted by 4D STS. How many such people are on the surface of our planet at the moment?

(L) What good is it going to do any of us to know how many? I mean, how many... Is there a reason we need to know that number?

(Altair) No, just to get the idea of the scale of this activity.

(L) Okay. Okay, let's see... How many key individuals are replacement of human key personnel, say, in government? What's the percentage? Because we're assuming key personnel or government, right?

A: Not always.

Q: (L) So it would be different percentages in different groups?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Could we say that, for example, influencers on social media could be considered key personnel?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, is there a percentage on that one?

A: 13

Q: (L) 13 percent.

(Andromeda) Just for social media.

(Niall) 13% of them are what are replaced. What does that mean?

(L) I guess they're replaced by underground or...

(Andromeda) Or what?

A: Walk-ins.

Q: (Andromeda) People that work at nuclear facilities as well, ya know?

(L) That could be, yeah. People in nuclear facilities, people in the military, police. How many are in the military? I mean, we obviously know one...

(Joe) We do?

(L) Yeah. You know the one that wears the dress?

(Joe) Oh. That's not a walk-in, it's just a tranny. [laughter]

(L) Okay. People in the military have been replaced?

A: Yes

Q: (L) People in the government have been replaced. People on, say, media, like television or whatever, have some of them been replaced?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And it varies according to what field they're in as to how many are replaced?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Was Joe Biden replaced?

A: NO. He is just senile and a useful puppet.

Q: (L) Yeah, I mean, if they're going to put somebody there, they'd make 'em at least functional!

(Andromeda) Yeah.

(L) All right, so basically, we really can't get just, like, a general overall figure, can we?

A: 20 percent.

Q: (L) 20% overall. Could be higher in some and lower in others. Is that it? So, this is an average using figures from all the different...?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. So, just as long as everybody understands what that's an average of, because obviously, in some fields there'll be a lot more and in some there'll be a lot less. I would say that among the global elite, it's probably like 50% or more. Okay.

(Keit) On the 12th of July, 1984, while on board the Salyut-7 station, several cosmonauts encountered an orange cloud in the path of the station. As the station continued moving, it entered the cloud and the orange gas penetrated the station and engulfed the cosmonauts. Then they were blinded by a strong light, and when they were able to see again, they saw seven giant angelic figures floating in space in front of the station. The angels looked at them with an expression of delight and pure joy. After 10 minutes, the angels disappeared along with the cloud. The question is, what really happened to the cosmonauts, and who were the angels?

(L) Do we know this actually happened?

(Joe) Who made that claim?

(L) Yeah. Who's making that claim?

(Joe) The cosmonauts themselves?

(L) Keit, where are you?

(Approaching Infinity) She's not here.

(L) Okay, so let's see… It's on YouTube. [Review of forum post that includes YouTube vid of the alleged event] The story was told also on the History Channel. All right, so the question is: Did this event actually happen, at least, as reported?

A: No.

Q: (L) Did something happen? Did they see something?

A: Yes

Q: (L) What actually was happening?

A: Abduction and implanting of screen memory.

Q: (L) Was that the usual way of abducting, where you draw out the soul essence, remolecularize a body around it, and then work on it and then put the soul back? I mean, they didn't actually go into the space station and take them physically, did they?

A: No

Q: (L) And it was, as I proposed that it was, the usual mode?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And what was the purpose of it?

A: Sampling to determine effects of space travel on physiology.

Q: (L) And they can do that because when they remolecularized them, everything remolecularized is exactly as the actual body? Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, so I guess that pretty much answers that. Next question:

(Keit) There are other examples of cosmonauts while in space hearing strange noises: electronic music, a baby crying, a dog barking (the cosmonauts thought it was Laika, the dog who died in space). What is the nature of these experiences?

A: Bleedthrough of astral realm due to altered mental/psychic states.

Q: (L) So, are you suggesting they may actually have been hearing the dog Laika barking?

A: Yes

Q: (L) I knew it! Altair's back:

(Altair) Was the Nordic covenant made on the 3D Earth?

A: No.

Q: (L) If so, where? Well, that's irrelevant. It was not made on the 3D Earth. Where was it made?

A: 4D.

Q: (Altair) Are there any traces of the Nordic covenant in German/Norse mythology?

A: The whole mythos is permeated with it.

