Session 6 February 2016


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Session Date: February 6th 2016

Laura, Andromeda, and Galatea at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Arky, Niall, Data, PoB, Scottie, Timótheos, Alana, Noko the Wonderdog

Q: (L) Today is the 6th of February 2016. [Review of those present]

(Joe) And Noko the Wonderdog!

(L) Yes, and Noko the Wonderdog, who for some reason LOVES to be in here!

(Galatea) *Ring-ring! Ring-ring!*

A: Hello to Noko! And humans too! Fleianna of Cassiopaea.

Q: (L) Is "Fleianna" because of the doggie intro? Ya know, like fleas and stuff like that?

A: Ha-ha good one!

[laughter... Noko lays down between Joe and Pierre on the couch, goes to sleep as usual]

Q: (Joe) You might say it, "Flei-ana".

(L) Well, there's Fleischman... Okay, I guess we'll start off with my serious question. It occurred to me after reading all the articles about missing children among the refugees coming up from Syria and probably Iraq through Turkey and so forth, there are 10,000 or more children missing. These are children like aged 12 and younger. It occurred to me that two things are possibilities: They could be being stolen by human traffickers, or they could be being abducted as in some of the early sessions when we discussed the alien consumption of human children as a delicacy. So, I guess my question is: Is one or both of these things what's going on here?

A: Mostly human trafficking, but some of the "alien" kind as well.

Q: (Pierre) Can we ask about the number of children missing? 10,000 is the number according to the media... It would be interesting to know the real number.

A: That is fairly accurate for the moment.

Q: (L) But it's growing every day I would assume?

A: Yes

Q: (L) What is the... Oh geez. What is the end... What are the human traffickers doing with these children?

A: Organ harvesting, sexual exploitation.

Q: (Niall) Which is kind of like alien activity as well. The human activity and alien activity is similar.

(L) Yeah, they may as well be taken and eaten by aliens as being used for organ harvesting and sexploitation.

A: There are similarities due to soul orientation or absence of same.

Q: (L) Absence of soul, you mean?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well. Okay, I have another question. I watched a funky little video that was kinda like a webcam of Vesuvius in 79 AD. It was a really unique way of looking at it. It was CGI, computer animated, but as if a webcam had been there. That prompted me to look into that 79 AD eruption. In the course of reading about this eruption - and I assume that Pliny the Younger was the source of the information – it was said that, apparently some short time before the eruption, there was a herd of sheep...

(Andromeda) It was a few years before. There was an earthquake that happened, and a bunch of sheep died.

(L) Yeah, there was an earthquake, and then a whole herd of sheep somewhere near Pompeii just dropped dead, apparently from gaseous effusions from the ground. Reading that, it just made my skin crawl because... It was like 600 sheep, they said. When you look at the planet nowadays and you see all the animals dying on land, in the ocean, falling out of the sky, etc., you can’t help but draw a comparison. We've already speculated and discussed in a couple of sessions about the fact that some of this is due to gases being emitted from within the earth either on land or in the oceans. What kind of gives me the shivers is the global nature of it now as opposed to a localized event near to where a volcano is going to erupt. That is, it was like a warning of the eruption. So, does that mean that we are looking forward to a whole, whole, whole lot more volcanic eruptions in the future?

A: We once mentioned worldwide simultaneous eruptions. Not just that, but also the cyclic heating within the Earth and release of gases that propel continental drift. When the present period of change terminates, much of your world will be unrecognizable.

Q: (L) YEEHAW! [laughter]

(Pierre) Maybe one question here... Currently, we're experiencing an increase in outgassing.

(L) Just about every-freaking-where!

(Pierre) And this is the cause of continental drift. Now, this outgassing seems to be caused by heating within the Earth. Is the heating within the Earth due to the surge of cosmic energies as exemplified by the spike in El Niño?

A: Largely initiated by that, yes.

