Session 30 March 2002


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March 30, 2002

Ark, Laura, BT, VG

Q: (L) Hello.

A: Pleased to see you.

Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Kolonia.

Q: (L) And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea

Q: (L) Alright, do any of us have any questions we were planning on asking? VG has her questions. (V) I'll start with the Reiki symbol that we received once at a previous session. {shows symbol drawn on a piece of paper} This was the way it was drawn out and at the time it was drawn, we were told that it was close enough as though maybe it wasn't exactly as it was supposed to be. I am wondering if this is closer than this? (comparing proposed alternatives) In other words if the spiraling inside of the...

A: Match corners to outside spiral, neither inside nor outside.

Q: (V) Okay, I think I understand now. The other question I have about this symbol that I thought was very curious is in this center part there is an L, is there any significance to that?...well, I'm sure there is significance...

A: Crook shape signifies movement into higher dimension.

Q: (V) Next question: Is repeating the names of the symbols, which I guess is like a mantra which is a no-no here, as effective as repeated use of the symbol? Does it go either way?

A: No. Important part is the geometry.

Q: (V) So the use of the symbol is putting a geometric equation into the person's body...

A: Think of it as soldering in a new circuit.

Q: (V) New circuit as in DNA?

A: More like transducer of higher consciousness. If DNA changes result, it depends on the application.

Q: (V) Alright. Now then, this other Reiki symbol you gave us - An-nu-ki (shows symbol). I was wondering if Laura had drawn it correctly as it had been drawn before since she was doing it from her...

A: Close.

Q: (L) I've got it, let me show you. (V) What could make it closer?

A: Close base.

Q: (V) Ahh! Okay. And what does An-nu-ki mean?

A: Already described. Retention of energy.

Q: (V) The next question - and I asked Laura about this - is it possible, in a meaningful way, to send healing energy, Reiki, directly to the subconscious through the ether tube connector symbol?

A: Yes. This has also been discussed. Application increases circuit imprint.

Q: (L) I think the way the question was asked before - does repeated applications of Reiki heal Karma even, and the answer was 'yes'. I think that something that heals Karma just about covers everything...since that is very often our major concern in this reality. (V) Laura and I were looking at these Karuna Reiki symbols earlier and discussing them, can you offer some insight as to their validity?

A: Give them a try and research background of originator. You may discover something very interesting.

Q: (V) Well, I have used them, not to a great extent. The one that I have used the most is the Rama symbol which is used to dispel or expel negative energy. Does this symbol do what they claim it does?

A: Do you think that a symbol can control your consciousness, or the consciousness of another?

Q: (V) I guess I've been thinking it's a tool just as this is a tool (holds up symbol displayed earlier). No I don't think a symbol can control consciousness...when it's put that way. But I want to say that I think they can be used as tools also. Not to be right or anything but this my thinking at this time.

A: What quality of an individual would have to be present to set the effect of a symbol against consciousness?

Q: (V) I don't understand that. (L) I think they are saying that the presence of a negative energy implies the presence of a negative consciousness. It's either the consciousness of the individual who is experiencing it or it is the consciousness being projected from somebody else. And if one or the other of those is the condition - say for example: if you had negative energy that was being sent to you from someone else, and you wanted to set this symbol against that negative energy, what quality would have to be present in you in order to make that work? (V) A lack of negativity. (L) I don't think so. You already have negativity right? So you're going to use the symbol to make it go away assuming it was sent on you. So what do you have to have to make the symbol work? (V) A conscious effort? (L) Faith. You have to believe in the symbol. And if you believe in the symbol then you are putting the power in something outside of you, you don't believe that you have the ability to stand against the negative consciousness. On the other hand, if the consciousness of negativity is your own, and you believe a symbol can stand against your own negativity, you haven't inquired into where the negativity comes from. (A) You see a tool is something which you must know exactly how it operates, because otherwise it's not a tool; you are the tool of something else - the originator of the tool who may not have your best interests at heart. So you must exactly know, and have precise knowledge of, the tool if it is to be a tool. So a tool is a projection - an extension - of what is in you.

A: Otherwise you are the tool of the tool

Q: [laughter]. (L) You are the tool of the tool if you don't have real understanding of what it is and what it is supposed to do. (A) Okay, so if it looks like a nice bomb... (L) Push the button. Don't know what the bomb does, but let me push the button anyway and see what happens! (V) Well, okay. (L) I know, ain't it fun? (V) Well it's stuff I want to ask, and then I have to think about it for awhile. I want to ask about the picture with Easter [V**'s cat who at the time the photo in question was made, was passing on of old age. V** had placed the symbol for Ohm over Easter's head to aid in the transition and directly following the application a Polaroid picture was taken revealing a point of light above V's head]. Was the point of light over my head a fault of the print or of the camera?

A: No. It was the light of consciousness of the companion soul. Given to you as thanks.