Q: (Altair) What did the forebears of Celts and Russians call their group/nation?

A: Varied.

Q: (L) Are you saying that there was more than one forebear?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And that that's not a very specific question?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay.

(Nienna) This is a follow-up question from the dark or black pyramid that was asked last session. There are a few people in the area, where this underground pyramid is said to be, that say they think something is there because of an area that is fenced in with a couple of watch towers or something similar on the property. So, my question is, is there something there in that area southwest of Mount McKinley and what some say is the Alaskan Triangle? Is there something there?

A: Yes

Q: (Nienna) If so, what is it?

A: Entry/exit to underground facility with attendant magnetic anomalies. Similar to Skinwalker Ranch.

Q: (Nienna) Why is there so much still coming out recently about the dark or black pyramid?

A: Smoke screen.

Q: (Nienna) On another note, we had a new member who said they were a psychic and belonged with a group of psychics who disagreed with the answer that there is not a pyramid underground in Alaska because they saw it.

(L) Did they see it with their eyes or did they see it psychically?

(Approaching Infinity) Psychically.

(L) Well, that's not terribly trustworthy. They say, "On the contrary, there IS a (pyramidal? pentagonal?) structure in Alaska."

(L) Which is it?

(Joe) Who cares?

(L) A pyramid and a pentagon are...

(Joe) They're asking, what is the shape of this underground base?

(L) Yeah, they say, "It's black and inverted." So, in other words, there is not a pyramid standing up above the landscape. It's allegedly underground and psychics have seen it.

(Joe) It's an underground facility like they just said. It's probably got a shape to it. Who cares?

(L) They go on: "It shows on Google Earth as a geometric patch with a ring around it from the energy. People have disappeared trying to investigate. Here it is on a map: (please see attached)."


Google Maps reference

(L) Is that the map?

(Andromeda) See the circle?

(L) Where? Oh, there's a circle.

(Andromeda) That's what they're saying it is.

(L) Let's enlarge it. And that's the black pyramid. That could also be a leftover remnant from a comet impact. I mean, it looks like it's got a chunk in the center and a circle around it.

(Joe) Maybe that's where they decided to build their underground base.

(L) And then they say, "The fact that your channeled source says otherwise is troubling." I'm troubled for other reasons... [laughter]

"Does your channeler set protection before they channel?"

(L) No, I stay freaking awake!

"We found that virtually no channelers set protection and are consequently getting info from highly questionable sources."

(Joe) Who is this person, and why are we giving them any airtime?

(L) Talk about ignorance. They asked the question, "Is there a pyramid there?" and the C's said no, there is no pyramid there. But now they're telling us the pyramid is underground, it's inverted.

(Chu) Or maybe it's a pentagon!

(L) They're saying it's inverted. That's why you can't see it. Right? It's like all those times that the Galactic Federation saved Earth, and that's why we aren't all dead, even though we didn't see it or know about it. It's amazing. SIGH...

(Approaching Infinity) In his book 'Earth: An Alien Enterprise', Timothy Good devotes a chapter to the Italian "Amicizia" or "Friendship" case, an alleged string of contacts with human-looking beings that occurred from 1956 to 1990 and involved many dozens of witnesses, some of whom were prominent in the community (doctors, academics, engineers, etc.). Good is convinced of the sincerity of the witnesses he investigated. The beings claimed to live in underground bases, reportedly even taking some of the witnesses to them. They looked human, often Nordic, except some were dwarfs, others giants, though well-proportioned. According to Good, one of the witnesses, Bruno Sammaciccia, a Catholic scholar and psychiatrist, photographed one such giant, "Mr. Kenio". Good includes this photograph in his book. It depicts a fairly normal-looking man. There is nothing obvious in the photo from which to judge the man's height, but an amateur analysis based on the size of the pine needles and perspective suggests he may be up to 10 feet tall. How tall was the man in this photograph?

(L) Approaching Infinity! My God... All right, I'm asking it: How tall was the man in the photograph?

A: 9.6 feet.

Q: (L) Are you happy knowing that now?

(Approaching Infinity) Was he one of these underground humans as claimed?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And that's all you want to know? How tall was he?