Q: (L) But then the cosmic ray thing goes in through these points at 18-19 degrees, and that acts on the Earth. And something is also slowing the Earth down, the “grounding of the current flow”, as was mentioned previously, so the slowing down of the Earth is causing a mismatch between the speed of rotation of the core and the lithosphere.

(Pierre) So then there is a shearing stress going on all over the planet...

(L) I think we understand that some of this is the cause of those booms people are reporting as well as the trumpet-like sounds, and the mechanical grinding sounds being heard in so many place.

A: Indeed! It is like one giant interactive puzzle!

Q: (L) So one thing is connected to another, which triggers something else, which... And it's just basically creating like this perfect storm of things on the Earth. Now, we read something that a guy posted on the forum a week or so ago about heating of the upper atmosphere, the stratosphere, and that there would be an inversion. Obviously, if there was an inversion with heating on the top, then that would make things very hot on the bottom. My understanding was that the way things happens is that there's a cooling of the upper atmosphere due to the comet dust and other things. It's compressing the troposphere which is heating because of the heat within the Earth, gases, volcanic eruptions, greenhouse effect from CFCs, and so on.

(Pierre) And reduced solar activity also reduces the temperature.

(L) So all these things work together. The thing that was interesting to me about it was that this inversion idea, a sudden and rapid inversion, seems to be something that could explain things like the flash-freezing of mammoths in Siberia 10K or so years ago or BC or whatever. Is that what we're looking forward to?

A: Indeed!

Q: (L) So that is kinda like the reason for sudden glacial rebound? A temperature inversion of layers of the atmosphere?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) And does it have anything to do with the magnetic poles suddenly reversing very quickly?

A: Not related, though that is also in process.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah. The preliminary signs are here for a magnetic reversal. Related to what we've been saying, I would like to ask two questions. The first question is about the series of predictions that were made in December 1994. There are 18 items. Doing quick research, there are several hits like the crash in Hawaii, the ocean floor subsiding in Cascadia, the gigantic supernova that was observed...

(L) And all of them happening in such a short period...

(Pierre) All of them happening since January 2016.

(L) Well, remember the supernova happened back in June.

(Pierre) Most of them are in January. But it says, "after the first of the year". And they said the gold will be found after the quakes. So, I want to ask if this series of events, is it happening now?

A: Don't you see what you have listed?

Q: (Pierre) I wanted a confirmation. But to me, we are right now experiencing this sequence of events, or at least a cluster of them. And perhaps, actually beginning with the “explosion in Ukraine”, which took a more drastic turn with the altered timeline we discussed last session.

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) But not all events have occurred yet. Maybe it means they will occur later in time, but I had another idea...

A: Not all will, or exactly, due to slight timelines shift as mentioned previously.

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so the second question... Obviously, between the timeline described in 1994 and the timeline we're in right now, there are slight differences. Interestingly, for some of the events that were announced in this parallel timeline, which did not occur, nonetheless in the media a few days ago there were articles that were mentioning the possibility of these non-occurring events. The list has “Memphis feels tremors”. It didn't occur yet, but in January there was an article mentioning it might occur. Or, about Queen Elizabeth's serious illness: On February 3rd, there was a tweet that had a million hits or likes announcing that Queen Elizabeth was dead. About Mt. Shasta erupting, it didn't happen yet; but in January there was an article announcing the imminent eruption of Shasta. Are somehow those parallel timeline events kind of porous and there's a resonance...

(L) Like a bleedthrough?

(Pierre) Correct.

A: Or mass unconsciousness perceives something in advance.

Q: (Pierre) So it may yet be in store.

(L) Okay, are we done with this topic? I want to go back to our refugee problem. I was reading an article where it was said that this guy Erdogan is deliberately pushing refugees into Europe as a way of holding European leaders hostage more or less. The idea is that EU leaders are put on the spot to show their "Christian charity" so to speak to look after the downtrodden. Also, he's using it to insert terrorists into Europe. I think we've already established that there are a certain number of terrorists that ARE being inserted into Europe via the refugee stream. Is it also true that Erdogan is deliberately pushing this stream as a way of creating chaos in Europe?

