Session 31 January 1998


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January 31, 1998

Frank, Laura, Ark

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: Who do we have with us this evening?

A: Oorg.

Q: And where do you transmit through?

A: Cassiopaea.

Q: Tonight we are very tired and we have a few quick questions. Ark feels like his time is being wasted. Can we have a little insight on this situation?

A: More specific.

Q: We he is spending so much time teaching that he has no time for his other work, and the mess in the house and the demands of the kids - me - all seems to be keeping him from doing what little of his work he COULD do when he is not teaching.

A: May need to "go it alone" for awhile.

Q: He may need to do this?

A: Yes. Would help, otherwise, problems will increase.

Q: You are saying that I should drive him to Gainesville, leave him there, come home and take care of the house and kids?

A: Or similar. Remember, we do not tell you what to do. Only make suggestions.

Q: Can you tell us why the situation is as it is just now?

A: Attack.

Q: Well, if the attack is designed to keep us apart, they are winning...

A: Not to keep you apart.

Q: (A) I have a theory that this is just what the C's were telling us - that this is just a test - to make everything just as difficult as possible - so that we are tired and have too much to do - that it is just a test...

A: Close, interrelated.

Q: Can you give any direction of things that can be done to alleviate the job stress?

A: Will resolve itself.

Q: Can you tell me who, in fact, was the person who called the police last week? {There had been a situation of extreme rebellion among the kids and I told them that if they did not obey the rules of the house, they could just pack their bags and go live with their father. A short time later, the police arrived at the door saying there had been a report of "abuse." It was clear that one of the kids called the police in an effort to exert control over us. We know now that the kids had called their older sister who was living away from home and it was she who called the police. So, for anyone having problems with their children, with creating a new family after divorce, just know that we went through all that in the extremes and survived. All the children love Ark dearly now, and they are all glad now that we stuck to our guns and didn't tolerate all the emotional games and blackmail they tried to pull on us.}

A: Open.

Q: Why do you say 'open'?

A: Because to say otherwise would stimulate unwise reactions born of fiery emotions.

Q: (A) I would like to know if there is any imminent financial catastrophe which we can still somehow prevent?

A: No catastrophe.

Q: Okay, so I should take Ark up to Gainesville and come back...


Q: Well, I wrote to Betty Castor, but we haven't heard anything back...

A: You will.

Q: I hope so. (A) Did they mention USF because we should do something beyond what has been done?

A: Always.

Q: I don't know what else to do...

A: Beware of negative health effects deriving from Mexican silver.

Q: Such as?

A: Blood abnormalities.

Q: Is that just me, Ark, A***, A** - we all have Mexican silver?

A: All.

Q: What are we supposed to do? Not wear it?

A: Good idea!

Q: (A) That's possible. Better late... than not at all. (L) Any other little 'jewels' of wisdom? (A) I want to ask about monopoles. Do monopoles exist?

A: Yes.

Q: My thought was that if monopoles exist, the only way they can exist is that if somewhere, under some conditions, the opposite of the pole exists... I mean they cannot exist in third density without being a duality... (A) Yes...

A: And third density cloaks so many truths.

Q: Do you say cloaks in the sense that it cloaks the monopoles from our observation?

A: Measureability.

Q: Cloaks them from our measureability.

A: Psychomantium.

Q: Okay, is a psychomantium something that utilizes monopoles? When you use the mirror are you seeing the other 'half' of them?

A: Window to many vistas.

Q: Well, I am working on it! I have to get the house put together first! (A) And to get the house put together first we gotta work on these monopoles, get the Nobel Prize for these monopoles...

A: Spreading yourself too thin.

Q: I know I am spreading myself too thin.

A: But, you are happier now.

Q: Except for {my daughter}. I am very unhappy about {her}. I want to cry about it all the time.

A: Always has been the conflicted one; karmic.

Q: What is the nature of the karma?

A: Role reversal.

Q: Back to monopoles. (A) Long ago you advised that I should return to something that I was doing long ago, and that I abandoned, like many other things. Monopoles was one of the things, and recently I discovered another, automata. The universe is like a computer and, in the beginning, there was the 'word.' Should I just do the monopoles temporarily and finish, or is it something that is worthwhile to pursue? Help, please.

A: You need study time.

Q: What is the clue to be derived from 'study time'?

A: Both efforts bring results when pursued simultaneously. Weekends provide this, so do evenings soon to be in new environment, if pursue correctly. Basically on the right track, just have patience and faith. Now, we suggest that future sessions delve more fully into matters of universal importance, then personal problems dissolve, or at least ease! Thank you and Good Night.

End of Session
Interesting. I was intrigued by the statement regarding 3rd density cloaking from many truths.

A little concerning about Mexican silver and blood abnormalities. Any idea what they were referring to and whether it applied to all silver from Mx? I have bought my wife a few pieces of Mexican silver over the years.

Thanks for the time and effort put into getting this posted.

Q: What is the nature of the karma?

A: Role reversal.

Guess what my grandparents said is true. "Do not do onto others what you do not want others to do onto you."

Thank you for this posting.
Have a nice day.
and something I noticed more and more: the more aware you are, the fastest the "karma" comes back to you. 10 years ago it would have taken me months to realise of a role reversal for something I did, not it takes 2 hours to see it.
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