(Approaching Infinity) Yeah, I just wanted to know if we had an actual photograph of an underground giant. That's it. And if anyone wants to expand on that, by all means…

(Joe) Laura, it's in the latest Cassiopaea Substack on the undergrounders. I was looking at it, and I was discussing it with Approaching Infinity. The guy just looks… it's hard to tell. I mean, it's a pretty good picture. It's like an 80's photograph or something. He's got shorts on, t-shirt, short-sleeved t-shirt. Looks like a tall guy.

(L) Well, I would like to know… It says that these are people who live underground. Do they actually live underground on Earth?

A: Not exactly. Dimensional portal.

Q: (L) So, it's kind of, like, maybe something similar to the Green Children? Y'all know the story of the Green Children that appeared in England, I think it was? Does anybody know the story of the Green Children? Approaching Infinity, do you know the story of the Green Children?

(Approaching Infinity) No, I hadn't heard of that.

(L) Oh God. Somebody just look it up on Google right now.

(Approaching Infinity) Well, in the meantime, Laura, maybe one question would be, were these guys, like, some of the undergrounders that we've been talking about in previous sessions?

A: No.

Q: (L) Okay, here we go: The Green Children of Woolpit. [Green children of Woolpit - Wikipedia] Two children of unusual skin color who reportedly appeared in the village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England. In the 12th century, children found to be brother and sister, of generally normal appearance, except the green color of their skin. They spoke an unknown language and would eat only raw, broad beans. Eventually they learned to eat other food, etc. and lost their green color. Well, while we are on it, did the Green Children really happen?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Were they similar to this? They came from another dimension?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So, this giant guy, Mr. Kenio… They say they live underground because they transfer through a portal to another dimension that just happens to be situated physically below the surface of Earth or something like that?


Photoshopped size reference

(L) It may be coincidental at the moment that the portal is there. Let me ask you this, Approaching Infinity. You're the one that read this book, right?

(Approaching Infinity) Yep.

(L) 1956 to 1990. Why did it stop in 1990?

(Approaching Infinity) Well, apparently, if I remember correctly, the contacts just kind of fizzled out. I don't know if there was… I don't think Good dealt with it in detail. It's a really, really weird case. And, at one point, they got that Bruno Sammaciccia guy to build a giant estate using his own money that cost a fortune that they could use. And then they had meetings there for a while and then they stopped coming, and Bruno was left with this giant estate and nothing to do with it. And I think that the impression I get, if I remember correctly, was that the contacts just stopped. It was just like they didn't show up anymore.

(Joe) Check out that dude. If you saw a picture of him, you'd think, well, he looks normal. He's got a shirt. He's supposedly giant, nine feet six tall, and hangs out and has drinks with people and says, "I'm an alien."

(Niall) Scottie's head comes up with his elbows.

(L) Well, yeah, that's a really weird case. And then they just stopped coming because maybe the dimensional portal closed.

(Chu) Well, the children said here that they came from another land where the sun never shone and the light was like twilight.

(L) It sounds like they came from underground.

(Chu) Yeah, everything there was green.

(L) They said they were from "Saint Martin's Land".

(Joe) So, what was the purpose of this contact with these giant guys in shorts?

A: Coincidental interaction between dimensions.

Q: (L) But these were just fairly kind of normal-looking people, only like giants and dwarfs or whatever?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Were they on a different 3rd density dimension then?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) So that's why they could stay here.

(Joe) Yeah. And so, they're basically benevolent then, they just come and hang out?

A: Neutral.

Q: (L) Well, it doesn't sound terribly benevolent if they get this guy to build this big estate, and then they just stop showing up. But then that would be kind of normal in human interactions, too.

(Joe) Have we ever met an undergrounder?

A: Several.

Q: (Chu) Can you name one? [laughter]

(Niall) Who pops into mind?

(Joe) I've got one in mind, but can we have initials? [laughter]

A: No dice!

Q: (L) So we have to figure this out and learn to spot 'em?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) They don't all look like giants or dwarfs, then.

A: No

Q: (L) All right. Have we ever encountered a person who's been replaced or who's a walk-in?

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's creepy.

(Andromeda) And I'm guessing all these people that come from this underground or other dimension know that they're transiting dimensions?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) And the ones we met have been here with an agenda of some type?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) But they never achieved their agenda.

A: No

Q: (Joe) Because we kicked them to the curb! [laughter]

(L) All right.

