Session 28 June 1997


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June 28, 1997
Frank, Laura, Alice (Laura’s mother)

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Wixxom.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Alright. I guess you have been listening to our discussion about Mr. {William} Mann. Now, he may be perfectly okay, and we are just discussing it. But, I did send a copy of last week's transcript to Val {Valerian AKA John Grace}, and a nice little note with it, because he was mentioned... and I sent also the note telling him that I had made an error by not emphasizing the spiritual aspect of the DNA alterations... and so on. But, there has been nothing but a resounding silence. We have heard nothing.

A: In this case, the silence is noteworthy. In the case of Valerian, it is those with which he is directly acquainted and/or associated that is of greatest importance!

Q: Do you want to give another clue on that?

A: He is interesting, but those with whom he is acquainted and associated are even more interesting!!

Q: Well, I had the feeling, at one point, that Val was upset because I told him that I thought that the writings of the so-called Michael Telemachus were his own writings - which, of course, I meant as a compliment - but I think he was shaken that I could see through him.

A: Egos are a problem, yes, but suggest we not throw the infant out with the suds.

Q: Okay. Well, I won't. But, he is completely turned off to us...

A: Then turn him back on! The information in his sphere of influence is of "blockbuster" like significance. We suspect an intellectual intercourse of the kind to which you have become accustomed with some of these beings would boost your knowledge/awareness base atomically!

Q: Well, I have done all I could when I could. I think that his problem is that he knows that we have access to information that makes it hard for him to stay concealed. When he read the session which identified the source of the KRLL document and evaluated its accuracy, both of which were correct, he was upset because his secrets were no longer secrets. He doesn't like it because we know.

A: How do you know that this is what happened?

Q: Because, I had phone conversations with him. He was all defensive on the subject of the KRLL papers... I had a very strong impression that he was disturbed and his ego was offended; he had too many secrets. He didn't like the fact that you could see through his secrets. This concerned him!

A: "Concern" then can easily be turned to "intrigue" with a tad of nurturing.

Q: Well. I will work on it. But, I can't just bug the guy. If he is not interested, he is NOT interested!

A: Who says it would be "bugging" him. Suggest something simple and non-judgmental like: Dear Val, here are some passages delivered from the Cassiopaeans during one of our sessions. Just wanted to hear what you and/or others you are acquainted with think. Regards, Lark. That outta get the ball "rolling."

Q: Okay. Back to Mr. Mann. He says that he has found, through applications of "mystery" teachings, and certain personal enlightenments, as well as the application of sacred geometry principles, the exact location on earth where one can transcend space and time, as he puts it. Is there such a place?

A: There are "points" where this process is facilitated more easily, but it is the process which is most key, not the locator. It has to do with magnetic field meridian conjunctions.

Q: Okay, he suggested that I look at Pouisson's painting 'Winter,' for clues.

A: Yes, go see the painting mentioned. There are strong connections between this and both the Denver International Airport Murals, and the suggestions we gave you for your inground pool design!

Q: Well, he described it as a figure of Noah clinging to a horse between two pillars. Other than the alchemical symbols I have discovered through etymology and philology, for the horse, what other implications does this figure suggest?

A: Maybe it is something about either the notation of the "knight," or the gas nebula in Orion. By the way, Laura, have you contemplated the life of your father and what led him to his drug addiction and destruction? Hmmmm? Big clues to be found there?? And, if so, what? What indeed!!

Q: What are you talking about?! Does this have anything to do with the 'arm problem' as described in the Matrix material, his arm, my arm, Tommy's arm, Mother's arm?

A: Quest, my dear, quest! Clues, as you know by now, make learning an explosively significant experience!

Q: Okay. Mann says: "May I suggest that you check out the story of the killing of Dagobert II, the last of the Merovingian kings. He died after being pierced through the eye, hence the etymological name, one of the keys of Solomon: 'Perc(e)y(e). Notice the hidden fifth element, the letter 'e.'" He is saying that Percy is represented in another context, by Dagobert, the Merovingian king, or vice versa. Is Percy an allegory for "pierced eye?"

A: If one so chooses.

Q: Well, that is ambiguous! But, I have found MANY altogether different meanings that lead back to far more ancient secrets than this silly chasing after an earthly monarch. In one sense, it means horse, or is an allegory of an altogether different sort, relating to the Persian origin of certain gnostic teachings.

A: Then you have answered the question.

Q: What are the origins of the "keys of Solomon?"

A: Did we neglect to cover "keys?"

Q: No, we talked about keys, but I want to get specific here.

A: Did you not do a root search? Keys of Solomon. Keys of Enoch. Florida Keys. So many keys! And why, by the way, is there a "Key" bank?

Q: I don't know! Are you going to give me a clue?

A: Is that not what we just did?

Q: So, it is another part of the disinformation program of the Consortium/Beast complex to distract and mislead. Okay. Now, I have found this strange connection with Springe, Germany, near Bielefeld, and the strange crop circle that appeared with the buried plates; connected to the actual location of the "Roswell," UFO crash, the plains of San Augustin, the Order of Preachers, Mary Magdalene, Tenerife, and the Virgin of Candelaria. Is this all related as I am thinking?

