Session 5 October 2001


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October 5 2001
Laura and Ark

Q: (L) October 5th. Today's the day we buried my grandmother.{In 1985}
A: Hello dear ones. Listen for help.
Q: (L) And who do we have with us this evening?
A: Hailiea.
Q: (L) Where do you transmit through?
A: (L) Cassiopaea.
Q: (L) Are you ready? (A) Yes.
Q: (A) This is an ordinary question about my state of affairs, about this sleepiness, because once in a while it becomes very strong. There are probably many ingredients for this, yet I would like to know which has the most importance. What about this sleepiness when it's time to do research?
A: "Coil failure."
Q: (A) What coil? Coil failure? Do I have a coil in my brain?
A: Hypothalamus.
{Sitting beneath the cerebral hemispheres are the thalamus and hypothalamus. The thalamus is a relay center between the periphery and the cortex. It receives sensory information from virtually every region of the body, filters all of the information, and then relays the filtered portion to the cerebral cortex. The hypothalamus functions much like the thalamus, but mediates its actions by controlling the release of hormones by the pituitary gland. Its major functions include regulation of body temperature, adjusting heart and respiratory rates, and stimulation and inhibition of eating and drinking.}
Q: What kind of failure?
A: Energy surge causes short circuit.
Q: (A) But this phenomenon sometimes was going on for weeks or months.
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Why is it certain activities keep me awake, and certain others make me sleep?
A: Failure has a genetic basis. {Pause} Push against.
Q: (L) What does pushing against this tendency accomplish?
A: Unlocks DNA.
Q: (L) Anything specific that would be beneficial other than just pushing against it?
A: Aging stumps the brain that is unused.
Q: (L) In other words use it or lose it. (A) But I had exactly the same phenomenon like twenty years ago. Is there anything else that will help, other than pushing against it and forcing it to unlock DNA?
A: Not really you must overcome some things on your own steam.
Q: (L) What will be the benefits once he pushes past this?
A: Faculties jacked up a big step higher.
Q: (L) How long will it last if he struggles with it whenever he needs to sleep? This is my idea but - just struggling against it. That's the only way I can describe it.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) I don't think it does any good to walk away from it. If you have to lie down, then struggle while lying down. Take a book with you and battle the sleepiness. If you fall asleep, keep the book handy and the instant you wake up, go back to it. (A) Alright, that confirms what I know. Let's change the subject. Last time we talked, you told us about 1969. Somehow I couldn't find...
A: Hair is key.
Q: (L) Huh? {To A} When did your hair turn white? (A) I have no idea. (L) Did it happen gradually? I think that refers back to the genetic thing. (A) I have this photograph when I was writing on the blackboard. I still had dark hair. But I had gray hair when I was in school. So, probably it started turning when I was about 32. I have no idea. (A) Why is hair the key? What kind of key?
A: Gene block activation.
Q: (L) Gene block activation. (A) What does that mean? (L) Is that activated externally or just internally because of the way the genes where set up. Was a gene block activated by something external?
A: Force, yes.
Q: (L) Are there any nutrients or activities that will be beneficial?
A: Spirulina.
Q: (A) Alright, something that is with hair genetics and so on. But that doesn't help with 1969 because I have no idea what kind of key it is. Essentially I was told that I should go back to 1969. I understood that there is a subject I was thinking and working on in 1969, that I have to go back to. I can't find what exactly what subject it was.
A: Go to years before.
Q: (A) In the years before there were certain subjects; one of them was algebras, one of them was indefinite metric and the probabilities. These two subjects were what I was working on at this time. I was also working on these two subjects later on. I was trying to put them together into one subject. When you say 1969 does it mean algebra and indefinite metric?
A: Yes, part of it.
Q: (A) That is only part of it. I have another problem: there is the other part of it which escapes completely my thinking. I cannot think of anything else.
A: Join up to geometry.
Q: (A) Join up means just add to it or what?
A: Partly, but also integrate integers!
Q: (L) What the heck does that mean? (A) Probably it means that integers are important. There is a piece of algebra where you give matrices entries which are integers. And...
A: And...
Q: (A) I think it could help me. At that time I found something that was interesting that relates to integers. I found somebody writing a paper on Lorentz transformation that was made of integers; that is like, if space-time was kind of a grid or lattice. And...