(Approaching Infinity) Previous sessions make reference to two types of mantis-like beings: "soul essences" and "Minturians" who were said to be associated with Lizzies in some way, but not to assist in abductions (Oct. 23, 1994; Dec 9, 1994). It was also stated reptoids and mantids are real beings and not screen memories. Based on his work with abductees, David Jacobs concluded that mantids are in charge of the Grays and reptoids, and direct the abduction and hybridization program. Are these mantids "soul essences," "Minturians", or a third group?

A: Minturians. But soul essences can also be Minturian via reincarnation.

Q: (Approaching Infinity) How do they fit into the STS hierarchy already described in which Nordics control reptoids?

A: Minturians are generally genetics specialists only slightly higher in rank than reptoids. Nordics control both.

Q: (irjO) The C's mentioned that lizard beings could live among us in the past because the cosmic environment was different back then. They also mentioned that they built Angkor Wat around 3100 years ago. When was the last time/year in our known timeline when they were present among people?

A: 2300 BC

Q: (irjO) They mentioned also that we are approaching one of those cosmic environment changes soon. Will that change of the environment be the same or close to the one we used to have in that period in the past?

A: Different.

Q: (irjO) In our timeline, besides the construction of the Coral Castle, when was the last time the "sound focusing wave" technique was regularly used as a building method?

A: 1100 BC

Q: (irjO) Why did we stop using it?

A: Tech lost due to cataclysms. Also genetic component watered down and weakened. It emerges anomalously now and then. Witness: Leedskalnin.

Q: (L) So, there was a genetic component to this tech?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, it was certain people who had the genetics who were doing it?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Just pops up every once in a while.

(L) Huh. Okay.

(Andromeda) We need that!

(Joe) We need to find somebody with those genetics.

(L) I think they pop up every once in a while. I've seen videos of people levitating and flying and stuff.

(Joe) I know, but that's no good. You need to get them to lift for you.

(L) Yeah. I mean, let's think about Daniel Dunglass Home.

(Joe) We need somebody who can levitate this house, so we can put a damp course underneath. [laughter] That would be useful!

(L) That would be terribly useful, yes. God, I hope you guys know how exhausting this is, so the next time you decide you want to ask questions, you make sure you really freaking want to know the answer!

(irjO) Before the final destruction of Atlantis, did they have one ruler or king? Royal families ruling in different regions, or sort of like a consortium too? What type of government system did they have?

(L) Do you really freaking care?

(Niall) You're asking for an essay!

(Joe) They were Commies. Pinko Commies! [laughter]

A: All of the above at different times and locations.

Q: (Joe) In other words: exactly the same as in our history.


(Joe) Some things never change, people.

(irjO) Has the supposed chamber of the Atlantean records, buried underneath the Sphinx paw, already been opened in secret, or have they tried to open it?

(L) Has it already been opened in secret?

A: No.

Q: (L) Have they tried to open it?

A: No.

Q: (L) Why?

A: Obscured.

Q: (L) What do you mean obscured?

A: Hidden by energy shield.

Q: (L) So, is this one of those, like, sword-in-the-stone type things, that only special people could possibly get through the energy field and open?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Did we ask about the ship that hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge?

(Niall) No.

(A Jay) Was the steering of the ship into the Francis Scott Key Bridge deliberate and premeditated?

A: No

Q: (A Jay) If not, what caused the power failure of the ship?

A: Power failure had nothing to do with impact. Was side effect of bleedthrough of 4D energies.

Q: (Niall) That was your idea.

(L) I already thought about that. Why don't you just ask me? I'd have told you! I mean, it's like they said they described in - what was it? New Mexico, where you're driving and it looks like the road is straight, but it's really curving, or it's curving and it's really straight.

(Joe) Right. So, the driver, the captain, or whatever, just kind of, like, got confuddled about where he was going.

(L) And I bet he's still freaking out! He was sure he was going in the right direction.

(Joe) So, there were some symbolic aspects to it. It was the Francis Scott Key bridge.

(L) Were there symbolic aspects to it?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) And is that because of the 4D energies that there's some information involved in it?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) And was there any bleedthrough aspect to that event in London the other day with the horses and Big Ben?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is there anything to be read intelligently in symbolism of these events, or is it just associated with the place that it is? Or is it predictive?

A: You have been doing well analyzing things when you network.

Q: (Joe) Cool.

