Session 3 September 2008


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PopHistorian said:
About destruction of the U.S., we certainly have "increasing inner turmoil" covered, but I keep wondering about "hatred of the world towards Germany." We know that popularity of the US has plummeted worldwide.

Another possibility comes to mind. The May 6th episode of the Colbert Report (_ to view clip) had as a guest, Laurie Garret, introduced as a global health expert and author of The Coming Plague as well as the cover article for Newsweek - FEAR & THE FLU, now hitting newsstands. During the interview, her name appeared onscreen along with Council of Foreign Relations underneath. Whoa! Giant red flag!

From the website, _
" If one group is effectively in control of national governments and multinational corporations; promotes world government through control of media, foundation grants, and education; and controls and guides the issues of the day; then they control most options available. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and the financial powers behind it, have done all these things, and promote the "New World Order", as they have for over seventy years.

The CFR is the promotional arm of the Ruling Elite in the United States of America. Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. Its' "experts" write scholarly pieces to be used in decision making, the academics expound on the wisdom of a united world, and the media members disseminate the message."

Ms. Garrett states we're in an epidemic and indicates that giant industrial scale pork farms along with the presence of birds and people creates an artificial ecology. She states that the bird flu is 850 Xs as bad as the swine flu, saying that in Indonesia, 82% of the people who get it, die, and that it just hasn't made its way to the Americas yet. She goes on to say that the swine flu started " It started in the United States of America but we exported it to Mexico - thank you very much Mr. Lou Dobbs." I'm not sure why she is slamming Lou Dobbs - I know he had been very vocal about the turmoil in Mexico and how dangerous Mexico had become and that the media/our government wasn't adequately reporting that fact.

Ms. Garrett then goes on to say:

"Indonesia hasn't shared any of the bird flu viruses that have emerged in that country because the Minister of Health believes that somehow, we actually make these viruses, we the evil Americans, umm aka maybe the Jews, not really clear, and then we deliberately release them so that then they have to buy pharmaceutical products from us in order to get vaccinated or cured."

"That's a good business model," responds Stephen Colbert.

Could this be any more Machiavellian? And another reason for the world to hate us!


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This is a selfish first post. Related to this transcript, do you guys think I should move? I'm currently living in San Francisco, California... and where would be a safe place to go? thanks!


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realitybugll said:
This is a selfish first post. Related to this transcript, do you guys think I should move? I'm currently living in San Francisco, California... and where would be a safe place to go? thanks!

Hi realitybugll,

you might find this thread informative
realitybugll said:
This is a selfish first post. Related to this transcript, do you guys think I should move? I'm currently living in San Francisco, California... and where would be a safe place to go? thanks!

Considering what the Cassiopaeans have said regarding the Earthquakes that would destroy LA and San Francisco it would be prudent to relocate. Anywhere near fault lines, the Ring of Fire, New Madrid Fault, etc would be dangerous. Places where hurricanes tend to make land fall would not be advisable. As would US military targets. Moving is the fun part, because should you decide to change residence, perhaps a new and more interesting life may begin.


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Ziggystarlust said:
Considering what the Cassiopaeans have said regarding the Earthquakes that would destroy LA and San Francisco it would be prudent to relocate. Anywhere near fault lines, the Ring of Fire, New Madrid Fault, etc would be dangerous. Places where hurricanes tend to make land fall would not be advisable. As would US military targets. Moving is the fun part, because should you decide to change residence, perhaps a new and more interesting life may begin.

Ziggy have you read the thread "location"?


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Galaxia2002 said:
I know that I'm going to Drift apart of the thread but I have a doubt: are the antiinflammatory properties of the silver colloid they are talking about in this quote caused by indirectly killing the bacteria ( which causes the inflammation) or does this nanoparticles have antiinflammatories properties per se.? A new property?

Q: (Ark) Thank you. (L) Anybody else got any questions? (DD) Yeah, would a cervical correction help Laura?

A: Possibly. But the main problem is inflammation. Anything that eases the physical is helpful, though.

Q: (D) Would the nanosilver solutions help the inflammation?

A: Yes

thank you

Hi Galaxia. The anti inflammatory properties of these latest technology nano-catalytic silver hydrosols are suspected to be a component of the elemental molecule's resonance.

Toxicologist, Dr. Gordon Pedersen, who has done extensive work with American Biotech Labs products, states in his book, A Fighting Chance, p 16:

[...] Silver resonates at a frequency selectively destructive to pathogens. In fact, it has been measured to resonate at 890 to 910 terahertz. This is the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light resonates.

It is hypothesized that this is also a factor in the reduction of tissue inflammation, but no one, at this point, is really sure why these new technology silver preparations demonstrate such observably higher anti-inflammatory response, as opposed to the older technology ionic colloid preparations.

Also in Pederesen's book, on p 87, he notes; "Inflammation is almost always caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites or mold. Silver sol can fight these causes." No doubt this is the case in many instances, but there are also cases of anti-inflammatory action due to trauma and chronic arthritis, etc. So, there is probably something else at work.

