Session 6 December 2014


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Session Date: December 6th 2014

Laura and Andromeda at the board

Pierre, Perceval, Ark, Chu, parallel, Breton, Windmill Knight, Prodigal Son, Data, Mr. Scott, Kniall, Galatea, and Noko the Wonderdog (who once again slept for the whole session and woke up just before the "Goodbye")

Q: (L) This is 6 December 2014.

A: Fine fire this evening! Ginollia of Cassiopaea here for the present energy arrangement/transduction.

Q: (L) That was a thorough introduction. We've got a real OCD type. [laughter] Sorry, I was just being a little bit funny. You covered all the bases for me.

A: Just trying to help conserve your energy!

Q: (L) I'm assuming that means that I need help conserving my energy...

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, well we won't go into that. Now, I wanted to ask a question based on something that was said - well, actually there were several things said - in the last session. Oh, that's funny. I just turned to this page and it says:

Session 11 October 2014:

A: Time for you to sit in the psychomantium or something similar with pencil and paper ready.

Q: (L) Why do I need a paper and pencil ready?

A: Because we have complex things to convey and that will conserve energy.
(L) So we've got energy conservation going on. And then in the same session I said:

Q: (L) Do these have to be questions of general interest, or is it possible that say, for example, other people could send in questions to be answered in this way?

A: Limit personal questions please.

(L) And this is the topic I would like to address: personal questions. I have noticed that on many occasions, starting off with a somewhat personal question has led to something of universal interest for everyone. So, I want to know: is there some kind of... I mean, I'm assuming that a personal question is not... Well, that there's different classifications. Some personal questions might be personal, but they're universally interesting, and other personal questions are just specific to that individual themselves. In that case, is it okay to ask questions that are, or may be, universally interesting or that may lead to discussions that are of universal interest?

A: Notice this: Most often the questions that drain and lead to STS energies are asked by individuals who are not in frequency with you and your general tendency to utilize all in service to others.

Q: (L) So it depends on the intention and the frequency match?

A: More or less. There is also a tendency in such types to ask merely with the intention to "use" this source in a selfish way.

Q: (L) Well, yeah, but there are also some people who are fairly desperate in physical situations, like situations of illness and so forth, where it can be kind of understandable that they're feeling just a little bit selfish.

A: Yes, but also notice that such individuals often are "fair weather" friends. They come only because they want/need something, but give back very little.

Q: (L) Anybody have any elucidating questions on that? {Multiple head shakes.} So, in other words, "limit personal questions" is not a hard and fast dictum, it's flexible. In some cases, personal questions can actually be helpful to other people who may have similar situations. Well, for health issues most often, I think that research is probably the way to go.

(Perceval) You can imagine someone for example with health questions, if they had done a lot of work themselves in terms of trying to solve their problem and they came with more information that was shared with everyone via the session, then by the nature of it that would be of more universal interest.

(L) I noticed the last time that Rabelais was wanting to ask about cancer, and he was asking about if the theory of Dr. So-and-so is useful. Well, that doesn't help anybody. Explaining the theory and reading it into the record... but on the other hand, that's something you can make your own judgment on and can share via the forum.

(Perceval) Exactly. You do all that you can, and then the question you come up with about it, that question would then be more universally useful. Or like, "What's wrong with my big toe? Why is my big toe sore?"

(Andromeda) Yeah, and then you would be giving something back to other people first, and utilizing your own energy to find answers.

(Chu) And that would be the key, because then you're giving back to the network.

(L) If you're not networking, then what are you doing? That kind of leads me to the next question. In the last session, we were talking about DNA changes:

Session 11 October 2014:

(L) So, liquid DNA... What we have here is a little bit of a confirmation of what the C's were saying way back when, that DNA can turn from a solid to a liquid to infect a cell. But we also know that DNA can also produce beneficial changes. The likelihood is that we have DNA that infected us at some point in time. It truncated the flow of some other DNA that's in our cells already there, but it isn't doing anything because it's been blocked by an infection. The possibility exists, I am surmising, that at some point in time, this could be changed or reversed possibly - probably - virally. Now, am I on to something here?