(A Jay) In a previous session, it was said that there was a relationship between people and their recently deceased loved one; that when a person feels sadness or regret after a loved one passes; that it's kind of a mirror as to how the person who passed feels on the other side. Does this extend beyond the initial passing? For example, can the passing of a birthday or other significant event cause a resurgence of grief in both parties?

A: Yes.

Q: (Ryan) The IAEA recently claimed that Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons, which varies from the information given in Session 13 June 2015. Does the IAEA know about Iran's nuclear weapons?

A: No.

Q: (L) You could have figured that one out.

(Joe) Is it true that Israel and the USA know about them?

(L) Do Israel and the US know about Iran's nuclear weapons?

A: Suspect.

Q: (Ryan) Are leaders in the West knowingly facilitating an increase in warmongering to prepare to cover up a possible comet strike?

A: Yes.

Q: (Ryan) Mathematical physicist, Sir Roger Penrose, has a physicalist theory of quantum wave function collapse.

(L) I had Ark look at this question. He says that Roger Penrose does not have a physicalist theory of this quantum function wave collapse. He has an idea about it, and it's not yet been formulated into an actual theory. It's not developed enough to be considered a theory. And just remember the physicists use the word pretty strictly. We might say, "Oh, I have a theory!" just because we have an idea, but when physicists and mathematicians talk about theory, they're talking about something that's well developed and has some backing to it. So:

(Ryan) Sir Roger Penrose has a physicalist [idea] of quantum wave function collapse in which he thinks that gravity is the bridge between general relativity and quantum theory. Does inverting the physicalist aspect of this get us closer to the truth: i.e., does the measurement of the quantum wave function actually cause unstable gravity waves?

A: Close.

Q: (Ryan) Do the effects of any such unstable gravity waves then propagate 'downward' into the domains of general relativity and classical mechanics?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is this an interesting path to explore?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Next question:

(Ryan) Why do 3D window-fallers fall through one window but not another? For example, why haven't there been reports of chupacabras in Europe? What relates the consciousness of a window-faller to a specific locator?

A: The consciousnesses of those located at the locator.

Q: (L) So, in other words, the reason they have chupacabras where they have chupacabras is because it's suitable for the consciousnesses of people that receive it. And that's what relates the consciousness of a window-faller to a specific locator: the consciousnesses of those located at the locator. Oh God, that's just... [laughter] There's leprechauns in Ireland, there's swamp monsters. It just depends on where you are. And of course, I'm sure it has something to do with the environment. I mean, you have a swamp and of course you're gonna think about creepy swamp monsters rising up with green slime dripping off of them.

(Joe) And in Ireland it's going to be little men with ginger beards drinking beer dancing around the tree! [laughter]

(L) Hoarding their gold.

(Andromeda) Where does that come from?

(Joe) That's just Irish people.

(Altair) Russian astrologist, Svetlana Dragan, has been claiming a strong possibility of contact with an ET civilization in 2026.

(L) Okay. That question is really kind of weird.

(Chu) The question comes after: Is she close time-wise?

(L) Well, yeah, but, "Is she close time-wise" refers back to the way that this is phrased. And if that is all inaccurate, then I mean... If I ask that question, "Is she close time-wise?" and they say no, it'll be, kind of like the black pyramid thing. They say: "No, No", and we walk away from it. We didn't ask: Is there something else going on there? So, does it mean that she is going to be in contact with an ET civilization; or does she mean that humanity is going to be in contact with an ET civilization? In which case, she's a little behind the eight ball, because humanity has been in contact with ET civilizations for a very long time. You see how asking the question…? I mean ...

(Altair) She means humanity. She means humanity and official contact.

(L) Humanity and official contact. Well, like I said, humanity has been in contact with ET civilizations for a very long time.

(Chu) Does she mean it publicly, like, disclosure and everybody's in touch…?

(Altair) Right. Exactly.

(L) Okay. She is saying, basically, there's going to be disclosure in 2026 of some kind. Is she close to the mark with that?

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, there's going to be some ramping up of some kind of disclosure-type information in another year or so?

A: Yes

Q: (Possibility of Being) Will it be a real disclosure or distraction?

A: Distraction. Real disclosure would lead to mass rejection.

Q: (L) In other words, if they really told who they were and what they were here for, people would freak!

