Session 30 November 1996


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November 30, 1996
Frank, Laura, Ark (Via Internet) Terry and Jan

A: Hello

Q: (L) Hello, and who do we have with us this evening?

A: Jxoin

Q: (L) And where are you transmitting from tonight?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) You said previously that time was 'selective and variable.' What, exactly, does this mean?

A: By "Selective", we mean simply to think of time as if it were like your jukebox. There are many selections there, you may play them as you choose. But you need not play them sequentially, unless that is all you know. The selections are always there, are they not?

Q: (L) Well, that is crazy! You can't just go around having things happening in random order?!

A: Random is in the eyes of the perceiver.

Q: (L) What is it that causes us to only be able to perceive time in a sequential way?

A: DNA restructuring, as in the handiwork of our friends, STS 4th density.

Q: (L) Is there any possibility of regaining or restructuring this DNA?

A: Was there, will be again. You wanna know all there is to know about time, quantum reality, etcetera? Then it is time for you, and especially Arkadiusz, to study all that you can about the "crop circles," and closely network with those studying them directly.

Q: (L) Why crop circles?

A: The answers to all the questions are, or will be there.

Q: (L) You said that crop circles represented thoughts from 6th density. What does this mean?

A: We are compiling an almanac as well as a manual for the entire Terran population there. The reason we are doing this, is that there are millions who want to know the answers on the eve of the Grand Cycle Transformation. However, there are precious few that have chosen to try this form of communication, thus opening up a conduit.

Q: (L) Well, how many people are going to be able to understand?

A: But it would not be in form with Prime Level 7 Directive to limit entirely the availability of supreme knowledge!!!

Q: (L) So you are trying to put the entire story out there for all the world to see?

A: Not "trying," we are, my dear.

Q: (L) Okay, crop circles are a language, so to speak. Are they in some way related to mathematics?

A: Mathematics is the one and only true universal language.

Q: (L) Well, I just don't see how they can be decoded.

A: In this room is all the mental power needed, with addition of another "room" in Wroclaw, of course, that is needed to "crack" the code of our circles.

Q: (L) How do we start?

A: All one needs is a foundational point to build a computer program. And we have given you this already.

Q: (L) But nobody wants to hear what we have been saying!

A: Well, the circles are undeniable in their existence, our communication with you is deniable.

Q: (L) Well, if they don't want to hear it as it is channeled, what makes the crop circles different?

A: Not point. If you can crack the code, this becomes an undeniable language that is ongoing, consistent, and demonstrable.

Q: (L) So, you mean that if we can show what they mean, have it make sense, and then interpret others as they come into being, or show others how...

A: Self explanatory and yes.

Q: (L) At one point you mentioned that I needed to learn mathematics, which can be a years long effort. And now, Ark is a mathematician. Was this a clue that Ark was to be part of this?

A: Ark was coming into the picture all along. All is eternal, time is selective. We can see the entire jukebox menu selection at all "times."

[Break, Ark joins group]

Q: (L) Ok, Ark has a question: how does one distinguish an authentic crop circle from a fake one?

A: Authentic ones are intricate in design and meticulously in meticulous in the detail of their construction. The reality is that there have only been a few "fake" crop circles in the entire history of the phenomenon world wide, any way.

Q: (L) Ark asks: to crack the code, is it sufficient to have a collection of pictures? I'm sure he means crop circle pictures.

A: Yes, to start with.

Q: (L) Ark says, to crack the code, we need an example. Can you point some out? (T) Example, as in crop circle pictures? (L) Well, no, how to crack it, or whatever.

A: Please review transcripts.

Q: (L) Can you tell us, I'm curious, too. What is it, is it about the using mathematics, or is it about something else?

A: You asked for interpretation of specific crop circles pictures before. Remember?!?