A: Oh indeed! The times ahead will be most interesting especially if the network both expands to the full tribal unit strength, and many others take the initiative to move up to the next stair step.
(L) Now, something really interesting occurred this past summer. Well, actually it started happening beginning in the fall of last year when we had these meetings here. We were talking about making changes and decisions and changing realities. {We made videos on the topics showing how making a choice can move you into a different reality.} And right in the middle of these workshops, damned if we didn't discover that there was a farm for sale right down the road from us!

It took us a number of months to decide to enter negotiations, and then it took several more months to sort out the negotiations. Meanwhile, we were dealing with the group over in the US, too, and there was a desperate need for a permanent facility there.

The bottom line is that in the month of July, I believe we closed on the house in the US in the first or second week of July, and then we closed on the farm on the 22nd of July. So in the month of July, we took definite reality-changing steps to essentially expand our tribal unit strength, so to say. And then, the most curious thing happened which I didn't know about until November: our old pal Vinnie Bridges died on the 25th of July just three days after we acquired the facility here, and about ten days after we acquired the US facility. It hadn't really occurred to me that there could be any relationship between these events until just recently when I was thinking about it and then it struck me as darned curious. I remembered in – I think it was the last session - talking about this tribal unit strength thing, and also about this force field or energy barrier that we generate within this house and how people who have come up against this energy barrier who are the wrong frequency, at the wrong time, and in the wrong way, seem to have difficulties (to put it mildly).

And then it occurred to me that it IS a curious thing that two of our major attackers/defamers are dead now. One of them was Andy Rowland who died December of last year (Christmas night, as I heard), and then, Vincent Bridges died almost exactly 7 months later, again on the 25th of the month. That made me think of “year 0” which was discussed a few years back, speaking of 2014.

I know I'm speculating like crazy here, but Andy Rowland lived in the UK and Vincent died just a few years after he transferred himself to Europe. The reason this struck me so forcibly is because I looked at pictures of Vincent posted in the guestbook of the funeral home which handled his arrangements, I saw that there were pictures of him from way back right up to just before he died. In 2009, he looked pretty normal and healthy. After 2010, the year he came to Europe and probably helped to instigate and participated in the police investigation that we underwent that year, he just went downhill like crazy. I don’t want to read too much into it, but it's almost as though he had come into contact with something that really destroyed him. So that made me think of the energy field around us that has been described previously, that those with dark or negative frequencies that encounter it, hit it like a brick wall, so to say. I mean, I know it's a long way to Prague, but still, we're on this side of the pond. So I got to wondering if it could possibly be because of being on this side of the Atlantic where we are? And I'm just wondering - speculatively - if there is any relationship between his death on the 25th of July and our changing our reality by purchasing these two properties to enable our tribal unit strength to expand in a definite way? That's my question. Does that sound like a crazy question?

(Perceval) It's only crazy if it's not true. [laughter]

(Pierre) It's the beginning of superpowers!

(L) Is there any relationship?

A: In the words of the philosopher: You betcha!

Q: (Perceval) What philosopher said that?

(Galatea) That could also explain why people become so sick when they travel: because they're entering into someone else's home where their defenses are lowered. The frequency change makes you weak.

(Perceval) So, some kind of "death ray" was fired from this house at Vinnie Bridges in Prague and it knocked him stone dead?

A: Silly! There was in fact a burst of energy at the accomplishment of the aim and this resonated within the planetary field. It was unfortunate that Bridges was configured in the wrong frequency pattern. Check the news around the same time for other clues of both positive and negative nature!

Q: (Pierre) Was Bridges the only casualty of this energy burst?

A: No.

Q: (Perceval) They said to check the news for other clues...

Pierre did a search with the following results:

July 22nd, 2014:
John Blundell, English economist (b. 1952)
Johann Breyer, German SS officer (b. 1925)
Louis Lentin, Irish director and producer (b. 1933)
Robert Newhouse, American football player (b. 1950)
Nitzan Shirazi, Israeli footballer and manager (b. 1971)

July 23rd, 2014
Dora Bryan, English actress and singer (b. 1923)
Norman Leyden, American composer and conductor (b. 1917)
2014 – Ariano Suassuna, Brazilian author and playwright (b. 1927)
2014 – Jordan Tabor, English footballer (b. 1990)
2014 – Bill Thompson, American television host (b. 1931)
2014 – Saado Ali Warsame, Somalian singer and politician (b. 1950)
2014 – Joseph Wood, American murderer (b. 1958)