(Possibility of Being) I'm not sure. Half of humanity now would probably run with open arms and greet them.

(L) Well, that's true.

(Keit) In the session on the 19th of May, 2021, you said about Havana syndrome, that it was caused by directed beam weapons; that it was more or less practicing on people, and that we should think 'false flag'. Recently, there was a 60 Minutes program blaming Russia. On the other hand, US intelligence agencies, for some reason, prefer not to blame Russia. In 2022, the CIA denied any foreign power involvement. In 2023, there was again an official assessment that concluded that Havana syndrome is not caused by energy weapons or a foreign adversary. And then this year, on the 1st of April, the White House confirmed that nothing changed and they stand by the same assessment. Based on the 60 Minutes program, many of the agents were focused on Russia in one way or another, and these agents who were focused on Russia are among the top performing in their various agencies. The question is, who is behind the attacks on these agents? Why do the US intelligence agencies in the White House not want to participate in the blaming Russia game?

A: CIA. Confusion is apparent. Smoke screen.

Q: (L) Okay, so they don't want to blame Russia, because they don't want Russia to seem to have that kind of technology. Is that part of the answer?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And certainly, they're not going to take the blame themselves because they don't want Russia or the public to know that they have that kind of technology. Is that it?

A: Yes. Note the presence of a US base in Cuba.

Q: (L) Guantanamo. All right. I'm really getting tired. How much more do I have to do? Oh Jesus Christ! There are three more pages!

(Scottie) Let poor Joe and NiallyBob ask some questions.

(Joe) I'll ask one. This is just to get this out of the way. Is there any truth to Pepe Escobar's claim that Israel initially planned to or decided to detonate a nuke over Tehran to create an EM pulse, but that the plane was shot down by the Russians - according to his SUPER high- level source?

(L) Is there any truth to that claim?

A: No.

Q: (L) Why?

(Joe) It was just outlandish and smacked of him being fed bogus information.

(Niall) Pepe is Brazilian, right?

(Scottie) Ah! Voodoo.

(Andromeda) High-level sources.

(Joe) Does Brigitte Macron have any biological children? As in, Jean-Michel, the man?

A: No.

Q: (Joe) So, who's the mother of her claimed children?

A: No name.

Q: (L) You are not going to give a name. That's violating somebody's privacy.

(Niall) Maybe they're from underground. [laughter]

(Gaby) Didn't you have a couple of questions, Laura?

(L) Oh, I'm too tired for even mine.

(Joe) What are they?

(L) I just wanted to ask some stuff about my brother and Pierre, so I'm not going to ask about it now. I'll ask this last one:

(PopHistorian) By what percentage does microwaving a precooked meal of meat and vegetables from 20 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius decrease its total alimentary value, disregarding caloric value, on average? By what percentage?

A: 15.

Q: (L) 15% percent. You still get something.

(Joe) You get 85% goodness.

(L) And that's all I'm going to do, people, because that's just too much. Let me mark where I stopped. Yeah well, the thing is, you gotta keep these and put them at the head and we'll see. We did Havana Syndrome; we stopped right on Havana Syndrome. All right, so I'm tired. Is there anything else that we should know that we didn't ask?

A: Not tonight. Rest. Goodbye.

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Thank you so much for Such an i formatowe session! :flowers: :wizard:

Q: (L) So, it has to do with Israel, possibly with Trump and the American political scene and the mass protest against the genocide and Palestine?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, they're going to try to do something because...

(Joe) To distract from all that.

(L) To distract from all that, or to damp that down?

A: Yes

I guess we’ll never know what the previous trajectory was, but Israel is definitely getting a LOT of push back online. It's not surprising the overlords have decided to do something about it. It's quite visible that their standard tactics of flooding the internet with pro-Israel propaganda aren't working anymore, I guess they decided to pull out the big guns.

Just yesterday I was browsing through a page on Facebook called ‘Small Living Space’ where people who live in small homes post their interior designs. One woman posted about her apartment in Tel Aviv and boy did she get a lot of heat. It didn’t help that according to her profile she worked as a journalist and social media manager for IDF - which group members used to beat her up with.