A: Yes. But do not forget the cause of refugeeism: the aggression of the imperial ambitions of the Israeli-American alliance.

Q: (Joe) Thing is, I would wonder about the extent to which Erdogan decides very much in Turkey at all.

(L) That's what they just said I think: that AIPAC is the driver, or something similar.

(Joe) But even inside Turkey, they've been infiltrated by these NATO stay-behind networks for a long time. There are people inside the Turkish military and intelligence establishments that are kind of autonomous nodes there. They can basically do what they want out of the oversight of the official government. They would probably be working under the control of NATO and the American-Israeli interests.

(L) And I guess their controllers want just absolute chaos?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Geopolitically, this is ultimately part of their fight against Russia. They figure that to prevent any rapprochement between Russia and Europe, they'll engineer the downfall of Europe. Divide and conquer. Then they can keep Russia out of Western Europe and stop Russia from expanding and taking its rightful place. They're willing to destroy everything to stop that.

A: Remember Plato's tale of Atlantis: The global ambitions of that empire brought its total destruction.

Q: (Joe) In a previous reference to Atlantis, you said that they ended up causing their own destruction because of their greed for energy. Like an energetic hunger, energy weapons, or whatever... But that probably precipitated geological destruction as well. The two are linked.

A: Similarities abound. Money equals energy.

Q: (Joe) You said that previously, as well. Does that suggest that at least initially, a financial crisis first...

(L) The PTB could be having financial motives, but those motives lead to the use and expenditures of energies in ways that are supposed to protect or enhance or promote their financial ambitions but which are ultimately extremely destructive and hard to contain once let loose.

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) I was thinking that overtly, the first blow to the empire this time may come in the form of...

(L) Economic collapse.

A: Yes

Q: (L) And then that can lead to just rampant militarism. That is the usual solution to economic problems. Go to war and steal other people’s stuff. Okay, next?

A: Keep in mind that it all is part of the cleansing process.

Q: (L) Well... Okay. Next?

(Andromeda) Do you wanna ask about the Zika virus?

(L) Yeah, we've got this thing called the Zika virus. They're saying it's responsible for causing these cranial and brain malformations in babies. I'm not too sure that the Zika virus is always correlated. I haven't read any serious studies on it. It just seems to me that there are a lot of assumptions being made. Is it the Zika virus causing it? Is the Zika virus caused because of genetically modified mosquitoes, or are birth defects being caused by vaccinations?

(Galatea) What's the cause?

[Noko gets up and moves to the floor, goes back to sleep]

A: Mutations began in humans due to vaccine and then collected by mosquitoes, undergoing further mutations by combining with modifications of the insects.

Q: (L) In other words, the mutation began in the human beings. Then the mosquitoes bit them and sucked up their blood. The blood mixed with the genetic modifications in the mosquitoes, and then the mosquitoes went and bit somebody else which injected it into them? So it was a combination of the genetic modifications of the mosquitoes and the mutation of the vaccinated human? Is that what we're getting at there?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) Is the virus causes these malformations?

A: At this point, yes.

Q: (L) So in other words, initial problems were probably caused by the vaccine; somebody with Zika virus who had the vaccination got a mutation, and it all mixed together into a deadly cocktail... And is this something that's a real big threat to the human race right now?

A: Not yet.

Q: (Pierre) Apparently it's a dynamic thing.

(L) It could be, and it could go some other way.

(Joe) Passed on by mosquitoes.

(PoB) I read an article, but I didn't go to the study itself. It was written by some investigative journalist. He claimed he went to the test results and this virus was discovered only in very small percentage of these families where the babies were born with deformities, like less than 10%.

(Pierre) If it's mutating a lot, are they detecting all the strains?