2014 – Ik-Hwan Bae, South Korean-American violinist (b. 1956)
2014 – Yoo Chae-yeong, South Korean-American singer-songwriter and actress (b. 1973)
2014 – Christian Falk, Swedish singer-songwriter and bass player (Imperiet) (b. 1962)
2014 – Dale Schlueter, American basketball player (b. 1945)
2014 – Hans-Hermann Sprado, German journalist and author (b. 1956)

2014 – Carlo Bergonzi, Italian tenor and actor (b. 1924)
2014 – Alan C. Greenberg, American businessman (b. 1927)
2014 – Çolpan Ilhan, Turkish actress (b. 1936)
2014 – Bel Kaufman, German-American author and academic (b. 1911)
2014 – Richard Larter, Australian painter and illustrator (b. 1929)

2014 – Oleh Babayev, Ukrainian politician (b. 1965)
2014 – Charles R. Larson, American admiral (b. 1936)
2014 – Richard MacCormac, English architect, founded MJP Architects (b. 1938)
2014 – Sergei O. Prokofieff, Russian anthroposophist and author (b. 1954)
2014 – Roland Verhavert, Belgian director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1927)

(L) Well, if this is the nature of the kind of things that we could possibly accomplish... [laughter]

(Galatea) Think of the possibilities!

(Perceval) Quick, buy another farm! [laughter]

(L) Some years back, we had an issue with the prefecture in Gers. And we got a notification from the Prefect at the time that we had 30 days to leave France because of the BS started by Vinnie Bridges and Marten Jukema. And our friend, I***, interceded for us directly with one of the ministers of France, {name redacted}, and he interceded on our behalf with the prefect. At the time, I was delivered a personal verbal message from the minister by I***, and he said, "You have enemies in very high places." Well, I didn't take that very seriously at that time. Sheesh, who am I? A housewife with an unusual career choice?

But with these recent issues over the past few years, police investigation in 2010 fer cryin’ out loud, and then the FISC investigation in 2011-2012, it just makes me wonder. Just recently we had a sort of confirmation when our bank sent us a letter telling us after 11 years of a very good relationship, they were closing our accounts. After months of trying to open an account in a dozen other banks, and repeatedly being refused after initial acceptance, it became obvious that something was up, that my name triggered some kind of red flag in the banking system. After months of excuses, BS, and disinfo, Chu finally encountered a sympathetic banker who did some checking and told her that this problem with our banking has been because somebody in a very high position has targeted me specifically – it isn’t even FATCA. And also, there appears to be indications from still another source who has access to the inside information, i.e. the computer database, that the social security system was gearing up to target us for an investigation. Now, all that being said, and realizing that there is certainly a lot of circumstantial evidence that something very strange is going on, considering these events with Andy and Vinnie, I’d like to know when are our efforts going to result in countering the attacks of those guys at the top? [laughter]

A: Keep in mind that some of these types of individuals have protection via STS sources at the global scale. It will be awhile yet before your group or tribal unit achieves that level of projective power. However, it must be said that the critical mass is a lot less than you might expect to need due to the amplification of networked energies. So, keep your awareness sharp and carry on, as there are STO forces in your corner.

Q: (L) Okay. Since we're on this topic, and since it seems that the tribal unit is kind of an important thing, I suppose we should ask some questions about it at the local level. We've got this house, and we've got the house down the road. However, there seems to be a certain issue that I would like to ask for some help on, and I know it's a little personal, but help us out here. I'd like to know what the issues are with Breton in particular in his struggle to come to terms with what we're doing and what we're trying to accomplish. Is that a good way to put it, Breton? You are having a struggle coming to terms with it?

(Breton) Um, not consciously, but...

(L) Oh, okay. He says it's not conscious. Well, okay, so...

A: Warning here! Breton has precipitately disconnected psychic and etheric cords that bound him to a specific plan and milieu. The consequence is that he has torn his triple cycle veil and is leaking energy. The result is what you all observe: a rapid decline in functional intellectual power.

Q: (Perceval) What are the cords that bound him to a specific plan and milieu?

(L) Did you get that, Breton?