Comments ranged from “did you steal it?” through “free Palestine” to straight up accusations of supporting genocide and holocaust happening on her doorstep. Voices defending her were very few, which I found to be interesting since Israel supporters love to flood random comment sections with calling everyone “Nazi” for supporting Palestine. If any such attempts took place on that thread, they were drowned by Palestine supporters. I used to refrain from getting into debates with Israel supporter becuase a while bunch of them would immediately gang up on me. But now the tables seem to have turned.

Admins ended up deleting the post, but I see a lot of similar anti-Israeli scenarios playing out in various corners of the internet. Initially I thought I kept seeing pro-Palestine content due to algorithms, but at this stage just making a peep one is an Israeli, or an Israeli supporter, leads to lots of pushback from the pro-Palestinian side. And it’s completely random pages that aren’t political in any way.

On a personal note, most people I speak to is either pro-Palestine (or actually anti-Israel) or neutral (I.e.: doesn’t care because it doesn’t personally affect them). So it looks to me like the Zionist masterminds behind 7/10 may be disappointed: their hopes and plans don't match the actual results they got. It backfired quite beautifully.
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Thank you for the interesting session. :hug2: Some questions I thought not worth the energy, but the answers adds more clarity for the human history puzzle.

Ex: lizards comingled ( I guess in physical form) up to to 2300 BCE and last time they used megalith movement technology up to 1100 BCE.
Q: (irjO) The C's mentioned that lizard beings could live among us in the past because the cosmic environment was different back then. They also mentioned that they built Angkor Wat around 3100 years ago. When was the last time/year in our known timeline when they were present among people?

A: 2300 BC

Q: (irjO) They mentioned also that we are approaching one of those cosmic environment changes soon. Will that change of the environment be the same or close to the one we used to have in that period in the past?

A: Different.

Q: (irjO) In our timeline, besides the construction of the Coral Castle, when was the last time the "sound focusing wave" technique was regularly used as a building method?

A: 1100 BC

Q: (irjO) Why did we stop using it?

A: Tech lost due to cataclysms. Also genetic component watered down and weakened. It emerges anomalously now and then. Witness: Leedskalnin.

Q: (L) So, there was a genetic component to this tech?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, it was certain people who had the genetics who were doing it?

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Just pops up every once in a while.

(L) Huh. Okay.

(Andromeda) We need that!
It is interesting they say there is a genetic component needed to move the megaliths. It looks it needs proper locations ( Planet's grid) and all those megaliths, temples all over the world. Here is interesting documentary on Leedskalnin and his coral castle.

Genetic component comes with hereditary part and family profession passing down pattern through descendants.

I wonder why Leedskalnin did it in secret. Probably he knows how the world (I mean people) works. people's curiosity would have killed him with a battery of tests and would have made him animal in Zoo.

May be this is related to kantek destruction. On a larger scale, when millions and billions of people involved , it can destroy the planet like Kantek - genetics, planet grid, planet's core cooling and heating in reaction to surface population FRV and cosmic environment ( C's say Transient fashion of reality at the time of Kantek destruction - Not sure transitioning from where to where though, that too infinite possibilities) etc. are interlinked.

So called scientific methodology can't proof any thing before 1100 BCE with certainty with the tool kit they have. So it doesn't exist in front of modern god "Science" and all believers are conspiracy nuts.
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Thank you for the sessions! :flowers:

I have watched the Green Children from YT.