Particle charge might also be a factor. Conventional silver colloids are ionic and carry a positive particle charge. The silver sols are pure elemental silver with an oxide shell that possess a negative charge.

There are some peer reviewed papers linked on this page. _
The first paper at the top of the page, Dr Rustum Roys' study, is particularly interesting but does not dwell on physiological responses so much as simply seeking overall reasons why certain silver has such remarkable biocidal effect on pathogenic microbes. This paper did define that the distinct physical differences of this new technology was unique enough to receive the first US patent ever issued for a silver particle. The USPTO issued that patent in November, 2006. The patent is also an interesting read. _


I was just reading through the transcripts of Laura's Eíriú-Eolas introductory audio. Thank you Vulcan59, smallwood and Bo for creating this written record. Anyway, this remark just jumped out at me:

[quote author=Laura]Stress is the result of the sympathetic nervous system fight or flight system being over aroused, too much, too strongly and too often. Stress increases dangerous inflammatory factors called cytokines.[/quote]

This is something that I had not considered as a factor in silver's ability to reduce inflammation. I poked around and found that indeed, silver does play some role in modulating fibrogenic cytokines:

Wound healing is a complex process and has been the subject of intense research for a long time. The recent emergence of nanotechnology has provided a new therapeutic modality in silver nanoparticles for use in burn wounds. Nonetheless, the beneficial effects of silver nanoparticles on wound healing remain unknown. We investigated the wound-healing properties of silver nanoparticles in an animal model and found that rapid healing and improved cosmetic appearance occur in a dose-dependent manner. Furthermore, through quantitative PCR, immunohistochemistry, and proteomic studies, we showed that silver nanoparticles exert positive effects through their antimicrobial properties, reduction in wound inflammation, and modulation of fibrogenic cytokines. These results have given insight into the actions of silver and have provided a novel therapeutic direction for wound treatment in clinical practice.

Then there is this paper:

Titre du document / Document title
Topical nanocrystalline silver cream suppresses inflammatory cytokines and induces apoptosis of inflammatory cells in a murine model of allergic contact dermatitis.

And this one:

The effect of nano silver particles on cytokine expression and wound healing in an animal thermal injury model
Authors Tian, Jun
Issue Date 2005
Publisher University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong)

[...] Our findings suggest that the application of nano silver has overall positive biological effects on antimicrobial, wound inflammation, healing and fibrogenesis. Among these changes, IL-10 plays an important role in regulating other cytokine expression. Furthermore, nano silver can accelerate wound healing in diabetic mice. [...]

By typing; cytokines silver inflammation into the search engine, a wealth of research came up. Thank you Galaxia2002 for jump starting my investigation into this. Good question. Learning is fun...

Its pretty amazing how just focusing on this question for a couple of days generated some sort of energy that attracted answer connected threads to dangle before my eyes... just begging to be tugged.


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I was rereading the transcript of september 7 previous year and I wondered if the C's had given more information about the destruction of USA (what will happen and how the rest of the world will be affected)

Any clue ?



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Hi Elte2307

Session Date: September 3rd 2008

(List of those present deleted for privacy)

(planchette begins to move... )

A: USA heading for destruction!

Q: (L) Hello. Can we say hello first?

A: Hello

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Yeaionnia of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Do you transmit through Cassiopaea?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. Why do you introduce tonight's adventures with "US is headed for destruction"?

A: Passed the point when anything could possibly be done to change the outcome.

Q: (L) What is this outcome?

A: Increasing inner turmoil. Review what happened in Germany.

Q: (L) Well, what happened in Germany in what period?

A: Towards the end of the war. Hitler's madness and the hatred of the world towards Germany.

Q: (L) Wasn't a pretty picture, was it? (J) In Germany, the rest of the world bombed Germany...

A: Yes. Expect it in the USA ultimately.

Q: (J) Would that be nuclear bombs?

A: And more.

Q: (A***) Is it going to destroy the rest of the world with it?

A: Not exactly... but the cosmic stuff will take its toll.

I think the C's gave plenty to go on in the above. If you want to know what will happen to America read through history books about Germany and WW2. Add to that 'The Shock Doctrine' and 'The Secret Team' (among many other books from the recommended reading list) and you should be able to see what mostly is happening/will happen. Remember the future is open, but from what the C's say above, the probability of distruction is reasonably high.
Remember that 'distruction' could mean many things (the C's and there words should not be understood in purely black and white terms) could be economic, social, physical...or any combination of those.

As to the rest of the world? The C's are pretty explanatory about that to. See the Comets and Catastrophe section on the left (scroll down) on the main Sott page.
Reading all the articles on the Sott page is also an excellent way to follow what is happening as it unfolds.

Besides, if the C's do say anything else about where things are headed, it will be published if Laura feels it is useful to all of us here.
If you read all of those (and fwiw the Wave series also describes where things are headed too) you should be able to answer your own question rather than having the C's spoon feed it to you (which they won't) :)

It wouldn't be called Work if you didn't have to read and understand it for yourself now would it?
An athlete can't have someone else run the race for him.