(Breton) Yeah, mostly.

(L) Do you have a follow up question?

(Breton) I'm astounded.

(Perceval) Want me to read it out to you?

(Breton) One more time. [answer is read out again]

(L) I don't understand. Can you...

(Chu) What's the triple cycle veil?

(L) The triple cycle veil is in the sessions... The body, the emotions, and the soul are the triple cycle thingamajig. So he has like a life plan that he has abandoned?

(Chu) They said "milieu", so I'm guessing it's something about his family.

(Perceval) Yeah, they said, "a specific plan and milieu".

(L) I think you need to be a little more specific because we don't know... Breton says he's in shock, so he can't ask a question, and we have no clue either. So, can we be more specific? I know that's a vague question, but can you help us out here on this?

A: Put it this way: It is similar to what has been discussed regarding FRV. Breton has effectively "left his true self behind" near his children and only the body centers are here.

Q: (Galatea) Is this like his pre-destiny, like he planned to do something before he came here, but he's not doing it now?

A: Exactly, though he has intellectualized that he is making preparations for his children. Breton, what happens if you get things ready in material terms but the children are not prepared in spiritual and emotional terms?

Q: (L) Can you answer that, Breton?

(Breton) No, I can't answer it. I guess I thought that as you prepare and make steps in the right direction towards the aim, these things become more clear. It's not totally clear how the children and I would get back together again and in what way, but I had to take the first steps.

A: You should rather find the way to do both; you must continue the karmic development with those souls and at the same time support the network and safety net that you hope will receive you.

Q: (Galatea) What is leaking again?

(L) Energy.

(Pierre) Energy, because one part of him is here, and one part of him is over there, so he's split.

(L) Well... So, in other words... in other words, I dunno.

(Pierre) It's a solvable problem. If he's split, the way to fix this problem is to bring these centers back together: to be where his soul is, to help them, and meet them as much as a possible and give them love and psychological and emotional support. Get them prepared on these levels as well. Meanwhile, doing what you're done for years: keep on supporting the network. Where you are doesn't matter. It will all happen at the right time, so have this faith that it will all be resolved.

A: You suffer from a lack of faith in the process and have allowed fear to make choices for you.

Q: (Chu) For what it's worth, what I'm understanding is that because of this lack of faith in the process, you chose to intellectualize it as the right decision to prepare for them materially here, because that's something tangible that you can see. But the spiritual and emotional preparation is a lot more vague and requires a lot more faith. Being there might prepare them more for later when they have to take a harder or necessary step...

A: If you are not there guiding developments and simultaneously watching for the signs, how will you be able to do what is needed for them when it is needed?

Q: (L) Well, all right then.

(Breton) I don't know how I would be guiding my children given that they live with that... lady. I felt it was out of my hands.

A: You give that way more power than it has, and have not developed the necessary force and skills to circumvent obstacles.

Q: (L) Maybe it's time to compromise: move close to where she is.

(Breton) Yeah, maybe that's the skill I'm supposed to be developing: to be able to raise the children under those kinds of circumstances because I have a contract with those souls.

(Chu) And if you're closer, you have more influence and contact.

(Pierre) And the motivation, as well. Apparently it's on the soul level that you made this choice. So, it's a very deep commitment, and it should give you a very strong motivation. There's no regret to have. And you know what you have to do, and it's great. It's rare in our lives that we know that this is my path, this is my destiny.

(Breton) And maybe I made a mistake. I thought I was following my aim the best by coming here. But maybe I can still follow the aim of the group under a different set of circumstances.

(Perceval) Well, of course. Everybody else is doing that. Everyone else who isn't here is following the aim even though they're not here.

(Breton) I just thought that I heard the call, and I thought it was mine. But maybe it wasn't the time to come.

(Chu) Maybe it's not a matter of being wrong or right. You made a statement to her when you decided not to move closer to her. But now, maybe it's time to choose that path for other reasons?

(Breton) The way I was going to serve the aim should have been different, perhaps.