Q: [There was further discussion between Laura and V with regard to the Karuna Reiki system of healing that led to the following question] (V) From what density do the symbols come from? Are they STS or STO?

A: 3rd money growing density.

Q: (V) So it wasn't even channeled?

A: Most of the symbols can be found in other literature in whole or in part.

Q: (V) I was thinking of a question and I just lost it. Do you know the question I was thinking of? I'm sorry.

A: Do you?

Q: [Laughter] (V) Yeah I do, but it's eluded me for the moment. Dang, alright if it's gone, its gone. Hmmm, 3rd money growing density...what people will say or do, it just amazes me, blows me away. (L) It gets so bad. The more layers you peel away the worse it gets. it's like you just want to run screaming "I want out of this place." (V) I'm going to be brave here and ask if it's possible to get a symbol this evening that may work on viruses? (L) Viruses? (V) I know ...okay I'm back to the same question of consciousness.

A: Viruses make inroads only when there exists gaps in consciousness. A full field of awareness closes the gaps. Heal the soul by means of increased knowledge which leads to DNA modification which closes gaps...To do it otherwise amounts to self violation of lesson profiles elected by the self.

Q: (A) What about the healers? All these healers they go around the world and they heal. Most of the time, their effects are temporary. Will they heal only those people who come and ask? And usually when they come and ask, they are asking in a specific way for them to be healed. I mean I don't know what is so specific but, the question is, of course, they don't close the consciousness gap. Or do they? How do they heal? I mean, they can kill even viruses some way. How do they do that?

A: If the healing is true, it occurs at multiple levels. It is an interaction of prior choice potential.

Q: (V) So it is going to work because it is time, or it is your destiny. I guess. (B) If it works, it must mean that the individual has chosen to allow it to work at that particular time, and the healer is more of a facilitator of the personal choice - at a higher level - of an individual.

A: Yes.

Q: (A) A kind of transaction between the two.

(L) It's like the switch, it was ready to happen, and the "healing activity" just flipped the switch. It was ready

(B) Healing comes from inside. Whether it is psychic or physical, we may rely on other triggers.

(L) Yeah we may use all kinds of symbols in our world the way we use words to convey our ideas. We can use interactions between human beings to convey our readiness and willingness to move into a new way of being.

(A) The healers maybe don't know what they do,it's just the right thing, they're there at the moment, they are there, the person is there.

(V) As long as they are not doing it from their ego.

(L) Right. I think it is as much a matter of "here is a person who needs it" and "there's the person who instinctively knows what to do and how to do it and they do because they can do it." They're the person of the moment - the "man of the hour" - and it is there in front of them. It's like walking down the street and there's a piece of paper: do you walk by it or pick it up?

(A) But there may be something more. I'm thinking about this Bulgarian guy D**. He apparently has some psychic abilities and he went into research. So now he was telling me about these bad guys who are using this ability for mind control and such things. But he wrote one thing that was kind of unexpected from him. Maybe he read it from our pages, but probably not. He said that even those people cannot do anything unless the given person is willing to be controlled.

(L) But that is true only at a deep level. It's pretty clear that STS can violate the free will of those who are ignorant of their existence and abilities. So D** is just repeating New Age nonsense. That's what the folks doing mind control experiments would like us all to think. Yes, it is true that the person must, of their own free will, choose. A person who has chosen, at a very deep level, to seek truth, to ultimately receive positive energy, will be motivated by negative experiences to increase their knowledge, which then increases their awareness, which then increases their abilities of STO to communicate with and interact with other similar people. People use their free will - at very deep levels - to choose to be duped and manipulated. This is either because STS is their ultimate choice and destination, or it is because they need to learn the lesson about growing their awareness. When they choose to refuse to seek knowledge they have already chosen. When they choose belief over seeking and being open they have already chosen.

A: In all cases freewill is paramount even if it is not apparent at this level.

Q: (L) My son read the last session notes and he wants to ask what kind of instrument he is?

A: Base Viol.

Q: (Atriedes) Bass Viola or Violin? (L) Bass Viol. (Atriedes) Are you guys being like arbitrary about this? I mean is it just like picking randomly, like random number theory or something? (L) Must be. (Atriedes) Okay I'm a bass. I am a bassist I like that. Thank-you guys. (B) Well I've got to have someone to counter rhythm my tuba. (L) What is Athena?

A: French Horn.

Q: (L) What is Galatea?

A: Piccolo.

Q: (B) Somebody else was a French Horn too. (L) RO was a French horn too. Two French Horns, huh? We have to find somebody who's a Bassoon. (Atriedes) I have somebody who's a buffoon. (B) Bassoon, not buffoon. (Atriedes) I know somebody who plays all the Bassoons. (V) This question maybe has been asked in other sessions where I wasn't here, so forgive me if that's the case. What is the difference between creative visualization and imagination?

A: Not much.