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The book Defying Hitler by Sebastian Haffner, describing the coming to power of Hitler and the Nazis, is a real eye-opener about how it happened. There are many, many parallels with the situation in the US. If you want to get an idea of how the destruction of the US is happening, it is a really good place to start.


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Bluelamp said:
Given the reference to "pyro" and "inverted geometry" I suspect it may be referring to this 12-26-98 session:

Q: Okay, I am done. (A) I was trying to put together things related to research on UFT, and the questions I have asked
recently. After a time of being quite desperate, because I could not put these things together, I could finally see some dim
light. So, I would like to ask. But, please do not reassure me if what I think is wrong... just tell me it is wrong, and I will
look for something else. I came up with the idea that we should model our space time on a kind of a surface embedded in
a higher dimensional flat space. This would account for several things that you have told us. At some point you said the
following: 'Old makes new again,' which suggested that we should come back to what Einstein was thinking, and then you
said 'equilateral versus hypotenuse.' I didn't have a clue, but then I got an idea that it is related to different kinds of tensors
with three indices, rather than to geometrical features. Is this guess correct?
A: Partly, but geometric figures provide a third density guide for visualizations of field concepts.
Q: (A) Hmmm....
A: Pyramids inverted upon one another.
Q: (A) Where to put these pyramids?
A: Hexagonal representaion of flat plane...
Q: (A) What is hexagonal representation?
A: What does a hexagon look like when converted to three dimensional represention?

Q: (L) Well, a 'flat pyramid' is a triangle, and a triangle has three points, and two triangles inverted becomes a sort of Star of David, and that has six points and is a sort of hexagon... (L) Well, this hexagon business... two dimensional inverted
pyramids make a Star of David. But, what if these pyramids were really tetrahedrons? They LOOK like a hexagon in a
plane, but in 3 dimensions... (A) They are octohedrons... Octonions... hmmmm....
A: Vortices... this is what your "wormhole" would look like.
Q: (A) Now, we have a problem here, because you speak in terms of features, geometrical features, and I would like to
convert this to equations which...
A: Okay, what is the problem?
Q: (A) I want to describe gravity, and to describe gravity I must have some geometrical quantity which describes this
gravity, so my idea is that gravitational field is described by the bending of our space time in a higher dimensional flat
A: Yes...
Q: And that this bending would describe both gravity and electromagnetism.
A: Yes...
Q: (A) In all this I do not see a place at all for tetrahedrons. What do they have to do with a bent surface?
A: Maybe you do not see yet.
Q: (A) But, still I want to understand what was all this talk about tetrahedrons. So, I thought about tetrahedrons that I
have worked with and met in my research.
There were several occasions. First, there are tetrahedrons which we need if
you build a continuous theory of completely discrete elements. Then we do the triangulation of the surface, or we need
tetrahedrons to triangulate space, so let me call it Place One. Place Two: tetrahedrons I understood as symbols because
tetrahedrons have three edges from each vertex, so I thought this three should represent third order differential equations.
Place Three: I use tetrahedrons for describing magnetic monopoles, but they were not necessary, and I have no other
way to put tetrahedrons into the idea to bend geometry. If things are fluffy, what are tetrahedrons doing there? I have no
clue at all! So, I want to ask about a possiblity of describing different densities. It came to my mind that perhaps Einstein,
when you spoke about variable physicality, that Einstein was afraid when he understood that in his work. I thought about
this and I think that Einstein determined that the future must be determined from the past and present, and when he found
that he had a theory where the future was open, he dismissed it and was afraid. Is this a good guess that variable
physicality, mathematically, means a theory where there is a freedom of choosing the future when past and present are
A: Yes.

Maybe this will be helpfully for Ark to understand (bolded sentences above):
I think, hexagon look like cube when conwerted it to three dimensional representation (Fig.1).
Wen you look at the cube as a time space model then gravity is bending a time space (our cube) making shorter the red edges Fig. 2).
Shorter (Fig. 3)... and shorter (Fig. 4) ... and in the end our cube (time space model) become a tetrahedron (Fig. 5).

The 12-26-98 session was c.a. 10 years from now - maybe its too late whit this...

best regards


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Hi adamos,

As this is your first post, it is normally customary to post a short intro in the Newbies section.

We also strongly discourage people from reading the Cassiopaea transcripts on their own, outside of the context provided by Laura's work, as in our experience people often misinterpret them and tend to project their own ideas, beliefs, and biases onto them.


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Hi Vulcan59

It wasn't my intention to make disturb on this forum :-[ (I'm very happy that I found this place in the Net). I'm Newbie and so worse my english is not good enough (I'm still learning this language).

I just read that fragment about tetrahedrons and bending time space by gravity and it was like a spark of "illumination" ;)
And I tought "maybe it will be usefull for Ark" - that's all.

I have your words on my mind and I promise read intro for Newbies carefully.

Best regards
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