(L) Okay, that leads me to another question. I’ve been reading all this stuff about biblical criticism. What was discussed in the chapter I just finished was the fact that there was a conflict between certain sayings that were attributed to Jesus in the text of the gospels and also in the Book of Acts. Whatever is in there reflects something that was going on at the time of writing, and not authentic reporting about anyone called Jesus. In short, what the gospels say represent much later concerns of the authors of those texts. Without going into a whole lot of detail, there are two things, two ways of living, that are kind of in opposition within those texts. First, there are the many sayings where they talk about how you have to give up all your money, your goods, and become basically like a cynic philosopher and wander up and down the roads and convert people... Like Jesus talking to the rich man and saying, "Go and sell all you own, and follow me." And then there are injunctions in other places where it says that an individual who does not take care of his family and who does not take care of the real world - kind of like the obyvatel concept of Gurdjieff - is committing a worse sin than not believing in Jesus. It's dishonoring your parents, your family, and so forth. So there are these two completely diametrically opposed points of view in the texts, and they pop up at odd times. It’s like the cynic version is the gentile point of view, and the strict obedience to the law (honor your father and mother, etc), is the Judaizing point of view.

The way that this particular analyst – Robert Price - resolved it was to point out that in Buddhism, which started about 600 BC, went along for several hundred years as a very tough ascetic way of achieving Nirvana, whatever. The whole thing is all about Nirvana, being a monk, withdrawing from the world, meditating, and whatever in order to achieve this Nirvana to get free of the whole earthly cycle; to become nothing, to merge into cosmic mind, or whatever. Then about 100 BC, there was a “new revelation” in Buddhism. Another kind of Buddhism came into being and began to be promulgated. It was The Way of the Bodhisattva, which is that a person could deliberately choose to remain in the world - in other words, stop thinking about getting out of the world every minute of the day, and think about remaining in the world with a commitment to be as perfect as you possibly can, knowing that by not withdrawing into a monkish-type situation, that, yes, you may live many more lifetimes, but you will do them as service to others. I think that the idea was that this was a more benevolent way to be a Buddhist, at least one that ordinary people could follow though the purists of the original form declared it to be cheating or a rationalization at the time. It’s now pretty well accepted. So, both kinds of Buddhism are now being practiced, but the idea of serving others by not withdrawing into the monastery seems to be dominant. So then it just basically comes back to there's a high road, and a low road.

(Pierre) Yeah, and it's called the Great Vehicle and the Small Vehicle, I think.

(L) So anyhow, this Robert Price says that this is that what he thinks he's seeing: that there was a similar thing in early Christianity; there was the high road where you could become something like a cynic philosopher and wander up and down the road, save people, and sleep on the road side, the good lord provides everything, etc. That's opposed to the ones that were taking care of business, their families, and also the monks and philosophers. So, in any event, the reason I'm giving this background is that, from some of these things that have been said in various sessions about tribal unit and networks and things, it seems that those people who support the network in certain ways, or in whatever ways they can, as long as they are a part of it and as long as they are networking, they don't have to give up their life, give up their jobs, give up whatever, and move into a community, still benefit from the advances of the network; that is to say, they literally receive when they give and help and support. Obviously, a community is one particular way. It's an intense way. But still, our communities are very different from monkly communities, because we're very much "in the world" in a certain sense.

Am I kind of on to something with this comparison between the high road and the low road of Buddhism and the high road and low road of Christianity? And what we're talking about in terms of communities and other members in our communities, is that pretty much what we're talking about here? That just being a part of the network in whatever way you can is as valuable as giving up everything to go live in a community?

A: More or less. But be aware that there is still the need in these particular times to prepare to actually receive and aid others in the outer edges of the network.

Q: (L) Okay. If people are fully engaged in the network, will they receive information in time?

A: Yes, the operative term being "fully engaged" in any and every way possible.

Q: (Chu) So if they're sitting on the fence, they won't?

(Galatea) They have to commit to it.

(L) Yeah, but you can commit to something and stay right in your regular life. You don't have to commit to something and just throw all caution to the wind.

(Pierre) Fully engaged in every way possible...

(L) I think it means what is possible for that person.

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) The previous answer was that there is still a need in these times to prepare to actually receive and aid others in the outer edges of the network. That's us doing the preparation, for example, so that we are effectively acting as proxies for all those others?

(Ark) I think that the main thing is to achieve as much RESULTS as possible, you see? So if you are somewhere and you see that you are not at your optimal strength because something is leaking, you cannot achieve most results. Some other place, you can see the results of what you are doing.