Q: (V) Okay. I was going through some of the transcripts and reading, and I found the statement in there that said "consciousness is the half-life of energy" and I thought this was just so interesting. Let me ask this: is that half-life, because with chemistry and chemicals they know exactly what the half-life is of certain, say uranium, that it has so many years until it changes into what ever it changes into...(L) But it is statistical. (V) Statistical. Okay. What is the time span or frame of reference where its energy degenerates, morphs, whatever the word is, into consciousness?

A: You are assuming that physical understanding applies. In this case the better question would be: What is energy?

Q: (L) What is energy? {asking Ark} (A) Don't know. (L) What do you mean, "don't know?" (A) Nobody knows. (L) Oh! I see what they're saying. Energy can't be compared to a physical process such as the half-life of an atomic element or something. (V) Alright, and also maybe this is my assumption as I am relating energy to thought processes.

A: How do you know that "thinking" is energy?

Q: (V) Well, I don't think that I know that it is, I'm just postulating and thinking about it.

A: How about "utilization?"

Q: (V) Okay, what is energy? I know the atom and the nucleus, and I basically understand the physics of energy, but is that what you're talking about?

A: Take an example: Light is an energy expression of gravity. Utilization of gravity "generates" light.

Q: (A) The point is that we can't define concepts. We can show simply how they work in certain, how you say...(B) Framework. (A) Okay: framework, by relating them to other concepts and by pointing out that this is the correct use of this word and this is the incorrect use of this word. And this is not mathematics. In mathematics everything is defined in terms of primitive concepts. Here, we don't know what are the primitive concepts. So we say" now here is light and it's an expression of energy. Now what is so particular about light? You can think about what you learn from physics. From physics you know that light has no mass, it is pure quantum of energy. What it means, we really don't know. We know that when light is absorbed, it has a physical effect, but in the meantime where does it go? It is not mass. It's something that can hit you like energy; but not a piece of a solid something; it is pure energy. And then we know something from the Theory of Relativity, that when light travels a distance from one point to another point in the 4th dimensional Einstein space, the distance measured in this 4th dimension is zero. If you sit on a ray of light you are instantaneously everywhere. Time does not flow for light which travels. That's energy. For a mass, time flows. Mass understands what is time. For light everything is instantaneous. So we learn a little bit of what energy is even if we can't seem to define it, right?

A: And, as you already guess, consciousness "precedes" light as an energy expression. So the question is: How do your quantifications apply?

Q: (A) I have a test question for Cassiopaeans. Which is true of the following two possibilities: a) In certain circumstances energy can create consciousness. b) In certain circumstances consciousness can create energy.

A: B: consciousness can create energy.

Q: (V) And isn't light also information?

A: Light is utilization.

Q: (V) Okay, light is utilization. How is that done? Is this a process? Maybe I would understand it better if it said "the utilization of light."

A: What would you utilize light for?

Q: (V) Well, to raise consciousness. To raise awareness.

A: How would light raise consciousness?

Q: (V) If light is energy, I mean, if light is information...

(A) Light is not information. It's not what you learn in physics. You can use light to send information.

(V) Why does it have to be about physics?

(L) What else can it be about? Physics is concerned with the most fundamental questions of reality.

(A) What is light? What do you know about light? What is light for you may be another definition of light.

(L) This is what they've said before: They've said that light is produced by utilization of knowledge. That light is an energy expression of gravity. They've also said that light is an expression of the utilization of knowledge. So we come to the idea that knowledge is gravity in a certain sense. In other words knowledge consists of all things that could or could not be in all contexts, in all realms, in all dimensions, in all universes, that the sum total of everything is like this non-existent, non-dimensional point of everything that could ever exist. It's almost like this zero point from which all potential could erupt given the proper circumstances.

We're getting into something where there's not many words to describe it. There's a huge limitation here that if you don't know math, your words can only take you so far because as precise as you can get with your words, you can't get as precise as you can get with numbers. Numbers say things that words cannot, and they say it in a way that communicates directly to some part of the mind that bypasses this word processing organ. Well I don't want to say bypasses, I mean it goes to a place that's higher than a word processing organ, so to speak.

Another interesting thing is all the knowledge that we can gather is like gravity, and collecting gravity is like becoming heavier. But then when you utilize it, you share it and there is a burst of light and this is the utilization. In other words utilizing your knowledge is doing something with it. And that goes back to that thing that Gurdjieff said that for those in the higher esoteric circles, at that inner level their understanding is immediately expressed as action. Understanding and action are like two sides of the same coin.

And then of course there's other levels where they have understanding but they have no action. We've all seen that in the gurus who sit around and contemplate their navels saying they understand everything but they're not doing anything. They just sit there contemplating their navel. Until one can do and act based on their understanding it is not utilized and they then have not produced light unto the world.