(L) The thing is that I think it began with the vaccine... Now the mosquitoes are picking it up and spreading it, but it wasn't that way to begin with. I think it started out as a problem because of the vaccine.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So the vaccine is actually the ultimate origin of this problem. People were vaccinated with something that's causing this mutation. Mutations caused by the vaccination are now being spread by genetically engineered mosquitoes.

A: Yes

Q: (PoB) Apparently in Brazil where it originated from, there was mass vaccinations at that time.

A: Yes

Q: (L) In other words, blaming it on the Zika virus is almost a misrepresentation, or red herring, or misdirection?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Same modus operandi as this Simian virus, and then they started to blame smoking as the cause of cancer.

(L) Yeah.

(PoB) This Zika virus was known for years before. It caused nothing. It was harmless.

(L) It's like just a bug. You got a bug. But now with these mutations in people, it could become more dangerous. As could so many other things. For all we know, when they genetically modify a mosquito to control one thing, that makes the mosquito more liable to further modifications on its own.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay, any more questions?

(Arky) About that?

(L) Anything.

(Arky) Yeah. I want to ask about...

(L) Oh yeah! This is very interesting. I forgot to tell ya'll about this. Ark has read a very interesting study about water and how you can talk to it and program it.

(Arky) So question is first, is it really the case that water is so smart that when you talk to it, you can change its properties?

A: Yes

Q: (Arky) Okay. Now, what is it in the water that makes it so sensitive to intentions that they make the water change its chemical and biological functions?

A: This goes beyond the material properties to the information field that is the fundament of water, a most basic substance in the cosmos with strong creative and receptive qualities.

Q: (Galatea) Water has memory. It's like a library. It has memory.

(L) That's the problem we're trying to get to.

(Galatea) Oh, you're trying to understand why?

(L) Exactly.

(Arky) Is water really VERY, VERY, VERY special in this respect?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) So other substances don't have those properties?

A: Right.

Q: (Galatea) That's where the idea holy water comes from.

(Joe) So, should we talk to our water?

(Arky) Yes

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) What should we say?

(L) Good water! Good water!

(Andromeda) Nice water! [laughter]

(Galatea) Is it good to let rainwater touch your skin whenever it rains?

A: Not much recently, you might get burned.

Q: (L) Acid rain. You've got more questions about the water, honey?

(Arky) Not about the water. I want to ask about dialectical logic. There was this guy Hegel. He invented what is called dialectics. It can be summarized like contradictions are important; there is thesis, anti-thesis, and then you have synthesis. Okay... There is idealistic dialectics, materialistic, etc. And of course there are critics saying it's nonsense, that the only good logic is Aristotelian logic, and all this dialectics is just pure nonsense. I would like to have some hint. Should I study dialectic logic and Hegel?

A: Law of Three rules!

Q: (Arky) Law of three?

(Pierre) Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

(Arky) Okay, I am done.

(Joe) On the water thing, is it best to do this with distilled water?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) I have a question that'll sound crazy. Is water similar to space?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) I knew it! [laughter]

(Pierre) Similar in what sense?

(L) It's like etheric.

(Galatea) Space is water?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) I knew it!

(L) So did the ancients. They called it The Waters Above.

(Galatea) Really?

(Joe) Can we make heavy water by talking to it?

(Arky) No, no, no. With water, this is very strange. I was reading about the experiments. So, first you talk to water, you test the water, and it makes it different. But then you have to be clever. If it is just information, you don't have to talk to water. You use the computer to convert your talk into a number. You print the number on the piece of paper, you put it on the bottle, and water should be smart enough because anyhow it's information! It's not your talk. It's somewhere, right? You put it on the label, and water knows what was your intention. Experiments were even done like that.

(Galatea) Water is the Google search of the universe.