(L) So if you're not seeing results in your life, you need to rethink what's going on.

(Ark) Yeah.

(L) Anybody else got any questions on it?

(Chu) Just a comment. I would say that if it applied like Perceval was saying to us, or the US community for example, to be preparing for aiding and receiving other people, in order to do that even more, we need those that are in the outer edges to be doing what is possible...

(L) that we can receive them!

A: Yes yes yes!!

Q: (Chu) It's not that they should just sit and wait...

A: Tribal unit strength should be a goal!

Q: (Perceval) So that last answer then was that there's a need in these particular times, that means people that are out there in the network need to be networking and expanding the network and helping each other.

(L) In the center of the network which is where we and the people in the US house are, they need to be prepared and ready. In other words, people on the outer edges of the network can stay where they are for now and be part of the network and know that if the circumstances or conditions transpire, they DO have a place to go.

A: Where you put your energy, including funding, is where your heart is and where you will be drawn and received when the time comes. [table leg starts squeaking during this answer.]

Q: (Chu) I was thinking it's the clearest explanation that it's not where you are, but who you are and what you see that counts.

(L) Because where you are, IF you see the signs, you can change your position if it's required.

(Chu) Yeah, and people have been worried about preparing, but they're worried about the "where" before worrying about where the heart is.

(Pierre) It's not only who you are, it's what you give as well.

(Perceval) Where you put your energy.

(L) Anything else anybody has on that?

(Ark) Yeah.

(L) What?

(Ark) I forgot. [laughter] No, I mean, I have two short sentences. First is: Duties first. Second: Results is what counts. If you have unfulfilled duties, then you cannot get best results. So, first thing is to do your duty. The better you are doing your duties, the more energy you can give to the network, and then the more energy can flow to you.

(L) In other words, “how can you have your pudding if you don't eat your meat?”

(Pierre) How can you have your fat bomb if you didn't have your bacon?

(Galatea) I have one tiny question. How can we strengthen our pineal gland? What are some other methods we can use?

(L) Why do you want to strengthen your pineal gland?

(Galatea) So it makes us more psychic.

(L) No it isn't. It's the pituitary.

(Galatea) Oh, pituitary, sorry.

A: Diet and detox.

(Galatea) That's it?

A: Channeling also helps if one is suited to it.

Q: (L) In other words, if you're not suited, don't do it.

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) Here be dragons.

(Chu) Well, the question everybody's going to ask on the forum is: How do they know if they're suited?

(Perceval) Use your intuition! [laughter]

A: The individuals who are truly suited and capable of useful STO communication are RARE. It is as much genetics as soul potential and mission destiny profile as preparation. It takes ALL in the right mix.

Q: (L) So, the fact that you mention this to Galatea, does this indicate that she might possibly have the right mix?

A: Very possibly!

Q: (Galatea) As in, it's going to happen, or it might happen?

A: Up 2 U

Q: (L) So, you've been texting, eh?

(Andromeda) That was Galatea in the future! [laughter] TY, TY!

(L) What does "TY" mean?

(Galatea) Thank you.

(L) Okay, I think I want to shut down for the night if nobody has anything pressing. Is there anything we need know? We didn't ask any world questions.

(Pierre) I have a question about those drones. Many drones have been observed over French nuclear plants. Are these really drones?

A: Yes.

Q: (Pierre) Who is operating them?

A: Wouldn't you and the army like to know?

Q: (Andromeda) So it's not the army...

(Perceval) It's probably just... Okay, so it's not just some locals.

(Pierre) It's over the whole country - for weeks.

A: Who is spying on everyone everywhere?

Q: (Perceval) NSA.

(Pierre) Mossad.

A: Close enough!

Q: (Pierre) Why?

A: Keeping the pressure on France.

Q: (Pierre) Like a threat.

(Perceval) The NSA is trying to scare the French political establishment by flying drones over nuclear power plants.

(Pierre) To not switch to Russia, or...

(Perceval) "accident" is gonna happen.

A: Now it is time to say goodnight and "see you in the psychomantium soon!" Goodbye.