A simple example is - We can sit here and collect 700 pages of gravity of information, or knowledge and until we utilize it, until we do something with it, until we share it, it's not light... we've just collected it and it's gravity. But the minute we start writing it, the minute we start processing it through us into our reality in some way, we write web pages or we do some activity or we do as the C's say, "You will do what you will do" and that's entirely a function of your understanding.

(V) Of light as utilization.

(A) Light when it stops it becomes matter. Maybe it is so that, at another level, when consciousness hits something, it becomes light.

(V) What is it hitting?

(A) For instance a consciousness is hitting another consciousness. So, there is a reaction. And as a result of this reaction, light is created which carries somehow the information, the knowledge of the interaction.

(L) So we end up almost coming around in a circle.

(V) So what you're saying then is light is not the first.

(A) No we know already that consciousness creates light. We've got this answer, consciousness is more primitive. There are these levels of matter/reality I would say, okay?

(V) Okay. I had it backwards in my head. I thought light was more primitive than consciousness.

(A) Light is very close to matter, you stop light and you get matter.

(L) Matter is nothing but congealed light. Another thing: light is an energy expression of gravity. It's an energy expression. That suggests that gravity is energy unexpressed. And when it expresses it's light. And when it expresses here and then it expresses there we have these units of consciousness which are unexpressed energy prior to light. When gravity is expressed it is consciousness - perhaps manifesting as some other range of the EM spectrum - and then the next level of the expression is when one consciousness energy and another consciousness energy interacts with each other and then light is produced. Possibly.

(A) Another possibility is that consciousness is the organizing principle. Light is something that is already organized.

(L) What if consciousness is an unstable gravity wave.

(A) We don't know what that is. We don't even know what are gravity waves.

(L) The bottom line is, we're probing into realms that have been probed and probed and probed for ages with no definitive results.

(A) Oh, we'll find out.

(B) The sad thing about it is this whole process is cluttered with so much misdirection and semantics.

(L) Yeah, and the battle factor.

{The next question I asked requires some background information. Earlier in the month, Frank had published, via Vincent Bridges, the following declaration:

Notice from "Frank G. Scott": Clarification of Copyright Notice

Frank G. Scott does hereby assert his right, morally and legally, to be considered as an author of the material, herein referred to as the Cassiopaean Transcripts: 1994 -2000, consisting of transcripts of channelling sessions conducted jointly and solely by Frank G. Scott and Laura Knight Martin, also known as Laura Knight Jadcyzk.

Ms. Knight Jadcyzk has consistently demonstrated bad faith in the matter of Mr. Scott's copyright to the material - claiming sole copyright to admittedly collaborative material, then using that material for the purpose of individual financial gain, as well as basing a cult around the material - without ever seeking or receiving permission of any kind from Mr. Scott for any of these uses.

Therefore, as of March 1st, 2002, the following copyright notice and stipulation of permission shall be considered the sole legal and valid copyright statement concerning the material referred to herein as the Cassiopaean Transcripts: 1994 -2000:

The {Scott} Cassiopaea Logs: 1994 -2000

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(By granting Ms. Knight Jadcyzk co-author status, Mr. "Scott," in light of Ms. Knight Jadcyzk's previous bad faith attempts to use the material without permission, makes the following stipulations:

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(Please be advised that this warning is an official notice to cease and desist all copyright infringements and any other use of the material which does not have the express written permission of both authors, or which violates the permission granted in the copyright statement.).
As a result of this completely outrageous and illegal attempt to destroy the Cassiopaean work, we were spending some considerable time and money on attorneys. It was pretty clear that the above notice had been composed by someone other than Frank, and it was my guess that it was a collaboration of Vincent Bridges and Teresa Burns - who claimed to teach "copyright law." Our rights were well established legally, but the attorneys let us know that the only way to stop this piracy - a civil matter - was to have a court declare that the law had, indeed, been violated. In such a case, there were severe penalities, up to and including imprisonment. The problem was, taking such a matter to court meant Federal Court. That was extremely costly. The readers of the Cassiopaea site came through for us, though, in in just a couple of weeks we had sufficient funds to initiate suit. There was, however, one thing that preyed on my mind: Frank's elderly mother. I knew that Vincent Bridges had put Frank up to this nonsense, and that Frank was following the carrot on the stick just like a dumb ass. But he was doing it on his mother's income. It was her money that was paying for his attorney who responded to our cease and desist demand. It was her money that would be used to fund a defense if and when we filed. And file we were certainly going to do.}

Q: (L) Speaking of battles: I want to know just really what is in Frank's mind, what are his motives? (V) What does he have to gain from all of this?

A: He is a tool of 4d STS. He has chosen.

Q: (V) He has chosen? Okay, if somebody goes to the store and they choose to get rye bread instead of white bread, he chose it like that? Or did he choose it like...

A: He came to this incarnation with a plan remembered as he awoke.

Q: (L) It was already a pre-made choice? (B) The choice was made on a different level and he's just now making that choice manifest? (V) Is this Karmic?

A: Choice. Some love light, and some love darkness.