A: Indeed it is.
Q: (A) That could help! Okay, so that would add integers. So now, next thing looking for 1969 algebra, I got this paper by Noyes and another guy. This paper tries to explain Quantum mechanics in terms of negative probabilities and so on. It is 80 pages which are very hard to understand and puts me to sleep in particular. I read a page and understand...
A: Push!
Q: (A) This paper has very interesting keywords like time loops and negative probabilities, Von Neumann, and the question is whether it is worthwhile to invest in this matter, or perhaps it is just crap like 99% {of physics papers}?
A: Push!
Q: (A) Now going back to 1969: I got several books on probability theory.
A: Jump start by finding paper on windows.
Q: (L) What kind of windows?
A: Mathematical.
Q: (A) The only windows that come to my mind are windows produced in chaotic phenomena when you do a simple algorithm. You take a number and you do something to this number - very simple - and you get another number. And you do this simple thing to another number. You repeat this operation, okay? You get a lot of numbers; you plot these numbers. And you say "Oh! It's chaotic! It's everywhere! Complete nothing. Chaos. No regularity. Except: here, I get a window. Numbers which I generate by my algorithm are chaotic except they never fall into this window! And here is another window. Why do we have these funny windows?" You can run the computer, simple program, and you create these windows. So that was one window. IS it this kind of window or a different window?
A: Close enough to get you there.
Q: (A) Why are windows important?
A: You will see.
Q: (A) Certainly because windows are related with algorithms, chaos, population ratios; that will not put me to sleep. I can play with windows. (L) But you had to push on the other thing. (A) Yes, now you. (L) I just wanted to ask whatever happened to Terri Burns?
A: Her hormones triggered a brain swarm.
Q: (A) What does that mean? "Swarm?" (L) Extremely chaotic activity. Like when you knock over a beehive, all the bees come out after you; it's called "swarming." All systems in chaos. Well, my only concern in recent times is the CD of all our unedited sessions that Vincent has taken which he has not returned, and what he plans to do with it, considering that there is much personal information there about many people. Is there anything we ought to be aware of or ought to do in regards to that?
A: He will make you famous.
Q: (L) How about infamous? {laughter} That is his intent!
A: No.
Q: (L) Is TB going to join up forces with Vincent since that's where her hormones are taking her.
A: No.
Q: (L) What's going to happen with TB?
A: Hospital is final destination.
Q: (L) Is TB able to control her thinking if she tried?
A: No.
Q: (L) Does she need to be on medication as she has claimed?
A: Maybe part of the time.
Q: (L) Well, anything else we need to know about? Are her girls ok? I am very concerned about them considering the way she just drops them off and leaves them for such extended periods of time.
A: Yes.
Q: Any advice?
A: Finish the book.
Q: (A) That's very good, finish the book! {laughter} After tomorrow. (L) I can't it will require a certain period of time. I could do like Kris says: you know, you never finish a book, they just take it away from you and give it to the printer. {Laughter} It does have definite shape in my mind and here it must go and how it must end. It's getting there! I still have to rewrite what I lost with the hard drive crash. That was the big chapter leading to the finish. Not only was I going to destroy standard Egyptological dating, I was going to propose the solution. Such as: who was Abraham really? Who was Moses? When did it all really happen and how? I have some answers to propose. But the false foundation has to be torn apart before even doing that, which is what the chapter was about that was lost. So You {C's} are clever you know exactly how much work I have to do yet!
A: Goodbye.

End of Session.
Thanks for sharing Laura and team! The topic of mathematical windows forming and taking shape is interesting among chaotic algorithms. I suppose that during the windows or stabilization something clear and concise may be able to take place or perhaps be created. Certain activities may be able to take place within the designated window where under the chaotic times they could not. i.e. what happened to the disappearing planes over Bermuda triangle may have happened during a window and from my understanding they are sort of stuck in time on what I would have to conceive as being a parallel plane of existence. No quite sure however because I certainly do not have a degree in mathematics nor physics though my interest in those topics are high.

Thanks for the incredible amount of work you put in to this forum and all the many other activities and projects that you do! :rockon: :clap:
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