A: Yes

Q: (Arky) You convert your talk to a number, like 1000, 2010, okay there's a number. Your language and intent is this number. But you can say something with good intentions, or with wrong intention. The algorithm is such that it may produce the same number for either. Yet, it seems that the water is smart enough that even if you put the same number on two bottles, but derived from different language and intent, it knows whether the intention was positive or negative!

(L) Even if the number is the same?!

(Arky) You see? So the information is somewhere. It's not really important what words you use or what you say exactly. You communicate in some way with the information field that is everywhere.

(Pierre) And the water has this special connection to the information field, and it knows what the number is related to.

(Arky) So your piece of paper is really the address of a piece of information.

A: Yes

(Andromeda) That's fascinating.

(Arky) Now, I would like to know because there are many different approaches. Sheldrake we know, but he's not a physicist; he's just talking fields, fields, fields, blah blah blah. I mean, what would be the best entry point in physics to this information field? Electromagnetics? Gravity? Quantum theory?

(Pierre) Light?

A: EM gravity.

Q: (Pierre) Electromagnetic gravity! [laughter]

(Scottie) No problem.

A: Make it your goal to make this hold in math.

Q: (Arky) Let me continue. [laughter] I was reading some words by this Russian-Israeli physicist. He was claiming that what was wrong with physics actually began with Maxwell because Maxwell introduces this concept of an abstract field, and electromagnetic field, to get rid of the concept of the ether. From Maxwell, it ALL went wrong! Even if Maxwell made the EM theory, it was already on the wrong way.

A: Just so! Ether is the interface between information and manifestation.

Q: (Arky) OH!

(Pierre) Because there's still a link between information on one side, and matter and energy on the other side. And once I asked this question. They mentioned "sphere arranged leptons", but I don't know what it means. It was way beyond my knowledge.

A: Gravity "travels" on ether.

Q: (Joe) Can we talk to the water in our bodies since they're 70% water?

A: It has already been propagandized!

Q: (L) So in other words, we have to start fresh with a fresh glass of water and send in the workers to controvert the evil propaganda.

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) So can we talk to our water and say, "Hello water! Can you detox me even more today?"

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Does adding salt to water make it extra-specially attentive?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) It's like coffee for water!

(L) Wake up your water with a little salt!

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) It explains homeopathy as well. It works on an information level. You just need a little bit. You don't need it in high concentrations. And they know.

A: You have plenty to think about and experiment with. Keep eyes and ears open! Goodbye.

(Galatea) They can just leave on their own like that?

(L) Yes they can! [laughter]

Re: Session 7 February 2016

Laura, what is the exact date for this session?

The topic title says 7 February but the text starts with February 6th... :huh:
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Good god.. Not that we expected anything different, but sexually exploiting and harvesting the organs of children. It's hard to fathom the depth and density of evil that goes into such an act. The brain still finds it hard to accept that stuff like that really does go on on this planet.

Thanks a lot for the session. Especially the info about water!
You know, sometimes I have had, and have acted on, the urge to just hug my water filter and give it some love. Like "dude, thank you for providing me with the clean fluid that keeps me alive". I think I will do this more often and try the number thing.
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Thank you so much for this session, so fast with the other. I am wondering where the children are when kidnapped? this are terrible news that we suspected.

Concerning the water, I am very bad in maths, how we transform words in numbers? Is there a formula? :huh:

I intuitively knew that taking water and talking to it is a good thing. When I am taking iodine I say mentally: cure me, heal me. Same when I take my homeopathic medication if liquid: cure my problem, be good for me and cure. It is something I do since some time, a sort of internal message I say to myself, a sort of prayer and also a sort of thanks to the medication I am taking. Water is life, if we talk to it we are sending energy and receiving. Now I will put some numbers under the bottle. but which one I really don't know.

Thanks to all of you in the Chateau for this session! many things to think about.
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Thanks very much for this new session.

Chock full with interesting clues, bad ones (missing children) and good ones (properties of water) alike.