Q: (L) When did he wake up and have this realization? Was he lying and deceiving all of us, all along from the beginning?

A: He was half awake. But like many he was confused.

Q: (L) Confused in what way?

A: He did not fully understand the symbols of your world.

Q: (L) So at what point did he finally understand that he was different from us and we would never be on the same track?

A: He was awake as early as late 1998 or early 1999.

Q: (V) Did Ark's arrival spur on this awakening?

A: Partly.

Q: (V) I'm also curious, since we're talking about what he is thinking, does he have regrets? Is he regretting what's happened, what's come about?

A: He is only capable of regretting that he did not get what he wanted.

Q: (V) Okay, so he is a tool of 4th density STS... what is the payoff for Frank, what does he think the payoff is?

A: He is lost in the illusion of his own importance. He believes that others agree with his assessment.

Q: (V) You know, that doesn't seem like a real worthwhile payoff to me. I guess that's what separates the wheat from chaff. For self-aggrandizement - getting what you want - to be more important than growing and learning. It seems like a cheap payoff.

(A) Is it not so that 90% of the population thinks that way?

(V) I know but I don't get it; it's so shallow.

(L) I know we don't get it and we can't.

(A) What he thinks is probably: "these stupid people they think they grow, they have their illusions they think of Oz, instead of going after something real like money or being famous. They want to learn. They think there is nothing like truth, all is light. The better your light the higher you would go. They don't understand it, they will fail." That is what he thinks: that we are failures. And he thinks "I was also following this path of failures and I almost failed myself. It is good that I disassociated with them."

(L) Yeah. Sad to say, that's probably what he is thinking.

(V) Its sad, and I don't mean sad like "oh poor Frank," I mean it's pathetic!

(L) Yeah because they always think - in a certain sense it's funny - they think they are going to unify the world and go back into this cosmic sleep. They've got to control everything, absorb everything back into this cosmic sleep...

(V) Why do they want to do that?

(L) Because they're afraid of creation. Creation is uncertain. Creation is free. Creation is not secure. It implies being open; it implies being fearless.

(V) Do they actually think these things between their left and right brain?

(L) No they are probably not aware of it. They rationalize it with high sounding ideas and ideals. They call it Christianity or they call it the Ophanic calls to the Watchtowers or whatever. Or they say that they are going to meditate on peace and save the world or something. They mask it with all kinds of illusions and beliefs, and the masks are several levels deep. It's as hard for us, I think, to understand their point of view as it is for them to understand ours. They think we are fools, I'm sure. Well sometimes I'm not sure of that.

(V) I'm having a hard time conceiving that they're sitting in their little coven group or whatever the heck it is, and saying, "'Look how stupid they are, look how ignorant they are, they are fools." If they are really doing that, then that's projection. They are projecting what is true only about themselves.

(L) Right. And they are doing that. You should read some of the public postings that they have made talking about us. It is such filth. Actually, in an interesting way, this is what clued us in to the whole STS mindset. Because, when we tossed VB out of the group because we found out he was lying and manipulating, we actually set up a little test. We gave him a choice. We let him know why we had to make the decision about his conference, and we told him what it was that he was doing was not acceptable to our work. We could not appear at his conference, we could not have him publishing our books, we could not have him as some kind of a guru in our group if he was going to continue with all of this magical stuff - promoting things that were anti-thetical to what the C's were explicating.

(V) What kind of ritual magic was he into?

(L) Golden Dawn satanic rituals among others. And he had a whole website teaching people how to do them and he wanted to come into our group and teach our group how to do these satanic rituals. I had sent him all the information about what the C's had said about rituals and he kept trying to twist it and interpret it so that it would be okay and he just wasn't getting it. And the thing was, at that particular point in time there was just a whole bunch of weird stuff going on and we just let him know that we can't be associated with this. He had a choice.

(V) Putting the C's aside, it goes against everything that you believe in personally.

(L) Everything we have worked for out entire lives. He was setting us up to get taken down the tubes. Oh but according to Vincent, the real problem was me. According to him, I just didn't understand the C's, the C's were really teaching me how to do these rituals, only I was incapable of grokking it.

(V) Oh BS!

(L) But this is what he was saying to me. I didn't really understand how to interpret the C's and if I allowed him to be my teacher then I would understand what the C's were really saying!

(V) And if you were stupid, ignorant, and a fool you would've believed him.

(L) So you see, we explained it all to the group, which included him. And he had a choice at that moment - how bad did he want to publish our books, how bad did he want to be associated with us, how bad did he want any of those things? Did he want it bad enough to fully align himself with the C's work? No. He was going to have it his way or not at all.

(V) A narcissist.

(B) I think there is a huge, huge tendency to overlook the fact that both VB and you, for example so to speak, are necessary in the scheme of creation, that both are equal, it's not a matter of one being right or one being wrong it's a matter of which one do you choose, period.

(L) Right.