(Pierre) They didn't forget, eh? [laughter]

(Perceval) So when you go to the psychomantium they’ll be there with a watch saying, "We've been waiting for WEEKS!" [laughter]

Thanks for this session.
This session hit me quite a lot, kind of confirmation to continue to work on the "idea" (better say kinda of intuition) I have to "prepare my native village" for the future.

In which place of the forum can I ask if some people living not so far from where I live (south belgium) and who want to move to a better place where some people would gather as you are doing in south of France and in the US (if I well understood) ? I said I was "hit" by this session because I really feel like you mentionned in various sentences in this session about "the fact that you act as a proxies for others" - I've been partially influenced by all the sott's community work, but also it's ... kind of something written in me that I have to help people to prepare... I run a lot on intuition and now, my target is to gather as much funds as possible to re-inject them in another company more focussed on gathering interesting "stuff" for the future (read my big presentation about), and also to start to sponsor some initiative in the village, like a collection of seeds (it's an advise for any community), but also a kind of village's chicken coop, and probably other ideas which will "pop out" in the future. Thus, having the help of people aware of what's going on and wishing to help to better organise in the future would be ... a good thing.

I was also a bit "hit" when I read about the "farm" in this session. There may be a farm to sell in my native village ... well, to discuss ... coming back to my first question : do you accept, and if yes, where can I post to present my views and propose members who would wish/feel it to gather in my native village, south belgium ?
Laura and the Team thank you for the session lots for the tribe to consider and for those who have been on the outside looking in and hopeing they can help in some way perhaps its time to put fear and indecision to one side and just start helping in any way possible even though sometimes it may seem that in our own experiece we cant help but we all bring something to the table even though we dont think we have the knowledge or experience to do so,heres hopeing i can and many others can.
Very interesting session, thank you all! And the new SoTT decorations are very lovely too! :flowers:
Thank you for sharing!
While sitting on a fence, on peripheries of the network, it was never my goal to get close to the team, it seems so far away (not in geographical terms). My goal was to repair myslef, so to be able to help my family and friends. But since this is the only place to discuss everything discussed here, only group of people understanding/trying to understand those subjects or just feeling connected spiritually,
A: Tribal unit strength should be a goal!
Though i feel lost/depressed now, i know there's so much to achieve if one is to persist carrying own cross. Let's hold on and do our best.
Thank you for the session, it's amazing! So much material to think about and work on.

osher said:
Thank you for sharing!
While sitting on a fence, on peripheries of the network, it was never my goal to get close to the team, it seems so far away (not in geographical terms). My goal was to repair myslef, so to be able to help my family and friends. But since this is the only place to discuss everything discussed here, only group of people understanding/trying to understand those subjects or just feeling connected spiritually,
A: Tribal unit strength should be a goal!
Though i feel lost/depressed now, i know there's so much to achieve if one is to persist carrying own cross. Let's hold on and do our best.

Hold on, osher, and don't forget that you always can share it here and network if you have a need and feel lost and depressed.
Thanks for the new session!
Again much to ponder, but it "hit" me too - kind of as in "got to get my act together".

But very interesting the concept of the two "modes" of contribution - the high road and the low road. Not sure yet, where I fit in ...
Thank you all for another very interesting and informative session. Gads, so much to think about and digest.
Thank you for another amazing session.
Flow said:
Thank you for the session, it's amazing! So much material to think about and work on.

osher said:
Thank you for sharing!
While sitting on a fence, on peripheries of the network, it was never my goal to get close to the team, it seems so far away (not in geographical terms). My goal was to repair myslef, so to be able to help my family and friends. But since this is the only place to discuss everything discussed here, only group of people understanding/trying to understand those subjects or just feeling connected spiritually,
A: Tribal unit strength should be a goal!
Though i feel lost/depressed now, i know there's so much to achieve if one is to persist carrying own cross. Let's hold on and do our best.

Hold on, osher, and don't forget that you always can share it here and network if you have a need and feel lost and depressed.

I feel something simmilar to this too. On one hand i want to network more and help others , on the other hand always some dificulties occurs and they are slowing me down.Then i dont have such a knowledge that i cau utilize in helping other very much, but i try as much as i can.I try to read all recomended books, to get better with my English, but i still fell like on the edge on the beginning of my learning path. I must network more if i want to learn more and in the same time help more to others. I hope i can accomplish that.
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