Q: (Jan) We already did that, I already did the graphics for the ones we asked about last time. I have a whole file with nothing but crop circles. Didn't you send that to him? That's what we're talking about. We need other pictograms to ask about. (T) Oh, I know what we need. It's not just pictures of crop circles, we need the dimensions of the crop circles as well. You can't do anything mathwise if you don't know how big or whatever. (Ark) If Einstein's relativity is only partly correct, as pointed out last time, and this is because of the variable 'time', does this imply that the theory of relativity based on Galilei group is better than that based on Lorentz group?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why?

A: Because of the symmetric calculations they used as a basis for their efforts.

Q: (T) Where has the Lorentz group gone wrong?

A: Too complex to answer.

Q: (A) Is entropy the key concept that must be included into the unified field theory in order to include other densities into the equations?

A: Need to back up and reflect before proceeding. There is still a "missing link" that is earlier in the process. Any mathematics problem will collapse if there is a missing link.

Q: (L) Well if he goes back and finds that missing link, will he then need to include entropy into the equation? Into the theory in order to include other densities?

A: Must find link before answer is given, otherwise it is useless information.

Q: (A) Can decoding of information from crop circles be automatized completely? Can this be done by a computer program, without human intervention, with out work of mind?

A: Not likely, and what would be the benefit? Learning is necessary for progress of soul. Remember, we are not here to lead by the hand. We will help, but some answers are for you to decipher, and you have been extraordinarily good at this, my Arkadiusz, since very early childhood. This is how you are building your power center. All there is is lessons and learning is fun. More fun even than teaching.

Q: (A) Should I look into sonoluminescence? Are there causal time loops?

A: Q1: Yes. Q2: On the right track, now blend or unify. No polarities, please.

Q: (T) No polarities? (L) I have no... none of us knows anything. (T) That's absolute. (J) What? (T) Well, if you don't have polarities, then it's absolute. It doesn't matter if the numbers are minus or plus. We're dealing in absolutes. (A) So, cracking the code is to be computer- assisted mind work, that is, human interpretation, assisted by computer program. Which branch of algebra will have to be used for that?

A: Not necessary to use algebra here.

Q: Anything further on that? We should let him ask, actually...

A: Such as?

Q: (A) I need guidance here. Can you give me some more specific than just work!

A: Please be more specific as to where, or with what, or how you wish to have guidance. All will be well and soon. [AJ signs off for the evening]

End of session



Just saw this. I thought it sort of relates to the conversation about what the C's were implying in this session, concerning the way they see reality as opposed to the way we perceive it. My impression was that they see the 2D (dimensional) holographic universe, though our perception is locked into perhaps just photographic stills, lined together, existing within the massive information of the holograph.


Wow good topic! Don't remember reading this one while reading Cass. front page articles . Reminds me of the work "Red Collie" (Dr. Horace R. Drew) who i think is an Australian, has been doing on the Crop Circle Connector and others. Google search his name. Do a search on red collie at the crop circle connector and you get a good list of his analysis using geometry and mathematics just as the C's has suggested. Ark,Laura or any members for that matter, have you seen this before? Is this something that's been looked at previously???


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great timing for re-posting this session
as Duke mentioned Red Collie has some good ideas on cropcircles
here are the links to CCC--

and the latest ''close enough for horse shoes''??

The last one to be seen in September in Essex as expressed in the crop circle connector site, was on Ark Lane. Horseshoes and Ark seem like mirth. And probably a whole lot more. Maybe for Mr. Ark to figure out. These circle have always spoken to me and drawn me to them and its propelled me to want to take a free online geometry course. Another dot perhaps.


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November 30, 1996

Q: (T) No polarities? (L) I have no... none of us knows anything. (T) That's absolute. (J) What? (T) Well, if you don't have polarities, then it's absolute. It doesn't matter if the numbers are minus or plus. We're dealing in absolutes. (A) So, cracking the code is to be computer- assisted mind work, that is, human interpretation, assisted by computer program. Which branch of algebra will have to be used for that?

A: Not necessary to use algebra here.

While I was rereading the session, a thought has passed through: "NO could help cracking the code."


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Did anyone made advancements or has new insights on/into the "Crop Circle" topic?
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