(B) Creation can't be just inhales, there has to be exhales.

(L) Right. But he had the choice to be a part of what we were doing - he worked for a long time to do that - and then he just shot himself in the foot as far as we were concerned. The question was, though it was unspoken and had to be an understanding that would come from within him: are you with us or against us?

(B) On a different level there may be completely different choices that have to be made, but at this level that seems to be the choice period.

(V) Are there other realms where these people such as VB, Frank are making different choices?

(L) In other words is there another reality where they're being the good guys, where they're joining in and helping.

(V) Right. An alternate reality.

A: Frank and Vincent are the other reality!

Q: (V) Wow! Everything happens all at once, huh? They are the other reality in like the antithesis of Laura's work?

A: More or less, yes.

Q: (L) Is this conflict, so to speak, that we are engaging in with this Frank/Vincent Bridges situation - is this one reality that is also represented in another reality as this conflict between say the Jews and Arabs at the present moment?

A: Very close, it is reflected in many ways at present.

Q: (L) Well I just want you to know our side isn't doing too well. (V) Why do you say that? (L) Well I mean if these conflicts are reflected in many levels and many ways all over the planet just the general overview of the planet at the moment, the so-called good guys aren't really doing too well right now. (B) Yeah, this reality is their own truth. (V) I see it a different way, I think we are in this situation because we are not of this reality; we have made a different choice. (L) But there are so few of us.

A: Help is on the way.

Q: (V) What no exclamation point? {laughter} Okay so we get a period tonight. And then in one month we get one exclamation point. Next month we get two, three, and then we know it's really close. I'm such a quantifier. {laughing} Wishful thinking huh? (B) If this is the given status of this environment and this density level, this lesson, anybody that breaks free from that is a plus, because there is undoubtedly a counterbalancing thing. (V) Right. Take your kudos where you can get them.

A: And it will balance in the end.

Q: (L) Well that will be nice. (V) Is this balance necessary for our transition to 4th density?

A: Balance is the result.

Q: (V) Balance is the result of transitioning to 4th density, is that what you're saying?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) If 90% is negative and 10% is positive...

A: But all will not transition.

Q: (V) Balance would mean 50-50...

(B) No because we're not the only ball game in creation. This is not the sum total of creation. This reality is only one aspect of it. There can be other realities where it's as heavily weighted the other direction.

(L) I think another factor is that when people network they share their insights and they share their growth and it becomes more than the sum of its parts. You know when they really open up to their network, that what one learns - if they share it with others - it becomes that other's learning in at least some sort of way. This way, people can learn a lot of things by the experiences of their group if they are connected to that group. So, a group of people who are individually each incapable of making it to 4th density on their own - by virtue of the fact that they have this shared symbiotic group - they kind of go together.

On the other hand, the STS alignment, since they don't do anything in terms of groups or sharing, don't have that advantage. It takes more energy for each one to individually advance since, in their chain of command, they are all being constantly drained by sharing and believing lies.

So, the advantage seems to be on the side of an STO group even if they seem to be smaller in numbers. The added together energy of a larger group of people who are individually, maybe less ready STO-wise, will graduate anyway, as opposed to the very small group of those who are ready STS-wise. Most of the STS gang will have to just go back and do 3D over again.

(A) You must understand that the very concept of balance depends on what exactly has to be balanced. When you have a scale, and you have a lot of wheat or something on one side, and a small piece of gold on the other, they balance each other even if the quantities are completely different.

(V) Maybe STO candidates carry a larger...(L) Charge? (V) Yeah. (L) Something like that, because they share very deeply - at the level of their core being. (V) So there could be 90% of STS and at 10% STO candidates as they gain knowledge gain more weight. (L) Could be.

A: Very close. But don't get stuck on numbers in that sense. Help is on the way!

Q: (L) An exclamation! They got a lot closer pretty fast! (V) For what?

A: All of you.

Q: (B) Is it a very generic form of help as opposed to a specific individual form of help?

A: Wait and see!

Q: (L) I do want to ask about BT's health. What does BT need to do or not do to stop this cramping in his legs/

A: Stop being static. Lactic acid granules.

Q: (V) Stand on your head. (B) Oh sure then they'll go to my head and that's the only thing that's functioning properly. [laughing] (L) So when you walk it breaks them loose and it causes you pain. (B) Can I take ____ to help with the lactic acid assimilation.

A: No.

Q: (L) Well unless there is something you need to tell us that we haven't asked we'll say goodnight. It has been a very enlightening little session here.

A: Elev.

Q: (L) Why are they being so coy?...Is that all that there is?

A: Yes. Goodbye.

End of Session


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This session in 2002 seems to answer a few questions discussed in the forum recently, it comes very timely!


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Thanks for sharing Laura, also the other sessions are very informative and also funny. :)

mkrnhr said:
This session in 2002 seems to answer a few questions discussed in the forum recently, it comes very timely!