In the mid-12th century, during the reign of King Stephen, between 1135 and 1154, several reapers were working in a field near the rural village of Woolpit in Suffolk, England. It was harvest time. They discovered two children, a boy and a girl. It’s not certain whether the children were dangerously close or inside one of the nearby wolf pits which were man-made ditches used to trap wolves. While the children looked like those in the village, they had green-tinged skin. According to one account, they were also strangely dressed. Their clothes had an unusual color and were made from materials that the locals couldn't recognize. Moreover, they spoke in a language none of the villagers could understand. The children were taken to the home of Sir Richard De Calne, a local squire living at Wikes Hall, which was six miles away. They were given food including bread, but the children cried and refused to eat. In one version of the story, the children wouldn’t take the food even though they were almost fainting from hunger. This went on for days. It wasn't until the children came across some raw fava beans did they start to eat. In some versions of this tale, the children found the beans in Sir Richard's garden, eating them straight from the ground. In other versions, it was the villagers who offered them the freshly picked beans with the stalks still attached. In any case, they ravenously devoured the green beans. It is said that they survived on this food for months until they learned to eat other foods such as bread. The children lived in the home of Sir Richard for several years. Their skin gradually lost its greenish hue, turning into a normal color. Sir Richard decided to have both children christened, but the boy, the younger of the two, died shortly after. According to some accounts, he has been sickly and often lethargic since the reapers found them. The girl, on the other hand, was able to adapt to her new environment, learning how to communicate with the locals in English. She was given the name Agnes. Agnes was eventually able to relay their story to the locals. She claimed that they were brother and sister. They came from St. Martin's Land, a place underground where the sun didn’t shine. Instead, it was always twilight, and everything was green, including the people. She also described a huge river that separated their home from another bright land. According to Agnes, she and her brother were tending to the family's cattle when they came upon a cavern. They went inside and wandered in the darkness before hearing the ‘delightful ringing of the bells.’ They decided to follow the sound which eventually led them to emerge from the other end onto a land with 'bright sunlight' which had frightened them. That was when the reapers found them. Agnes worked as part of Sir Richard de Calne’s household for years. Later on, she married a local from King's Lynn which is a nearby county in Norfolk. It is said that Sir Richard described Agnes as ‘extremely lascivious and insolent’ in her later years. Some believe that the man Agnes married was a senior ambassador of Henry II with the surname 'Barre.' But this has never been verified. The Green Children of Woolpit is a story that has fascinated many over the years. Some believe that the children never existed. Instead, they are part of a folktale that has become an old English legend. Some historians believe that the story is a distorted or exaggerated account of an unusual occurrence that actually took place in the Middle Ages. And then there are those who argue that these children were from a 'fairy underworld' or extraterrestrial beings who desired to learn more about human affairs.

As bizarre as it sounds, the story can actually be traced back to written accounts given by two famous English historians. The earliest account was written by an Augustinian canon, William of Newburgh, who lived in a closed order monastery in Yorkshire, hundreds of miles away. In Book One, Chapter 27 of his book Historia rerum Anglicarum, Latin for History of English Affairs, which was published in 1189, he stated that he was reluctant to write about the green children at first because it was so unbelievable. He only changed his mind because he heard the story from many highly respectable people. The second account was written by a monk named Ralph of Coggeshall. He was the abbot of a small Cistercian monastery in north Essex, located around 26 miles from the village. He traveled around East Anglia during the late 12th century. Reportedly, he heard the tale of the two green children from Sir Richard himself. He included the story in his book, Chronicon Anglicanum or The Chronicle of England which was published in 1220. There are minute differences between the stories recorded by these two historians. For example, in Ralph of Coggeshall's version, the children were 'tinged with green.' The story told to William, on the other hand, claimed that the children were definitely green.In Ralph's account, the children followed the cattle into the cavern where they got lost. According to William, the children didn't know how they arrived in the fields of Woolpit. They just found themselves there after they heard a loud noise while they were tending to their father's cattle.
It's quite possible that some elements of the story changed due to the retelling, especially in William's case. He heard second-hand or even third-hand accounts from travelers visiting the monastery. But it is clear that the two accounts, though written independent
of each other, bear a lot of similarities. William’s account states that the story took place during the reign of King Stephen while Ralph of Coggeshall states that the children appeared in Woolpit during the reign of Henry II which was after King Stephen. That being said,
the period of time referred to in both accounts are pretty close to each other, so we are inclined to believe that the event did take place, sometime between King Stephen and King Henry II’s reigns.
Thank you very much for the session :flowers:

Fascinating that there is a genetic component to sound wave focusing technology, I never thought about it before and now it seems so logical.

Q: (L) All right. Have we ever encountered a person who's been replaced or who's a walk-in?

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's creepy.

Q: (Joe) And the ones we met have been here with an agenda of some type?

A: Yes

I wonder, can we assume that the agenda is not always nefarious, and that there are walk-ins of a positive nature, such as an advanced soul who wishes to go back and support others?

I found this definition of walk-ins from another session, but it does not say whether walk-ins are only for nefarious purposes. Perhaps someone will be interested in asking a follow-up question next time.
A: A walk-in, as described by Ruth Montgomery, is a soul that has chosen to take over the body that was vacated by another soul that has chosen, at some level of awareness, to depart for varying reasons. In this way, a higher level entity can enter into the body that was previously occupied by a different level entity, in the form of a soul, that is to say.
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