Session 30 March 2002

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Perhaps as we gain knowledge we build up Lifeforce/ether/EM substrate/Chi/Prana.

And utilization of knowledge corresponds to movement of Lifeforce, which causes ripples in the Lifeforce (which is the ether,) and these ripples are light.

If gravity as we understand it corresponds to movement of Lifeforce, then perhaps this is what the C's mean when they relate knowledge and gravity.

I agree.

How can we demonstrate this gravitational energy? This is what intrigues me! The whole Jedi thing would be nice but I sense there is more to this than "psychokinesis".

A new twist on the biblical "Let There Be Utilization of gravity"
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Q: [..] (V) I'm going to be brave here and ask if it's possible to get a symbol this evening that may work on viruses? (L) Viruses? (V) I know ...okay I'm back to the same question of consciousness.

A: Viruses make inroads only when there exists gaps in consciousness. A full field of awareness closes the gaps. Heal the soul by means of increased knowledge which leads to DNA modification which closes gaps...
This is consistent with a recent session regarding the coronavirus/vaccines situation:
Q: (Gaby) Will the group members that will be or have been vaccinated with this technology, can they do something else to protect themselves?

A: Your program is good if combined with knowledge and awareness. Knowledge itself changes DNA.

Q: (Joe) So if the ultimate reason for this technology being used in 12% of the vaccines is to influence people at some point in the future, it's only people who would be inclined to act in that way anyway who would be susceptible to it. It won't work in people who aren't of that nature.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is it possible that one of the reasons human beings have been deliberately dumbed down is to prevent positive DNA changes?

A: Yes
This suggests that the more knowledge a person has, the less they are affected by viruses. This seems to be true in my own personal experience. Over decades, as I've learned more, I've gotten colds and flus less frequently. No doubt this is due in some part to improved diet and lifestyle, but I couldn't have changed those without the knowledge of what to change them to!

So thanks @Laura, @Gaby, @Chu, @Keit and all the other healers in the Church (and beyond) for finding and sharing this knowledge! 💐
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