A: But of course! But, you are not yet finished. Wait until you get to the point where you can begin to connect what you have learned from all the various clues!

Q: My interpretation of the difference between the Shepherd and the Agriculturalist, the essential conflict of Cain and Abel, is that the Shepherd feeds others, and operates within the natural cycles. He partakes with acceptance and without attempts to control nature. The agriculturalist, on the other hand, seeks to control and extract every last bit of energy from wherever he is operating, and manipulates the environment, usually to its detriment. It is an unnatural cycle. This is the essence of STS vs. STO. Is this the concept I am looking for?

A: Partially. And what kind of ranch did Mac Brazel live on?

Q: Well, a sheep ranch. So, that is another connection to Roswell. And, even the name 'Brazel,' is curious. This whole event is an allegory. Getting back to the Shepherd, some of the clues have led me to the 23rd psalm... comment?

A: But of course!

Q: Okay. Now, I have an idea that the allegory of the Grail is that it is related to the "head." The head is composed of a core group of seven, which then creates the body via exponential increase in knowledge and energy. Is this correct as far as it goes?

A: Semi.

Q: Did Prince Henry Sinclair come to the New World? {As claimed by William Mann.}

A: Maybe those who suggest as much are confusing matters of the soul with matters of the flesh.

Q: So, it, too, is an allegory. Are there living representatives of the Merovingian dynasty?

A: Why not?

Q: Well, they claim that they are the direct descendants of Christ through Mary Magdalene. But, getting back to the subject of Percy and knight. Through Gaelic we relate Percy to Perch, to March, to horse, to Mer, to sea, to "Mary," and then knight goes back again to juga and yogi, which then comes forward to Jadczyk, and all of them relate to genetics. And then we come back to the issue of my father, as a Knight, and my own ancestors, Henry Percy and Elizabeth Mortimer. The Mortimers were the Earls of March, and the carriers of the only extant line of the Welsh kings. So, back to my father. Realizing of course, that he was a fraternal twin, he had black hair and brown eyes, and his brother was red haired and blue eyed, which makes for an unusual situation to start with. Was there something else unusual about his birth?

A: Yes.

Q: And what was this?

A: It was "conscripted."

Q: Do you mean that one or the other of the twins was implanted?

A: Well, maybe you should research "conscript."

Q: I will. Anything else?

A: His life was really unusual. Go ask Alice.

Q: Well, we know he was brilliant, but could not control his addictions. Like he had two personalities.

A: It goes so much, much deeper than that, Laura.

Q: Well, what could be the possible explanation for his reversals in behavior?

A: Examine!

Q: Okay. If the line of the Percys' comes through my mother, what are we looking for through the Knights? What came together here in my parents? It is beginning to look like something was 'engineered' for some definite purpose?

A: Yes. And we suggest you research this!

Q: I was only able to take the Knight line back to Abel Knight who came to America from York, in the mid 1600s. Is there some connection in York?

A: Further research is needed, and it is easier than you think.

Q: Okay, you also suggested that I research Alton Towers. I did. All I could find was that Alton Towers is, for God's sake, an amusement park! It is the DisneyWorld of England! What am I gonna find at Alton Towers?

A: Look into this.

Q: Well, alright. Now, what does my father's irrational behavior have to do with me?

A: ?!?

Q: You said 'much, much deeper.' And 'why.' Why he had this problem. We are looking for 'why.'

A: Partly.

Q: Give me a clues! I have no idea. Is it something in the genetic line or something in him and his life? Does it have something to do with the genetic line?

A: possibly... or bloodline?

Q: Is bloodline something that is distinct or different from genetics or DNA?

A: Symbiotic relationship. Was there a military connection?

Q: Oh, you mean the fact that my father was a chemist and was in the Navy? Does this have anything to do with my 12 day disappearance when I was three?

A: Maybe?

Q: Was something done to him when he was in the Navy?

A: Hmmmmmmmmmm? Now connect "Jack" with "Cecil."

Q: Well, Cecil was the fellow who kidnapped me. And, when he was arrested, the Navy came and took him away saying he was "incompetent to stand trial" because he had "escaped from a Navy hospital." And that essentially ended any hope of finding out where I was taken or why. I just don't see. How does this relate to St. Augustine, the Canaries, to Oak Island - all of this? What are we doing here?

A: St. Albans.

Q: And there is more! My God! We aren't happy with Mary Magdalene and St. Augustine, and St. Anthony! Now we also have St. Albans! Of course I know that it is the place where there was a battle and one of the Percy's was killed there. It was also called Verulamian in the Celtic days, and Francis Bacon was Lord Verulam and some suspect that he was the son of Elizabeth I. But, there are only so many hours in the day, guys! I need some help here! I was hoping that I would be getting some help with the research...

A: Remain open to all, and look for others. But, suggest you "pick their brains" more thoroughly before you offer up your own information, thus allowing for less troublesome emotionally oriented rapids crossing. Enough until next time!

End of Session
Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Wixxom.
If you look at the "x"'s in "Wixxom" as placeholders for letters instead of letters themselves, then you get "Wi _ _ om", which can be filled in as "Wisdom". I thought that was interesting. :-)
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