What I'm wondering about the C's saying, several times :), -help is on the way-, under the aspect of free will, choices and lessons, that this help has something to do with this group, that this group is growing (sharing knowledge, ÉE) and every new member (with different talents and lessons etc.) could be a part of this help is coming?

Laura said:
Q: (L) Well, what I remember is that I asked if our race was going to be wiped out by the Lizzies and the answer was "Maybe." And then... well, I'll get it out now... okay, it says here; "We don't want to be abducted, can't we stop it?" And you answered: "Not likely, they have more power than you." Then I asked: "Why can't you help us?" and you answered: "Would interfere in natural progression of your race and theirs. The Jews called upon us to save them and we could not. And the natives of your land called upon us and we could not save them from your race. We could not stop that either. It is natural progression, see?" And then I asked: "Are we going to be wiped out by aliens as part of this natural progression?" Answer: "Maybe..." Okay, so, in a sense, the question related specifically to stopping abductions and you said no, you could not stop that and you said that you could not save the Jews or the Native Americans because it would interfere in Natural Progression... yet you said you could help us individually if we called upon you for help... What is the difference?

A: We cannot interfere to help, knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. You can help yourselves to gain knowledge, we can be the "conduit."

Q: (V) So, that is a misinterpretation on all our parts of what this help might or might not be? (L) We have a couple of other things that we have been discussing here this evening that I am sure that we all want to know about. The first thing is: Could we have a little reading for our friend Sandra D. who has been in the hospital. What is the root of the problem and how can we help her or how can she help herself to get better?
Just wondering.


Very interesting session, with lots to learn from.

I particularly enjoyed the discussion on gravity being somehow matched to knowledge, and light being an energy expression of each. Somehow it helped me come closer to understanding better what knowledge, light and gravity really are. Or at least I think so.

Legolas said:
What I'm wondering about the C's saying, several times :), -help is on the way-, under the aspect of free will, choices and lessons, that this help has something to do with this group, that this group is growing (sharing knowledge, ÉE) and every new member (with different talents and lessons etc.) could be a part of this help is coming?
Something similar crossed my mind. By having opened your doors wide with the creation of the forum and the fellowship you have, on the one hand, exposed yourselves more to the possibility of attacks but, on the other hand, I think that you have also created the possibility of a stronger support network.


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i understood the "help on the way" as a more important interaction with higher selves as the process continues but it may mean something else indeed.


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I found this transcript to be particularly interesting, for a number of reasons, but the first few lines immediately brought to mind something I will share below.

Q: (V) Okay, I think I understand now. The other question I have about this symbol that I thought was very curious is in this center part there is an L, is there any significance to that?...well, I'm sure there is significance...

A: Crook shape signifies movement into higher dimension.
I have not seen the image V is referencing so perhaps it is not an L, per se, but it seems that the C's are stating that the shape of the L signifies such. Maybe it always signifies such or maybe only in relation to what was being discussed.

But it is interesting to me because of the attached images.

The attachments are pictures I took of the Georgia Guidestones. The first is full view of the stones while facing West, the Greek is engraved on the stone facing East. Reminds me of that maxim "turn to the East." Also, the "L" could indicate 90-degrees. Second is a closeup.

Yet there is no "L" in Ancient Greek, if it was meant to represent the "L" sound then it should be lambda, but you see a lambda at the beginning of "lithoi" (stones) - for correctness the characters should be an iota. In other words, twice the letter "L" was engraved where there should be an iota, once in the word for stones and once in "aeon" or Age.

Yet elsewhere iota is engraved, so why the discrepancy?

It has always been curious to me as to why this was done, for I am certain it was no "mistake". If they went to the trouble to make circumflex and other accents, surely they know proper declensions.

Perhaps the above has something to do with it? Or perhaps not . . . could be reaching at straws, I admit, but this came to mind so thought I would share.


some links:



Thanks for this transcript. I appreciate it a lot. I believe it is a must read. The symbols, the gravity/light/knowledge conversation, the STS/STO comments. A bunch of good information to process.

Thanks again.


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Great session, thank you Laura for this transcript, explanations are a real eye-opener to the relationship between consciousness/gravity and light. Being versed in electronics I could make a picture of electrons merging with power/light, striking an object, producing consciousness on that object, bringing life and existence to a material matter. Simple explanation to a complex problem. Second matter: upon reading the Adventure series and past sessions which included FT/VB involved, also being an old fogey like myself, how on earth did you put up with the arrogance and remarks of those two. In the transcripts it was obvious that the self loveing attitude was going to bite them in the butt...thank god I was not there. You have to have a very pure heart to even want them in the same area, they seem to be just the type of psychotic personality that STS entity's relish. Get into their target , familiarize it's world, then stab in the back, hurting the most trusting and vulnerable. In my old line of work, saw it a million times. Laura has weathered a tough storm, Kudos to her and the group....Best regard Roger


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(L) This is what they've said before: They've said that light is produced by utilization of knowledge. That light is an energy expression of gravity. They've also said that light is an expression of the utilization of knowledge. So we come to the idea that knowledge is gravity in a certain sense

This reminds me of the numerous pictures of Jesus Christ depicted with a halo of light around his head. I've added an attachment of a picture that shows this. Not only does the picture show symbolism to light being utilized by his knowledge but this particular picture depicts the crook or Shepard's staff and the fact of being a Shepard or a leader/keeper of many is striking as well. He had 12 disciples and perhaps this was a small niche network. Perhaps I'm reading into this too much however it is interesting that a man such as Jesus and certainly others have been depicted this way as to show or symbolize something that maybe has been forgotten by society altogether.

