Session 30 January 2010


Jedi Master
I don't think Putin is afraid of that. It was the russians who got working scalar weapons first. This is due to much better education system compared to USA. U.S. only profits from stolen information and from bribery. It was long known that the best minds did not originate in the U.S. but were brought from somewhere else. Just consider why the USA was so keen on joining the WW2 shortly before it ended.

That said Putin is aware of possible threat but is also aware that Russia has all means to counter it. Just remember how one russian plane disabled the pride of us navy - the AEGIS system onboard of their destroyer. The technology used is derived from the field unification theory. And we are only scratching the surface here.

Putin understands that war doesn't solve anything. Even if Russia would be directly attacked they would only defend themselves. Putin knows that Russia is strong and sees no need to boast about that.
Its only those with issues that try to provoke him to prove that they are better and that he is evil.
But anyone who has got two neurons firing knows that only weaklings and cowards jump two metres high and accuse others of things that they themselves are doing.

Putin really cares about people and I don't mean only russians but all people.


The Force is Strong With This One
My take on the definition of psychopath in this session is someone who is perceived correctly to be a psychopath. The Cs say psychopaths are organic portals who are discovered to be psychopathic. So this is why the percentage of psychopaths is smaller than the percentage of organic portals (around 50% from the old session on Pre-Adamics). The percentages do not make sense if the term "psychopaths" used in this session refers to all organic portals and psychopathic souled individuals (who are a rarity) - they would be around 50%.

So it is not surprising that Israel and USA have such a high percentage of known psychopaths because many people know about their wars and exploitation, and have probably met certain people from these countries and then arrived at the conclusion that they are psychopaths. It is actually quite terrifying to see the low percentage for Asian and African countries. I think it requires awareness of the term "psychopath" or other synonyms for people to identify psychopaths. People in countries like Ethiopia do not have much schooling so they are probably not aware of the existence of psychopaths, maybe just a vague idea that certain people are bad.

I suppose this perception is also something that's aligned with reality. So if someone mistakenly calls some other person or country psychopath, their views will not be included into the Cs' calculations.
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