Much to ponder on and to research further -- as usual. :thup:
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Thanks to Laura and the rest of the crew on a very interesting session, I was particularly intrigued by the question of water.
There is an interesting Russian documentary about water, link:

Water has Memory,link:
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Thank you everyone for this session. I am glad you mentioned about the missing children. This has been on my mind about them since I heard of it. Though I guessed this is what had happened I have a hard time accepting it. Like many I am sure. It is just so sad and one of the worst 'horrors of the situation'.

The water reading information was a super revelation with so much potential I am sure. I had Dr Emotos books a long time ago, but this is another level. I am very interested in how we can all benefit from this interaction and potential knowledge storehouse!

Trying to imagine how the world will look like soon is a hard one. Unrecognizable doesn't exactly leave much option for pockets of survival - though I suppose there can be a big difference between MOST of the world as opposed to ALL of the world! And they say is starting NOW.

A: We once mentioned worldwide simultaneous eruptions. Not just that, but also the cyclic heating within the Earth and release of gases that propel continental drift. When the present period of change terminates, much of your world will be unrecognizable.
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Water's affinity with information can explain in part the legends of magic springs and so forth, but also some intriguing experiments on DNA as well as demonstrated by Pr. Montagnier (example: _
Re: Session 7 February 2016

FWIW, here is the Pompeii video:

My heart goes to all the lost children who are now being sexually exploited and/or abducted. Unfortunately, I couldn't have imagined another answer to the question as to what happened to them. Sex slavery and other more nefarious things always happens again and again in situations like this :cry:

The water study is very fascinating. I had the impression that my Bach flower remedies were working, now I understand a little more as to why.

I just spoke to my glass of salted water too. I loved talking to it :wizard: I'll experiment with PotS phrases.

Thank you for the session :flowers:
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Thanks for new session! Those poor kids, my god, they survive war, dangerous travel, only to fall into the hands of predators (worldly or other worldly). :cry:

(Galatea) *Ring-ring! Ring-ring!* I love your sense of humor!! :lol:

Fascinating info about water. I'm going to start talking to mine too!! :thup:
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Much gratitude for the session. Love the info about water. Baths with Epsom salts and baking soda have always felt incredibly cleansing & relaxing. Fascinatingly nasty info about the Zika virus. Was listening to National P(ropaganda) Radio yesterday and there was an attempt made to pass off the theories that microcephaly was caused by a) the TDAP vaccine b) genetically engineered mosquitoes as outlandish conspiracy. Nice to know that actually they were both responsible. Passing along the the info to a pregnant friend who freaked out a bit after visiting the Caribbean.
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Laura said:
Ether is the interface between information and manifestation.

I've been meditating on this idea for years. I'm gonna get a glass of water, add some salt, tell the salt-water to clarify, and meditate on it. My intuition is that this "interface" can be experienced directly, and that somehow yogis, Qi-gong masters, shamans, alchemists, etc. have learned this. Not that "I" want to "do" anything with this, it just seems like the place-to-be is at the "interface". My guess is that 6D occupies such a "place".
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Laura said:
Q: (Galatea) So can we talk to our water and say, "Hello water! Can you detox me even more today?"

What a delightful (& super insightful) question!!!

Oh, the spontaneity & exuberance of youth!!!

Henceforth, a most joyful and productive way for me to start each day:

"Hello water! Can you detox me even more today?"

Re: Session 7 February 2016

casper said:
Thanks to Laura and the rest of the crew on a very interesting session, I was particularly intrigued by the question of water.
There is an interesting Russian documentary about water, link:

Water has Memory,link:

The Russian documentary is VERY interesting and covers the subject discussed in this session extensively, here you can find all THREE parts of it (in Russian):

Thank you all for the great session! :thup:
Re: Session 7 February 2016

Palinurus said:
Laura, what is the exact date for this session?

The topic title says 7 February but the text starts with February 6th... :huh:

Yes, it was the 6th. I don't know why I got the 7th stuck in my head.
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