This network that is establish is certainly the 4Th way and maybe that is the way in which past generations have utilized as well.

Also on a complete side note I can't help but be swept away by the thought of anti-gravity and flying skateboards like in the movie back to the future with Michael J. Fox. Many things are possible. The light in a neon tube will bounce back and forth from end to end an incredible mount of times per second. Perhaps if we could take that concepts and speed the trajectory up and then utilize this by magnifying/projecting it downward to produce a lift off effect from the ground. This latter part might seem like pure utter nonsense and if it is in fact that I apologize.. childish dreams wandering wild.

Great Session! Many thanks for sharing! :rockon:



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Thanks Laura, for this session, alot of information to "eat".... :)


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Well this whole topic of networking kinda reinforced and elaborated on my log i posted about regarding group work and meditation. There is some basic resonance that draws us to one another, and as we all come together to share and learn, we start to attune to each other. This resonance starts to build and sync up as we, the instruments, use all of our past experiences, present circumstances, and future goals, to come to greater understanding of the world and its deeper realities. As this sync rate increases, we truly do start thinking/acting/being as One simply based on the natural progression of who we are. This is turn minimizes any conflicting energies in the group dynamic, and sets the course for we, the instruments, to play the notes of creation more accurately and with greater awareness, as we, the orchestra. So by the nature of the STO dynamic, we as a group become a stronger generater of light than individually. The group will constantly bounce all the energy off one another, and because of the unified state of being, it continually intensifies in a stronger frequency, maybe even to a point of a quantum jump of sorts for those involved. I just had a flash back to an FVR reading, something along the lines of a pendulum swinging. As you get it going in one direction it gains strength and intensity as you continue to add force at the proper time. Seems to be like an individual representation of the group dynamic i am trying to discuss. Like the pendulum is a 2-d representation of the individual FVR choice and attunement, and i see the group as this 3-d field of points/light/music integrating and harmonizing in a similar sense. Heh, it was kind of an interesting visual i was having so i figured i would try and put it in words.



The Force is Strong With This One
"Q: (L) Alright, do any of us have any questions we were planning on asking? VG has her questions. (V) I'll start with the Reiki symbol that we received once at a previous session. {shows symbol drawn on a piece of paper} This was the way it was drawn out and at the time it was drawn, we were told that it was close enough as though maybe it wasn't exactly as it was supposed to be. I am wondering if this is closer than this? (comparing proposed alternatives) In other words if the spiraling inside of the...

A: Match corners to outside spiral, neither inside nor outside.

Q: (V) Okay, I think I understand now. The other question I have about this symbol that I thought was very curious is in this center part there is an L, is there any significance to that?...well, I'm sure there is significance...

A: Crook shape signifies movement into higher dimension."

Since the Anuki symbol is mentioned right after this, I'm assuming that the symbol this is referring to is the Ohnh tu shayti sunehn given in session 960824. My question is: Is there a picture of this symbol posted anywhere and, if so, where?
December 3, 1994

A: You do??? [Inscribed giant question mark on board.]

Q: (L) Do what?

A: You said you understood concept. Really? Learn.

Q: (L) Well, since you guys can do that, why can’t you teach us power symbols that will enhance our Reiki?

A: You are not ready.

Q: (L) But if we work on the Reiki will you teach us more power symbols?

A: Okay, we’ll give you one. [Pencil is attached to planchette that draws symbol.]

Q: (L) What is this symbol called?

A: Anuki. Pronounced: AH — NEW — KEY.

Q: (V) And, as it applies to Reiki, what does it do? What does it represent?

A: Retention of energy at location most in need. All Reiki you have as yet learned involves passage of healing energy, this one involves prolonged retention for strengthened power, thus results.

Q: (L) Where are you getting this?

A: Access is Universal.

Q: (L) Did Dr. Usui also receive this and then not remember it? I mean, the story is that he received a lot of symbols, but as far as I know, there are only half a dozen or so being passed down in the teachings.

A: Usui did not reveal all to Takata.

Q: (L) Why?

A: He was told that the knowledge was priceless and must not be wasted by too much dissemination particularly to those who do not have the burning desire for truth. Those who did, as you do, would find some way of accessing knowledge.


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